RIM introduces BBM Voice - Make calls to BBM friends free over Wi-Fi

BBM Voice
By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2012 12:01 am EST

Hot off the announcement of worldwide BlackBerry 10 events in January, RIM has introduced an awesome new version of BBM today. BBM version 7 includes some great updated features including the new BBM Voice. BBM Voice lets you instantly initiate a voice call with BBM friends for free over a Wi-Fii connection.

In any BBM conversation, simply tap the call button and you'll start a voice call - it's that simple. BBM Voice will add some great depth to BBM, providing you the ability to escalate a chat to a voice call when the situation calls for it. This feature should be huge in emerging markets or for anyone calling long distance as there will be no long-distance charges.

Additionally, in BBM you'll be able to see each users status as well so you'll know who is available for a call and who isn't. When on a call you'll see a split-screen view and can still use any other apps on your device. So you can still use the chat function as well as send pictures within BBM or even check email or use the browser.

BBM Voice is included in BBM version 7 which is available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you don't have a Beta Zone account you can register for one from the link below. Don't worry if you're not seeing it yet, it'll be along soon. We'll have plenty more on all the features of BBM 7 soon so stay tuned. Keep reading for the full press release.

Check out more in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BBM Now Lets You Have Voice Chats for Free Over Wi-Fi

WATERLOO, ON - For the times when you want to hear a friend's laughter instead of reading LOL, BlackBerry® Messenger (BBMTM) is taking the social networking experience to a whole new level with an exciting new feature called BBM Voice. Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM; TSX: RIM) today announced BBM version 7, a free update for the globally popular mobile social network, which will allow customers to make free voice calls to other BBM customers in the world over a Wi-Fi® connection*.

BBM is a fast, convenient and inexpensive service for BlackBerry® customers that gives them the ability to instantly chat with a friend, family member or colleague, and know when their message has been delivered, and read. With the new version of BBM, customers have a new option - they can talk with their BBM contact across the globe for free over a Wi-Fi connection. In an instant, customers can switch between texting and talking, or talk and text at the same time. For consumers, especially in developing markets, the BBM Voice feature offers an attractive way to talk with friends and family near and far, and staying in contact will be easier than ever as the holiday season approaches. For business customers, BBM Voice allows for enriched collaboration.

"BBM is the quick, easy way to stay connected to the people that matter to you, and with today's announcement we're expanding the capabilities of the service for deeper social engagement and even greater collaboration, beginning with voice functionality," said T.A. McCann, Vice President of BBM and Social Communities at RIM. "The new BBM Voice feature is for when you're travelling and you want to call home without worrying about phone charges. It's for when you have news you can't wait to share, for quickly explaining complicated details, and collaborating with colleagues. Whenever your ideas are too big for text, there's BBM Voice."

BBM Voice includes a number of convenient features.

  • Customers can initiate a BBM Voice call directly, or instantly switch from a BBM text chat to talk, and back again. 
  • The split-screen feature allows customers to talk and text at the same time, so for example, they can send a picture to their contact while talking with them. They can also check other BBM text chats, check email, or navigate to other apps while engaged on a BBM Voice call.
  • BBM provides a visual indicator that shows when contacts are available for a voice call. 
  • BBM Voice is compatible with any accessories a customer has now for making voice calls on their BlackBerry smartphone, such as a Bluetooth® or wired headset. Customers can also use BBM Voice over their BlackBerry smartphone's speakerphone. 
  • If it's not an ideal time to talk, customers can simply choose to respond by texting back.

Another important feature of BBM version 7 is its integration with a customer's BlackBerry ID, which is designed to back up their BBM profile, groups and contacts so they can automatically be restored in the event they switch to a new BlackBerry smartphone, including to a BlackBerry® 10 device.

BBM version 7 with the new BBM Voice feature is currently available in Beta for BlackBerry smartphones running the BlackBerry® 6 OS or higher with support planned for smartphones running the BlackBerry 5 OS at a future date. The Beta can be downloaded for free from BlackBerry Beta Zone**. Customers can sign up to BlackBerry Beta Zone for free at www.BlackBerry.com/betazone

For more information about BBM version 7 and BBM Voice, please visit www.BlackBerry.com/betazone.

