Instagram is coming to BlackBerry 10

Don't believe everything you read.

Instagram coming to BlackBerry 10... yeah, it'll happen.
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2012 05:05 pm EDT

So here's the deal... VentureBeat posted an "exclusive" article this afternoon saying Facebook has no plans to release Instagram for BlackBerry 10.

No offense to VentureBeat, but whatever sources they have that are familiar with the matter, I have better sources that are even more familiar with this matter. I checked in with my contacts that all but gave formal confirmation that RIM continues to have a strong relationship with Facebook, who now owns Instagram, and that you will see Instagram come to BlackBerry 10.

Remember, Facebook took to the keynote stage at BlackBerry Jam Americas just a couple weeks ago to show off an early preview of Facebook on BlackBerry 10. Do you really think they're going to snub us BlackBerry users on Instagram?

As for my confidence level on this one... let's just say if I'm wrong... how about I'll buy somebody a car. Leave a comment to this post telling the good folks at Instagram how much you're looking forward to a BlackBerry 10 version of thir photo-sharing social service. And if you don't see Instagram for BlackBerry 10 hit, I'll pick the name of one of the lucky commenters and buy them a car.

PS. While I've been on my Mobile Nations World Tour I've been on Instagram a lot. I love Instagram. You can find me there @crackberrykevin.

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Instagram is coming to BlackBerry 10



The app war begins...but not with Instagram, they will be on BB10. I'll take a Nissasn GTR if not true :)

I want Instagram on BB 10. That way I would use it. If they don't come to BB 10, I won't be using it.
Venture beat? They still around?
I hope you don't have to buy me a car Kevin. One day soon we can both get haircuts. But not too short.

BB 10 - FTW!

I'm Pretty sure you're right. However, I'd like to signup for the car lottery (not to say you're wrong, I just don't want to miss out on a car LOL!)

I NEED Instagram on my Blackberry device! Using it on my Ipad is SUCH a hassle, and it's still worth it. Having it on my phone will change my world. Can't wait.

Kevin, ill tell you what. Since I appreciate all the great work you do. You should buy yourself a new car and just let me have the Range Rover. Hey buddy, you deserve the new ride. But let's just hope it doesn't come to that because I was Instagram on BB10, ya heard!

Very clever, leaving a comment 4 a car that will never ever a had a chance to be won by one of us. You nailed it kevin, you nailed it! Haha! Instagram 4 BB10, Like!

One of those who would want a car but that means no instagram?
Heck.. I want instagram... Regardless the necessities. Just for the heck being able to be one with my friends sharing photos and all..
Win me a car and an audi s5 should be sufficient.

As a European urbanite, I don't currently have a car. Or instagram on my BB9900.

If I can't have instagram I would love it if Kevin bought me a Smart Car. Or any car that runs QNX!

I will invest my hard earned money on a blackberry 10 with Instagram. As a poor college student, I would love to have any car. Please and thank you Kevin.

When Kevin Says it is there... It means it is already there.... U kno Y...b'coz he is very much an insider... ;)

it's a great news we got here, if instagram will be coming to BB 10. Why should you buy 2 or 3 smartphone if only by 1 smartphone, you can do everything. Hope that this will come true.

cannot wait for BB10

Be Trend, Be Ten

bb10 is looking great, i am on the fence on upgrading my 9900 to the iphone 5 but i think i am going to hold off for bb10

i want a subaru sti please

FB, bring Instagram to BB10! Don't miss out! (Now, if you do, Kev., I'll take whatever it is you're driving.)

A car could pretty much mean any ironically this bet could actually cost Kevin less than the P9981 contest if he picks up a hyundai pony.

Anyhow, BB10 will have instagram so it's moot

Instagram was one of the social apps I really enjoyed while testing a Samsung S3. I look forward. To having it on my BB10 phone as well.

IMO, this now assures BB10 success. Skype is important as well, and I hope it comes, but Instagram is the one that I hear even current blackberry users wishing they had. And I think there was a real likelihood of losing alot of these people over this one app. I was confident it would come, especially when I saw Facebook on the stage at BB Jam, but this assurance is welcome. This also points out what Alec Saunders says all the time on Twitter when people ask him this stuff - Blackberry can't announce products for their providers. I'm sure BlackBerry would love to come out and make the statement Kevin did, but it is not theirs to make, that is for Instagram.

p.s. Kevin if your wrong, I'll take a car :-)

Hey CBK,

I hope your not breaking any NDAs letting us know that juicy tidbit. Wouldnt want our fearless leader getting into to much trouble.

