It's monkey climbing time with Ape The Wall for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 16 Nov 2012 03:58 pm EST

Here's a cool free game for you cheeky monkeys. Ape The Wall is all about getting your ape to climb as far as possible whilst avoiding obstacles such as feral killer cats, angry neighbors and a whole host of others. You need to collect bananas along the way to earn yourself points and for a free game this one is pretty cool.

Graphics and gameplay are smooth and bright, and with the only control being a press of your optical trackpad it really makes life easy. The game has some sweet sound effects too. The odd thing about the game when I used it on my Bold 9900 is that you need to rotate the phone in order to play - something I have not seen before. I presume this is not the case when using a BlackBerry Torch.

Costing no money there is no reason not to download Ape The Run. Why not let us know your best score in the comments - let's have an 'Ape off'.

Features of Ape The Run Include:

  • Simple, single touch gameplay - any monkey can do it.
  • Cute, cartoony design that will make you say, "Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! Look at that cute and cartoony design!"
  • Amusing characters that will make you giggle like a monkey. (That's not really a "saying," but I'm running out of monkey idioms.)
  • Fun and catchy music and sound FX!

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It's monkey climbing time with Ape The Wall for BlackBerry smartphones


Come on, that isn't what I was expecting to see in the comments.

IT IS A FREE GAME!! Gosh, are people THAT disappreciative?