* BBM requires a BlackBerry service plan. The BBM Voice feature requires a Wi-Fi connection with access to the Internet and may not be available in all markets.

** BlackBerry Beta Zone is not available in all markets.

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RIM introduces BBM Voice - Make calls to BBM friends free over Wi-Fi


Has it actually been confirmed by RIM or simply suggested? We've seen suggestions in videos and talks of features, but I don't recall seeing RIM come out and say it 100% for sure.

All that said, I'm certain we will see it, with the front facing camera being used and all that.

It seems to me as a bridge to minimize the gap between the java platform and BB10. This way, OS5/6/7 devices can still call BBM contacts on BB10 (and vice versa), they just won't have access to video chat.

Very smart move by RIM. Very smart indeed.

Exactly what I was thinking :)

The other big thing with BBM 7 is that it's now connected to your BlackBerry ID. I guess they've gotten over the hump of being connected to just your PIN. Great news all around.

Awesome feature but I have the torch 9850 ever since the 7.1 update my speaker phone dramatically lost volume in fact its useless. They are not working on an update as I have experienced this issue for 9months now. I hate that they did that to us customers. No fix and i keep blogging and calling them about it. smh

I told you multiple times. SWITCH TO ANOTHER CARRIER!!! BBM voice is independent of the carrier and speakerphone WILL work.

I would say, finally they opened the feature.
I don't know when BB phones got support for the UMA and MVS services, but the feature was available on the hardware though not accessible since many years.
They should have made it accessible many years ago, and maybe even should have added support for standard voip/sip calls, but they prefer to keep it bundled to the full BES and MVS and their costs.
I want to see this love coming also to BB OS5 and even older phones (weren't the first Pearls UMA capable?), to see the potential of the hardware we bought, even if years late. RIM indeed was stupidly managed.
The Nokie E series phones had a sip client available in the basic OS, that only few cared to understand what it was for and used it, BB phones had the opportunity to have voip calls since the Pearl (if I'm not mistaken) and just imagine how huge the BBM "social network" would be if it was _very easy_ to _talk_ internationally with it cost free since 2008 or so?!

As much as I agree with almost everything you said (bringing some BES into BIS specially), supporting pre-OS5 devices right now would not help RIM any. The OS and hardware is phased out and the experience would not be good by today's standards.

But yeah, MVS back in 2008 would probably have done wonders to RIM (provided it didn't possible carriers off).

I believe UMA support is carrier dependent. Several years ago, on T-Mobile in the US, I had a $10 plan that allowed unlimited UMA calling. It would switch to the GSM network automatically if I left my hotspot w/no additional charge when the call was initiated on UMA.

I've been on Verizon Wireless for the past 3 years, and they don't support UMA.

BUT...this enhancement is AWESOME!! I'm rebooting my Bold now!! :)

Downloading it right now. I hope BB10 BBM gets BBM Video.

Kevin. Please update the G+ page, we need some lovin' there!

An interesting addition to BlackBerry Messenger although with the dwindling number of BBM contacts for a lot of BlackBerry smartphone users the relevance might be questioned.

with this feature you will be able to voice chat not only BB7 friends but BB10(when released) friends as well. This is actually fantastic.

Agreed. I don't know anyone personally who still uses a BB for me to use this feature with. Everyone seems to have an iFone so they have facetime and Skype. Would have loved this feature a few years ago.

Agreed, however,

Skype = Microsoft, so the question becomes, how long if, does Skype stay cross platform? Was Skype merely an acquisition for an upgrade to the old 'MSN Messenger'?

I was wondering... if Voice data is encrypted.

If it is encrypted calling... this would be another game changer :O!

Dnag! Was almost first! Was too busy thanking JCarty for the BB10 Timer and missed it! Oh well...2nd and YES! Now I need some more BBM friends back on board!

