BlackBerry 10 App World to offer movie and music purchases through carrier billing and BlackBerry ID

BlackBerry App World
By Bla1ze on 25 Sep 2012 12:37 pm EDT

With BlackBerry 10 we know BlackBerry App World will be getting a new look, that's just given. However, in addition to those cosmetic changes coming, there will also be some new categories brought in. Overall, it's something I've been hoping RIM would do for a while and now that carrier billing and BlackBerry ID have rolled out on a grander scale, it's finally time for that to happen.

Along with apps and games, movies and music will be introduced into BlackBerry App World with BlackBerry 10. If you're looking to kick back and watch a movie, you'll be able to be rent or purchase them right from within BlackBerry App World. If you're more into music, you'll be able to purchase and download music from there as well.

Rather than having all these separate services powered by the likes of 7Digital and Rovi, they'll be brought under the BlackBerry App World umbrella making it easier for users to not only find the content they're are looking for but seamlessly purchase it using whatever method they wish and have it linked to their BlackBerry ID. With this change, BlackBerry App World will start to feel like more of an ecosystem instead of just one way of many to get content onto your BlackBerry smartphone.

BlackBerry App World

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BlackBerry 10 App World to offer movie and music purchases through carrier billing and BlackBerry ID


This is single handedly one of the best announcements to come out for App World in some time; no more multiple accounts, opening/closing different apps to search for things, its all done in one place and on one bill. Brilliant.

Now hopefully App World cards will be released soon so that individuals without credits cards, paypal, or not wanting to bill through carrier, can easily add money onto their account.

See the price of the movies? OUCH

Hardly a innovation to have everything in one place. Rim finally woke up!

Where did you see the price of movies??

It's not easy to put all of this together for a small company like RIM. The had to figure out how to combine all these things without running their own movie and music stores.

Is this RIM's way of educating it's user base that neither the Playbook or BBX phone will be able to consume the popular media services such as Netflix or Hulu?

I SOOO CAN'T WAIT!!! I can't seem to see the front camera... Are we going to have one in BB10?? We Must have!!

This is a great move to keep the content offering in one store and give it an ecosystem feel. Hopefully they can get on their movie supplier to update the offerings for Canada and put it on par with iTunes. I know negotiating rights for countries is tough especially when so many Canadian outlets have established exclusivity but it is an area that needs to be addressed.

Is RIM dealing directly with the content providers or are is the content still pushed by Rovio and 7Digital into the new App World?

I realize it's integrated into BBID and App World, but I wonder if the breatrh of content we can expect will be the same as the 7Digital and Rovio marketplaces currently in place.

The question is, will it blend?

i kid.

the serious question is, which countries are the music and video store available at?
Is it ultimately a collaboration with 7digital? Hows the content catalogue. lots more things in the details.