Download Sherlock Holmes on your PlayBook compliments of BlackBerry!

Sherlock Holmes is free!
By Michelle Haag on 26 Sep 2012 06:37 pm EDT

Fancy a free movie tonight? How about Sherlock Holmes, compliments of BlackBerry? While some people are reporting seeing this pop up in the Featured Apps in BlackBerry App World, others (like me) couldn't get the offer to show. In any case, there is a work around so if you don't see the offer, don't fret! Follow the instructions below, depending on your location. Also worth noting, it states it's a limited time offer, so you might want to take advantage of the download sooner rather than later. 

1. Go to
2. Enter the code SHERLOCK
3. If you already have a BlackBerry Video Store account, log in. If not, create one.
4. Download the free BlackBerry Video Store app on your PlayBook, if you don't have it already.
5. Log in to the app and go to My Library. You should see Sherlock Holmes under Movies.
6. Click to download.

United States:
1. Go to
2. Enter the code WATSON
3. If you already have a BlackBerry Video Store account, log in. If not, create one.
4. Download the free BlackBerry Video Store app on your PlayBook, if you don't have it already.
5. Log in to the app and go to My Library. You should see Sherlock Holmes under Movies.
6. Click to download.

The download was going pretty slow for me but people in the forums reported theirs only took 5 minutes. I'm not sure if the servers are being crushed at the moment or if it's just my WiFi but slow and steady wins the race, as they say. Let us know if you're seeing the promotion in App World, and if you've been able to download the free movie. Now excuse me, I'm off to get the HD cables out and make some popcorn for movie night. ;)

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Thanks to mark37724 for posting in the forums, @Schmidtec for the tweets, and @w_archer and @lockedtight88 for helping me troubleshoot via Twitter. CrackBerry fans rock!! 

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Download Sherlock Holmes on your PlayBook compliments of BlackBerry!


Same here... Thank you RIM!!! In case anyone is wondering, it's an unlimited viewing download, not a rental!!!

You got lucky, mine downloaded via snail wire =p. Took forever really, and I have a fast internet connection, don't know what took it so long.

Your not the only one, I received the offer and went in to download and was told the offer expired, what the heck. How long was this offer available? 24 hours? We don't all live on our playbook 24/7, some of us have a life and we would like to get in on some of these offers also.


Grrr not available in the UK. Will we ever get the video store?? Maybe with BB10? Any ideas? Great film though for those able to access.

The non-US, non-Canada market, which is what is saving RIM's ass, is the one most neglected. I can't get it either. Pity it didn't come out last week when I was in Orlando.

Still, it's sad that a movie set in England based on an English character is not available in England.

Maybe it's because they don't yet have the licensing rights for outside the US and Canada. Even Canada didn't get it until just recently.

The non-US, non-Canada market, which is what is saving RIM's ass, is the one most neglected. EXACTLY!!!!

I know... I feel your pain. I'm in Canada and for a long time the video store was not available to us either. RIM is a Canadian company. But the thing is, it's not about the desire, it's about licensing and content. It's not up to RIM alone. I feel for you though...

Thanks Crackberry and the original posters for pointing this out. A special thanks to RIM/BB for making this happen.

Can I register without entering a credit card?

PS. I got it i registered on the website not inside the app you can register on blackberry.roxinowDOTcom. They didn't ask for any payment details. Thank you CB for featuring this. Elementary!

Elementary not happening. I opened Video Store and Sherlock does not appear anywhere for me to start downloading. =(

Mine is downloading right now. As a side note, you do need a credit card to register for a video store account.

Hopefully there won't be ridiculous charges to my card such as a monthly fee, or agreeing to the terms to register meant I was signing up to pay for a movie a month or something.

Another note: is ths the main Playbook video store? Its the first Ive heard of it.

Sadly, the selection is poor and has almost all Hollywood "B" titles, with a Netflix like selection of mostly second grade movies.

Selection is poor? Compared to what? I'd venture to guess that Netflix doesn't have any movies released in 2012...and I see Hunger Games, Lorax, Safe, and Battleship (all released within the last month) in the BB Video store.

