More signs of BBM Video coming to BlackBerry 10 devices

BBM Video Notification
By Adam Zeis on 29 Nov 2012 07:52 am EST

While BBM was updated recently and brought the new BBM Voice feature, we still haven't seen any solid signs of BBM Video making an appearance just yet. BBM Video has been rumored for quite a while, and although we've seen some hints at it here and there, we still have no official word on if it will be in BlackBerry 10. Well to further fuel the fire, when browsing through the notifications on the latest BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update, I noticed a nice little folder called bbm_video that houses a file named video_chat.m4a - the ringtone notification for BBM Video (it's the same ringtone as PlayBook video chat). Needless to say I was pretty excited to come across it and I'm even more excited at the prospect of BBM Video on BlackBerry 10!

So take it for what it is, but here's to hoping (yet again) that BBM Video is really on the way and will be ready to rock and roll (this) on BlackBerry 10. 

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More signs of BBM Video coming to BlackBerry 10 devices


Nice find! I'm guessing this will be one of a few official announcements in what..62 days?! Keep the good news roll'n!

Hmm with the way people are dumping BB and moving to other platforms, i dont know if this will be a big thing. It will be big for other users of BB devices but thats about it unless it goes multi platform which im pretty sure wont happen and thats not a bad thing.

What BB needs and desperately needs is Skype or Tango on BB10 devices, that way we BB users can say to other platform users ie iOS, Android and Windows that yeh you can use skype, so can we.

I really hope BB10 gets a version of Skype, it then means i can dump my S3 and just have the one device that will allow me to stay in touch with my non BB friends and family. I use Skype and Tango alot to keep in touch with my brothers, one who is in Canada and the other lives in Australia. Otherwise ill have to try and convince them to come over to BB and at the moment, thats not happening.

Come on RIM get skype on board please.

Yes. BBM was great when my wife & friends were on board. They have all since moved on to iToys from Crapple, so all these new features don't do me any good. I wish RIM would make BBM a cross-platform application!

My impression is that if RIM is spilling the beans on their voice, video and app linkage to BBM two months ahead of time, then they have something else is store for us on Jan 30th. Wouldn't it be interesting to think that BBM is going cross platform. Given the level of deep integration (text, voice, video, screen sharing, app linkage), I think Skype would be toast.

While perhaps wishful thinking, I got an impression that something like this was going on. It is based on the rather rushed and ill prepared announcement from MS that Skype would be integrated into their message service and that they were attempting to build an HTML5 compatible platform for other smartphones. What I found unusual was that it was all coming in the future. No launch date, no time lines or signs of beta testing. Seemed rather odd unless competition was heating up in this sector. We will know in 60 days.

Well, they aren't going to be doing that. Because it wowuld then be just another instant messaging platform. We want it to be exclusive to blackberry.

Besides, you should be adding more bbm buddies who share the same interests if your former BB users switched to other platforms. Hint hint.

1. Microsoft needs to make the skype app and submit it to blackberry world.
2. Don't blame rim for it, if they didn't get the submitted app.
3. Thorsten made it clear that BBM is NOT going to be cross-platform.

BB don't need SKYPE.... All BB Need is a hook into those services without having to build a full out app. Just like how Text messages can show up in BBM. That all that need to be done. This eliminates the need for these services to provide support for an app for BB10. RIM would just continue to improve on BBM not worrying about fighting to get a Skype app.

Exactly my thoughts. Forget microsoft messenger aka skype. We want and need [b]our own exclusive, better independent blackberry messenger[/b] so we don't seem like we're competing against our own platform.


Yes, I like this idea. Only question I have is whether it works the other way. Could a video call originating from BBM access a Skype like App on an IOS or Android device? If I could do that, then BBM would be a real selling feature for BB10. You effectively replace Skype with a far more elegant and native solution. It also fits in with the higher quality innovation framework that RIM has been touting to the developers.

I really hope this isn't the item that RIM pulls the curtain back on for their big suprise that thorsten has been grinning about. Its needed to match imessage, and then we need some more suprises to gain a competitive advantage which others don't have. I don't think blackberry balance and the hub will cut it. For me it will but I mean for all these other people to switch back.

Ha - Unfortunately, without non-BB friends, I'd be pretty lonely these days. Sure hope BB10 can bring back the defectors!

Please make BBM cross platform for the BB10 launch, otherwise this feature will be completely under-used. If it goes cross platform, it's now open to so many more users - possibly tempting them to move towards the real blackberry platform.

Not to mention, BBM is not the hook it once was, BB10 now has to stand on it's own - and if they cross platform BBM it will make BB10 more useful right from the get go. You could have your whole contact list on BBM rather than some on one format and some on the other. I'm going to be frustrated if RIM doesn't see it this way.

Thorsten clearly said that BBM would NOT be made cross platform.

So don't be disappointed and appreciate what you have and will continue to use for the years to come, which is going to be enhanced!! :)

i for one would use BBM video quite often, like i've used BBM voice each of the past days of this week.

i hate how 25% of posts on CB degenerate into whining about Skype. i use it (albiet sporadically) and would be happy if it came to BB10, but i dont think the overall platform success is dependant on it. sometimes the only reason i wish it was on BB is just so all of you would shut up about it.

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Something to consider... If this is true, and works the way I believe it will, then think about some specific situations...

For one instance, when I am on a cruise ship, "BES" traffic (email & BBM!) is no-charge (besides paying T-mo a $9 pro-rated / month fee). I can email all I want, IM via BBM, and now voice + video without having to pay the cruise ship huge amounts of $ for "data / cell". That would be one cool advantage that I'd like to see swing back our way.

I suspected that was going with the cable companies signing deal with Verizon wireless and what better device to have it with, a device that have HDMI out, BB10.

With bb10 and the new BBM now using the bbid and not bb pins to connect devices I think rim is about to make a play in the Web based / HTML5 messaging that will put BBM on the Web. That will increase the reach of the service.