Instagram is coming to BlackBerry 10

Don't believe everything you read.

Instagram coming to BlackBerry 10... yeah, it'll happen.
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Oct 2012 05:05 pm EDT

So here's the deal... VentureBeat posted an "exclusive" article this afternoon saying Facebook has no plans to release Instagram for BlackBerry 10.

No offense to VentureBeat, but whatever sources they have that are familiar with the matter, I have better sources that are even more familiar with this matter. I checked in with my contacts that all but gave formal confirmation that RIM continues to have a strong relationship with Facebook, who now owns Instagram, and that you will see Instagram come to BlackBerry 10.

Remember, Facebook took to the keynote stage at BlackBerry Jam Americas just a couple weeks ago to show off an early preview of Facebook on BlackBerry 10. Do you really think they're going to snub us BlackBerry users on Instagram?

As for my confidence level on this one... let's just say if I'm wrong... how about I'll buy somebody a car. Leave a comment to this post telling the good folks at Instagram how much you're looking forward to a BlackBerry 10 version of thir photo-sharing social service. And if you don't see Instagram for BlackBerry 10 hit, I'll pick the name of one of the lucky commenters and buy them a car.

PS. While I've been on my Mobile Nations World Tour I've been on Instagram a lot. I love Instagram. You can find me there @crackberrykevin.

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Instagram is coming to BlackBerry 10




P.S. The car's got to be mine since I started the thread!!!!

I'll take a 2013 Camaro ZL1 in black with a red Racing Stripe Please!!!

Or just Instagram wrould be fine too I guess...

I want a 2014 Mazda CX-5 Running QNX

B4 today I was hoping Instagram was coming to BB10, now I'm kinda hoping it isn't :D

We can do beter that a camaro and a mazda withour breaking the bank. So either a 2013 Nissan Gtr black edition, I'll let you pick the colour, or a ZR1 in either dark grey or blue, again you pick the colour...

Ps. See what I did there? I am an american but I spelled color like a canadian...

lookin fwd to a QNX Porshe! haha

also, when you say arriving on BB10 - do u mean at launch? also available on ALL BB10 devices? like my PlayBook?!?!

make it so.

I'll take a kenne belle 2.8l 2V Supercharger and a new interceptor tranny and 17" rims n tires for my crown vic p71.

If it doesn't make dollars, how does it make sense????????

I'd like one of those mining trucks that are found in Utah that have wheels the size of like 6 story buildings. I'd like to park it on my driveway.

If only there was only someway to figure out who had the correct information. OOOOHHH IF ONLY WE COULD GO FORWARD IN TIME 7 MONTHS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Well - would you look at that. It's 7 months later. Well thank goodness we believed what BBRY told Kevin. Otherwise we'd look silly. Oh, right.

really looking forward to trying out the best social photo app on the upcoming best mobile OS out there!!

I think ultimately we can do WAY better than Netflix. They are dying as more and more people pull the plug on their service after realizing the cost of the bandwidth puts you at the mercy of your service provider. They will eventually squeeze Netflix out as they cut content deals themselves to deliver over their pipes and cell networks. By the way I'm looking forward to Instagram although once everybody owns a Berry again it'll be BBM all the way!!
Yeah it's from my BB10 ready Playbook.

I 100% agree with you.. I personally think Netflix sucks. I've said all along that I think RIM should reach out to Dish Network/Blockbuster to forms some sort of streaming partnership (including new release movies, tv series, and streaming tv from you home)..

ps.. I don't doubt Kevin.. but if Instagram doesn't show up, is an Audi A8, BMW 7 series or Mercedes CLS550 part of the car give away? :-)

...I dumped shit..once lousy quality on a big screen...I installed the Video Store on both of my PB's...and it is quite good. The selection keeps increasing day after day, and the rental/buy prices are very reasonable...the picture quality is great. and the Wish List feature is handy...and Skype is a non issue...I don't see the big deal with it...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1.xxxx
BlackBerry PlayBook LTE OS 2.0.xxxx

The more apps the better, but these three key apps are critical for the success of the platform.

Kevin, I just want a QNX loaded Porsche with "BlackBerry is Bold" painted on both sides :) I'd drive it everywhere!


Just to clarify, are you basing your conclusion on the fact that you were told RIM has a strong relationship with Facebook? Or were you actually told that Instagram was coming to BBX?

I don't need a car, but I don't think you'll need to give one away, either.

