Grab NFC Shortcuts today for just $0.99

By Adam Zeis on 23 Nov 2012 08:08 am EST

NFC Shortcuts is on sale once again for just $0.99. This simple app gives you the ability to program NFC tags to do all kinds of fun tasks. Team up NFCShortcuts with ShortcutMe and you can program the tags to do anything from turning on your alarm at night to enabling wifi when you're at home to texting your spouse when you're in the car. Check out all the fun stuff I did with mine.

NFCShortcuts sells for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World, but today you can grab it on sale for just $0.99 - that's over 60% off! Head to the link below for more.

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Grab NFC Shortcuts today for just $0.99


Yknow, not for nothing but do we know for a fact what RIM will be doing for customers who currently own a BB7 device and wish to transfer their paid apps over to a BB10 device in Feb? Cause if we don't, why would I pay for any new apps at this point in time?

I was just having this exact thought too! For 99 cents I'm still gonna buy the app & start playing around with NFC tags, but the question remains...when I get my "L" series phone and log into App World for the first time, how many of my current apps are going to be available to "restore" (for lack of a better term, I know that's not correct since it's a new OS), and how many will I have to purchase again?

OK, it's a moot point now. I just calculated what all my apps cost me (the majority were free), and I spent under $20 for all of the paid ones. So while it'd be nice to get 'em all on my BB10 phone for free, if I have to drop $20, big whoop-de-do! I'm planning to spend more than that on accessories alone (case, charging cradle, etc.) And no, it's not a rip off to have to repurchase the apps, because the authors had to rewrite 'em for a new OS. Kinda like having MS Office on a PC and then wanting it free on my new Mac....

Because its only 99 cents. Are you saying that 99 cents for either entertainment or productivity is too much over the course of the next 70 days?

I'm using differen BBID on my PlayBook and Bold 9900.
Curious about transfering my BBID from Bold 9900 to new BB10 phones too :(
But my PlayBook, it will be here to stay :D

I would think your apps are tied to your BBID. If they are, I think they will transfer. Although that assumes they consider the BB10 app to be the same as the OS7 app and not an upgrade that needs to be paid for.

I'm going to try it - just so I have a bit of an idea of what to do with it. I think some of our apps will follow over but we may just have to get new codes - hopefully. Either way we'll all find out in a couple of months.
I do feel sorry for you younger BB people because when you hit your 40's, 50's and up,- time goes faster so we don't notice the wait like you do. LoL

The screenshots of the app on App World make it look like you need to input some code to encode the tags. Am I right?