Considering that this feature only available through WiFi, I don't think there is any limitation towards AT&T or other carrier.
Just like the FaceTime at the first time.
Perhaps, later, when they allow it on 3G/4G connection, we will see AT&T trying to 'save' the day.

Awesome. Too bad am still on BB5.

I hope this does mean that Skype on BB10 in not that far away.

Microsoft owns skype. It's up to them to release an application for BB10.

By the way, update to OS 6 or grab a BB7 blackberry, you're missing out.

Seems a sensible limitation to start with, they can always add over cellular in a new version later on, most of rim's developers are probably quite busy on certain other stuff right now after all.

The development teams at Research In Motion are completely segregated and have nothing to do with each other's product development cycles. The Java programmers wouldn't know how to handle QNX and the QNX programmers wouldn't touch JavaME with a ten-foot pole.

Err, you don't think it is just the original qnx people working on bb10 do you, the odds are that almost all their staff will have transitioned over by now.

Dude, blackberry 6 and blackberry 7 isn't being abandoned. This post that crackberry made, via RIM, proves that. So your comment is null.

how much you wanna bet one of those greedy networks like at&t will block this feature or updste until they figure out a way to monetize it or charge for it or bill it

They wouldn't block a feature that works only on wi-fi.

Once it becomes available also over BIS, then expect a chain reaction from the operators.

Sounds cool to me but what about BBM video chat? There were rumours about that as well but is there any confirmations or details about that?

Video chat was pertaining to BBM on BB10. There are currently no BlackBerry smartphones with a front-facing camera, and the PlayBook doesn't have a native BBM app.

Great feature to have and it only signals what we can expect out of BBM on BB10, though with the implications that it has for BlackBerry users, especially in emerging countries, I wish they had developed this sooner. It would have certainly quelled some of the rumble about Skype being absent on BlackBerry (and possibly helped retain a lot of former BB users).

Nope, this is freaking awesome! If only they had this when my ex was living overseas, would have made Skype completely obsolete since we never used video.

Yep, at first I thought this was cool but then it dawned on me that other Phones have video calls so I felt It lost the wow factor.

Plus T-Mobile UMA or wifi calling been using that since 2008 so no big deal. The only cool thing is you could use it as free calling to international users of BBM.

Max... Show me a single BlackBerry smartphone bing sold today that can actually make use of video chat apps.

This is great news and it is not the same a saber UMA calling. UMA just routes the call over WiFi when you have poor to none carrier coverage (I have no idea if it is free or billable though - no carrier around here bothered to deploy UMA - so feel free to tell me).

This is as close to true VoIP calls as the old java platform based ever been before. Now we have a in-house free app for free calling each other. If BB7 phones had front facing cameras, I am willing to bet we would have seen BBM Video as a feature of BBM7.

But heck, what do I know...

although this is clearly great for BBM, but this is not exactly groundbreaking technology.

Apple has it with its facetime
Android has it with Gtalk/G+

Cross platform Apple/Android has Skype

Of course, should BB support Skype app, we should not be left in the dark in this free VoIP.

I am excited about this as it supports OS6 (so my 9800 can use this feature), but not so much considring RIM is so far behind in innovation

Apple has iMessage
Google has Gtalk, G+
Msft has Live Messenger

so what?? but they all suck...BBM hands down the best messenger ever known to the mankind..don't belive..use it and come back

here you go buddy, just take off the http ^^


Excuse me? "should BB support Skype app"? Really?

So is it RIM's fault now that we have no Skype app? Do you have a copy of the letter where they tell Skype to can the beta app they never release?

Seriously, this was one weak argument.

You are right, other platforms have such features. Now BlackBerry does too. I fail to see fail on this.

It is pretty cool. I just wish it worked over cellular, then it would be awesome. That would be a great way to get people on BB again if it worked over cellular. They could advertise that you can now use your BB to talk without using any minutes at all to any other BB user in the world. I doubt any carriers would RIM do so though.

If RIM does to VOIP what they did to messaging, than this will be a game changer. A green light indicating that the person is there and will likely answer you with either text or voice, holy smoke!

