BlackBerry Bridge now available for download

BlackBerry Bridge
By Bla1ze on 2 Oct 2012 11:39 pm EDT

If you're looking to get an early start on the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1 update that has now been pretty much confirmed for tomorrow, you can now fire up BlackBerry App World and grab BlackBerry Bridge v2.1.0.26 that will be needed:

  • View and respond to text messages on your BlackBerry PlayBook
  • BlackBerry Bridge can now use Wi-Fi to transfer bridge data when the BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook are connected to the same Wi-Fi access point.
  • Improved stability with pairing and includes connectivity bug fixes
  • Various improvements to the overall user experience 

The update is still filtering through BlackBerry App World at the moment, so if you're not seeing it yet -- sit tight. It'll be along shortly as well as the PlayBook 2.1 update.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry Bridge now available for download


It's funny cause just as I was refreshing appworld I check cb and I saw this and I said out loud "here we go..!"

Shuuddup... I'm one of those poor unfortunate souls that has to wait for the version that doesn't allow AT&T to rape and pillage me.

Yeah, text works in landscape and portrait. In portrait mode it keeps the contacts avatars in view. C'mon 10!

OK, So I've got image update for my 9810 I have to download and update for my PlayBook coming in the next few hours (more than likely) and a trip to RROYY's as soon as he has the new Bridge available. I'm glad I'm on vacation so I'll have time for all of this!

The RIMPIRE is striking back! Even RIM's stock has gone up and it's almost back in the double digits now ever since they showed BB10 and the leak on the A-model!

love the new text through bridge functionality. paired with the bb pb keyboard i'm having a great time texting volumes to people. thankfully i have unlimited text plan

one bug though: whenever i am typing a new text and I receive a new one, my cursor moves and I have to refocus on the input bar to continue from where i was typing

Txt over bridge won't work for me. I have an exclamation in my notifications I can see the preview, but when I click to open the message the Window crashes immediately. Hmmm. Maybe I need the 2.1 for it to work right.

no love for me yet. In Vancouver on Rogers and stil not seeing bridge2.1 yet here at 10:27 pm pacific time :(

To sad...the text messages function works soooo slow on my playbook :( hopefully it gets better

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

Impeccable timing, once again. Waiting for this update for weeks and as soon as it is available, Appworld is down. Count on RIM to find a way to f**k things up, somehow...

Thanks for the note, I thought it was a problem with my phone. I will wait. :-(

Update is that in the morning it worked perfectly!

From the website: "Our website is currently undergoing a scheduled maintenance to upgrade our systems in order to better serve you."

I'm pretty sure the outage is due to all the traffic from impatient people like me, but the message makes it sound as though the guys in Waterloo said, "Hey, let's launch a major upgrade to several platforms right around the time of that 'scheduled maintenance.' What could possibly go wrong?"

I have never experienced such contentment with hardware (Bold & PlayBook) coupled with utter disgust at marketing and support. Whoever is supposedly running the company, I detect the hidden hand of Terrance and Phillip.

Appears to be version for devices on BlackBerry 6 OS. I upgraded successfully and it does enable the SMS Texting on the BlackBerry Playbook if you have the 2.1 Beta. Looks like the final 2.1 is going to be released for the Playbook in the next day or so.

Texts work for me on PB via bridge, but they are all showing up under the name of one contact that i haven't ever texted. Says i have 29 conversations but they are all tied together because the PB thinks they are from the same person.

Okay....downloaded bridge 2.1 on my 9900 but don't see text (assume u all mean sms) option on the 9900... Am I missing something? (downloaded bridge from rroyy of course even though app world had the latest for at&t)

I just downloaded the update, I am now able to see the sms icon (under BB-Bridge) on my BB-PlayBook. I do not see pics (mms) but can receive and respond to sms from my PlayBook.
Nothing but the Love for you RIM! Keep 'em coming!!

This txt feature works really great! Wish they could find a way to integrate into the Hub. Probably pretty tough to work out though. Great work RIM.

I'm an AT&T customer (slave. Any AT&T customers see the bridge update through Appworld yet? I haven't.

The official Bridge install for AT&T from AppWorld works on the Mobile Share plan, btw. Mobile Share includes tethering and hotspot. :)

if anyone have not seen the update for this. Just go to App World, go to your My World and click for updates. In case you don't see it there,too. go back and type Blackberry bridge. it will show available update then click. that should all work..

Honestly, I didn't notice before that email and calendar etc had no portrait view. Hehe.

Did the update this morning and now I'm running the encryption. I would like to assume that the reason my camera isn't working and my browser is sticking is because of that. After its done I'll reboot and see.

I was hoping for a codecs update to play AC3 audio but since its not mentioned....I guess I'll continue hoping. Its cool that the Android apps open in different windows; that was a sensible move.

I updated the PB OS and the BB9700 Bridge, but got (not .26, even after alt-RST).

I cannot get a bridge connected when both the PB and 9700 are connected to the same WiFi access point. Both sides insist that Bluetooth be turned on.

UPDATE: I see in the forums that Bluetooth must be on as well as WIFI. Now sure, then, that there is much advantage to using WiFi for bridging.

BlackBerry Bridge can now use Wi-Fi to transfer bridge data when the
BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook are connected to the same Wi-Fi access point.

can some1 tell me if this means no more usage of bluetooth and only wi fi?


BB 9780 white os 6

Love the new texting feature in the BB Bridge. I feel that BB is doing it right. Putting out release that work. Not trying to rush to market releases that are buggy...