BlackBerry Patagonia 9620 coming to Nextel Mexico in December

BlackBerry 9620
By Bla1ze on 26 Nov 2012 08:06 pm EST

For a while now there has been mentions of a BlackBerry 9620 coming soon, yet there was very little information on it aside from the required UAProf listed on RIM's servers. That UAProf was listed long ago and showed that it's an OS 7.1 QWERTY device but now know what it looks like, what the full specs are, and for sure that it's headed Nextel Mexico as they've listed it on their site.

The image above is of course, the full spec sheet and as expected it's meant to be a cost-effective device for those looking to get into a BlackBerry smartphone. Pricing and actual release date have not been announced but Nextel Mexico has it pegged for release in December and is inviting those interested in purchasing one to sign up to be notified of availability. It's no BlackBerry 10 device but hey, it'll serve its intended purpose just fine! Thanks, Bloxter!

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BlackBerry Patagonia 9620 coming to Nextel Mexico in December


I wonder if RIM is repositioning all the BB 7 devices to be non-touch once BB 10 launches? It would make sense and reduce costs.

I wish this was available in Canada. It would be perfect for my dad who is retired and just needs a simple cell phone. I would even consider purchasing it for myself if I needed to save some money!

doesn't look like any blackberry ive seen before... you scrape off the logos to any random 10 droids i would have no idea who made that phone. blackberry devices serve a purpose to a specific kind of person and each of these people who buy one have a limit to how much they can spend on a cell phone.

Hey, look, another BB fan in denial!

You must be kidding me saying that it doesn't look like any BB done before. It looks like a Curve 9360 mixed with a Bold 97xx.

And please, there's also Android phones for lower price points.

You guys will do anything to defend RIM but face it, it's a shit company and they will die soon enough because BB10 is nothing spectacular. At least, you didn't mark BlackBerry By Choice at the end of your post. That thing is absolutely ridiculous and another invention of the CrackBerry Cult of Denial.

If only RIM could innovate again.

RIM a shit company? pfff. stfu.

I have more respect for this company and it's founders than you'll ever be able to understand. maybe you have no idea what kind of contributions RIM has made to Canada, especially in waterloo. If you did, maybe you'd show a little respect.

btw, this shit company has made me over 4 grand in the last 30 days. Apple just tells me the 6month old imac is a pile of crap now and google just tries to sell me ads. My BlackBerry wants to make me money. I gave up on MS years ago - such a waste of time.

Thanks RIM. Keep up the good work - in and outside of the phone business.

RIM has become a shit company in regards to the products they put out. I know they made great things for Waterloo and Canada.

In any case, tell me how you couldn't have done that 4 grand otherwise?

It is just best not to respond to KQ17. If you haven't figured it out, the android section of the smart phone world is getting a bit nervous these days. With the exception of Samsung who is willing to put massive amounts of resources into making this mediocre piece of software work, everyone else can't make a plug nickel. It doesn't matter what market your competing in. Let's face it, RIM is the competition and they don't like it. Just tell KQ17 that they are great, everything is OK and of course they are right. It makes them happy and they will die a slow death as a result their own arrogance.

Exactly. 'Droid fans love their 'open' malware with all their customization and falshing ROMs or whatever it is they do. They have zero business sense and don't realise their fav OS is only popular becuase its 'free'. But its not sustainable. So its great they get all those apps and widgets but it really means nothing and could disappear on them overnight and they would never even know why or what happened. I'll be laughing thats for sure, not cause I like to see others upset but like you said, their own arrogance and the irony of it all.

Thanks for assuming I'm a fan of Android just because I mentioned their presence at lower price points. Anyway, it's fun you speak about money since it's been a while RIM has made money LOL

"they are great, everything is OK and of course they are right. It makes them happy and they will die a slow death as a result their own arrogance."

Just about what will happen to RIM.

So, you are saying I should just ignore your previous posts and now pretend your a BB owner. OK, got it.