You know, this may be an early hint that Skype may not support BB10 platform after all.

After all, we know that Skype is owned by Microsoft, and MS also makes that competitor smartphone platform Windows Mobile.

Or maybe it is simply a hint that rim wants to make the transition from bb7 to bb10 as easy as possible and improve the connectivity between bb10 bbm users and bb7 users that don't upgrade right away.

Using BBM to bridge the gap between the new and old platforms, yes, I believe in this too.

As for skype. It changes nothing. We're talking BBM, which is exclusive for BlackBerry devices. Skype is for cross-platform communication (IM/voice/video).

BBM Voice/Video does not prevent not denies the existence (and necessity) of a Skype app.

but now Skype is owned by MSFT and I bet they are in no rush to release it for BB10... I actually expect them to drop support for Android/iOS soon too

The most likely approach from MS would be to drop specific apps and introduce a web-based client that would work for bb10 and the other two while keeping a native app version as a perk of wp8 devices, that way they don't reduce the potential audience but do increase the benefits of wp8.

But consider this - Skype is not making them a lot of money. If they drop support of other OSes, they may (and most likely will) increase the number of WP8 users. I am just speculating here though

I imagine I'll use this time to time.

However, on my Bold 9900 I use Dell Voice. It's a VOIP service that can be used off of wifi and has free calling to many cities. Worth checking out.

Dell voice is ok. I had a couple of 9900 crashes with it and it sucks your battery life.

Now, BBM Voice means instant conversations with your BBM contacts.

One more comment...

I imagine some people may not see a real need for this but as BB10 comes out and allows video/voice calling through BBM it will become increasingly popular. At this time it will be more important for OS /6/7 to be able to voice chat over BBM.

Quick question.. I believe RIM dictates service fees for BIS but wont the carriers want to increase the prices since they'll be loosing out on potential talk time from bb owners?

Won't be available in beta zone until tomorrow guys. This IS cool but I wish it wasn't wifi only. Its my data and if I want to run it up I should be able too. :) whatever its unexpected and very cool. Nice to see RIM still working on BBOS even with  10 right around the corner.

The odds are that it is easy to minimise potential issues by limiting it to just wifi at this time and we will see cellular later, if we are seeing whole new features being added to bbos bbm while they are so busy with bb10 they are clearly not done yet.

This is FREAKING GREAT!!! let's talk TEAMBlackberry, let FaceTime buddies out there realize that 80 million BB users can also do what they can do. GO RIM!

I can't wait to test the BBM 7 beta, downloading now! can't wait for the official release to come so I can have BBM voice to all my BB friends wherever they are!

** dunno why but.. it doesn't appear on the Beta Zone yet, anyone knows why??

Seems like an awesome addition to the bbm software.. i wish they made it run on normal data as i have 6 gb's of data and i never use passed 2 gb. i would really like them to allow us to use our carrier data. noww that would be freakin awesome buh either way i love the way RIM is going right now. lets rock and roll this!!!

I Smell videochat availability on the BB10 TouchScreen.
Hopefully the keyboard version would have front camera already.

The Start of Something UNUSUAL BB10

Let me break the old news to you: the PlayBook does video/voice chat and that was incorporated into BBM for BB10.

You seem to have a good nose, though. :)

"The BBM Voice feature requires a Wi-Fi connection with access to the Internet and may not be available in all markets.":

Why don't the screen shots show a wifi connection??

Guys look, this is a way to keep the people on bbos happy when bb10 gets here. Imagine this, people on bbos will only be available for voice chats while people on bb10 can do video chat.

Beta isn't yet available for my country.. (Netherlands). So I am hoping this sees an official release quite soon! :D

Hey download Tor project, zorg dat je via een amerikaans ip-adres een account kan aanmaken op blackberry beta, ff een postcode uit amerika opzoeken en dan op google maps kijken waar de postcode bij hoort. Zo heb ik ook een beta account aangemaakt.