BB10 FTW!!!

I'm pretty easy going, how about "if" its me, you can just give me a picture of a of '57 Belair. Taken obviously with Instagram, toned either black & white or sepia.

Cheers to Instagram.

Can anyone explain to me why an app that takes people crappy pics and then makes them even crappier is so important?

Am I the only one not taking crazy pills?

So basically NO themes on BB10 and Instagram WON'T work on any pre-BB10 phones seems like you cut off one foot to please the other...

Good luck competing with Windows Phone because with these decisions you will never reach Apple or Android in market share.

If Instagram is on BB10 devices, I'm buying one. If Instagram isn't available, I'm still buying one. Guess I'm just one of those crazies that doesn't let app availability run my life or affect what I purchase. With that being said, I want a flying car Kevin. But I will settle for a BMW M6 or some Aston Martin automobile with Playbooks in every headrest....SHABLAAAMMMM!!!!

Come on Instagram...make sure you will be on BB10. But don't rush to get released. Make sure everything is working perfect. So maybe a May or June release would
(Ford Fusion Hybrid

There are plenty of people trying to tarnish the Blackberry name. I don't know if they feel threatened, or they just want to talk crap because they think they are better with their full touchscreen phone that looks exactly the same as every other touchscreen phone, or what, but there are so many people who seem EAGER to talk down Blackberry every chance they get. Don't know what the chip on the shoulder is about...

You certainly put your money where your mouth is. This is pretty intense Kevin.
I certainly hope you're wrong and someone wins this car but if you're right, we get Instagram so win win!

Instagram on BB10...just like Skype was coming to the Playbook!? RIM are a bunch of jokers, you can make whatever amount of applications available on the device, but if the hardware cant support it, it does not make sense. Ever compared Facebook for BlackBerry to Facebook on any 4.0+ Android phone. I think Instagram is the last thing RIM and BB Fans need to worry about. I just updated to the latest dev alpha software on my BB10 device and if this is an indication of what to expect BB is Dead!

Still a BB user!! :)

I'll be honest. I'm pretty confident that Instagram will be coming to BB10 as well, but I'm commenting just in case. ;)

I'll send off a tweet to Instagram about this.

THE GREATEST CONTEST ON CRACKBERRY SO FAR!!!! Even though I agree with you that we will have Instagram on BlackBerry 10, I'll bite. Since I'm in Canada, Alberta to be precise, where it is winter 10 months of the year, I'll take anything that is 4wd. Thanks in advance Kevin :)

Kevin, you need to start a talk show, Oprah has got nothing on you lol. But I'm sure you're not going to have to buy anyone a car as Instagram is pretty much a lock for BB 10 and because instagram is a great service that's a great thing for BlackBerry 10 customers.

I believe every word you guys say. I have been a Blackberry fan and customer since the day my parents let me get my first cell phone. Im talking the scroll on the side, ya that far back. I will always support my favourite Canadian company RIM!!! What im trying to say is that im a poor student trying to become somebody in this world and could really use a car. Now i hope Instagram is not on BlackBerry 10. Or should i say THE10!

@Keep-the-FaithKevin! I know I won't need that car - that British Racing Green Jaguar E-type - cos we will get Instagram!

Oh super bonne nouvelle !
I hope it will be true :D

I love gossip and i know a lot of celebrity have an Instagram account !


Looking forward to Intsagram but I would settle with a car as well. The type of car to be decided later on.

Not going to ask for an expensive car. Would settle for a matrix or Yaris in black. Doubt your wrong about the instagram but glad to know it will be offered. =)

Not going to ask for an expensive car. Would settle for a matrix or Yaris in black. Doubt your wrong about the instagram but glad to know it will be offered. =)

I would love to have Instagram on BB10. I would love to have a BB10 device since my Bold is on its last legs and I am holding out on buying anything until it comes out. Much like my car, I am holding out on buying a new one until it completely dies.