What's funny is that it's the first he's heard of the PlayBook Video Store and yet he thinks the selection is poor. WTF??

LOL.. I don't know why some people have such a chubby for Netflix. Personally, I don't watch a lot of old movies or tv shows so Netflix is pretty much a waste for me. I wish RIM (or Blockbuster) would bring a subscription based model to the PlayBook with new releases (i.e. $10-15 per month for unlimited downloads). I would gladly pay it to dump both Netflix and Blockbuster by mail.

I redeemed the code again using ALL CAPS and then re-started the Video Store on the playbook and it showed up. Downloading now, with 1 hour 15 minutes remaining!!

Mine did the same, but it defaults to showing the "Ready to Watch" section, so I clicked "Movies" and it showed the icon there. Glad you've got it going though.

I did not need to provide a credit card. Also make sure you are signed into your account after opening the app to see the movie in your library

No dice here for me. I'm in Toronto. I've got the appworld notification but no free movie in video store. When I follow Michelles instructions I'm told that movie is no longer available......?????

That's why we need either an AirPlay app or similar functionality. So we don't have to find the mini-HDMI cable. Of course, it doesn't matter since I shipped out my PB out this afternoon for warranty service. I hope since I hit the code correctly, I will be able to download the movie once I get my PB back in 5 to 7 business days. :)

A micro HDMI cable cost me $5 off Amazon. For the Apple Air Play, you need Apple TV which costs $100 and doesn't even come with a HDMI cable. Why not buy a $5 HDMI cable for the PlayBook and constantly have it plugged into your TV?

That's why RIM needs to make a dock with HDMI out, full size USB and full size SD card slot. It looks so ugly laying down your PlayBook just to watch a movie or do a presentation! I hope they bring USB hosting with OS2.1

Ok because of the varying download times I timed mine. I am on a wireless N router, on a playbook wifi. Did not start watching the movie at any point, or do anything else on the playbook.

From clicking download until when it said complete took exactly 29 minutes and 30 seconds.

Just because you are using an N router doesn't mean crap if you have poor internet speed. I have 20 Mbps internet through Comcast and it took a little over 5 mins to download...

Thanks for the help. I just got a receipt acknowledging that I have the I'm waiting for it to show in video store.....

Any tricks or advise that I should know about?

The receipt scared me. Its for 0 dollars but when I saw the email headline of receipt for your purchase I'm like oh another blackberry screwup they charged me 14.99 for the movie now

You have to click on "My Library" at all the top. Log in(if you aren't already logged in) and the movie should be there for you to download.

In Toronto and the sign up for the store through the web link does not work. For some reason the submit button isn't live. It accepted my code, and I filled in all the required fields twice...but submit is not a live button!

On that same web page, just click the Register button on the top right of the page and you'll be good to go on a page with a live Submit button!

Thanks. I wasn't going to register if I had to enter a credit card. Now the download. LOL the download is going to take longer than the movie is to watch. Not complaining just laughing.


*** HOLY DOWNLOADS!! 1837 MB!!!! 1.8GB! ***

Not used to this. I'm used to the 700MB online.

Yes it does. Make sure you register online then open the PlayBook app. You won't see anything in your library or downloads. Hit movies and your Sherlock pops right up.

It sure does work! Make sure you have the app on your PB, then go to the website in the instructions and enter in sherlock (no matter on the CAPS). Make an account and then go to the app on the PB and sign in, go to my library and the movie is there to download.

If it is a slow download then you have a slow internet connection, mine took less than 10mins. The other thing is that the receipt I just received in my email was a ZERO dollar receipt so to those that post that it said 14.99 they are lying. Also the movie is free to keep, this is not just a rental that disappears in 48 hours.

Great job RIM and thanks for a great movie!

Pricing is way too high though. This I don't understand.

E.G. October Baby on the PlayBook is $19.99. October Baby from is $16.99.

Thanks for the tip. Just registered and downloading my copy now. Pretty fast: 11 minutes remaining and it has only been 3 minutes since I started the transfer.


