Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook gets an update to version 1.8.5

By James Richardson on 27 Nov 2012 05:15 pm EST

BlackBerry PlayBook owners will be pleased to hear that our favourite Twitter app for the tablet has today been updated to version 1.8.5. Although the update is only a small one we all know that every improvement is most welcomed. If you haven't tried Blaq as yet then you are missing out. It's the best money you can spend on a PlayBook application.

Improvements in the latest version include:

  • Faster thumbnail load time
  • Performance improvements

Bug Fixes:

  • Reply All to RT doesn't list original tweet author first
  • Saved search and Trending Topics not loading
  • Keyboard doesn't pop up in portrait on Reply/Reply All
  • Cosmetic fixes

More information/Download Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook gets an update to version 1.8.5


Used it for a week than deleted it. Hardly the best twitter app. Needs a lot more work to even bother using. The UI is horrible along with the icons.

Waste of money as far as i am concerned.

Pretty sure he means the web shortcut link. And I agree. It's still better than Blaq. Actually, the BB Twitter app on my phone is better than both. Blaq is the only app I've bought that makes me feel I've been ripped off. A stupefyingly clumsy and highly unintuitive interface, ugly as sin, and as unresponsive as an 80 year old hooker.

the web version sucks because you aren't notified on new mentions...unless you listen for the notification from your phone.

Wish I never bought this app. I had it for a year in Feb and it has not changed. It's just horrible. I will stick to Tweetcaster (sideloaded) and Leema.

This is nice but you know what's better? Blaq 2.0 for BlackBerry10 :) Can't wait for that!! This app is good but could be better. The dev can only do so much with the current tools. BlackBerry10 is a different story. I sure hope getting BlackBerry10 on the PlayBook is somewhat of a priority for RIM. I'm excited about the phones but I'm just as excited if not more for the Playbook. I seriously love this device and it's awesome how it's gonna get overhauled!!! BB10 FTW!!

Yeah, i picked this up a few months back. Dropped it for the native Twitter app. Crackberry needs to filter its reviewers.

Best money you can spend on a PlayBook application. Wow.

Quite opposite to most of the posters above: I am really happy to use this app. And the current update does improve the performance!!

Wow, lotta haters here. I love Blaq, purchased it for everyone I've given a PlayBook too and heard ZERO complaints from them.

Looking forward to what's in store for Blaq on BB10.

Love Blaq too, don't see where all the negativity is coming from. Its hands down the best looking twitter app on the PlayBook IMO. Besides who else is real time like Blaq?

Besides Air is whats slowing it down, maybe the developer will code it in cascades on BB10.

Where is RIM's Twitter for Playbook??? Making a bigger version of Twitter for Blackberry cant be that hard......