The Mobile Nations World Tour continues... Kevin talks Apple and the iPhone 5 w/ Rene Ritchie on the iMore show!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Nov 2012 06:09 pm EST

Last night my moustache and I joined Rene Ritchie on the iMore show to talk Apple and my experiences to date with the iPhone 5. As part of my Mobile Nations World Tour, where I'm getting to know the competition intimately as I wait for BlackBerry 10 to launch, I picked up the iPhone 5 the day it became available and have been using it steadily now for several weeks. This past Friday I switched to the Nokia Lumia 920 running Windows Phone 8, so Rene wanted to get me on the show while my iOS thoughts were still fresh.

Though the focus is on the iPhone 5 here, we really bring a lot of this show back to BlackBerry 10 and general state of the mobile nations discussion. In other words, there's something in this show for everyone, whether you're a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone fan.

The listeners in the chat room had a great time listening to the discussion, so I think you will too. I won't give away any secrets... just grab a beer and give this one a listen. You'll be glad you did. And yes, as we get closer to the BlackBerry 10 launch, I will be putting ALL of my World Tour experiences into writing. Too. Consider this an early taste.

iMore Show 326: Because Apple hates you

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The Mobile Nations World Tour continues... Kevin talks Apple and the iPhone 5 w/ Rene Ritchie on the iMore show!


I agree, I wasn't planning on watching it as I assumed it would just be about the iPhone5, but in light of mobile nations and being interested in the competitors at this point, it was actually really informative and very down to earth. Explaining the reality of every OS, and I love that Ritchie isn't so against everything that Kevin says about Apple and iOS. I really like that everyone is starting to come together a bit and not become so defensive about their respective OS. Because in reality, BB10 may be the most advanced OS out there until Apple decides to completely revamp iOS from the group up, so actually accepting that Apple might not be the "best" soon is really refreshing to hear as people are actually beginning to agree and realize that there are other avenues besides their current phone.

Really enjoyed the podcast, keep it up! :)

EDIT: KEVIN, you click on your profile and scroll down to the bottom where it says "me" and it has "drafts" right there. At least on Android that's where it's found (A friend showed me it) and I think iPhone and Android have the same Twitter client.

A lot of good points made in this video. The homescreen quirks in particular have always been the most bothersome element of iOS products for me when I try to use one.

Still think it's a tad unfortunate MeeGo didn't get to live long enough for it to be part of your World Tour though. Watching the DevAlpha videos and seeing all the similarities to my N9 interface makes me feel like BB10 will be the real worthy successor after Nokia killed it, especially with the Qt support.

Kev, awesome. If I wasn't #TeamAndroid, I'd go to Blackberry before iOS. I really enjoyed this podcast. Best part?

Keyboards = you're holding it wrong (although I did find it interesting that iOS was geared for one thumb typing. I never knew that)

Reeally educating!! Consumers like us can't afford to get the iphone 5 to check it out and still get the bb10, so I'll just keep saving up for the bb10.
Thank you kevin,i love the spirit.
Crackberry rocks.

I definitely agree with the response time, ever since i switched to android my response time is slower.. why? i think its because i dread typing on my phone :/

you made some very valid points Kevin good job!

Yah, Blackberry really makes awesome hardware. And I'm talking about their phones and accessories. Say what you will about the software, but the actual build quality of their phones are awesome in my opinion. My Bold 9900 is solid, and with an actual metal bezel instead of plastic and that carbon fiber battery door, no corners were cut... Well, except with the camera...

You made the point that their accessories, like their music gateway, are great quality and everyone should want them even if they are not using their phones. Well, they actually do. From what I've heard, their music gateway is pretty popular with Android users, not so much iPhone since they don't know anything exists outside Apple products, not to mention they haven't "invented" NFC yet so that feature will just be wasted on them...

Man, it kind of sucks that my friends using Android might get that gateway before I do and I'm an avid supporter of Blackberry... Just have absolutely no money right now... :'(

I just finished watching the entire video, and after absorbing so much information, it is hard to choose what to comment on. To keep it short, there are two things I want to mention:

1. While Kevin and Rene mentioned the problems with Apple's cloud infrastructure, I kept remembering the old interviews and presentations given by Steve Jobs. I don't remember the exact time, but this was years ago. Steve spoke about cloud technology with such enthusiasm. He knew the importance of it because that is where mobile technology was heading. I just feel bad he passed away because I feel as though Steve Jobs was Apple. The company will not be the same without him. RIP Steve :(

2. I have some knock on the iPhone 5 too. I purchased the BlackBerry Torch 9860 from AT&T as soon as it came out. I was torn because I really wanted the Bold 9900, but I knew BBs with keyboards rocked all the time, so I wanted to get an all-touch device. Since I owned the Storm and Storm 2, I wanted to feel the difference between the devices. Also, I must note that I've owned every iPhone since the 3G, so there is no bias coming from a BB fanboy. To calm my cravings for a BB 10 device, I decided to switch from my 9860 and give an iPhone 5 a shot. It was probably the biggest mistake I have ever made (phone wise of course). When I get a new device, there is usually a period of a couple of months that brings joy and excitement to my heart every time I pick the device up. With the iPhone 5, it lasted for about a week. I wasn't bored and disappointed. I felt like the 5 was no different from the 4S, which was no different from the 4. Software wise: same old OS and UI (app-switching paradigm) incremented with a few new features. Hardware wise: other than increasing the screen size, all of the other changes made no difference or made the phone worse.

That being said, I am SO ready for a new BB 10 device, with a new OS, and an awesomely new UI.


