First BlackBerry 10 smartphones suggested to start arriving in February

First BlackBerry 10 smartphones to arrive in February
By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2012 06:56 pm EST

With RIM having now announced their launch event for BlackBerry 10, there are a good many folks out there wondering when exactly they'll actually be able to put a BlackBerry 10 device in their hands, myself included. According to a new article from Bloomberg, February is looking pretty solid for some, albeit, unspecified regions.

“We want to do it as quickly as possible,” Chief Operating Officer Kristian Tear said in an interview following RIM’s announcement of the Jan. 30 date earlier in the day. Though the first phones won’t go on sale simultaneously worldwide, RIM is aiming for a release on multiple continents within 30 days of the unveiling, Tear said.

As we already know, RIM has over 50 carriers on board for BlackBerry 10 but specific roll out times will vary across carriers. A global launch is the goal for BlackBerry 10 and while it's certainly not unobtainable, it comes down to the carriers to announce availability on their individual networks.

Some carriers will be first, some carriers will be later. Either way, it's a Q1 2013 launch that we're looking at here as RIM has said repeatedly and we're sure to hear more specifics once the information is fully unveiled at the launch event. Hang onto your hats, folks!

Source: Bloomberg

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First BlackBerry 10 smartphones suggested to start arriving in February


You can read into however you want really, point is... You could walk into a store on Feb 28th and find one or you could be waiting well into March. It all depends on the carrier and region and at this point, RIM isn't saying WHO will be first to launch though, it's HIGHLY looking like Europe.

What's your thoughts on Europe Bla1ze??? I thought it would have been the US in an attempt to start biting back into the lost market. Or maybe they're trying to capitalize on their strengths with it in Europe. Either way it'll be here before we know it I am certain.

BTW Rogers, you better be well into your testing or I'll find a carrier that is!

They're capitilizing. EU carriers want BB10 on the market ASAP and are willing to pay to get it. Which is good for RIM, because that'll help keep their profits up.

I don't think North American carriers will be too far behind though, Verizon and AT&T are testing the hell out of it right now AFAIK to get things in line. Same with Rogers.. Rogers has real support for RIM cause they have immense history.

Thats funny ... You think Rogers actually has customer service. Hahahahaha

You'd get better customer service from a baboon.

Rogers customer service is excellent. I have only had 2 issues which retention were extremely quick to resolve. I may be bias however as I have been with Rogers before it was known as Rogers (Cantel, Cantel AT&T, Rogers AT&T, now Rogers). Overall though despite have 3 mobiles, home phone, internet, and cable, Rogers in my experience have always provided the customer service that meets with satisfaction in the end.
Issues, complaints, and compliments - use @RogersBuzz on Twitter and you'll definitely get an answer in a timely manner.

Absolutely. They'll launch BB10 on all markets they're still successful first and after a week we see headlines over headlines stating 'RIM sold 10 million BB10 devices within 10 days' and 'Mass riots in front of carrier's stores as BlackBerry 10 hits the shelves'. LOL.

Good call. Europe and Canada should be the first. Canada because it is RIM's home and I think BB support is still much better than the US'. As well, I'd love to see them launch in a developing country where they're just having great success. Maybe Nigeria seeing that article release just yesterday or the day before.

That way the hype get lived up across the globe by supporters before breaking back into the US.

It'll be an interesting game that's for sure. I wonder what Chris U's got to say...

I think sending it to Europe is an great idea. They love BlackBerry and will be excited to have it. Excitement equals good publicity. The US will see it, and then want it. If you start it where it's hated it will get bad press from the get go. Tainted even. Let America see what it's missing out on first. Then let them have it

I think people are reading the wrong thing into this news, all the main carriers are going to have it at the same time with the variation being in how long their approval process takes, so the likes of Canada and some of the bigger European carriers will launch it first as they don't take as long as the likes of VZW or AT&T.

Don't overestimate the excitement over here in Europe. Yes, business users love their BlackBerry. But they are also disappointed and tired of waiting that overdue replacement of their overaged devices. Herds of them have already abanoned BlackBerry on the whole...those who hold on, deserve some real availability planning now, instead of a pitiful tentative to create an Apple-like might just work the wrong way for RIM.