Now this is good news! I've got people all over the word I need to chat with, most definitely will have people in that category jumping unto the platform

“The BBM Voice feature requires a Wi-Fi connection with access to the Internet and may not be available in all markets. ”

I'm afraid I may be part of the underprivileddged markets.

brilliant.. nice thing to have in BBM. But i feel carriers will play spoil sports in this. Imagine wat loss of revenue it will be for them if such a feature is available in ur BBM. they will somehow charge u for it.. lets hope n cross the finger carriers dont interfere in it.

Don't mis interpret this post. I'm a big blackberry fan. I always buy the newest phone the day it comes out... However, I have never used BBM and I don't see a point in it. I never use all of my minutes, and I don't make international calls. This is true of most smartphone owners. What does BBM do that I can't do without it?

now ill be able to call home to my wife for free, rather than rack up lots of $$ in long distance charges... RIM is literally saving me money to help my family directly, and the best part, theyre doing it for FREE!

Anyone who is working or studying abroad and tends to keep in contact with relatives via bbm are going to love this feature for sure.

Great move by the NEW RIM to add to the BBM community with this voice feature. Too bad the OLD RIM did not see the need to add front facing cams to the BB7 hardware. I believe this oversight lead to the loss of many more BlackBerry users in North America. BBM Voice will help get some back.

This is good news.

There are still parts in the UK where using a mobile is still not good.

I have been using Viber on an old "android" and will be really pleased if I am able to use my Blackberry instead to keep in-touch with some of my friends. I hope this will be as good as Viber is.

Just, hope they release this "upgrade" in the UK.

This is cool but reminds me of voice notes but free calls for the win.I said it in the forum thread can we get BBM chat rooms?? We got 80 million users worldwide why are we talking to a select few?? When we can go into chat rooms talk to people worldwide about any social topic.

Because 1. It won't let me log in saying it's a bad request. 2. From what I'm reading it's no even in there. (In the UK at least.).

Another feature I can't add to my trusty 8530 BUT come Q1 2013 I'm on that BB10 like a raven on a roadkill. I hope this doesn't mean that Skype will be MIA on new devices. I have more friends family without BB than with.

at that point it would be cheaper just to call i think, the point is to make phone calls for free across the world if you're in different countries. if you use it to call your friend down the street i think you kind of missed the point...

So I get that the chat will take place over Wifi, but will you need a BIS cellular connection present to be on BBM in the first place?

Will this work at a motel up north that has Wifi but no cell service?

Will it work in a foreign country where I have Wifi but no data roaming?

If the answer is no, I would rather have something that is independent of BIS.

I have - I disabled the cellular connection and was able to make a BBMVoice call on WiFi only. But I guess you still need to have a BBM/BB plan on that sim - you won't be able to just get a new SIM and start using BBM Voice i assume

Not to sound like a downer, but can someone genuinely tell me how this is a big deal if we've already had UMA / wi-fi calling on our devices for 5+ years? What's the difference between this and wifi calling / uma?

The only difference I see here is that its integrated within the app itself rather than the user needing to exit out and dial the number (when on UMA) which while nice, is hardly the earth shattering moment some are making it out to be...


I think it is because not all country have UMA feature, like here in Jakarta Indonesia. This BBM Voice would be very welcome here.


Kinda like comparing skype voice to UMA calling.

UMA calling is not available on all carriers and even on carriers it's available on, it may still cost you if it's not factored into your monthly plan (try making an international UMA call and see if you don't get a separate bill for it). UMA still basically still makes use of the carriers infrastructure

BBM voice on the other hand is VOIP which is not carrier specific and if RIM chooses to do so can make use of the already existing data plan on the device.

Only real similarity right now is wifi because really, they are 2 separate concepts

Thanks for the answer.

BTW - I've used UMA when traveling internationally for over 5 years now in some 15+ countries and have never been billed (meaning roaming and long distance) for any of those calls.

Obviously the minutes come out of your monthly bucket, but other than that, no charge.

Either way, interesting feature that I look forward to using.


You are welcome. :)

You are right with that aspect of the UMA billing however, if your home network was say USA and you called UK via UMA, (unless free international calling was included in your plan) you could see a separate bill for it like i did.