I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but I do think there are people out there who want to keep the bad news coming for RIM.

Kevin - I've been 7 months in the future, it's not here. You may want to tone it down so as not to be embarassed.

you tell them, Kevin!

I'm looking to Instagram on BB10 because I want to see all those raunchy photos girls post of themselves!

absolutely agree. Despite not being a huge fan of it, having it would at least make consumers give it a thought. I bought a used Lumia 800 from someone who actually quoted, that he was selling it because it doesn't have instagram All i hope is that BB10 would get it before WP8. :P

my friends really want me to have instagram when i get a bb10 device

Bold 9900 - Playbook 32GB - Lumia 800

this is a huge deal. I don't even use my Instagram that much, but having Instagram on a BlackBerry will be a major driving force behind sales of BlackBerry 10.

I'd like any car...

so I can drive Jennifer Van Grove to a McDonalds drive through...
Take a pic of our Big Macs meals and post em to Instagram with my BlackBerry10 while she rides shotgun


hate to burst your bubble but you won't be able to post pics to instagram with BB10 if you actually win this "contest" :P

Would like a car..but that would mean BB10 didn't get Instagram. tough decision - to wait for a car or Instagram on BB10.

I don't see the big deal about Instragram, but I would like a car...but also at the same time I can't doubt Kevin lol.

Thanks for confirming without actually confirming Kevin, glad that someone can fight back a lil bit without actually saying it.

I have always believed that if CrackBerry Kevin says it it must be true but now that I am registered on this thread and therefore eligible for the car - part of me really hopes he is wrong and he has a friend over at BMW the M3 has been on my mind lately...maybe if the guys at Instagram need a new car someone might show them this thread and we can rats I guess Instagram is coming to BB10.

A Benley was an old and crappy Honda motorcycle. I suspect you mean a Bentley, which (according to Ettore Bugatti) is the fastest truck in Europe.
Personally I'd prefer something I could actually afford to run, but then I'm a killjoy.

HAHA!! I see this post as "Shut up VentureBeat, you know nothing you PoS!" Loved it! Thanks Kev!


On the Venturebeat article:
"Then again, should BlackBerry 10 be a surprise hit..."

Jennifer Van Grove you are an uneducated FOOL. Please advise what you have seen about Blackberry 10 that is so horrible that it will be a suprise if it is a hit?

Everyone click on her picture and look at her. She plucks her eyebrows WAY too much. Yuck!


To flame the other article shes on twitter @jbruin

Well, I wasn't aware of the fact that anybody really gives a dang about instagram. But if this app is mandatory to ensure RIM's competitiveness, it better be ported to BB10.

Yet, I still don't care.

I have never used instagram and honestly don't get the hype, but that's probably because I'm a BlackBerry user. If Instagram came to BB, I'd definitely give it a shot and would probably get hooked. Most BB users are in a similar situation as me, so that is why Instagram should come to BB.

Facebook spent a billion dollars on Instagram and they are currentlt ignoring 78 million potential users. I understand not putting time into developing for a "dead" OS, but it would be stupid to ignore a brand new OS.

I agree, Instagram will be on BB10.

Man, I still love the way the Dev Alpha looks. Wish that were the final hardware.

Oh yeah, Instagram, cool.

Can't believe I'm actually hoping I don't win a car! INSANE!!! lol (Okay, on second thought, I'll take one...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But really, I'm glad to hear it's coming. I'm not a user of it yet but I'm sure I will be when it comes to BlackBerry. I only use facebook and twitter from my phone... so if Instagram wants users like me, they'll have to bring an app.

Would love to see instagram on BB10 at launch!! i keep getting told by my iphone friends i need to get an iphone just so i can use instagram! but i will wait for BB10 and stay BlackBerry by Choice!

Lol I've already posted a comment on one of venture beat employee right after she posted about it on facebook. I said nice wordplay lol.

I haven't used Instagram before but if it shows up on BB10, I'll buy it just to show support.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I refuse to carry around 2 phones like my other friends, come on BB10 we need Instagram also Netflix, Skype and Slingbox.

Never used Instagram but it sounds good so BRING IT!! Especially if that'll get those who've never used BB's to switch. Agree with the posters above that Netflix uses WAY too much of your data and just gives the carriers tons of your money. Dropbox (called Bluebox for BB) is already available for BB7 and PlayBook. Skype...yeah, that would be good.

