T-Mobile U.S. adding BBM to unlimited text packages

T-Mobile BBM
By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2012 02:55 pm EDT

It looks like T-Mobile may be offering up a sweet deal for BBM users soon. According to this internal doc showing some product launch dates, they will be including BBM as part of the unlimited text bundle - meaning those with no data plan can still use BBM with no issues.  

BlackBerry customers with Unlimited text and no data will be able to use BlackBerry messenger without charge

This is awesome news if you're a T-Mobile user and I have to say I wish other carriers would pick this up as well. There are plenty of BlackBerry users who don't have data plans and would love to be able to use BBM as part of their text package. 

The new service will be added to exsiting unlimited text plans automatically upon launch (which looks to be October 21). 

Source: TmoNews 

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T-Mobile U.S. adding BBM to unlimited text packages


This is very exciting news. This will show those who cannot otherwise afford data/BIS how amazing blackberry is. I know a few lower income people that cannot afford data yet have blackberrys (mostly curves). Having this attached to their plans would get them hooked. Hopefully this comes to Canada.

You can get this in Canada now with areas covered by Virgin Mobile. With plans $35 a month and up you can choose unlimited text and picture messaging and this includes unlimited BBM

In countries outside the USA, carriers offer up a blackberry social plan that gives access to BBM, fb, msn, yahoo messaging etc. For about 1/4 of the cost of the full bis.

For VZW users, you can only use it with a 9330. It costs $10 and you get 75MB of data, but only for BBM, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They won't tell you about it, nor can you choose it online. You have to call and ask for the Social Messaging plan.

Not anymore. If all you want to do is text and BBM, just add one of these plans. If you want more (email, etc.) add a full BIS plan.

Your carrier probably requires a data connection in order to subsidize the cost of your device, but your BlackBerry will operate without a date plan; you just can't use any features that require data, suck as email, internet browsing, apps that require data, and BBM unless you're connected to a wifi network.

Without a data plan, you are relegated to basic functions of your device, such as phone calls and texts (with the correct plans), calendar, notes, media player, calculator, etc.

Unless you're just referring to BBM, in which case, until now, that was true. But T-Mobile is apparently offering BBM traffic over the sms channels so that no data is used.

I'm sure there was a feature some time ago where dev alpha devices were running BBM without a BIS data plan. Could this be a pre-cursor to BBM being made available without ever needing a BIS connection? the mind boggles...

it still uses BIS. you just dont need to pay extra as a consumer. Im sure the carrier forks something over though, or they made some kid of deal for something else in return.

My old Blackberry Pearl was on T-M without a data plan (and without BBM, obviously).
When I went to buy my new 9900, I found out that you couldn't buy it without a data plan.
That became obvious when I turned on my new phone and it immediately went into a network registration page before I was allowed to do anything else with the phone.
I guess the announcement is good news for people grandfathered into plans without data, or are out of the subsidy period and can drop the data plan, or those overseas.

It seems pointless for a company that offers cheap unlimited data. If it was on Verizon or AT&T I would completely understand.

So assuming it is the same price for the unlimited text plans. Who is paying for the BBM tab? The operators? Is RIM getting paid at all?

I just call T-Mobile to clarify about this
They said this is ONLY FOR CONTRACT PLAN,
You need to pay at least $49.99 for 500 minutes talk + unlimited text

Rogers has "Voice and Messaging" Plans.

Signed my son up just last weekend.
Unlimited text (Unlimited text, picture and video messaging) and Unlimited BBM, with 150 daytime minutes for $27/month.

Just activated a new sim card for my old Torch, they even waived the admin fee.

Its all month to month, no Contract.

He's loving it so far, can't wait for BB10 !