Leaked slide shows off BlackBerry 10 cases, multimedia dock and more

BlackBerry 10 Cases
By Adam Zeis on 3 Dec 2012 10:14 am EST

Until now we've been all about the BlackBerry 10 hardware and software but haven't seen much related to accessories. Today a leaked slide has surfaced that shows off some of the BlackBerry 10 cases we might expect for the upcoming devices. The list includes various BlackBerry Z10 accessories including the Transform Shell, BB10 Flip Shell, Holster and BB10 Leather Pocket. Also on the list are the BB10 LS-1 Battery, BB10 Battery Charging Bundle and BB10 Multimedia Dock. 

Unfortunately there are no images of said accessories, but it's still nice to see a good list of cases for BlackBerry 10 that we can expect at or shortly after the January launch event. The Transform Shell, most likely just a new back cover, and the Flip Shell come in various colors including white, red and black.

The BlackBerry 10 Multimedia Dock will be a charging dock similar to that of the Storm and Torch where the device is set in landscape mode and connected via USB.  

The BlackBerry 10 Battery Charging Bundle will hopefully be an external charger bundled with an extra LS-1 battery. 

I'm ready to grab each and every one of these to try out ... right now! What accessories are you most looking forward to for BlackBerry 10? Cases? Holster? Multimedia Dock? Let us know in the comments!

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Leaked slide shows off BlackBerry 10 cases, multimedia dock and more


Happy to see the charging bundle. I use mine for my 9810 a lot and I was wondering about this for the BB10 on release. Awesome!

Ye me too. Whenever I buy a new BlackBerry I immediately buy a charging pod & a second battery with charger

Interesting that they have red versions of most of the cases...could a red L series be part of the launch?

The dock is an automatic purchase as I have had one for every previous BB that I have owned.
The shells interest me as I like to change things up, and this might be just the way to do it....

I'm just hoping that RIM keeps with its packaging tradition and includes a black leather swival holster case. An extra battery is always handy. It would be great if they can miniturise the PlayBook charger as it surely does speed charge my 9900 in 50 mins. Other than that it is great to see the several offerings.

Yeah, the problem with this of course is that stupid AT&T will most likely use their own packaging and not include the holster so you are stuck without one or having to purchase one. In the past their case/holster selection for BB has been mediocre. I hope more manufacturers sign up to make accessories for BB.

Agree--I can't do without my holster, although I did buy a second (leather) one as the one shipped with my Bold 9900 was plastic. What would also be nice is an external battery charger similar to some DSLR cameras. That way, I could swap batteries, charge the first one and have it ready to go in case of a long day/night and heavy use. (Actually saw one for the 9900 on Amazon.com--Jarv replacement spare battery desk top charger for Bold 9900/9930.) My only concern with an 1800 mAh battery is that it is only a relatively small increase from my Bold's 1230 mAh considering running Active Frames, increased screen size and heavier use due to better apps. I would have liked something over 2000 mAh.

I'm with you on this one. I have too much in my pockets already so stuffing a phone in there is not what I want to do.

Well, the list does say black, white and red shells...maybe you can change the shells from the shipped colour to any of the others...

I don't think any company has ever patented a color; it's too subjective. Every other person asked would see it differently. As long as your formula for creating the color is different from the other company, they have no case.

Haha I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic and taking a dig at apple's history of suing for basic things that shouldn't even be able to be patented. Ex. Round corners.

If the multimedia dock had external HDMI out that would be killer. Without the need to connect a cable would be great.

Agreed. I don't think it'd be right to call it a "multimedia" dock if it didn't have this feature in some way, shape or form. Without it, it's just a charging dock.

The laptop dock patent shown here last week mentioned the phone and dock would communicate wirelessly. It would be great if the multimedia dock connected to your tv via hdmi, and all you had to do was place your BlackBerry on it(without connecting ports, AKA wirelessly) and have it be able to stream media.

I wonder what the hard shelled Tranformer case is transforming it into....or the flip???? I like the options.