If you mean: show me the reports that prove it, there are probably few or none. You won't find a lot of press neither, because it's simply not a hot item to most European business users. But I live here, and I see what's happening in companies around me. You know, most angry customers never make a scene in the shop, they just leave quietly and never come back. That is my point, be it "herds" or "lots" or whatever.

then i hope RIM can get them informed about the new era of RIM and blackberry under the Mighty Thor. i hope the current RIM can give better promotion, give better before and after sales (through their partners there), and give better devices than their previous devices ;)

I HOPE SO!!! Germany first...and the one and only REAL BlackBerry-net-provider here is Telekom (former t-mobile)...Vodafone and O2 are sissys in context of BB-support. Telekom has a very long and successfull history with BlackBerry! An Thorsten Heins must have recordnized my despair of waiting for BB10... He has to be solidary with me!!! And we are the only nation with a "Blitzkrieg"-tradition- it will be fair-minded if WE becom victims of a BlackBerry-sales-launch-Blitzkrieg!!!!;-)

WITHIN not after 30 days. so release can be 2 days after or 29 days after unveiling the phones......

Not to be pedantic about this BUT, Jan 30th +Jan31st + 28 days in Feb = within 30 days of launch = sometime in Feb. I'm so looking forward to my new phone on Valentine's Day or Family Day or any other day in Feb!!!

What? You still pi$$ing negativity at RIM after all the good news we've seen lately? Compared to the old RIM, they are sticking to their commitments.

If they wait till March, they are basically putting it out in the tail end of Q1 2013. I hope not, they will take a bashing for it and will lead us to believe its the same old RIM with the same old broken promises.

It won't lead me to believe anything. I'll get it when it's available it's as simple as that. It's just a phone, there's no point in losing sleep over it.

I'm thinking you need a picture drawn for what months belong in each of their quarters. Even if RIM decides to launch BlackBerry 10 on March 28th, fine, it's still under Q1. If it happens April 2nd, big deal - that's right, it's just a phone at the end of the day. Let RIM release it when they see fit. I'm patiently waiting because I know BlackBerry 10 will ROCK! Keep Calm & Rock ON!

Boom take that naysayers. "Ohhh RIM must be desperate" Phones won't be released until Late March or April " pfft all I can say is BlackBerry10 and FTW ;)

Ill have my new phones in February.....FACT :D

My birthday is mid March. I think it's safe to say I'll be uploading birthday photos from my BlackBerry ® TEN device :)

My birthday is mid March too.
I don't usually care about celebrating birthdays, but...
This is going to be the best birthday EVER!

Every member of CB (even the folks who show up just for contests) should come on CB and tell us when they got their BB10 phone.

D: my birthday is January 27, so I'll just miss the opportunity. I guess I'll just have to upload mine on my crappy HTC WP7.5 device :(

Wherever the phones are launching first in Canada I will be there. On my time off.
I am way over excited!!!

Our carrier ( Telus ) has already been informed to put a number of cases aside for our company employees. Our current contract expires December 18th, and theres no problem holding out for a few extra months. We will bank the $10 loyalty dollars per phone every month past our contract.

Some guys are even giving up their private iPhone. No point in having 2 phones with BB Balance.

The COO said was that BB10 would be available for purchase in selected markets a few days after launch. Then, they are expecting to cover all continents and key markets within 30 days. And where is Peter Misek and his legion of naysayers today?? The only question that remains is who gets to buy all this awesomeness first.

May not be their fault. They could believe every word they say. Some people also distort things to drive a point home or make an argument as well as incite. Greatest illustration of this recently: Rush Limbaugh in the most Recent U.S. Elections. Just sayin

Doesn’t RIM have some of its own stores in Asia and wasn't Heins there recently? I know availability will be up to the carriers but I think there needs to be availability in more than one continent at one time, at least that has to be RIM'S objective. And how can you think that Canada wouldn't be included in that first launch? I am not a long time BB user; perhaps others know if major launches have happened without including Canadian carriers.

