Countdown for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.3, includes several bug fixes

Countdown for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.3
By Bla1ze on 15 Nov 2012 02:10 pm EST

If you went ahead and grabbed the Countdown for BlackBerry 10 app from Kisai Labs the other night, you'll want to make sure you download latest update that's available as well. This release will show up as v1.0.3 and allows you to save your avatar from within a menu item and also includes numerous bug fixes. Hit the link below to get the update.

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Countdown for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.3, includes several bug fixes


Well It turned out I already have V1.0.3 when I downloaded it yesterday! I dont know how I have this since I had it instantly when it came out!

So you can expect that you will still have bugs with that version!

The crap will be squeezed out of the shorts very soon.
All it takes is one big buy .... and this stock could have HUGE upside. They are thousands of shareholders sitting on hundreds of millions of shares. Very few shares in play according to the AIV reports.

Can someone please make this app for Iphone, I will get all my isheep friends to get it so they have hope of not being stuck with Iphones forever.

Keep trying until it fully downloads and installs. There is probably a glitch with the jvm subsystem. I usually keep trying and it succeeds.

Yeah I just replaced V1.0.3 by V1.0.3!

Dumb move from my part, as I had to interrupt the music and wait 5 minutes for the phone to restart!

Its funny how all the none bb come here or elsewhere and say stupid shit like that. I can only assume that its out of fear and ignorance that RIM will make a come back and take back the lost marketshare in North America

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

LMFAO i guess you drinking the same idiot kool-aid as kevin and b1aze. You people are so delusional.

I agree, no ones gonna like BB10...


Because they're gonna LOVE it!

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction." Albert Einstien

Come on, janeka. You used to be a respectable poster on the forums, and now you're resorting to insulting people like Kevin and Bla1ze? What happened to you?

I'm still the same person, just using another platform. Believe me since leaving blackberry I see how negative BB users are. I have a lot of positive for RIM but it isn't going to stay. That being said I have nothing against bb users who can admit to RIM screw ups. But not those who go into a defensive mood from the jump and feel RIM does no wrong.

Why because I hate the way some bb users feel RIM shouldn't change and kept praising RIM for half ass moves. And think free apps gone fix everything. So I moved on to a platform with everything I need with netflix, Skype™ and instagram.

Blackberry already have three quality apps in app world anyway three more wouldn't do it any justice.

I have no problems with people moving on to a different platform if that platform is more appropriate to their needs...

What I'm intrigued about is why you think you need to come back to Crackberry and make idiot comments like the one at the top? Does it make you feel big? Does it make you feel special?
What it does do is make you seem bitter and slightly innane.

How does it hurt you if people (potentially rightly so] believe that BB10 is something worth waiting for and hoping for?

I get your bit about blind followers, and RIM has made some massive mistakes in the past, but who made you so important that you think it's your God given right to come to a fan site and tell everyone there that they are wrong because YOU think that you are right?


I agree with you. Anyone who defends *ANY* company as if it can do no wrong, whether Apple or RIM is a crazy person in my book. But then again, you fit very well into our anti intellectual Western zeitgeist which values loud opinion and marketed opinions above reality. So don't worry.

I'd rather be delusional than have a name like Janeka lol I'd probably be mad all the time too and start shit with people to help me cope ;) Janeka smh

You must be drinking that kool-aid too, since you obviously decided to stay updated by visiting Crackberry....

Just wait until they hammer ya buttocks into the ground and you'll be screaming for mama to pull ya out!! :0

any particular reason as to why?
i cant respect your opinion since it just seems you are pulling it out of thin air.

I am under no illusions that BB10 will be the best OS ever, i see some flaws in it. but i do think it can provide blackberry with a platform to get a dambn good os

Crickets. If you're so satisfied with your other platform, why are you still a CB member? By the way. Remember Vic Alboini? In the end naysayers and negative nannies will get what they deserve.

Humm, made $4700 on my RIM stocks today, since Oct 1st, thats $17,700. If I would have invested same $77,000 in Apple I would be down $16,093. Apple is done!

Does this suck battery life? (My battery seems to be racing downhill)
As for "why do we need this useless app" ... It's just for fun for pete's sake, no one said you had to download it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Love this app! Just a fun thing for folks like us who are way too excited about a device, but life is short. . Thanks Kisai!

(the haters can go piss up a flagpole...sorry if that offends)

ARGH - unable to locate thru app store on phone - tried loading thru desktop manager
Torch 9800 - OS 6 updated - BBM 6.... updated and still cant find it in the app store and will not load thru desktop manager!

I find it hard to believe that such a simple little app took me an hour to get and yet I don't care cause it tells me when my new phone is coming!
My last resort was USING MY PHONES BROWSER and it worked!
This app will see many hours!

The crap will be squeezed out of the shorts very soon.
All it takes is one big buy .... and this stock could have HUGE upside. They are thousands of shareholders sitting on hundreds of millions of shares. Very few shares in play according to the AIV reports.

@ the developer of this app GREAT APP. 1 question can you make it maybe as a screensaver for windows? So all of my co-workers will see that 30th jan 2013 is the day!!!!????!!!!????

If you can make it please upload it here.

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I think this post is a clear indicator of why BB fell so far behind. Seriously? This platform is so hard to develop for that a simple countdown app needs an update to fix bugs? Man I am glad they ditched it in favor of BB10. I'm going to keep track the old fashioned way though: marking off X's on a wall calendar; there are no bugs in my Sharpie

Are you guys really excited about an update that fixes bugs for a countdown app. Bugs in a countdown app... REALLY!!!