What exactly are you doing here on CrackBerry, may I ask? And who exactly did you expect to find here? Fandroids?

RIM is the first company I've ever gained a level of respect for. I've never admired a company and people from a company such as RIM before, but they truly deserve it. They stood in front of the world, took the ridicule and criticism, and are not, in any way, ready to fold. It's a company that has always acted and conducted its businesses in an ethical manner, which is more than I can say for Apple or Google. And that's only part of the reason why I want to see RIM succeed.

Let's talk in a year about who's innovating. RIM is doing things no one else in the industry is undertaking. That's called innovation, and soon, they'll show the world.

Well said. There are few technology companies that can pull off what RIM has done. It takes alot of guts to look yourself in the mirror and make the changes required to elevate your competitiveness. It all comes down to good management and RIM has this in spades. I have said it before but Thor is the best CEOs in the industry.

I'm here because I used to have a Bold 9000 and have a PlayBook.

And no, I don't give a shit about Fandroids or else, I would be on Android Central.

The task is too big for RIM. They will fail. Nobody gives a shit about BlackBerry nowadays, even here in Canada. R.I.P. RIM.

"...because BB10 is nothing spectacular."

Hey, look, another Fandroid who thinks Android-manufacturers can simply copy BB10-Features with a skin because he doesn't understand them at all.

You have to understand that we BlackBerry enthusiasts have a different definition of "spectacular", because we're not dumb like you. To catch the attention of a Fandroid is simple, just:

1. Buy the latest specs hardware and build a slate out of it that looks good.
2. Build a 'spectacular' skin on top of Android. The more ressource-wasting graphics effects it has, the better. 3D homescreens do real magic here.

I'll just name a few things BB10 is capable of that Android can't copy:
- the engine behind the keyboard, it's patented
- QNX, which brings
- realtime multitasking
- power efficiency
- the BlackBerry Hub
- highest stability and reliability
- BlackBerry Balance for BYOD and enterprise
To the table.

The biggest thing you can't copy with a skin is the Invocation Framework. I don't think you heard anything about this, because it's something invisible to date that's working under the hood of BB10, but this will make things happen, nobody ever experienced on a mobile device before.

And now, grab a Droid DNA with 8-10 hrs battery life and a laggy homescreen and browser scrolling although it has a quad core Snapdragon (thanks to that ridiculous 5" 1080p screen) and play with it. With a wall charger plugged in.

Hey look, you don't know what I am but you assume I'm an Frandroid based on nothing or maybe because I said there's Android phones at the same price point?

-The engine behind the keyboard is SwiftKey and has been available on Android for a while now.
-Realtime Multitasking is a real advantage.
-Power efficiency is good on WPhones and pretty decent on most -iPhones(the 5 seems to have some issues apparently).
-BlackBerry Hub? There's the Notification Bar in Android, Notification Center in iOS and the Start Screen is pretty decent, although you can expect some changes next year. BBHub is cool because everything is integrated there but in the end, it won't take more time for someone on other platforms to get stuff done.
-iOS is mostly stable as is WP. Android is... depends on the model. But I have a PB and if it's anything like the PB... it's not that stable. Lots of crashes and not exactly reliable.
-BBBalance is cool. Only similar stuff would be Kid's Corner on WP8 in the sense that you have a "parallel world" on your phone but it's much more limited.

And I don't give a shit about the Droid DNA. That's assuming I'm American, which I'm not and assuming I prefer Android, which is wrong. The DNA is a beauty screen with nothing else to support it. A waste of a phone hidden behind that screen. Hilariously enough, idiots will buy it just because of the 1080p screen while the BBs will stay in their boxes. :)

Now, f*** off will ya?