There are quite a few BB Stores here in India...!!! Here is hoping that the 10 will be in those stores on launch date...

this is my concern for a while now. with asia ruled by android with samsung galaxy series (iphone is way too overpriced here luckily), and then RIM showed their focus on africa (which is a very good business move i say), i really hope they will not forget/abandon asia :(

I can hardly wait. I want to switch service providers at launch, so the sooner the better. The efficiency of the current Bold with a more modernized user experience is very exciting to me. Good luck to anyone racing me to the qwerty BB10 pre-orders.

Canada will be in early February. Being in the KW area this is pretty much floating around that within 2 weeks they'll be selling of the Launch.

Great Valentines gift for the wife and I.

I don't have a wife or girlfriend, so please release it on Valentines Day, RIM. Let me have a nice romantic evening with my new toy ;)

Final hardware? Final Hardware?? Final Hardware??? I don't want a lack-luster phone!, needs to be a Porsche Carrera GT right out of the box!

Just think,..Apple will be set to release the iPhone 6,...and you can bet your arse that it will be the iPhone of all iphones, I bet Apple will go Left and Right with the screen dimensions,...thereby, the iPhone a wider screen!

Iphone 6! ?Very unlikely,expect a iphone 5s with meh improvement typical Apple fashion. Iphone 6 October 2013

Indeed. They just announced that they are working on the iPhone 5s as we type. Perhaps some add-ons to try and compete with BB10's overall better everything...

I read the iphone 5s is due out early 2013. The major update IS NFC.
I could care less- they could add gold bars to it and I still wouldn't buy it!

I think of Blackberry like a Subaru. They are not the most popular some people don’t even consider them 'cool', but to me they are the most practical with useful features, something to sticks to the ground and over all classy! Blackberry still has that class; please show all those 'hold' off developers that this platform is not dead, get me a Product as good as my Suby!

HAHA! Like the Subie metaphor! My BBs have always been reliable, and even though I go up to the next level, I can easily go back to them if I need a backup phone. So with that have been said, I need the BB10s to be like the Impreza WRX and WRX STI...reliable, technologically advanced, and HELLA F'n FAST!!

South Africa is a priority one market for us, and we will acknowledge that with the launch of BlackBerry 10. There will be three waves in taking it to global markets, and South Africa and Nigeria are in the top range of Wave 1 launches. We will pay tribute to our customers here by delivering BlackBerry 10 in South Africa when it is launched,” Heins said

I think those 2 can take to the bank they will be among the first to see BB10 at least

I am new here. Am I the only person without a user name? I will be back later since I have a very important announcement to make...important to me anyway. It will be longish but I hope you bear with me.

Ha ha.
Your answer can be taken two ways:

1. Yes, after the kids go to bed I need to do some mindless activities like think what will add up to 10 for dates.

2. Yes, that is too much time until Feb 12 or 21.

However, I just realized I used 2012 instead of 2013.

Dates are now Feb. 2nd, 11th, or 20th.

2+0+1+3+0+2+0+2 = 10
2+0+1+3+0+2+1+1 = 10
2+0+1+3+0+2+2+0 = 10 to know because im not breaking my current contract for a new data shared one! can we keep it under $500? Im just asking!

we don't have subsidized phone deals here, so we have to pay in full price plus extra costs. i read somewhere sometime ago that depending on the device specs, some people thought it will be around $400 to $600.

By virtue of this Press Release, I would like to announce that I have created the world's first Blackberry 10 lineup and currently I am the only person in the line. I intend to remain in this line 24/7, you heard me, 24/7 until I receive my BB10 phone, which if RIM cooperates, will be before sales begin. At the time of writing, #2, 3, 4 &5 in the line were still available.

I will eat in this line, sleep in this line, watch TV in this line and do other unmentionable things in this line.

Thorsten: Please contact me to arrange for delivery of said phone before sales begin. Gold plating is not required.

Mr. Guinness: Please open a category in your Book of Records for "First Person in BB10 Line". This is no joke.

