BlackBerry 10, if you are serious about gaming!

By Bla1ze on 20 Aug 2012 05:48 pm EDT

Before the BlackBerry PlayBook was released, BlackBerry smartphones weren't really known for their great gaming skills. With the BlackBerry PlayBook now here and BlackBerry 10 on the way, RIM has been making great strides to ensure gaming is part of their ecosystem.

Speaking at Casual Connect Seattle in July, Anders Jeppsson, Global Head of Gaming Category at Research in Motion took the stage to explain the benefits of the BlackBerry platform in gaming and the future of gaming on BlackBerry 10 devices.

The video will take up 23 mins of your time but it's interesting as Anders and developers share their information and stats on how RIM and BlackBerry devices have been serving them well for game development.

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BlackBerry 10, if you are serious about gaming!


I'm not a developer but I watched the whole thing. Found it very interesting. As long as RIM gets the developers, they should be good to go :)

Great video.. seems like RIM's all over mobile gaming. However, as Anders says in the last minutes of the video.. I don't think the 64Gb palybook goes for $199 USD. :)

I just picked another 64Gb playbook today for $199 USD at Office Depot. The staff mentioned the sale only lasts until August 25th.

I enjoyed the video! It made me 20% more optimistic about Blackberry 10 in the gaming industry. All we need now, is to see what else Blackberry 10 can do... Looking forward to Blackberry Jam Americas.

Might be a newbie, but I've been on the Crackberry scene for a year plus. Blackberry 10 WILL own.

great article blaze, as usual

I would like to point out a problem RIM needs to address with BB10. Its the fact that the guy presenting is using a macbook.

Rim has to find ways to stop sending business the way of its competitors. BBOS reload and sync etc require a Win PC or Mac, which sends $ to MS and Apple. Mail is ubiquitously Gmail or Hotmail, which sends money to Google and MS. Search is Bing or Google. Now this presentation gives apple some exposure.

RIM should make PB a full desktop replacement with everything needed not to use a PC or Mac. They should come up with a email address for every bb user, with a webmail interface. Make BB 7digital portal available through

Basically, everything should be blackberry.

I agree with you. But the big problem here is, blackberry let watch to the whole world what they are doing that s no good ....theere is a big competition in the world going on is better to keep news secret ...and yes if they use a apple devices please put a blackberry stciker too on it....i mean apples iphone let crash blackberry not blackberry sooner or later apple will bring out an iphone with qwerty keyboard same blackberry do... For shure

Its not just the Laptop he used was from apple but if you look at the poster behind him, iphonnnnnnnnnnnnnne. its not bb dev alpha. common rim.

Many devs like using command line tools. That makes Apple laptops very attractive because you can run Windows and OS X and Linux under a VM. The best of 3 worlds in one small package. Why not?

I think the problem is that these presentations are not only about information. They are about marketing BB products. While devs might like Macs, you have to think that a Playbook in presentation mode with a Bridged phone is the way to go for powerpoint work. RIM should make it mandatory for ALL their public presentations. After all if the company doesn't use their own products why should we? This is even more important for senior management to take the lead here.

Agree !!! Could sell benefits of BB Bridge at same time presenting. Or take this opportunity to show off 4G PlayBook.

Come on RIM. Lead by example.

You say the right thing here....blackberr have also an HDMI port on a playbook dont need more atention...they value of them today is 600 billion dollar ....they can do what they whant....rim need to start to open the eyes please 2013 is to late for BB10 to laaaaaaaateeeeee ....we need it before december 2012.. Can you understand ...?????????????????? I trry to scream it loud from switzerland.......bitte bitte please please

The Apple logo was loud t me at first. When I got a few minutes into the presentation I forgot it was there, except for a couple of glances.

While I am glad they are serious about gaming, that is a very minor reason why I bought a PB, and. I really wish there were more "business" quality apps available. I think the PB has way more capabilities than we"re seeing.

I agree, but maybe there is more money in gaming. No one I know with an iPad really uses it for business either. sure they try, but eventually they give up.

That should change with Windows 8 tablets.

Me too. You point is?