I got a rude awakening when i saw my bill after placing quite a few phone calls to the UK via UMA on the Tmobile USA network.

Now when i was placing calls to my home network (USA) via UMA, i got no separate charges regardless of what country i was located in.

I BBM out of the country on wifi all the time. This will be amazing to be able to call my mom and sister free also.

Awesome!!!!! Now if they can just add this functionality over data and not limit it to just wifi then it would be even more awesome.

UMA is the reason I have stuck with TMO and BB for so long. It really is the best thing ever and everyone is so jealous of this feature that no one really knows about.
It will break my heart if BB10 doesn't have UMA or WiFi calling.

This is awesome, hopefully it'll keep existing bb users on board and bring back old users as well. I think it's a great plan, it'll soften up the blow for the existing users who are locked in their existing plans but on older bb phones but at the same time keep the communication lines open for those who will be buying the new BBX. I just have one question, because the update now will tie into your bbid, does that mean that PB users will eventually get it as well? I am not a bb user, but am a pb user. I never grew to support the older bb phones hence why I use another phone. But with the introduction of QNX, I really look forward to BBX since my contract is expiring early 2013. I just hope they put alot of effort into the aesthetics of the phone as much as they have worked hard with the OS. The image of the BBX next to the iphone 5 comparison makes the phone a bit bland. I'm sure with the OS on, it'll rock for sure. But I guess I was hoping that it will stand out of the crowd a little more. Maybe like the Bold that has the aluminum strip wrapped around it or something that will catch people's eye. Remember, it's one thing to have a great OS, but there's a lot of people who buy simply by aesthetics as well. So having both will ensure a great outcome for BBX. I prefer to have both if possible.

Finally got the invitation :) Horray. You guys should be receiving one anytime soon now too..! (If not already..)

Will the person I am chatting with be able to talk if they have not downloaded this beta version? My friends shy away from beta versions until the real thing comes out...

Tonyrón - One Day at a Time

Same issue here. When I tried to call my wife from BBM, its dialing her phone number (She doesn't have the Beta version)

Wow, thats a good surprise from RIM, a very good move to maintain it's current user base, specially the enterprise who really can lower it's cost on calls.

BBM is not Skype, but would be a greate addition for those BBM fans, and also a good way to unite BB10 users with lower versions.

BB 9900. / 7.1 bundle 2107 (v7.1.0.746 platform
Montreal Canada
Bell Mobility

Available right now
up & running on my phone

had to update my BBID also

cannot find the new emoticons though??

Is BBM going to start dipping in the SKYPE business??

I also can NOT find the new emoticons.. & my friend has BBM 7 as well and we can't find the icon to make phone calls either (yes, we are on wifi)
GRRR this is annoying, but a good one ;)

At first I wondered if the WIFI limitation is a technical thing or a "let's not piss off the carriers right before we launch our new platform when we'll need their support in promoting us" thing.... My thoughts being that VoIP eats at the carriers' minute plan sales.... but then they still sell data plans so the carriers still get sales, but I think they make more by selling you 2 items over 1 (minutes and data vs just data).... Eventually I wish they could do away with this minutes and data combo and just sell data, with everything being data. (not sure on the technical hurdles for full VoIP wireless service, but the idea buying a chunk of data and using it as you wish seems nice) In that case you'd buy x amount of data, with an equivalency of how many minutes that data allows you, based on the sound quality you choose. Just my take.

I tried to create a beta zone account but was given "application form for your country is not yet available" message, and I'm in Canada. Any ideas fellow CB fans?..

Tried a few more times and keep getting:

"We're sorry, the application form is not yet available for your country. We are adding new country locations over time. Please be patient as we continue to expand across the globe."

So I guess they've changed it up a bit or something.. :(

Where in Canada are you?
I'm in Montreal and it works fine!

MAaybe they are having some technical issues, so you have no choice but wait!

Anyways, it doesnt seem to work as I can't find the options to make a call and I can't find the new emoticons either, so you're not missing on much!