Employer: This is to inform you that as of right now until the BB10 launch, I will be working from home. I have no plans to give up my spot in this line. Please put all Projects that require my physical presence on hold. Since my office will be vacant, my billing will be at a higher rate to compensate for the temporary release of that asset back to you.

Canadian Carriers: Be careful how much you ask for the phone and the data plans. The new consumer friendly head of the CRTC is watching.

BB10ers: Feel free to join the line starting at #2 but do not choose a number larger than infinity.

Paparazzi: Get away from my window. I will not be granting interviews and no photographs please, unless you are using the BB10 time warp camera!

Public: Calm down! Don't create a riot! It is only a PHONE...and a million other things Thorsten is hiding from us.

Stock: Feel free to go through the roof. The roof has not been tested lately so you may actually take flight.


dude, you made my day XD
make sure you tweet and updates facebook too from wherever you are now. oh and take lots of pictures too and upload them to twitter & facebook ^^

My new CB friend. Unfortunately you're months too late. I placed myself in line several months ago. You can check the CB history for my past posts. I have the ultimate BB10 murst. Sorry, bro. :^s

Dang, would like to have mine before Valentines Day (2/14) when I leave for a long vacation to Australia. Unless Verizon would ship it there for me...Please RIM, please...

Maybe you can get it IN Australia, then sell it to an Australian when you come back and buy a brand new one here. :) Either that or have it unlocked but it is another country... I think you can do the SIM transfer with Bell...

My daughter would love one for her 14th birthday Feb 24th! RIM, pleeeeeeeease release in Canada by then!

Attention: RIM

Let's kick this baby into high gear!!
I would gladly volunteer my time to come work at the factory a few days to help bump up production.


It will be so nice to have a larger touch screen and virtual keyboard. My old eyes and thumbs aren't what they used to be. There'll be a BB10 in my pocket!

This is just great 3 months ago I set my forums signature to show a countdown to my expected BB10 wich I though would be february 15 so i guess I wasn't that far after all!! Believe it the 10 is coming!!!

would be nice i everything comes on in 10 days after announcement, but its all up to carrier.. stupid ATT took forever to get the release of 9900..then took forever to release 7.1 upgrade...ITs like they hate blackberry or something.

I am taking the line NOW to buy the first BlackBerry 11 phone. So... Put me in the records for that. And 5th in the BlackBerry 10 line.

Proudly a member of TeamBlackberry, and in it for the long haul.

i love blackberry but its over for rim. when blackberry 10 comes out everyone on the planet will be freshly locked into contract from the holiday season..only place bb 10 is gonna make any noise is on review blogs like this because im sure they'll be great will just be way too late to make an impact

Right, because this Holiday season is the last opportunity to buy a phone...EVER!!! No more innovation people, stop all R&D work, what's the point, all the phones have already been bought, lets pack up shop and go home.

Last time I looked, 80 percent of the planet didn't own a smart phone. By the way, most of the world isn't Christian and thus doesn't give a hoot about Christmas. But other than that, your spot on.

One other thought. Perhaps you should take a bit closer look at some of the market analysis. When it comes to smart phones and contracts, people buy year round. The Christmas thingy is a bit over rated.

No February 2014 is the launch date of iPhone24 where they master the ability to send an attachment with an email.

I'm still struggling with the idea of which one to buy.. Full touch screen or with physical keyboard... I use the Torch now and *thought* I would use the hard keyboard a lot.. reality for me however, has been that I don't use it very much at all..

So, I'm just wondering if I go for the all touch screen, will I be missing out on some feature(s) or abilities? or is there no real huge up-side to having a hard keyboard given the proportionately smaller screen that you end up with?

Decisions decisions..

I'm going for all touch-screen, I think.

How can they get the same resolution screen without anything being distorted?

Stoof, that's the way I am leaning too.. but.. for some reason I just shake the idea that I will want, or even need a hard keyboard..
Part of my problem is that since BB10 is a wholly new platform, I'm not so sure how I will actually use it and therefore what hardware will work best for me..
If this was a OS7-like change, then I'd be OK with staying with a screen-only model, as I realize now that I just don't use the hard keyboard as much as I initially thought I would..
But with BB10, I just don't know what my usage will really look like..
Dilemma.. Dilemma..

