InLink for the BlackBerry PlayBook 50% off for a limited time

InLink for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Zach Gilbert on 4 Oct 2012 10:46 am EDT

A few weeks back, we informed CrackBerry Nation that a developer was working on an alternative for our current situation of not having a LinkedIn application for the BlackBerry PlayBook.  The result being InLink for the BlackBerry PlayBook, and today that app is on sale. Techfruits, the developers of InLink, have placed their application on sale. The application is now available for 50% off and is priced at just 99 cents. The application gives you access to your LinkedIn profile via a standalone application. The application also uses the BlackBerry 10 BBUI framework that gives the application the look and feel of a native BlackBery 10 app.

Features include easy accessible buttons to:

  • Check LinkedIn mail
  • View LinkedIn updates
  • View and apply for jobs via LinkedIn
  • Connect and find people you know on LinkedIn
  • Interact with your network and groups
  • Search LinkedIn for companies, friends and groups.

So, if you're a little LinkedIn crazy like myself, you'll definitely want to get in on the sale while it lasts. InLink is available for only 99 cents and is available in BlackBerry App World.

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Reader comments

InLink for the BlackBerry PlayBook 50% off for a limited time


This app really should be free, it flashes on updates and feels more like a beta than something people should be paying for. If there was a way to get a refund, I'd have asked for it. Best to wait until it's undergone a bit more work.

I bought at full value, and don't use it that often because it's a bit buggy. Has some really good potential and is probably looking real sweet on the Dev Alpha. I think at the current .99 it has some value and hope the Dev keeps bring some up dates.. At the end of the day Dev's need to get paid too!


Developer here, this application has been rewritten completely using BlackBerry 10 Cascades technology (which is blazing fast). When BlackBerry 10 is released for the PlayBook users will receive the upgrades for free.

Best Regards!