I've rarely had my PB crash on me and that's after over 18 months of being powered up 24/7. Excellent little mobile computing powerhouse that when bridged to my 9650 is unmatched by anything on the market. Can't wait for BB10.

not sure what your looking at but PPT is a completely different technology. This phone looks like a successor to the 8330i push-to-talk phone

i overlooked this - even more to my point - blackberry continues to release devices that suit specific industries, lifestyles, professions and budgets.

nice. this looks like a badass bastard child of a 9790 and a 9320. i like this. probably would have bought it if it was available when i got my 9790. i was really leaning towards the 9320 except i couldn't get past the limited ram/storage of the 9320. This would have fit perfect into my needs/budget for a smartphone... and the 1.2ghz processor - beats the 1.0 in the 9790. the glossy swoosh on the side looks good. green highlights would better suit my company colours.

You're just an ignorant american kid who doesn't know anything about the world beyond north american borders, do you? Ever imagined there are emerging markets out there where still is a lot of demand for phones like this? Who the fuck has made it a law that a good company only manufactures top notch phones?

I'm not American (not that there's anything wrong with being one). Where do you see that you fucking moron? What do you know about me to make such ridiculous assumptions?

I know there's emerging markets. It's not a reason to ship them the same phone over and over again.

And the other company who relied on emerging markets, Nokia, is also in a difficult situation. The good thing is that they actually innovate.

The eloquence of your detailed argument has swayed me. RIM bad and Android good. Now go to sleep little one. Everything will be the same in the morning.

I wish other companies cared about communication like RIM did. They are bringing people together and making the world a smaller place which is a good thing. That phone looks like it packs a punch. BB7s got a lof of life left in it. Best communication devices on the market.

Even I was surprised that they released the BBM Voice Chat functions.
BBOS will be here to stay.. at least until a couple more years.

Dude, the curve is the workhorse of the BlackBerry line. It is a price point phone that performs basic core functions. It has great battery life and is highly reliable. Best of all you can beat the crap out of this device and it keeps on ticking. Believe it or not, these are attributes that most of world considers desirable. Run along.

Using cheap materials to construct a cheaply made phone is no excuse for any company. There ain't no fanboying for any lobby for me, I'm using a bold 9900 to write this and I use an ipod touch for the funner things in mobile. I'm just saying enough with the crap phones and simplify the product lines. How many curves have come out since the 3g and how many of them look exactly the same as the last one...

The curve is a basic, highly modifiable smartphone. It can be plugged into a variety of carrier networks whose specification vary. Apple as we speak is apparently building an equally cheap (price point) and tunable phone. It is suppossed to be released in Spring. But I guess when they do it, its revolutionary.

It will somewhat be revolutionary in the fact that it'll look and feel a million times better in your hands and will force rim to innovate it's low end phone lines to not feel like they melted plastic tonka trucks to make it. You do realize that if apple gets into the low end market with a decent phone at a decent price point rim is done. Do you think africans would pick up yet another curve that hasn't changed appearances or done anything special to the line over angry birds and the sexiness of apple. Get your head out of thorstein's butt there buddy.


Not only it is rude but it's insanely hilarious how people on this website react when facing the truth hahahahaha

Did I hurt your feelings?! LOL RIM SUCKS!

I actually want to see rim succeed. They definately won't be number 1 any time soon but as a canadian I'd love to see them thrive. I do like their higher end devices, ie I use a bold 9900 and love the machine, I just don't see them succeeding with crap phones like that. Just think of it like this, rim does a lot of good things but those successes keep getting overshadowed by crap like this. And the fanboys you see here are no different than apple or android bitches... They're just flowing in the golden shower of those OS' dominance.

Agreed. I actually think BB10 phones will be good. I just don't know if it's gonna be enough. There's nothing really revolutionary.

sorry guys, but the blackberry worst I've had in my life was nextel, and believe me, the most expensive too, not only the service was bad, if the smartphone was obsolete as soon finalize my contract ran out, nextel is a lousy carrier, and the phone will be frowned upon entry, for the simple fact of not being a BB10