It does work..BUT i found out two things 1) the submit button works best on the desktop browser vs playbook browser 2) you need to use ALL CAPS for the code.

After 45 mins of trying, OMG. not the best user experience huh?

Download the app first if you're having a problem setting up an account. All the instructions aren't on the webpage for creating one. Open the app and swipe down from the top. Go into settings and there will an option for regristration. After you're done there go back to the redeem page and sign in. The download will appear when you go back into the app.

I suppose that depends on quite a few subjective considerations. Everyone I know who has seen it (I have not) says it's absolutely horrible -- except one person. Turns out that one person is young enough (in her twenties) to have never seen any previous Holmes movies (Oh, Basil!) or read any of the novels. She LOVED the movie.

So based on my polling, if you have never heard of Holmes before, you stand a good chance of really enjoying this film. Otherwise, you'll most likely hate it.

Disclaimer: YMMV.

I enjoyed this movie despite having read the novels and seen some of the old movies. Its certainly a new interpretation of Holmes, but not so far off from the original character. Give it a chance and you may like it. You will be disappointed if you want the same old Sherlock that's been done a thousand times.

1. Go to (DONE)
2. Enter the code SHERLOCK...(DONE)
3. If you already have a BlackBerry Video Store account, log in. If not, create one...(DONE)
4. Download the free BlackBerry Video Store app on your PlayBook......(DONE)
5. Log in to the app and go to My Library. You should see Sherlock Holmes under Movies...(NOPE)
"Its not showing up, just my other ones I have purchase but not sherlock homes. So what should I do to get the download to my PlayBook???

EMEA specially Asia is savings RIM's ass and we are the one that being neglected. Video and music store is not available in our country, work your ass RIM, do all the paper works and sign that f%”\¤ licensing rights. Thanks! -BlackBerry Believer.

I'm sure RIM is more than happy to sell to the whole universe if it was up to them. Teaming up with Roxio should hopefully speed up the process.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Working just fine for me in the US. This will be the 2nd movie I've got from this app and I'm curious does anyone know if you delete a movie do you have to pay for it if you want to download it again?
Thinking about eventually space becoming an issue...

3 hours to DL but for FREE who cares ? Also, is likely due to SOOO many ppl downloading it right now :)

I'm on my home 15mbps connection and it took about an hr and a half. Lots of different results here, interesting....

This will be the first movie downloaded to my PlayBook. Thanks RIM. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path.

In Vancouver. Tried the App World link and the Canadian sign up as as above. Neither work. In app World I navigate to a page with the Download picture link and tap it till the cows come home and get nothin. Yes I activated my blackberry account and my PayPal payment option. Then I registered with the Blackberry Video Store and used the code. I can navigate to the Vidio Store but it indicates all activity is restricted to US territories. I go to My Library and what greets me is...Nothin! No worries, I know what a torrent is.

On PlayBook entered the coupon code, accepted and shown the three steps to get movie. Had no account so had to register, but the submit button is greyed out and won't let me continue. Had to go to the main registration page (looks the same) to register and that worked. Then went back and entered coupon code, which it says is expired.

So.... not impressed.

Not sure what you mean by "main registration page"? If you're referring to the "workaround" address specified in the article, that is the same page as the one linked to from App World, so there's no difference there -- which means that the greyed-out Submit button is an intermittent issue.

So this greyed-out-Submit-button-until-you-enter-a-middle-name issue only affects the PB browser? (I haven't tried any other browser.) If so, what am embarrassing and amateurish mistake on Roxio's part! And if it affects all browsers, what an even more embarrassing and more amateurish mistake on Roxio's part!

Get it together, Roxio, you morons! RIM contracted you to run their video store, but your dev team doesn't even test your sites on a PlayBook? Idiots! Buy one; they're under $200 most days, fer chrissakes.

Its like that for all web browsers. I tried it on chrome and IE and I couldn't get the submit button to be live until entering a middle initial.

The greyed out box means you didnt enter something in a required field. Just fill in every box whether required or not and you'll avoid this problem.

