Vodafone UK adds a new BlackBerry Freebee for pay as you go customers

By James Richardson on 5 Dec 2012 02:47 pm EST

A quick snippet of news for you Vodafone customers in the UK. Today Vodafone launched their new BlackBerry Freebee on pay as you go. When customers top up £10 or more they will be entitled BBM, internet access, email and access to BlackBerry App World all for free!

In addition - the Vodafone BlackBerry Freebee also includes an extra 100MB of UK data so customers can use that at their leisure. Vodafone BlackBerry customers can opt in just by dialling 4355 for free from their handset.

You can see more information below but this looks a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. 

Why choose Vodafone Freebees?

  • No long-term commitment
  • Keep your number
  • Enjoy our dependable network
  • No strings attached - just top up and go
  • Get great Freebee Rewardz every time you top up

What you need to know:

Your free allowance lasts for 30 days. If you top up £10 again during this time all your great BlackBerry Internet Service features including free BBM will continue the following month.

Vodafone Blackberry Freebee is available to customers on the Pay as you go Simply price plan. It can't be used in conjunction with Vodafone Freedom Freebee, Vodafone Text & Web Freebee, Vodafone £5 Weekend Freebee, Vodafone Talk Freebee, Vodafone International Freebee or the £5 BlackBerry Internet Service subscription.
You need to opt in to Vodafone BlackBerry Freebee first, then top up your mobile phone with at least £10 to get your first free allowance - you'll only get your free allowance if you opt in before you top up.

If you already have a £5 BlackBerry Internet Service subscription you can either choose to: opt out by dialling 40035 and then wait until your current 30 day subscription ends before opting into the BlackBerry Freebee.
Opt into the BlackBerry Freebee straight away. Your £5 for 30 day subscription will continue until you top up £10, at which point your existing BlackBerry Internet Service subscription will be cancelled and we will no longer take the £5 subscription charge from you as you'll be getting your 30 day BlackBerry Freebee allowance every time you top up £10.

Reader comments

Vodafone UK adds a new BlackBerry Freebee for pay as you go customers


I just moved to the UK this summer, and I'm relatively new to Blackberry having purchased a Playbook last year and a phone this summer.

I've bought a 9320 and have been doing PAYG on Vodafone to tide me over until BB10 phones arrive. Can anyone help me understand the BIS, internet, data situation? I know I've got to pay an extra £5/month for Blackberry services, but I don't know why, or what that means exactly. I know it gets me pushed emails, and BBM, though I don't use BBM yet.

The article above says you get "BBM, internet access, email and access to BlackBerry App World all for free!" when topping up £10. Why then do I also need "an extra 100MB of UK data?"

I've just never been clear on this. I don't want to switch from a different Freebie and end up paying more for less.

The extra 100MB is for data usage outside the blackberry.net apn so it's for usage of the carrier apn. Yuotube use carrier apn for example.

I think I never use any extra carrier data but it's a good thing to have.

The five pound BB charge allows you to use blackberry services, the user usually then adds the ten pound 'text an web' freebee for 500mb data. With the new freebee your ten pound freebee gives you access to browse the internet, emails and bbm. The 100mb would be for downloads eg a music track. The new freebee should save the hardcore users five pounds per month.....oh and you still have the ten pound top-up to use for calls and text....if you still do that sort stuff :)