I would much rather get a bb10 phone...wink wink. Or a car would be nice as well.
I am looking forward to instagram because I have been a fan since its begging but have never had a chance to use it as I only have a blackberry torch.

I live in LA so I'd want something fuel efficient like a Prius. Either way, way to just jump on this story and nip it in the bud.


The difficult, we do immediately. The impossible takes a little while longer.


So, here's me wishing that Instagram, never ever shows its face on BB10... My future car is riding on it (^_^)

social app.. car.. social app... car..

I'm pulling for the car. :Þ

though I guess I could make due with a social app.. /grumble/

Instagram is gonna rock BB10 and further prove to all my iOS friends that RIM and BlackBerry are alive and kicking. They just took a rest for a bit ;).

Ps: since you didnt specify the TYPE of car .... Is it gonna be a Dodge Viper HotWheels or a maybe the new Richochet Tonka car ? lol

What the heck, if I don't play I certainly won't win.

Anything from Honda or Ferrari will do (but preferably Ferrari). :)

I can't wait for BB10 to hit the market. I truly believe RIM will make a comeback. I was at a concert tonight and I saw a lot of BlackBerry users. The man sitting next to me had a white Bold 9900. I love it when I see people still rocking a BlackBerry. From all the videos I've watched on CB, I am loving what I'm seeing! Oh, I would also love a new car. :D

Hi Kevin! I bet you will be right about Instagram, but just in case you aren't, I would like a Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ 4x4 Z71 Crew Cab. If trucks or SUVs aren't allowed, how about...well, I will won't get greedy and we'll make a deal. ;-)

As to Instagram, I think it's a great product and it would be real boon to BlackBerry to pick it up!

Not sure how I feel about Instagram and we'll see how it is after FB has owned it for awhile (I expect some changes).
Would be interesting to try and see how it works on the BB10.

Instagram is amazing! I love it. Here is how much I love Instagram: The 9930 is currently my device of choice and I use it. I also carry an iPhone 4S with me all the time JUST for Instagram! BOLD for everything in left pocket, iPhone 4S for Instagram in right pocket!


I couldn't pass this one up. Plus you can get my car for under $4k US! I'll take an 86 Mustang 5.0 GT hard top, 5 speed manual.

I probably won't ever use instagram, due to the large numbers of photos I shoot when I feel like it. Too many to mod & post. But it'll be great for consumers!

Now, for the motor for my bike. I'm sure that'll be less than a car. :D

Instagram is at a loss if they dont't put their application on the best upcoming OS the market has seen. Give me a car LOL

The real question to me though is, why haven't Blackberry's already had Instagram? It can't be because of the hardware, as there are weaker phones running it, and have been for some time. I wonder who is being the stubborn one, RIM or Facebook? That being said I've wanted this app for a long time.

I don't exactly live and die for Instagram but it is a big deal to a lot of people. Regardless, I wouldn't mind so much if I got a car out of it all!

lol....why not. Instagram or a new car... sounds good count me in! R34 or the new GTR would be good enough.

hmmmmmm.....a car or Instagram, decisions...decisions, whew...that's really a tough one!! I believe getting a car would probably edge out having Instagram on BB10, just barely though...

I'd love to see instagram on BB10, it is a great app that is missing out on a HUGE chunk of users! I know I'd get it, and tell all my fellow blackberry users to get it as well. Also, with BB10 coming out the possibilities of the app are endless!

Yeah, I'd love a to have a new car, but how would I share it will all my super cool quirky friends with a beautiful, uniquely filtered photo on twitter?

I think more people would get enjoyment of instagram on the ten, then would get of a new car.

LOL.. looks like there's big confusion about whether Instagram is coming to Windows Phone or not as well... .. That being said, I would definitely prefer Instagram on a BB10 device over a Windows Phone device.

My entire life's goal has been to apply soft focus filters to my plates of pasta and post them for the world to see. Yet because of the lack of Instagram I have been stymied. So it is with a warm-heart that I greet Kevin's promise that Instagram is coming to BB10.

Ive only seen someone demo instagram for me once, it is the only photo editing app i would use on a mobile device.

Ive only seen someone demo instagram for me once, it is the only photo editing app i would use on a mobile device.

