RIM expands its retail channels in Vietnam - along with after sales support for BlackBerry users

By James Richardson on 2 Dec 2012 03:45 pm EST

BlackBerry market share looks to be on the up in Vietnam thanks to a new deal which will see Starcom as a new distribution partner. In addition to the new retail locations, customers who purchase BlackBerry smartphones can also benefit from after-sales support from local BlackBerry Expert Centers.

The new retail locations will be ranging the following BlackBerry devices, so it looks like the good people of Vietnam will have a great choice when it comes to which handset they opt for - plus all of the following will be available in both Black and Pure White.

All BlackBerry smartphones purchased from RIM authorised retailers in Vietnam come with an 18-month warranty. Under the warranty program, customers can visit one of the BlackBerry Expert Centers and receive support from trained BlackBerry professionals. The BlackBerry Expert Centers provide on-site support including trouble-shooting, software upgrade and "How-to" information for BlackBerry smartphone customers.

"We are committed to providing the best experience to BlackBerry customers in Vietnam," said Nicholas Horton, Managing Director, Indochina at RIM. "We are expanding our retail channel to make BlackBerry smartphones more accessible to customers. We are also launching more affordable products and service plans to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, we are adding more BlackBerry Expert Center locations so that customers who purchase their devices from authorised retailers can enjoy after-sales service from trained professionals at their convenience. We strive to deliver excellent customer experiences that can delight our customers in Vietnam."

For more information about the authorised retailers or the BlackBerry Expert Centers in Vietnam click here. 

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RIM expands its retail channels in Vietnam - along with after sales support for BlackBerry users


James ....... you forgot the T

markeshare is really = market share.

Please correct ASAP.



Awesome ... thanks.
Next time, send it upstairs before posting. ( Do you guys have an upstairs? )

It's important. If it wasn't caught in time, the press might publish something like, " Using BlackBerrys for a long time causes possible blindness". Then they would back it up due to this one word that was incorrectly spelled. Then the stock will sell off. Next thing you know, panic selling kicks in, and then the stock reaches new record lows. Then the press would really jump on that one.

Nice going James ..... we saved RIM !

Now any anal retentive reading your post will never dare write anything again for fear of bringing about the end of the World. Nice work!

People actually read these blogs just to find spelling mistakes and then correct them on it.

Whatever helps with your ego I suppose. Nice post Btw thanks.

They are too late to the market. Blackberry was cool in Vietnam 3 years ago. Not anymore though.

Anyone who hasn't seen RIM's new OS just doesn't understand.

Was Toyota too late?

Do people actually think that those people who have bought iPhones and phones by the little green men will never buy another phone again? LOL

+ 1000000

I could never understand this. Shows you how dumb people are. Some dummy came up with the "too litter too late" crqp a while back and these people just regurgitate the same thing over and over. They don't have a brain of their own.

Throwing personal attack without knowing anything about the market is not really smart either my friend. The Vietnamese market is flocked with cheap Chinese Android phones. Even the super incumbent Nokia is having a hard time here. So bringing those dated OS 7 phones to Vietnam is not a very good idea.

In term of high end products, let just say that Vietnamese people just follow the trend in the US. So unless BB10 rocks and takes the top spot over there, it won't be a hit here. But remember, BB10 is fighting for the 3rd spot. That being said, it's not entirely impossible for BB10 to do well here. But it's really really slim.

Blackberry still has the market at his favor but they haven't make changes yet and they trying to do that after 10 yrs is too late but I think they going to have a nice battle with apple...... Ima bb Man* berries are for executives and for biz!

Expand it RIM...expand it. Get yourself everywhere on earth in every market so we can show everyone on the planet how hot BB10 is.

BB10, the next BIG thing :-)
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

They've partnered with Vinaphone and Mobifone- two of the largest carrier in VietNam to launch the cheapest unlimited BlackBerry internet service package any where at 2$ a month !!!!
Go RIM, BB are extremely popular here. Too bad they're just a mix of mainly OS4.5, OS 5 and 6 and some OS7.1 devices

You right, but you miss the first and the best carrier for BlackBerry Services in Vietnam is Viettel. They launched BlackBerry Services 4 years ago. I think they will discount to the same price with Vinaphone and Mobifone as soon.

I know, I've just jump ship from Viettel to Vinaphone because I can't handle their pricing and sub-par service. Beside, all my friends and family are on Vinaphone and Mobifone. Switching to Vinaphone give me better call quality at a lower rates

RIM is going strong.

RIM should blast it's 80 million users with a, " Go buy a new Berry ! " as soon as BB10 comes out. Even if people need to wait in line for weeks. This will prove to the world that BlackBerrys are a force to be reckoned with.

"BlackBerry market share looks to be on the up in Vietnam thanks to a new deal which will see Starcom as a new distribution partner."

Smartcom, not Starcom

Considering that BlackBerry is milking news of developing country market share like crazy, it helps to remember that these markets need handwriting input.

The Bold 9900 *does*not* have handwriting input for these non-Engish countries.
(Touch screen but no handwriting input ??)

Let's hope that the N-Series BlackBerry has hand-writing input for non-English languages.

Heck, a friend of mine upgraded from Bold 9000 to iPh*ne4, because the Bold 9900 did not have Asia handwriting input. Very disappointing, considering it's a touch-screen model!

RIM needs to do some kind of advertising in Indonesia, where "BlackBerry" still equals "chic". iPhone and Adnroid are creeping in, but BlackBerry is still the "go to" smartphone.

Ironically, there's absolutely zero "RIM" presence in Indonesia. "BlackBerry", yes; "Research in Motion", no.