My point is that a windows 8 tablet looks like it'll actually be useable in business. When I get one I'll likely still use my iPad as a reader, for music, etc. etc. I'm sorry if that disappoints iPad fan boys.

I hit a wall with the Playbook because the business solutions I was in search of don't exist. So, unfortunately, I haven't touched my PB since I purchased the new iPad. The Playbook has a long way to go, and its hard for me to imagine RIM will catch up with Apple anytime soon. In just about every catagory. :-(

I feel sorry for you. Trying to push the iPad as a business tool is just laughable. i hope you know your colleagues are laughing at you. Also After win 8 tablets come out you might as well forget showing up at a meeting with an iPad. Oct 26th the day Apple fanboys die at work.


I'm not here to be a Apple fanboy. I'm a disgruntled BlackBerry owner. Maybe your projecting your feelings for Windows, though. No need to feel sorry for me, dude. I love my iPad, and care less if some idiot wants to laugh at me for it. Its way easier than carrying around a PlayBook anyway.

Wow, did someone with an iPad steal your prom date? Its a tablet for crying out loud. A very good one at that. I like my Playbook, but lets be real, the iPad is more "useable" in an overall sense of speaking than any tablet on the MARKET. When the BSOD tab de-thrones the iPad or Playbook as the tablet of choice in hospitals, schools, and retail chains, then start collecting stones to throw. If your basing what is a tool or a toy on the reaction of your "colleagues" then you have a lot more to worry about.

Great article! I'm glad this made the news on here because there is not enough views on youtube yet. This video made me a little more excited about the capabilities of BB10.

It's funny, in a very positive way, that the mobile gaming industry is coming to the PB/BB 10 platform in ever increasing numbers, they just seem to really love the platform. The funny part being that it's supposed to be such a serious business platform. You gotta love it.

On one hand I agree with you and on the other I don't. What's been coming, at least to the Playbook has been a number of small, independent developers or minor studios with some support from the more major studios. I had been hoping and still hope that the really major studios would support the Playbook but so far that hasn't occurred. I'll be really excited if games such as Infinity Blade, Chaos Rings, Darkside, Zen Pinball, BnB Infinity, Stray Souls appear on BB10 devices as it is this type of quality that is needed for gaming to be successful on a BB device.

I would like to be able to have the business apps the Playbook was supposed to have and the ability to to run and be the tablet we were told it was.....not now the gaming tool it has become. Nothing wrong with games just seems there are more games showing up than addressing what users have been asking about since 2.0....

Gaming seems to be a myopic focus of RIM to date on the Playbook. While I'm glad that they are filling that void for people who like to accomplish little with their devices, I'd love see dramatically more attention paid to some media consumption and productivity apps. The Playbook has the worst version of Docs to Go even though RIM owns the company that made it. BB10 and Cascades better be ushering in a ton of productivity and media consumption apps because I didn't buy the Playbook to be a gaming platform.

I don't mean to be argumentative but media consumption is not an issue on the PB unless your view of media is chained to Netflix. I have absolutely no problem accessing newpapers, magazines, video clips etc. Indeed I would say that on the whole the PB actually works better than the iPAD on many media based websites. As to docs on the go, you are simply grasping at straws. It is a limited MS office suite and I find it sufficient although not outstanding. I have run powerpoint presentations through HDMI and it works well. Even got some videos to work through powerpoint. Certainly can't to that with many tablets. So cut the bull.
I would certainly agree that increasing functionality of tablets is important. But, let's face it, a tablet is not a replacement for real computer.

What functionality WOULD you like to see improved on the Playbook?
I'm curious to know what you would change at RIM if you were responsible for turning things around, you sound like there is not much that you would change. You do realize that the Playbook is not selling?