My BB 9900 is everything to me. Not the least of which, is the fact that my Bold is also my alarm clock. I have the desktop charger on my night stand. So, the multimedia dock is a for sure on my buy list. As well as the spare battery and charger. I have this setup with my Bold. Its great to pull out a drained battery, and throw in a fully charged one. Mean while, all the guys I work with are rarely more then a white cords length away from an outlet with their iPhones. +1 BB.

I think maybe we should see what the battery life is going to be like before purchasing a second one. Who knows.. perhaps all day use could last the entire day. Just a thought.

I'm very disappointed about the multimedia dock being similar to the Torch and Storm style as opposed to the contact ports on the Bold line. I know people that have stuck with BB mainly because of the easy docking stands. The usb sliding stands never work as well.

Very bummed about this....

The holster has done right by me but a flip case seems so much more enticing.

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

I wonder if the 'transform' hard shell contains a slide-out bluetooth keyboard.

Would make me buy an L-series pretty quick.

The first accessory that I will purchase is the battery charger bundle, even if BB10 has awesome battery life. I've grown to love the feeling of having a full spare battery on standby and never a need to leave my phone next to the wall. The charger makes for a nice battery case as well. It would be great if the charger could hold juice so that a drained battery could be charged on the go. This would give us 3 full charges at a time and still only one accessory to plug in, and still no need to ever leave our phone attached to a wall.

I'm really hoping there is a red version. I need the dock and a spare battery with the spare battery charger either with the dock or the seperate plastic carrying case that they now offer. I actually like the platic case because it acts as protection for my spare. I wonder if we will see a dual dock for the PlayBook and phone. It would be awesome to keep them together on one dock.

The multimedia dock has an integrated fullsize hdmi port on the back. See one last week at a UK network HQ conference last week.


Did you see how the phone would rest on it? Does the phone's hdmi port have to connect to the dock, or is there a wireless solution?


Holsters have got to go! Let go of the past and embrace the future! And besides holsters make you look OLD.

Everyone but me hates BlackBerry at my work.

Sorry, but some people like me aren't concerned with being "old fashioned" and would like to have a holster for its practical uses.

Well, sucks to be not wanting to keep your blackberry by your side all the time. I love my holster. Sucks to be the co-workers who aren't as efficient on their devices. They're likely brainwashed by hype and trends. Lol

Well call me old or lame, but I prefer to have my cell on my hip for easy reach as opposed to having it in my pocket like the rest of the iOS world. You may call me old. But you also need to call me a leader! Cause I'm not going to be a follower and keep my cell in my pocket cause the youth of our world thinks a holster is lame.

Proud member of the BlackBerry community. 9670 Style and PlayBook owner.

Guys only have a couple pockets to keep their phones in. Front is too close to the family jewels to be healthy. Back is more than likely going to get sat on. Holster wins.

I find my holster to be extremely handy. 1) my BB is set to go to "holster mode"--vibrate only--as soon as I put it into the holster. I don't have to worry about putting it on and off 'silent' mode like my idevice friends. 2) It keeps my BB close at hand, not in my purse with the rest of my things. :D

WTH, I see no mention of a dock for the PlayBook with HDMI out! I'm so disappointed with the PlayBook, the only dock out there has no other function other than charging. I've been waiting so long for one with HDMI out. Also, if you look in the blogs there are so many people wanting one too but there are none.

Why don't you modify the dock for the playbook to use an HDMI out? All you need is to get one of those ultra short coupler cables and fold it very precisely so it fits inside and then... Just connect it and there you go!

Flip cases are the best for non-real keyboards... it's what I use on my iPhone. But I will be getting the BB 10 Bold with the physical keyboard, so I'm guessing a flip case won't work for that and I'll go with my "gotta have" leather case for your pocket case. No idea what they are really called. But you have me thinking... a flip case for a BB 10 Bold, that would be even nicer.

For the dock, I would hope that it has an HDMI out on it so you could leave it next to your tv and watch Netflix (here's hoping), or other content you might have on your device

Hey, where is the other option for a case?! I always and forever must have the semi-holster leather case that goes in your pocket. It protects the phone's screen and buttons from keys, but isn't a nuisance like a clip on holster where you bang it on your chair, arm, door, seatbelt, you name it. -- Edit: Other post has me wondering. I want a flip case for the BB 10 Bold if it will work... those are even better than the slide in pocket holster cases.