So what would you do for a BlackBerry 10 phone?

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Nov 2012 01:32 am EST

It's late. For whatever reason, I'm too excited to go to sleep. BlackBerry 10 is only 68 days away and there's just **so much** going on these days in our Mobile Nations world that I'm having trouble walking away from my desk and putting my computers, tablets and phones down.

But I was just cruising the CrackBerry forums, and came across this thread that was just posted by member rhimself who suggested he'd eat three raw onions for a BlackBerry 10 phone (I guess my onion eating to grow a moustache escapade inspired him).

This of course got me thinking back to our epic What You Do For a BlackBerry Storm Contest? of 2008 which attracted so many insane and awesome entries, my favorite of course being the Pudding Wrestling in Time Square entry which you can view above. If you have never watched this one before, you need to NAO!

In 2008 there was definitely a lot of excitement in the community leading up to the launch of the Storm. Fast forward to 2012, and I'm definitely feeling that community excitement again as BlackBerry 10 approaches. I can't help but wonder what kind of entries we'd see if we did up a What Would You Do for BlackBerry 10? contest. I know this time around I'd definitely participate (even if I can't win.. lol).

So what would you do for BlackBerry 10? Drop a comment and let us know...if I see any ideas that top pudding wrestling in Time Square, we'll get this contest launched and running ASAP. We have 68 days to kill. Might as well have some fun doing it. ;)

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So what would you do for a BlackBerry 10 phone?


Ah ah what can i do ?
I don't know. Eating oignon i can do that.
Doing some catch in Paris, Under the Eiffel Tower, why not :)

But actually i'm not a crazy person. But i'm definitely looking forward BB10 devices.

I hope BB10 will be a success !
I live in Paris, France and i saw less and less blackberries in the metro while i was seeing quite a lot of BlackBerry curve juste a year before.

I used to have a bold 9000 then a Torch 9800 but i sold both and got a HTC ONE X instead. If RIM make things right maybe i will come back to their side.

If you release these apps i will get a BlackBerry BB10 on Day One :

Instagram / LastFM radio or scrobbler / a good spotify / deezer player / draw something / angry birds / SONG POP / ...

I miss my BlackBerry keyboard and user interface.
I'm not missing the internet browser at all though.


I'd smash my iPhone live on camera for a blackberry 10 device. I'd drop kick a random person for a blackberry 10 device. I'd make my brother (unknowwilling drink a dog shit smoothie for a blackberry 10 device lol. And get em all on camera too

If those girls didn't win, I have lost faith in this site.
That bum... wow.

I just feel bad they did all that for the Storm :S.

Bring this contest back.

I will shoot my 4s and send you what's left over I have always have bb I messed up and got a iPhone I still have my play book

They did that for a Storm? :s Kevin, I think it's pretty fair that those girls receive one free BB10 each, courtesy of CrackBerry. They really deserve it!

PS: Cheers from Argentina to the whole Mobile Nations community! I don't even sorry for my english. :)


I would get in the ring with ANY MMA Pro and go for 2 rounds. 1st round: Ground fighting, take downs and submissions only. 2nd Round: Stand up fighting only. The Pro's goal is either TKO or Submission. If I can last both Rounds, I get my BB10 and possibly a free night in a hospital. If I don't, I still get the free night in the hospital and a T-Shirt that says "I fought 2 rounds for a BB10".

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Hmmmm.. You wouldn't support a harmless MMA exhibition but you DO support sexual exploitation? You might want to look at that Times Square video again and rethink what you said.

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If I could find around 100 people willing to help, I'd stage an impromptu scene from a musical (complete with song and dance) in the busiest part of SLC (or NYC if someone will fly me there :D) and film the reactions of the people there.

That would be a lot of nutritious goodness! I know I couldn't eat 10 pounds of anything so I'd be impressed if you could pack away that many Blackberries.