You seem to be mixing up your points. The issue brought forward by the previous poster was that other tablets are way more functional than the PB. Well I hate to break the news but they are really much the same. I prefer the playbook for several reasons but those are my preferences. I see little point is blathering on about things that are nonsense. Truth be told, 200-300 dollars is the price range for tablets until they really improve functionality. So now your next point. How to improve functionality. Make it a fully functional communication device (phone and data), enhance PIM, graphing and photo editing programs that interface better with Doc on the Go. It is really not rocket science.
As noted above, tablets have their place but they are not a substitute for a computer. So let's stop pretending that they are. Oh and by the way, the playbook appears to the the second best selling tablet. I think that is not bad given it's less than stellar start. So once again, you are overstating your point.
Finally, if your really think that people are going to shell out 500-700 dollars for the larger iPAD well then I have some swamp land in Florida I would like to sell you. Have you not thought why Apple is bring out there miniPAD? The writing is on the wall dude. Come on, rub a few brain cells together.

"Finally, if your really think that people are going to shell out 500-700 dollars for the larger iPAD well then I have some swamp land in Florida I would like to sell you"

????????? Have you been drinking your bath water again?

iPad sales = >50 million
Playbook sales = 1 - 2 million

It has a browser that can display content great, but that has very poor functionality when it comes to things like bookmark management. The checker boarding is still atrocious. Docs To Go on Playbook and Blackberry OS is known to be the poorest implementation when compared to the other tablet/phone versions (Android and iOS) out there, sorry but that is a fact, and not acceptable since RIM owns the software now. We should have the best implementation. And yes I would have like to have had either a Netflix app, or play it through the browser would be fine, but that isn't the only media consumption. Unfortunately the house of Apple turned the market to app-centric and not website centric. I'm hoping HTML5 swings it back, but RIM needs to compete in the world we are in, not the one that may occur.

My major point you still did not address though: Playbook was touted as professional grade tablet, but their are very few professional grade features and apps yet, but tons of games. RIM needs to keep making games, but they need to put a much heavier focus on getting business/productivity apps out too. Unless they are planning on releasing a game console and try to take on Microsft, Sony and Nintendo, then they need to focus on mobile computing, not mobile gaming. Tools not Toys, Right?!?!

I'm not a game developer, but I am an application developer (desktop and web). I decided to get into smartphone app development and started with the webworks sdk, but didn't feel there was much to learn to make it worth my while. Once the Native sdk and cascades was released I started learning that. I've made a couple of apps so far, and got to the point where I am waiting on a couple more apis to be released to continue.

I figured I would start to learn Android app development in the mean time. I've got to say that it's far more tedious to code simple apps(all I've done so far) in android than bb10's cascades. It's not even close. The claims of android taking 2 or 3 times the amount of code to do the same thing are not exaggerations.

times are PS3 is collecting dust...I started using it only for videos I download...not I just stream everything on my PB...movies/shows ect...

too much effore to turn on the game

Guys in the forums should see these videos.. They are always negative of RIM and when I said they are working towards a better gaming platform.. they asked me for proofs because maybe it's hard to believe RIM can do anything good..

BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB & Torch 9810 |

That was one of the most informative and interesting videos that I've seen from RIM in a long time. Btw, did anyone else see the picture of Nova 3 on display at the 15.20 min mark roughly? Educational video.

One thing I liked was that playbook app revenue is already surpassing bbos! Imagine 2 million playbooks versus 80 million blackberry phones. I think service revenue will explode when bb10 comes out.

As for the ace card at launch as someone posted, yeah I think it would be great if rim would get Mario kart or something else exclusive. Playbook lan parties would be cool too. Red Alert anyone :)

I personally don't regularly play videogames anymore but I happened to drop atleast $100 on some playbook games just out of curiosity. Air attack for 99 cents was the best deal.

While he doesn't quite work the crowd like Alec Saunders, he does have a lot of good things to share. He seems to be getting A LOT of games for Playbook. Good work mr Jeppsson

excellent video. members here should share this video on twitter and facebook and spread some positive vibes about RIM. I do my part.

Previous ceo-so almost ran down company to the ground but hell they are working hard to turn things around. Just for that I will keep supporting rim.

I LOVE my PlayBook and cannot wait for it to have BB10! This will be epic.

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I think the PB 64GB should be remain at low price, while we wait for BB10. In that way, many people would have the device when its time for an upgrade for BB10. And more people will benefits the new UI straight from the core.

I still wish RIM and Nintendo would get closer together. They are each unaligned, independent players with challenges in terms of a larger ecosystem. They would have a lot to gain by working together.