Great podcast!
A little too solicitous to iPhone, but valid criticisms /props all around.
Fascinating stuff, all around.
Let's not forget who we are :
We Are BlackBerry Nation!!!!!!!!!!
When you started this whole tour thing,
I felt a little bit cynical,
"yeah, he's just covering his ass because
He thinks BlackBerry is going to go under. "
Now, however,
It's making more sense to me.
Kudos to you.
I do want to say :
Was going under.
I'd like to think you didn't either.
The brilliance of Dan Dodge
And Thorsten Heins
Should be,
Or becoming,
Self evident by now. BB 10 :

I'm not just saying that because I'm BB and furk everyone else I'm not saying that because I was all down on you, Kevin.
I'm saying that because I perceived a large hole in the market that wasn't being met.
My feeling /hope was that BB /QNX could fill that hole / meet that need.
I felt that people had gotten caught up in the hype following the death of Steve Jobs ,and the newness of Android.
I felt that you, personally, might have become caught up in the unrelenting American negativity towards RIM /BlackBerry.
My own faith owes itself to the sheer elegance of QNX, the commitment of Mike L. , the fact that Prem Watsa is nobodies fool, and my perceptions of the intelligence of the Mighty Thor.
I,myself, got caught up in the hype surrounding Steve Jobs. Live long enough and you will regret everything.
Hence my distrust of a company that insists on everything being proprietary.
The beauty of BlackBerry is : proprietary innovation married to personal choice married to a staunch commitment to security.
These are the ingredients of the future.
QNX :powerful, adaptable, nimble.
BlackBerry :mired in their strengths, learning from their mistakes, looking to the future.
Me : stepping down from my soapbox. ;)

Great podcast. Listened to the whole 1:25:00. It's impossible these days to find a reasonable, informed conversation about the smartphone space and you guys delivered.

Suggestion for the round robin: olympics. You're the mobile nations going head to head. It just makes sense.

Wow, this will probably go down as one of my favorite podcast ever (not that I've watched too many). Very informative, great point of views, and quite funny at times (Apple hates you... Microsoft hates you rotfl).

Great Job Kevin and Rene! Keep it up!

Geesss, Never seen awesome discussion like this before.
The first 20 minutes feels like 1 hour talk ....
Both of you make "techie-talk" not so boring after all.
Thumbs up Kevin & Rene !!!

SEA - powered by Bold 9900 & PlayBook™

Man, I love it when these two guys talk tech on either blog or Mobile Nations. Such an informative podcast. CB Kevin may seem to talk to much. All he is doing is educating. No wasted breathes there.

Looking forward to the next Mobile Nations podcast! Hopefully, Derek from WebOS can join too even if it's just for input.

This was a fantastic podcast. Two great gentlemen of tech! So excited for BB10! Rene, will you be grabbing an L-Series?

Great podcast, downloaded it.

While listening I couldn't help but nod my head to CrackberryKevin's critical issues with Apple and again nodded to every he said, positive and negative about bb.

The countdown is killing me, can't it be February already so I can get my bb10 and test it out while on leave in Cape Town the same month!? BBM crying face.

I could not get past the black t-shirt and sport jacket combo ... I know that's shallow of me but it's so stereotypical iPhone hipster.

I tried an iPhone 5 for a while and there is no doubt that iOS is getting stale and I have heard the same sentiment form my local gang of Apple Fanbois so that isn't just my BlackBerry perspective.

Guys - great show. Glad to see an intellectual conversation about how it can be different strokes for different folks. I will comment on one thing in particular - I used to BBM with alot of my friends and co-workers who have since switched to iphones. The one common thing which has happened - all give one line (or less) answers to emails, txts, etc. Basically, it is such a pain to type out an email - they just don't do it anymore, and wait till they get home to their computers. While they love iphones for the ecosystem and apps, the whole communication thing has gone by the wayside -- which is really pretty sad. Bring back the qwerty phones! BB - N can't arrive fast enough.

Awesome Kevin! You're so articulate. I was wondering if you smoke marijuana or have in the past? Trying to see if marijuana affects one's speech.

Amazing show ... Kevin you are simply outstanding ...

I've been on blackberry for years and now feel "forced" to move to iPhone - because with a mac, its getting more and more difficult to sync to a blackberry. I wonder if the b'berry 10 would address that issue.

And why cant Apple allow me to get push mail on my iphone - with my own domain - without having to go thru google exchange setups. Why do i have to bcc myself all the time to get a copy on my desktop and hear 2 sounds for every email i send .. ..

If only there was a guaranteed easy way to sync my contacts and notes to my blackberry, i would let go of iphones.

Kevin, you are spot on when you say that with an iphone people take time to respond. I dread typing on the touch screen. With a blackberry i could start my sentence in english and end it in spanish without having the slightest worry. With an iPhone, i'm slow to respond. I dont feel like typing. And i always wondered if it was just me.

Brilliant observations Kevin .. amazing work Rene .. keep it up!

Great podcast.
Due to my short attention span, I did watch the entire thing but didn't get much of a chance to absorb it. But the points of being slower on an iphone (and the purple haze that wasn't mentioned), damn, it would sound like a curse!!

Always glad nothing was biased. :)

Kevin, first let me say, you fucking ROCK!!!!! this was very informative. Hopefully now people will realize that the itoy isn't for everyone. But I have to wonder, was this a sneaky way for Apple to gain insight on what to change about igarbage to make it a better phone? Because according to this discussion, the iphone is subpar, except for apps and "ease of use." And Renee did mention around 1:17:?? or so that he was going to have a discussion with whomever at Apple that makes hardward/software decisions to change some things and make the i(insert clever insult here) less dumb, as you read through your list of things you hate about the device. Did you just give them what they needed in order to make a better phone and capitalize on a market they already dominate?