A new car, Kevin must be 110% sure instragram is coming to BB10 xD
But ofcourse i'll enter, an Audi RS5 for me plx. Just send it to the Netherlands^^

Instagram will be nice op BB10;)

Looking forward to Instagram.....

but if not, a manual Cadillac CTS-V Wagon in red would be fantastic.

C'mon VentureBeat. Blackberry has an open/uncluttered app market that's waiting for an app like Instagram to dominate. While I've only owned Blackberry smartphones, I have given your app a spin. It's very intuitive and creative. Choosing not to have it on the BB app market is like the iPhone only being AT&T exclusive. We both know the benefits of having a product available on more than one platform. Make it happen!

Somehow I doubt Kevin is wrong about this, but here's my comment just in case. I'll even settle for something simple and practical like the Hyundai Elantra.

You're nuts!

Not you, Kevin, I meant Instagram.

I hope they do come to BB10 as it is a pain in the but to view an instgram link imbedded in twitter on my Torch 9810. IKt doesn't seem to scroll properly to view the picture.

But if they are nuts I will take the car!

I didn't read through all 400+ comments that came before me but just in case nobody has mentioned it yet, Kevin NEVER said he would buy you a NEW car or that it would be in running condition. You can probably get a clunker for $50. He didn't even say it would be a real car. You can get a nice Matchbox car for $5 or less.

But this doesn't matter because Instagram is coming to BB10!!!

Yeah, if you're wrong and you draw my name, I want a new Buick LaCrosse fully loaded, so both are sakes, I hope you're right.

Expect Instagram to be on BB10. If not I will have to console myself with a new car. Thanks Kevin.

rabbitupnorth: Facebook should absolutely introduce Instagram to the BlackBerry 10 fold -- But don't forget the PlayBook audience!

I'm torn on this. I currently have an Android phone and don't use Instagram, but I understand that BB10 needs it to be successful. However, it would be crazy if it didn't come and someone (read me) won a car.

That is awesome news! looking forward to have instagram and post all my pictures when I get that wonderful device in my hands

Instagram on BB10 !! but if not, not a new car just pay-off my 2008 car debt .. which is waay less than a new one thanks :)

I'm pretty confident that he's correct. Instagram must be on BB10!! Now if only BB10 would go to old devices as well :(

Btw... if Instagram doesn't come to BB10, instead of a car I'd like a BB10 Compatible device! :)

or if that doesn't work... I'll take a white 2013 Chevy Camaro with Pink stripes :3

I'd like a Toyota Prius or a Smart. I'm kinda on the "green wave". Of course, assuming that Instagram won't be on BB10 and that you can buy me a car and send it to Colombia :D

put me down for a car as well. then I can take a picture of it and upload it to facebook with Molome...LOL just bring instagram on for the massess

I despise Instagram and I already have plans on what I'll do when it shows up on BlackBerry 10... [insert evil laugh here]

Also, I'll take a 2013 Kia Forte Koop. I'm very easy to please ^___^

I hope I win this car!!! I've been needing a new one for so long. It would literraly save my life.

But i know they will come out with Instagram on BB10, so I better start saving.

I'm ready to dump my POS Pyramid for some BB sexiness. While I've gotten quite attached to Instagram, I kinda hope it doesn't happen just to see if Kevin's promise is forrealsies , lol.

While I would love to see instagram on the bb10, I would love even more to just be able to get the newest Blackberrys. I live in rural alaska and no longer have the option of getting a new one. I've been rocking the 9650 for over a yr.

hell, if it drives, my wife and I will take a car! haha. But I'm pretty damn sure instagram will hit for bb10. It may not be the largest subscriber base, but still going to be another shit ton of zeros added to their user base if they do it.

I trust Kevin's information but a chance at a car is worth the 5 seconds to file out an entry slip. Provided Mobile Nations keep the spam to a minimum. Which they have so far.

Honestly I think I should win the car. See just about everyone else on here - it's a win win situation. If instagram comes to the BB10 then they are happy. If they win a car- they are happy. But for me - I could care less about Instagram. Don't need it, dont' want it, don't care. However, I'm VERY glad to see such popular software being ported to my favourite mobile platform so I guess...

Oh never mind. Give me a car.

