Mobile Nations Passport is now live!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2012 02:39 am EST

Easily access all of Mobile Nations, all with one account! You can now also register and login via Facebook, Twitter, Google and Microsoft!

Your most-requested feature is finally here! Instead of having to maintain separate account logins and passwords for each and every one of our five communities -- Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore, Windows Phone Central and webOS Nation -- with Mobile Nations Passport you can now access all of your favorite sites with one easy login.

Now, don't worry! Even though we've unified our account management, we know and love the unique identities of each of our sites as much as you do, and we're not changing that. The power to control which sites you want your account to be associated with is still all in your hands -- we're making it easy, not automatic and certainly not mandatory.  We're also maintaining your individual post history and forum profile on a site by site basis, so you get the recognition you deserve for each and every platform.

The video above will give you a quick, two-minute run-down of how Mobile Nations Passport works. Watch it, and then register or, for existing members, simply login to activate your Passport now!

Reader comments

Mobile Nations Passport is now live!


DING DING DING! And there's the problem! I don't actually mean Ashley of course, but we thought the trolling and blackberry hate in the comments/forums was bad before? hold onto your hats folks..

I'm going to miss this site, but if it turns out the way I suspect it will, I wont be stopping by anymore. I listen to enough anti blackberry nonsense out in the world.. I don't have to read it on crackberry.

Nice work, however the pasport login page is not very mobile friendly. On my 9700, which is where I mainly access these pages, I get a page is to large error and it closes the page.

Then again I seem to have problems with the browser getting the desktop version of the sites unless I manually put the m at the start.

Trolls are everywhere on the internet looking for attention. They are the attention-whores, looking to cause trouble and disrupt conversations. Use the report button to stop that plague and let the mods handle it. :)

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Nice patch for the Uni-logins :o)

been there done that .. I know its a uber pain
its working fine, I dig the where you have been
on bottom of the page.

Great work. I've linked all my accounts with no issues. I thought though that linking all your accounts was suppose to combine your forum post counts... or did I hear wrong?

EDIT: Nevermind! I found it!

I love that you guys were able to complete this project successfully. Now I can contribute on the other sites in the mobile nations family rather than just lurking.

Good job guys.

It would have been nice if forum settings would have carried over (as in, your bio, device, time zone, subscription rules)...

I agree we shouldn't be promoted to super geniuses on boards we have never participated, but the idea of the sites using the original join date was good. Also, it could have a field. In the about screen showing how many posts we have in each forum.

It linked the ones I already had with nice issue and allowed me to create new ones for the other sites. Job well done, Mobile Nations!

Now... Let's hope this doesn't mean an influx of trolls on every single forum...

Thanks! It IS a pretty sweet system as you put it to use across sites.

Re: settings, etc.  This is only Phase 1 that we rolled out. A lot more features already coded up and in testing that will further the usefulness of the Passport system for users. Good feedback in your comment on whaty ou want to see.

Re: Trolling. Trolling requires intent. People choose to troll, they don't just troll because they can (our old login didn't provide any sort of real barrier to entry that stopped anybody who wanted to troll). So don't think we'll see trolling be affected one way or the other by this. And if for whatever reason we do... I'll just have to start cruising around in the Troll Killer Trans-Am.

All I wanted is that we all could live in permanent Round Robin spirit, agreeing that all platforms work and that they are just different.

Speaking of which, now that I can post on every single forum and site, give me round robin stuff to comment on!! :)

I'm in love with Ashley Esqueda! She is amazingly gorgeous!

Great work Mobile Nations!

BlackBerry is my drug of choice.

WoW. Mobile Nations this Passport Thing is awesome,,,, now I may start trolling iMore, and android central ...I mean end up reading more android and iToys news lol...

Let me say congrats on the single sign-in, but I would hope that you guys highly take a gander at Mozilla's Persona. I caught wind of it via Lifehacker and the security along with the simplicity of it is something I believe your developer dudes (I'm sorry, but I'm bad with tech titles sometimes) or whomever this may concern to take a look at it.

Everyone else I encourage you to spread the word and give some feedback to other sights that may be able to utilize this as an option for single sign-ins. Here is the link folks...FTR I am no way affiliated with Mozilla, BUT I'M SURE AS HELL A MEMEBER OF CRACKBERRY.COM (master smile)!

This is good. But I won't be making use of the passport. Lol

I won't mind checking the other sites when I've read crackberry. There's also lifehacker and gizmodo who also have unified logins. Awesomesoup to devour!! :D

I would love to win any of these prizes. I never win anything. I know everybody says that, but for me it's true. Thanks anyway.