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Leaked: OS for the BlackBerry Torch 9810

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Canadians - Download free apps for your OS 7.1+ device compliments of BlackBerry

Canadians - Download free apps for your OS 7.1+ device compliments of BlackBerry
By Bla1ze on 6 Nov 2012 12:12 am EST

Although there hasn't been an official announcement there is an ad for the it in BlackBerry App World and it looks like RIM has kicked off another 'compliments of BlackBerry' app giveaway. Right now, Canadians who own a BlackBerry smartphone running OS 7.1+ can download a slew of apps for free with the promotion itself running up until December 31st. Here's a list of apps appearing as free:

At this point, there is no telling whether or not the apps will appear as available for other countries but if it's like the last promotion, they potentially could roll out to more areas. In the meantime, if you fit the criteria -- go ahead and fire up BlackBerry App World and get to downloading.



thanks bla1ze. I can finally get BeWeather since the app store closed on CB and I lost my activation code.


Wow! Hope that comes to the US and elsewhere.

the brother

Awesome. There are some great new additions to the list of what was free in previous 'Compliments' cycles. Thanks BlackBerry®


I remember one time they gave out a lot of free apps... makes me a little worried when it happens right on the doorstep of Jam Asia...
damn pavlovian response....


great i go on holidays to europe and a slew of apps become free in canada. i will be back on december 27 hopefully i will remember to download some.


Who's not from Canada, buy this app. It's almost like BeWeather.

Thank you RIM you "care" about "all" of your loyal customers all over the world..... grrrrrrrr


Why canada only? Dafuq!


Because we invented BlackBerry


So which of these are worth getting?


All of them. Even if you just install and delete. That way, they become associated with your BB ID and you keep them in your uninstalled list in case you ever want them in the future after the offer has expired.


BeWeather, Photo Studio Pro, BePopup, SmartAlerts. Well, I already had those four apps installed. I am going to try out TuneIn.


I wish RIM will show some appreciation for their loyal users all over the world. We are the one who buy their phones and services too, keeping the company going before bb10 launch. We feel bad for being left out watching other people get nice stuff. Not trying to be rude to canadians, just don't like the discrimination and being second hand customers.


my thoughts exactly. and in the bigger scheme of things the US and Canada r their biggest detractors. Y not reward the real loyal crowd...? asia, africa, latin america and the caribbean? guess they'll remember us after we move on to other devices.

W Hoa

Biggest detractors? US maybe but Canada not so much.

Over 20% of tablet sales in Canada are for the PlayBook. Last quarter Canada was responsible for 6% of all Blackberry phone purchases.


Wow - a lot of good stuff. Hopefully coming to the US also.


sweet, a couple of apps there ive been wanting to get


This list is good for two reasons.
Reason #1: Free apps
Reason #2: Shows RIM is working with Devs. Pretty much guarantees that we're going to see TuneIn and Shazam on BB10!


How about some of us who have OS6.6, and waiting for BB10 to come out in Jan.2013?
I hope RIM has free apps when they launch BB10.


Nobex Radio Premium and Midnight Bowling 2 not showing up in the list. Bold 9900.


anybody got the color id it says unavailable for this device. im using bold 9900 with 7.1 OS canada


So.. TuneIn or Nobex? What is a better solution, do you think?

the brother

i like BOTH! Nobex has great variety (and quality) but some stations are blocked from streaming. you can usually fill in those gaps with TuneIn AND this app also has the wonderful recording feature.

don't forget Shazam! it's gona be a party y'all


I'm not seeing a few of the apps above either. ColorID, Midnight Bowling2 and Photo Editor Ultimate don't show up in the app store .


Not available for my 9900 :( It doesn't list what devices it is available for though.


If it is like last year they will reveal a new app every few days. By christmas all apps will be visible.


I appreciate the Post title "Canadians...." it saved grabbed my attention and was concise.


Nobex Radio Premium is not available for the Torch 9810 as free? WTF. But it is for 9310,20,60 and 9220? Lame.

But I can buy it for 9.99 on the 9810?


i have a curve 9360 and its not free for me either


Freebies for us Canadians at last. Yay! :D


wa wa wa. I never heard so many whiners, ever. this started out good and turned into poor me..
There should not be too many on the list that most do not have, unless they are too cheap to spend a buck. A good app is a good app. Seems the rest of the world is getting that shitty American "you owe me" attitude.


Where is the os6 waiting for bb10 love?


Went to download some of them and got told it wasn't available for my device. Strange thing is I have a few of the free versions installed already.


I have an OS 7.1 9900. Tried Color ID, Photo ultimate. They say "Not available for this device."

Please check these things before posting!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally! Whichever is compatible with my playbook, I'M DIVIN' IN MO-APP-FOS!!!! :D


Saw this last night!
Checked it out and got TuneIn Pro first thing! I have the Free TuneIn and love it so naturally had to get TuneIn Pro!!!
Got a few others as well!!!