Well, I'm already growing my hair for BB 10 (which nobody understands ), and a moustache for Movember (and I really ,really hate having a moustache ), so I don't know...I would definitely pudding - wrestle Ashley Esqueda!
I would be willing to have a "who can eat the hottest food " contest with Kevin.
I could tell you some other things I'd do, but I'd probably get fired for "conduct unbecoming..."
I've already proven that I can wait a long time and not lose faith despite the idiocy of the media.
Bottom line - whatever it will be worth it!
Long live The Nation!!!

Well, if you really want to do it right.

First you've got to email Frank, get RIM to endorse it, and then find some one to sponsor it.

Then you've got to track down those girls. Fly them up to wrestle in BlackBerry Jam for the ultimate BlackBerry Jam Session. Give them each a BB 10 phone for their participation. But they are just there to show their undying love fro BlackBerry and cause they are both attractive young daring girls. Everyone loves a show.

But, for the real contest, you need to engage the CrackBerry Nation. Have users submit videos showing their love for BB 10 and how they can't wait for it. Then we the CrackBerry nation get to vote for the finalists, who get flown to the location of the event (thus why you need a sponsor) and compete in a final challenge of some sort for a BlackBerry 10 prize pack. The challenge may depend on who you find to sponsor it or what RIM is willing to include in their grass roots campaign to encourage existing BlackBerry Customers to upgrade to BB 10. Since RIM is planning on using allot of grass roots marketing and social networking to connect with BlackBerry users around the world you might just be able ot get them to officially endorse the contest and furnish the prizes as part of their campaign.

Honestly I have no clue what I'd do for a BB10. I've been waiting on the edge of my seat since the rumors started. Right now being a Starving Student, damn you higher education, I'm rallying my friends n family to help me buy one. But what would I do for a free one? Idk almost anything.

I'd skip the ENTIRE lenth of Boubon street in New Orleans in a speedo while my friend wears a pink bunny suit and pelts me with eggs... And I'd do it twice to compare my torch 9810 video to a  10 video.

I hardly ever post, but please, Kevin and the rest of the Crackberry team, please - you have GOT to stop putting up articles like this time and again. There have got to be more interesting ways to keep up your website's traffic which must have significantly gone down after RIM limped out. Listen, I like blackberry, I use one, and I'll probably get BB10 when its out. But the blackberry focused tech-blog you guys had once become has been reduced to articles like "What would you do for BB10".. or "What shirt should I wear to BB JAM" or "BB10 Pictures here - and no, they aren't real BB10 pictures".

Come one guys. Pick it up please. The community must have more to offer than this.

Best wishes.

I see a LOT more community involvement here than over at the other Mobile Nations sites, so apparently you're in the minority for people who don't like this stuff. I'm guessing there's a damn good reason that Kevin is editor in chief of Mobile Nations instead of Rene or Phil and that's because even with slumping popularity of the platform, CB was still doing better than the others...

for me it is not ... What should you do for BB10 phone but what will you do for a BB10 phone...
As soon as they come out I'll drive 883 km towards my preferred shop in Italy to get it there...
Why? just because in that small town where the shop is located the people are verry kind and the service at the shop is AWESOME

I really want a BB 10! Planning to buy that smartphone as a birthday gift (to myself lol).. My birthday's on January 13.

I'm like, closing my eyes and ears to all the people around me that are pushing me to buy an android or apple phone. I keep telling myself, "No. I'll wait for the BB 10. No. No. NOO!"

So yeah, what I'd do for BB 10? ANYTHING really.

I'd stand on a block of ice the whole day without wearing any footwear.


kevin this is not right you can't post videos like this when i've spent all week sharing a hotel room with two guys and working nights

Well you can have my second born son no not the first as he is actually very well behaved! He's a ginger which is probably part of the issue with his insane attitude and defiance. Sounds like a fair trade to me :D

And yes I am kidding just having some Friday fun so, all you people upset about the video - you don't/didn't have to watch it!