I went direcly to their home page an i clicked on their registration link. The regisration form is a little bit different. I filled this out succesfuly and i get back on the original link. Then, i was able ton finish the download process with no issue.

I live in Canada. In appworld the movie says " Only Available Canada" So I should be good. but I need the Video Store to download it, which according to my PB is " only available in US territories." Arg.

Canada - The land of no digital content

Okay READ on the rovio Site when you sign up enter first name last name Then YOU MUST enter a middle name. The submit button is now clickable.

It says you don't need a middle name but it's the only thing that activates the submit button

Thanks! I honestly never would've tried that myself. What an especially embarrassing page design error!

Code worked fine for me five minutes ago and didn't need to enter middle initial or provide a credit card. File is downloading now.

Also, at 1.8 GB, the video is fine for PlayBook viewing, but don't expect great video or audio quality if hooking up to an external display device.

Enjoy it. Doesn't look or sound anyhere near as good as the Blu-Ray. Why? It's elementary, my dear Watson: 1.8 GB of data compared to nearly 50 GB on the BD (not that size is a determining factor as there are plenty of crap BDs out there, but it certainly explains the difference as this disc is very well mastered and looks and sounds fantastic).

I got the download but the server kept dying at around 13MB, after trying to restart the download about 8 times. It said i had to re purchase it. WTF.

Great video store NOT. What a joke ROVIO is. It's a problem on their server not being able to send me the requested file and as a big F you pay for it again..

What a joke this service is!

Thank you RIM for not bringing this outside of North America, good thing I've already seen this and would have preferred a newer movie anyways.

thanks RIMM only USA and Canada AGAIN there are other ares of the world that like freebies.
Europe would be a nice start and whilst you are at it charge the UK.

They need content rights to other countries. They can't just give it away anywhere they wish, even if they want to. Unless you want RIM to pay millions when they get sued for giving it away for where they have no content rights..

Blame your government and the movie industry for not being able to have this freebie!

The likely reason this is limited geographically is licensing rights - RIMM (or the company RIMM is licensing it from) may not have the right to distribute the film in other countries.

So I created a new BlackBerry Video Store account and received the "Congratulations, you have successfully redeemed your offer for: Sherlock Holmes" confirmation screen. Now I just need to:

4. Download the free BlackBerry Video Store app.

But there is no such app in App World; not even when searching for "video store" via a PC browser so that search results are not filtered by device.

Can anyone tell me what Michelle meant when she referred to the BlackBerry Video Store app? Is it perhaps called something else in the US, but she copy/pasted the Canada stuff and failed to change it? What gives?

Doesn't the Video Store come pre-loaded on PlayBook OS 2.0 for US customers? Therefore, try looking for a Video Store icon on your PlayBook instead of in App World.

And we have a winner! What a simple explanation; thanks, sk8ter_tor! Since it's considered an OS component instead of an app, of course it wasn't showing up on App World. And since I had long, long ago shuffled that icon off to the dark corners of an ill-used desktop folder, I had ceased to recall its existence.

The movie's downloading now, so to see if it successfully completed downloading, I will only have to wait, let's see -- and, it's done!

Thanks again!

Umm.. hate to ask this, but do you have a PlayBook?
If so, there should be an app called Video Store.
I believe it came with the OS 2.0 so it isn't available to download through App World.

Unfortunately not available in germany... Of course we would need another offer, a adapted offer for a video-download.... What about the chaplin-film "The Great Dictator"? Or "Saw"? (Saw recalls the face of my Chancellor Merkel)....

Worked great for me this morning. I followed the instructions Michelle gave. About 15 minutes to load . Thanks RIM!

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

24hrs later it's done. I bragged to my friend even though I'm jealous he received a free download of The Avengers.

BB 9800 n Playbook - got screwed SHERLOCK expired accidentally bought for 14.95 thought w
ould prompt for code. Didn't and charged my card.

Anyone else having problem after download? Got it downloaded, restarted PB, now NOT A SINGLE APP will work. System boots up, notifications come through, but none of the applications will work. Checked system memory, still plenty there. Anyone else experiencing this?