Union unveils their Black Friday deals - Get some great games at awesome prices!

Union unveils their Black Friday deals - Get some great games at awesome prices!
By Bla1ze on 20 Nov 2012 05:00 pm EST

If you're looking to score some savings on a few Union games for your BlackBerry PlayBook now is a good time to go ahead and fire up BlackBerry App World. Unions Black Friday deals have been listed and for a short time you can grab the following games for only $.99:

Personally, I grabbed Samurai II : Vengeance for myself. What about you all? Anything there you'll be picking up for yourselves or are you holding out to see if more deals pop up? Sound off in the comments and let us know.



Super Crossfire looks good to me. Thanks.


Those are the only games for sale? Thanks but I'll pass...


Calm down! Always have to be negative huh. They make great games and support our platform. I own a few of their games and now just bought crossfire based on everyones posts. Your post should not be "Those are the only games for sale? Thanks but I will pass..." Trying to be cool. Have the attitude "awesome great stuff on sale!"


Super Crossfire is easily worth any price that they ask; it is a vibrant, shooter-type game that looks gorgeous, sounds great, and suffers from ultra-smooth play on the Playbook. One of my favourite games. It's also great to convince people that the Playbook does have games too!


+3 for super crossfire. Easily worth the asking price and super addictive.

Ive been waiting for Fractal to go on sale so i'll be sure to download it soon.


Was hesitant to purchase super crossfire at it's original price but with this sale it's a must have. I love retro arcade games played with the new touch screen and modern technology. After 10 minutes of playing it is well worth the original price but i'm glad i got it on sale. Don't think twice about it just get it!!!!!


I grabbed Fractal and Samurai. Maybe Super Crossfire later.

Thank you very much! :-)


Can someone tell me how much these were before the sale?

Samurai and Fractal look dope.. Super Crossfire looks good too but I already have some games more similar to that one than the others..


Super Crossfire was fun as a demo on the 360, and I already bought Samurai II while it was more expensive. Might as well get Fractal while I'm at it.


Cease with the negativity and support the developers!!! I'm not a gamer anymore but these are great titles!!! I wish I had money in the bank to grab both.