If you are happy with using touch most of the time with bb7 anyway then with bb10 you should definitely be happy with a touch-only model since the os is designed with that in mind much better this time round.

Alright. So I'm guessing this means AT&T should start selling BlackBerry 10 sometime in August 2013. And then all you have to do is walk into the store and explain to the salesman that you don't care what he says, you really do want a BlackBerry 10 phone and to please go into the back and get one because they won't be on display.

If that's the case, then I'll gladly cancel AT&T and go with T-Mobile if they have it. I plan to do it anyway, but it'd make me feel good telling them that their unwillingness to bring the BB10 platform to AT&T caused me to go to TMobile.

My Mid Feb dates look pretty good! Birthday on the 20th....happy birthday, valentines day, Family day, VERY late Christmas....WHATEVER.

So, StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm is out March 12th and I'll telling people about it with my BB10 phone! Nice.....

i can't waaaittt for Feb to come!! good thing i didnt get to buy the iPhone5 because of no stocks... caannnttt waaitt for my BB10!!!!!!!!

Here's my suggestion for ground work VIRAL marketing.

Promote to every current BB user who brings in a friend that converts their current non-rim phone over to BB will both receive $50 in free accessories. What would this cost rim? -- maybe $10?
We know current BB users are hard core fans, and rewarding them to preach the virtues of BB10 and converting sales is a win-win-win for the current BB faithful, the new user and RIM.

Get the troops to amass and take back our right full place in the world.
Hopefully somebody can pass this on to the marketing team at RIM.
I love reading about users who help dispel the myth and are truly passionate about RIM's success and even convert some users!!!
Anybody else like this idea?

They already have their trade-up programs. Sell the android/windows/ios phone and get that blackberry 10 smartphone with the recovered funds from selling. :D

last friday i got a blackberry hat/cap from a trade in (any OS to OS7) event on a mall. i got it from a friend that was MCing the event lol. at the event i saw there are some cool merchandise i'd love to get even if i have to buy it, like mugs, usb flashdrives, shirts, etc. kevin, i'd even buy those blackberry by choice t-shirts if you give me free shipping :D

by the way, so far i got 3 of my friends traded their gemini with armstrong & davis, one monza for my gf, and three amstrong&davis from my gf's friends. how many anyone got until now? ^^

I'm so excited about the BB 10 phones its driving me crazy, I want one now! 77 days and counting until launch I pray they launch same day

BlackBerry Torch 9860 and PlayBook

All I'm gonna say is they better have phones on the shelves next day after the announcement. The last thing hey need is the hype built with no devices available to buy immediately. I really don't understand why Apple seems to be the only one that understands this :(

If they pull another stunt with an announcement and no devices they will find themselves in the same boat as Microsoft with the launch of the Surface. "Moderate success" says Ballmer.

i really hope RIM can do that in the future. but for now, the more important thing is, to sell as many as they can, both OS 7 and BB10, with lowest cost as possible.

when things are better, they HAVE TO be able to ship shortly after the launch.

everybody is talking about birthdays... mine is in july... looks like i'm getting an early birthday gift

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

did everyone forgot about Blackerry M series? It is a portrait slider phone like Torch, venue pro and palm pre. I was never a blackberry fan until Bold 9900 came out. I just fell in love with it but unfortunately, the software and how apps can't be saved in rest of the 16gb, I was sad. I am hoping to adopt the new BB 10 when it launches in January 2013 because windows phone 8 OEMs failed to deliver any qwerty phones. I am rocking my Dell Venue Pro(Best portrait slider phone till this very day), hoping to replace it.

What's with the extra space above the screen on the N series? Can they just take out the branding and make the screen a bit taller? Just stick the Bb logo on the back of the phone.

What bothers me about this picture is that the two phones looks like they are different designs, almost as if they were made by two independent teams. They don't convey a consistent, uniform style. This is bad because it weakens the message of the brand.

I hope the picture for the N phone is not the final design.