Oh, yeah, I believe in Crackberry Kevin but, just in case, 2013 Mercedes-Benz S-class in silver for me! =D

Can I believe in this post :p

Personally, I think fb paid way to much for this app. I've seen the app in action and you cant even view the pics larger (unless im using it wrong).

But if this app pushes people over to bb10 I'm all for them porting it over. Let it happen and according to kev it will!

Kevin, I love you, man.

You turned this into a win-win situation. If VentureBeat is right you give me a chance to win a car. If Kevin is right, I end up with an awesome app on my THE TEN. This is totally awesome.

Way to go, Kevin, way to go.

That's very bold, Kevin. I am not a Facebook user and I am not familiar with Instagram (other that what you just shared about it). However, Facebook seems to be a must have for many users (my wife included). So, for those of you that use this application (in whatever OS you use), I hope you get hour wish. That way we can get you off you non-BB device and into our OS to gain market share.

How about Words with Friends, too! Or is that not cool anymore...? Can't keep up with all the latest app trends. I don't know, haven't used either, but if its good enough for iPhone and android, it had better be good enough for BB10. You're gonna have your work cut out for you, developers, as soon as BB10 takes that number 3 spot ;)

I hope you are wrong, but ONLY for my sake Kev! I will take a subaru impreza wrx sti please :)

I don't like everybody bashing on RIM. Yes they have let us down a few times in the past and they even lost their way for a while when they thought they were untouchable. But BlackBerry 10 will be right up there with iOS, Android and Window Phone 8 will be at the number 4 spot.
Whenever something bad happens to RIM everybody yaps like a scrappy little dog, but when Apple hands out a bunch of crap in the form of iOS 6 and an iPhone 5 that is a good looking device but missing some key features for 2012.... you don't hear those scrappy little dogs yap... wtf?
I am a proud Canadian and RIM is a Canadian company and I wanna see them regain some trust and market share in North America again!

This is a must comment, especially since I could win a car...but let's be serious you have Thor's #. This is a sure thing. I never been one to want instagram but it's a great thing for BB10 to have!

Come on Facebook / Instagram! Bring us another great BB10 App! ... or not, so Kevin gives me a car! ;)

I don't care about the car, I just want BB10 to have everything I want!

(I'll still take the car if it isn't on it...)

This is great news. Its good for BB users, Facebook and Instagram and Blackberry. Glad to hear it. I can't wait.


Thanks for the clarification on Instagram on BB10. It's been a cumbersome time since Rim's announcement of BBX/BB10 with all the negative press, however the time frame is winding down now and it's almost here. The negative press is really annoying. I'm hoping that the qwerty device does release relatively quickly after the all touch device. I also can't wait for Instagram.

I Love my BlackBerry

My girlfriend keeps asking me about instagram, so this is great news. If not, I have chance to win a car.. Woohoo but likelihood of this would be slim to none :) on the car. Thx

LOL kevin you're that confident eh? meh im not doubting but i'm sure instagram will be available for BB10.

If the default pictures app is anything like I hear its gonna be then I could give a hoot about instagram. Before too long it will be integrated into facebook mobile somehow some way.

I enjoy Instagram and would love it on my future BB10 device. Worst case, I'll still enjoy BB10 while riding in my new Kevin donated car! Win Win

My wife keeps threatening to leave BlackBerry specifically because she's unable to screw up... err... "enhance"... her photos with Instagram. She will be delighted to hear this news as I have been making her stick with BlackBerry until 10 comes out in Q1.

I'm pretty confident we will see it too, but with the way things are going my confidence is not 100%.

I don't use Instagram, but I know how many people do and consider it a "must have" app. So I'm glad to hear (from Kevin) that its coming. And if not, I'll take the car

I respect & follow your faith in RIM, Kevin. If selected. I'll even go easy on you. I'll take a Camry or an Impala SS or a Prius.

Hell. I'm tempted to just give it to you. Still not fixed from when I blew the engine in early August. Hoping to get it back next week finally. One day I need to write into words that whole ordeal.. what a mess. :/

Funny thing is, most English people who actually know about cars wouldn't touch anything from Land Rover. Our local farmers who actually need that sort of thing tend to buy Japanese.
At one time the Freelander scored second from bottom on the J P Power reliability survey.

It will be wonderful to have BB 10 being first class all the way. If it does not happen then I would like the new Dodge Dart they are advertising on TV. I will not be greedy want want you to have to buy a super expensive one for me.