Your IP is coming from Canada?. Your not using something like Hotspot Shield etc?. I'm 30 minutes from RIM to and everythings tickety boo!! :-)

All good now, registered and downloaded...now I guess I need contacts with the same version so I can actually try it out! 2908CA52

Backed up on the desktop. Deleted app world, and have now got BBM voice registered but there are no new icons...maybe the other person has to have it loaded as well?
Still got not app world running though due to this new version not displaying on hardware running OS6....

This would be a great feature if A. I had any BBM friends left and B. If it worked, at all. I can't even open BBM anymore. Nice job...

With a Front facing Camera, it's safe to say BBM7 on BB10 devices will have a 'Video call' option......Hope I'm right

Just tried it with a friend (both of us are in Toronto) and it works wonderfully.

Can't call if not on WIFI (as it says). Just says to turn on wifi. Also can't call if you or the person you are calling status is set to Busy (even personal statuses with Busy selected)

But if both parties are available and both have wifi on, the Call icon on the top right of the chat window turns green. Click it and away you go!

Audio is a bit delayed (i'd say 3-5 seconds) but that could just be due to our wifi connection speeds.

Tried it a couple of times now with a couple of different people running different OS and it works flawlessly!

wooohooo now i can call all my bbm friends in the 416 and my family in the caribbean. goodbye rogers long distance plan!!

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

For all those wondering what new countries have been added to the BlackBerry Beta Zone, here is a list of the new country additions for November:

BlackBerry Beta Zone Expands!
We are pleased to announce that BlackBerry Beta Zone is now available in the following regions:

American Samoa
British Virgin Islands
Isle of Man
New Zealand
Northern Ireland
Papua New Guinea
Saint Martin
Sierra Leone
United States Virgin Islands

Not sure which ones were already included but I would assume all North American countries and most if not all EU countries are.

Wifi only huh? This means that when I travel I can buy a local data plan and create a hotspot with a second phone in order to use bbm voice on my bb without roaming charges.

This is a good thing but it won't do me any good. I have no known associates with a BB. Hence, I've never used BBM.

Because the carriers would have a fit if RIM made it work on the data stream. In fact the carriers would demand RIM to build in features that would allow them to block the voice call feature forcing you to pay them an extra fee to have that service enabled.


The only difference I have noticed is you can NOT use mega emoji or Jingu characters. I liked using those.... I'd wait to upgrade

When in log in om my bèta account in fontein see any download url forum bbm7 RIM says in acht email that it van taken up 24hours.....

Any other users in Netherlands that have this issue???

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful.

Blackberry Storm2 OS5
BlackBerry Bold 9780 Black OS6
BlackBerry Bold 9700 White OS6
BlackBerry PlayBook OS2
BlackBerry Repair Center Amsterdam

Broke my text messaging contacts! Won't open them (only opens bbm contacts), even after deleting and re-adding them, and rebooting the phone (9810 w/ I had to roll back to because I use BBM for my frequent SMS contacts as well.


For you guys who still don't have bbm 7 available in beta, edit your profile and temporarily change you country to 'United States', save, logout, then relogin. I'm from the Philippines and it worked for me.

Its working perfectly well in Nigeria. Called Canada and the UK and there were no problems. But i just wonna ask can this in any way be used to connect to the playbook. Just asking. Okbye

Downloaded the beta, but none of my BBM friends are beta testers... so can't test it out... anyone from here wanna try?

Hey, yep I can relate. Shoot me a PM and we'll give it a try! 2908CA52 for anyone else wanting to try some beta trials.

I need someone using BBM and that is a beta tester of the BBM 7 with voice. I saw the video, but would like to try it out for myself to complete the follow-up survey. None of my friends have their BB anymore so if anyone is available for testing please PM your PIN. About to complete the survey soon on this beta.

I am use BBM7 voice several days ago. But it have a problem about wifi. Wifi on BB is issue from I setup BBM7 voice. I have always to restart wifi.

This come too late, for me to blackberry already lost credibility. I spent years waiting for Skype, Viber or gender thing, today I am extremely happy with my Android!