Not a thing. I have no confidence in anything RIM promises until it is actually on the market and working. I hope I am wrong but have quit drinking the koolaid. I just spent 5 days with people with all different makes of phones and tablets and was chagrined at how poorly and slow my 9930 and Playbook performed compared with the competition. The broken Playbook promises still hurt especially the lack of native notes and the other pims that cannot be synced and maintained on PB without bridge. The lack of a desktop manager that can be viewed as to show what is on devices such as on outlook or the old Palm Desktop is ridiculous. I am also tired of these devices telling me they do not support email attachments. Also upsetting is all of the developers that will not make the effort to program their apps to work on BB because of lack of current market and projected future market demand. What would make me think BB10 is going to be any different based on hype and promises. I need to actually see the results.

So go to Apple, trolls are not allowed here. Be a isheep, because it's so amazing. Bahhhhhhh

Comparing your old phone to a new Bb10 phone is mute. That's like comparing the original iphone to the iphone5. Of course the old one will Suck.

As for anything in app world how do know what's there? The public hasn't seen the real app world for anything bb10 powered. That goes for the playbook as well. As for attachments unless you're emailing yourself some idiotic extension no mobile platform is suppose to open, that's another pointless point.

Before you all get excited remember that video is from 2008. A lot can change in 4 years, just

LMFAO!!! I remember that! That was classic Kevin! You should give those two hot chicks a BlackBerry 10 phone just for being so hot!

Crash the Apple Store! For a BB10 I would:

Plan and execute a BlackBerry Flash Mob in my local Apple store. I'm thinking music, blackberry t-shirts, cardboard BBM icons, the ideas are still flowing in. Not in a jerk-way, just a lot of fun!

Best part? That's in Winnipeg! So Kevin, you can join in, and we can get the other local CrackBerry members involved as well.

. . .I'd just buy one when it come out. . .if you asked what I'd to to wrestle two girls in pudding. . .then you get the good stuff. . .just redo the contest so they can wrestler again. . .lol

I'd go into the packed Apple store on a Sat afternoon in the Eaton centre wearing just a speedo with BB logos covering my nipples.

Actually come to think of it, that may do more harm than good for RIM.

I would put on a unitard, cover my self in peanut butter (chunky), have my partner cover me with mice then vacuum them off using a shop-vac while Rick James' Super Freak is playing in the background

BlackBerry Storm ... Biggest Fail in BlackBerry History ... grrrrrrrrr
They had better not do the same with BB10

Worse than the pearl flip??

Joking aside, I liked my Storm 2. It was decent and underrated thanks to the bum-holiness of the first iteration.

I think I will talk and talk to people about BB10 and make them come back so they will buy a BB10 and make the BB community growup more and more :) ...

I know is not crazy as eating something but I guess will be something better for the bussiness

How about a write a review contest. Pick any app that you use frequently and submit a review on it. The top 10 reviews will be posted on the main page and from the responses a winner will be chosen. The winner will receive a new BB10 and the runners up will receive a little something too. Be on your game because just like BB10 you have to be the best.

No. That sounds like crackberry idol all over again. Speaking of which maybe if ashley from crackberry idol got in on that pudding match it could win this? Pudding wrestling part 2. Three girls. She was 18 right

looks like these girls have done this b4,,, i bet saturday nights @ thier place is a grrreat time...


I would take every non BlackBerry mobile device in my possession, attached a 1 pound dose of taneryte, set it at 100 yard and blow it all to hell with an M1 Garand.

For a BB10 device with a keyboard, I'd donate all of my phones to charity - even the ones I could make bank on :)

Anything.. Well almost anything.. A CrackBerry tatoo.. Shave BB10 in my hair.. I'd also do the MMA idea!! So just about anything.. I lost a good job recently but I'd quit the one I just started for 1.. Or maybe you guys can pick 3 things people said they would & I'd do all 3.. Jus no funny business

What would I do for a BlackBerry10 is not the question you should be asking me.

I want to work for RIM and I'm hoping something like this gets a message across without having to make someone read a long message, email or resume.