I could use a new car I guess.
I also want instagram on my new BB10touch!!!!

Hmmm, somethings gotta give........


Mr Z - we will be very happy to have Instagram on BB10 - but if not - CBK - my flavor is Ford F-250 4x4 CrewCab, King Ranch Edition w/ PowerStroke Turbo Diesel.

Techvibes on twitter was quick to update their story once I sent them this article:

UPDATE: CrackBerry writer Kevin Michaluk insists VB is wrong on this one.

"No offense to VentureBeat, but whatever sources they have that are familiar with the matter, I have better sources that are even more familiar with this matter," he writes confidently. "I checked in with my contacts that all but gave formal confirmation that … you will see Instagram come to BlackBerry 10."

Yes Instagram will be a much welcomed addition to the BlackBerry 10 family of applications. Everyone and their grandmothers uses Instagram, and we will love it too.... Btw, Kevin what kind of car would it be? Hope you're not joking and thinking of buying someone a toy car! lol

No, you cannot just give "someone" a car. It can't be someone you know, it has to be as a contest or something on crackberry. Or it can be the equivalent in blackberry prizes.
Not that I doubt you Kevin, I just want more prizes :D.

Dear Instagram,
Please change the name of Instagram to something else (Intergram?) on the BB10 release date so I can tell Kevin Instagram did not come to BlackBerry.

Kevin, I will take a 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

"Whatever sources they have that are familiar with the matter, I have better sources that are even more familiar with this matter."

LOL! Kevin just basically said, "No, you're wrong. Stop embarrassing yourself." I don't use Instagram myself but it would be great to have on BB10 to attract new users. If not, I've always wanted a QNX Porsche... ;)

Although I doubt I'll use it because the built in photo editing in BB10 looks superb, I'm glad that it will be there for the people that think you need an app to deteriorate the quality of pics to share them on other sites. One more checkbox of needed apps.


I love your offer...but you forgot to specify what car you will buy RC car, Real Car, Old Car? Anyway, the more developers/apps that go with bb 10, the better...for us, them and other people out here...

Mmmm... Instagram or a car.... Close one... About the "contest" the article says: don't believe everything you read... I want to believe!

Have never used instagram but am kinda interested to try it...must be a reason people are going so crazy over it, assuming it's just one of those things you don't get until you use it. Am wondering what kinda car is on offer...don't want a lemon :p

i believe you, but im throwing this comment in here for the chance on a car lol since you i know your a man of your word. Even without specifying what kind of car

No thanks on Instagram. I was born in the 70's. The photos looked awful back then. The only reason for an Instagram filter is if you're nostalgic for the 70's. Problem is, you JUST TOOK THAT PHOTO JUST NOW. BB10 is going to have a great camera, why muss it up by making it look like crap?

If you DO use instagram, do yourself a favor and be sure to save CLEAN versions of all of your photos. You're going to want them when this silly trend is over.

What? Photos in the 70s did not look awful. There was very little technical progress in film or lenses between then and the effective end of film. We had Nikons, Leicas and Kodachrome. Find a National Geographic of the period. Instagram is like...letting a monkey loose on Photoshop.

As much as I would love to win a free car. I'm going to stand by BlackBerry10. I want it to have EVERYTHING for it to be successful! Can't wait for BB10 and Instagram!

Jennifer Van Grove.... you just got BURNED.....and the whole BB10 community called your bluff... LOOOOL..... you should get hitched to that moron Gellar at BGR.COM

Way to go Kevin.... now there's a man with balls of steel.

Folks @instagram, I know you guys can make it. BB10 is a developer friendly platform xD.

Otherwise, I wont mind having Kevin's ride or a new BRZ.

Woo I cant wait for the instagram team to add us BB users to the network!! Im not even gonna say I hope I win the car cause we're definitely getting instagram

It would be nice to see Instagram on BB10. but what happens if it doesn't show up and you buy the car to the lucky winner and then like year or 2 later after BB10 phones are released they release Instagram? Does the winner give back the car?

In all honestly, I hope other apps besides Instagram make it to BB10 like some Skype-like apps, improved Adobe reader and Docs2Go, etc.

I want instagram for bb! The twitter integration has been nice, though. I guess the main point of it is the loves and comments on the pic. Molome just doesn't cut it with the userbase.