Now I'll have to try out Instagram to see what the flap is about. If it doesn't show up, though, that might mean a car. C'mon car (though once I try Instagram I may end up addicted)

I'm looking super forward! Can't wait to have it all on my BB10. Not having it all will make me sad, while driving around in a Tesla Model S Signature, with the panoramic roof and paint armor options in signature red. *sigh*

To me it's not a make or break app but it's one I'd really like to see, I think Facebook buying them means it's more likely to spread to all four serious mobile platforms.

This is an old(ish) post so idk if the offer is still on the table. But if you're wrong, I'll take a car, give me a price range or pick 5 different models and I'll choose from what you pick. That way you don't end up breaking the bank. lol.

LITERALLY: IF BB10 HAS INSTAGRAM--I will wait til Jan 30th for IT! (That was the ONLY reason I was going to switch to the iphone5 from my beloved BBTorch..come January when my contract on my torch is up..I WANT INSTAGRAM ON MY PHONE)

DO IT BB10!!! I WILL WAIT FOR YOU! :) (i didn't want the iphone anyway)
*But I also need a front-facing-skype-like/facetime-like app to talk w/ my iphone friends by FACE.


Altho i dont see the hype over IG.... Seems like you can do the same things via twitter and FB....and with BB10 having the awsome camera app and editing, do we really need IG..... Maybe if we got IG then that would answer my questions....

Although I do believe that Instagram is coming to BB10. Just in case it doesn't though, i'll take the newest Dodge Challenger SRT8 available.

i never commented on this, so in case instagram doesn't launch would love to put my name in the hat for a car haha

LOL. Hope Kevin doesn't have to eat his word...or dish out a car for someone.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

if you are handing out a car.... let me think. i would love to have a spyker c8 aileron spyder if you will not mind the price :P

I am also pretty sure Instagram will be there. I am loving how BB 10 is catching up. I am a hardcore Apple fan yet I am loving BB 10. I am for sure getting a BB 10 instead of iPhone 5.

my name is Derek Watts.I've been a blackberry owner for 4 years now, this being my 4th year, I currently own the torch 9850. Instagram i can't wait to have your app for blackberry 10, i constantly half to see my peers around me with their Android and IOS devices snaping and sharing pictures on Instagram and i personally cant wait to have it on blackberry 10.

if i do happen to be picked for the car that would be really cool

I can't wait till Blackberry 10 comes out!!!!!! I really want instagram on my blackberry. i dont wanna get droid i love bb

How about just buying me a Nokia Lumia 920 and paying for my Orange contract (I'll pay insurance if bought from Phones4U) until I can get it unlocked so I can use my Three SIM in it? But if BB10 gets IG and WP can't... well let's just say someone (and it won't be me) will nuke Redmond...

Facebook would be insane not to support BB10. And the clutch just went out on my pickup truck, so a gently used Tacoma would be fine.

Dafuq? seriously kevin?well for one i want the car DEFINITELY,but man i am in complete agreement with you ...instagram on bb10 is like 100 %

What phone are you using Kevin for Instagram? I've been on galaxy s3 for a few months to test out android. It's a little clunky and I hate virtual keyboards! Can't wait for bb10..I just order a Bold 9790 to hold me over! But I had Instagram on the S3..Need it on BB10 to keep my account alive!

someone tell instagram id even pay for the app on my bb10.

I already have a car, but i'll take an extra battery for my z10 as a prize lol

Kevin should at least give away a free Z10 to someone. And a slap to the back of the head of his 'contacts' at RIM/BlackBerry.

Fingers crossed for Instagram to come to BB, its been long overdue! The circle is complete once the app is on BB as no one on this planet will be left out anymore. The world would be a better place no?

I'd love Instagram, it's one of the reasons I have an Android phone as well.

I'll take the QNX built Bentley if you're in the buying mood... also delivery t South Africa will be a bitch

I recently went from a BB 8830 to the Z10. Wow, night and day. I hope to use instagram as my significant other has it on her iphone.

I wanna post pictures.

But never the less a car on face book will do.
Vintage 75 Lincon Continental would be a nice post.

I'm not surprised that Instagram is coming to Blackberry 10. I don't use the site. It's hardly a deal breaker like it is for people. LOL.

Having Instagram for BlackBerry 10 would sway me more to upgrade from my Torch to the 10 instead of iPhone. So let's get this done!! :)

BTW I'll take a JEEP