BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS v10.0.9.1103 now available for developers

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha version OS now available for developers
By Bla1ze on 29 Nov 2012 12:25 am EST

If you're building a BlackBerry 10 app and have a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha you're making use of, you'll want to go ahead and check for updates on the device. Rolling out now is OS OTA and available through the Windows loader program. What are the changes you ask? Here's the list:

  • BlackBerry App World storefront has been re-branded as BlackBerry World
  • BlackBerry World now supports payments for apps and games, and in-app payments
  • BlackBerry Hub placeholder is now available
  • When you turn on Development mode on the device, a notification is sent to the Hub and an indicator light flashes
  • Various updates have been made to the look and feel of UI components and the standard size for application icons. For more information, see the UI guidelines

If you're looking for the loader program or the full release notes, you can click the link below for more info.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha update

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BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS v10.0.9.1103 now available for developers


General UI upgrades,
App world is now BlackBerry World,
all the apps approved between september and now show up in app world,
top notification bar is slightly different
phone is performing much faster in my opinion
flash setting removed from camera
camera is faster
keyboard UI is slightly different
browser website tiles are now larger 2-coloum
broswer is less glitchy, crashes less, performs faster
broswer now scores 484 in html5test

Don't suppose we could bother you for some screenshots of things that have changed. Would love a nice clear image of the new icons and any other noteworthy UI changes. Thanks in advance!

That figures, now we find out that the browser is "glitchy" and crashes repeatedly! I don't recall hearing about that before. Watch out folks, you're not getting the whole story here!

It's an alpha device with beta software, crashes and bugs are to be expected. But in the 6hrs i've had this new beta build, the browser actually has not crashed a single time.

Also just noticed that there is a secondary "dot" menu to the right when you have more than 4 apps running as active tiles, so you can know to slide down to see the others.

This might be for the devs right now, but one day soon this will be coming to my Playbook.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I like this:)
Active frames

An active frame (application cover) appears on the running apps panel on the home screen. Users tap a frame to re-open the application.

To help you decide whether to create a frame for your application, consider the following:

-- Is there a single item that users should know about when the application is minimized (for example, a calendar shows the next event and a weather application shows the current temperature)? If so, create an active frame.
-- Is it more important for users to see the state of the application when it was minimized? If so, you don't need to create an active frame. A scaled-down version of the current application screen displays as the frame.

Any chance someone could zip up the .BAR files for the new Dev Alpha OS so I can install it on one of my Dev PlayBooks? I have on a PlayBook right now. Lots of bugs but it's fun to play around with since I don't have a Dev Alpha device..

This update is all kinds of screwed up. Wish I hadn't installed it to be honest.

BBM asks me to sign in to my BlackBerry ID. The only problem is if you type in the field for the username email address, everything you type shows up in the password field. I tried typing out my email address in the contacts app, selecting it and then copy pasting it into the correct filed, but there is no option to paste in that box. I've rebooted and its the same each time. There is no way for me to log into my BB ID.

Way too go RIM! Release an update with a horrific and very easy noticeable bug that renders the device pretty much unusable. I wonder if this is what we have to look forward to when BB10 devices launch.

Reboot the dev alpha while it's connected to desktop manager or windows loader and then follow the directions to reload it.

Did anyone notice that they got rid of the bottom left swipe gesture to show/hide the keyboard? To hide keyboard, you just swipe down from the keyboard now....

yea that swipe is gone, it was never documented as a feature so maybe it was always on the list to be cut.

I do miss it though

tap+hold on space also hides the keyboard

(the tap+hold is marked onto language-switcher and space)

Like KuffKuff mentioned above things are faster on the HTML 5 test site with a reading of 485 up from 465.

Blackberry World App store is now allowing you to download and install apps.

Always have liked the Calendar and Contacts look and feel as well on BB10. When the Calendar is minimized as a tile it is active and shows the next meeting appointment you have.

I would give my right arm and leg if they would just let us have access to The Blackberry Hub so email would flow.

Please people dont start calling it blackberry world app store. You do realise thsts the same as before but the words are just reversed. Its called blackberry world.

Is anyone else having problems with BBM now in this release? I just get the X when I try to send a message to a friend but it was working pre this version.

Pulled on Software Update.
My HTML5 test is 484+11

Active tile works on Browser (current website) and Calendar (today's appointments)

Cant see anything different on Hub

Animated GIFs as avatar works on mainscreen in BBM, but not in Chat.
Loading Groups and threads in BBM taking a lot longer

New default background

No improvement on the Android Apps - apps previously downloaded from old store including MMMOOG, MegaAvatars still dont work
Updating of apps including Keep Calm and Car Finder doesn't work
BB World has lost the simple listing of Free Apps

Camera appears a lot more stable, albeit no flash

HTML5 test score is SAME as pre-update, Browser has also slimmed the address bar allowing for even more screen realestate. FLASH is available on camera ( Are your setting set to AUTO FLASH? you might not have needed the flash at that moment). Any1 else notice Peek gesture is more supported in more apps? ( Still not in Settings however.) Icons now represent leaked images of New icons, ( Kinda Digging the transparent Grey). and BBM has been re designed slightly. better Conversation bubbles, Green (R) recieved icon Blue (D) Delivered Icon, and Purple (file.jpg) For files sent. On home screen Call and Search are COMPLETELY disabled only Camera Icon is lit up so it doesnt tease you when you touch the call icon like before. Last thing I noticed was Application Menus have brought in some Blue headers as well.

Can someone please comment on if there is a change in boot time? Please advise current boot time from push of on button to homescreen view (no password enter screen in time)

Just did a power off and reboot
95 seconds total
- 70 seconds just with a black screen with white BB icon
- 25 seconds with Blackberry Dev Alpha in color with moving circles

Dev Alpha B - Not updated
From the moment of pressing the "Reset" button (via power) it takes the following:

50 seconds on black screen
15 seconds on "BlackBerry" screen
36 seconds on "BlackBerry 10 dev alpha" screen
Total reboot time 1 minute 41 seconds.

Dev A after being updated:
57 seconds on black screen
1 minute 9 seconds on "BlackBerry" screen
25 seconds on "BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha" screen
Total reboot time 2 minutes 31 seconds

Keep in mind the Dev A has a slower processor than the Dev B. I will test the B after update to see if there is any change but that wont be until later.

Just did a Battery Pull on Dev Alpha B running ( Bundle 1103) 13 seconds from Red LED/Black Screen, 7 Seconds while White Blackberry Logo and Text, 31 Seconds with Dev Alpha Colours for a total of 51 Seconds. Repeated Twice Same Results

Just a quick question...does this mean there is an update to the BB10 simulator as well?? I dont have the dev alpha, but would love the update on my simulator!

Just wish I could have gotten in on the Dev Alpha or Beta but couldn't get to the sessions...

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to BB10 soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

Noticed some things...
1. The keyboard tapping noise does not obey system volume anymore. Always really loud.
2. The keyboard is laggy this time around. Typing really fast just ends up making the tapping sound but the characters are skipped. Will keep an eye on this one.
3. The blue titlebar appears regardless of light or dark theme. Looks really odd on dark theme.
4. Hub is still a placeholder. Not sure why it's even mentioned in the changelog.
5. BBM does not notify me of new messages like on the old OS.