Any developer that doesn't put their app on BB10 must be wealthy enough to drop out of development. I, like some others could care less about instagram, except to the extent that I want people to have the option to use whatever app they so chose, so yeah, bring on the instagram...and everything else. Heck, even the crapware.

PS- put the crapware in its own folder in "BlackBerry Store". In a folder named crapware.

Crackberry is the only site that tells it as it is.
If Kevin is not sure of something, he will say that he is not sure.

All the other sites are just guessing, and are trying to make RIM look bad. It's time for RIM to step up and SUE for media misrepresentation.

Thanks Kevin for setting things straight !!! You will go far in life !

Just in case, I don't ask much, an economy car will fit ok. A Fiat or a Yaris is ok. A one day or week hangout with Kevin will fit the bill too.

Audi RS4 please and thank you(dark blue or black). I'm not a fan of instagram but other do so bring it on. I will probably get it just to post ridiculous pictures.

Well, just in case.....

Black BMW 5 series.

Don't have my hopes up at all though. I'm sure instagram will be there at launch

Facebook/Instagram, we want you on BlackBerry 10 so we can show off the camera on the new BB 10 devices!

John Szustaczek
Instagram on BB10 please. Love both, and would love a Nissan 370 coupe if it's not there.

Kevin, thanks for clarifying for us. I've really wanted to try Instagram, but I'm loyal to BlackBerry and can't *wait* to get my hands on a BB10.

And hey, I'm in BC, so, shipping a car to me (blue Mini Cooper!) would be cheaper than some of these other guys ;)

Personally I don't care about Instagram, but I know it is a popular app among others. I do love free cars however.

I never used Istagram being that I'm a stuborn BlackBerry user (If BB doesn't offer it, I don't use it just like Netflix or Skype) but It's good it will be offered in BB10 for the people that actually use it & for the naysayers that don't think we are getting major apps.

I want Instagram on BB10, for all my friends here on CB that believe it's a must. I've never used it, so I don't feel the pull for it yet. Although I love taking pictures with my 9810. So I could learn to love it .)
+ I could use a new car!
Edit; If this app is needed to get BB10 in the hearts and minds of the American consumer's, Please!!!!!!!

I really hope that Instagram will be available so it will shut up the self appointed critics who use that as an example of of RIM's probable fail to impress upon debut.

I don't really use instagram and I would just be happy if you paid off my loan on my current car.

I would be foolish not to type a comment just on the off chance..
I have faith that it will come though.

I am going outvon a limb that RIM will come back and be a contender. I predict that in 4-5 yrs there will be 4 eco systems with approx equal share.

Don't know if I'll use it or not but the presence of Instagram will have a huge impact on BB10's success.

I was a heavy Instagram user before I left Android to return to BB. I would love Instagram for BB because I can use it to promote my business and for personal use as well.

However, the best thing after winning a BB 10 would be to WIN A CAR!!! I have never owned one and living in Las Vegas, I have tried to win cars several times and never had Lady Luck bless me with one yet. :-) Everyone keeps telling me I will win one sooner or later.

So, if I win, Kevin, you will have the honor of buying me my first car ever! :-D I don't care what kind it is, as long as it's good, economical, and runs well. In exchange, you get a free trip to Vegas on me.

What do you say? I hope I win - thank you! :-)

When I saw the forum post, I then start looking around at those know rim hating sites (bgr et al) and I didn't see them pick it up. I think Kevin should have waited a little longer before posting this as I'd love to see some egg on their faces.

I've honestly never used instagram but the more popular apps we get the better. Kevin, I like your confidence.

Instagram is something I probably won't use. But it is one of those apps that we need to fill int he gaps so the naysayers can stop saying "Blackberry doesn't even have _______."

But a chance at a car...

Can I get both?? Instagram on BB10 and a new car...a toyota sedan or SvU of any model would be okay with me :)

Hey Instagram would do well to make their way to the 10. If not hey Kevin, give me a clunker, I don't mind as long as it's a standard.


I never expected to like Instagram so much but I'm hooked on it now on my work iPhone. I'd be heartbroken if it wasn't on BB10, but I wouldn't mind a new car ;)

Dear instagrambook or whatever your calling yourself these ehmm...although I'd love to see instagram use cascades to build the most beautiful instagram app ever, id much rather @CrackBerryKevin buy me a car so please use Cascades to (not) build us a BlackBerry10 app ;)