Test your brand recognition with The Logo Game for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Zach Gilbert on 28 Jul 2012 06:44 pm EDT

Any smart marketing professional would know that brand recognition is one of the most valuable things when marketing in today's high-tech world. The funny thing is, you've probably seen more brands and logos than you could even imagine. Each and every day, we as consumers are presented with thousands upon thousands of logos, which are in turn brands. The question is, how many do you remember? A few days ago XLabz Technologies, the developers behind games like Sketch W Friends for BlackBerry PlayBook, Uber Iris for BlackBerry PlayBook, have released their newest title called The Logo Game which is available on the BlackBerry PlayBook.


  • 300+ popular brands from around the world assorted in 8 levels
  • Facebook and Twitter friends can be used to solve hard Logos Ability to get hints, resolve instantly
  • Ability to buy hints
  • Facebook integration

The idea behind the game is quite straightforward. You will be presented with logos from brands that are all over the world, and you need to guess what company/product the logo is associated with. Just remember, as you're playing the game on your BlackBerry PlayBook if you get stuck you can use a hint or ask a friend. There are two ways you can gain hints. The first is by getting perfect on your logo guess and the other is to buy them with an in-app purchase. Hints can be bought within the game for $0.99, $1.99, and $2.99, which will give you 25, 50, and 100 hints respectively. You can also ask friends via the built in Twitter and Facebook integration. The Logo Game is available for free on the BlackBerry PlayBook in BlackBerry App World so hit up the link below and test just how well you know your logos!

Download The Logo Game for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Test your brand recognition with The Logo Game for the BlackBerry PlayBook


So just to clarify, they want you to pay for hints on a game designed to test your level of consumerism?

"oh no. I dont recognise this american brand because I am french. Let me spend my hard earned money, so that one day I may get excited if every see this logo. Have no idea what they sell lets hope it is something I may need"

Last I heard you got paid for completing marketing surveys. I will stick with hangman, the hints are free.

If you don't want to pay for the hints, ask others by using the social features, or take a screenshot and send it to twitter, facebook, identica or your preferred social network.

does anyone knows what google is?

a discrioption of the brand and google will find anything (of course other searchengines will do sometimes, too (but bing is no good compared, at least in non US areas ;) )

Not sure whats funnier, the fact that theres a game where people test their ability to remember brand names, the fact people are dumb enough to pay for hints, or the fact that the bb platform is so lacking in news or development that this stupid game is actually front page news on crackberry.

How about this: If you don't like the game, don't download it. If you don't want clues, don't pay for it. I don't know about you but no one's forcing me to download this game.

Instead of ridiculous comments, people should be glad for all the apps coming to PlayBook. Yes, some apps are better than others but if either one of you bothered to read this game's reviews in App World, you'd see that people actually like this game.

Correct! This game is actually fun and for those that don't know, you are given free hints as you progress .

I havent downloaded it and i wont be playing it. I dont like adverts on tv let alone to download "free advertising" the game.

As for being glad for apps coming to playbook. I will be glad when they are "quality" apps, and i dont just mean well made. In fact i can't remember the last posting i have read on an app that wasnt a game or an update. TBH it does concern me, just a little, about the state of appworld, that this is deemed news worthy. In fact go and take a look at the new arrivals in appworld, I challenge you to find something to get excited about.

Come on team CB lets find some apps that really get the PB engine going and shows exactly what this puppy can do.

As for the logo game, I am happy for all the people who enjoy this app but see no real difference in value between this and the fart apps everyone keeps harping on about (unless you work or study marketing)

Lastly, what have the reviews made by others got to do with my opinion. I dont care if every other PB owner in the world likes it dont have to. Maybe what you mean is that i should download it so i can post my own review or is it just that any -ve reviews have been removed??

I'm amazed at how passionately some will write AGAINST an article like this. I was always taught that I shouldn't say anything unless it's something nice. Of course, as I got older that was amended to be saying something useful. Useful comments can seem negative at times, but at least they are honest and invoke the possibilty for change.

With that said, I've read plenty, not just from this article, about how this game or that app is useless and "why is CB writing on it" and whatnot. CB can write whatever the heck it wants. If you continue reading it, they'll continue writing it. As for the actual apps and their quality, low quality anything is to be expected from a platform that's just starting to walk. The Playbook has bee out for a while now, but is just now getting its legs. There are many apps that will be rolling in that will look like low quality programs to many people, but that's the way it goes. Look at game consoles for example. The great majority of games for any console isn't very high quality even if many of them sell a respectable amount. However, they do have their fair share of great games.

Just give the machine some more time. It's not like it's dying YET. Time will tell in that case.

My apologies, i thought this was an open forum. I was taught the same as you as a child. When i got older i was taught to have an opinion and to debate.

I am a BB fan but that doesnt mean i am blinkered nor am i ridiculous. Yes Team CB can write what they wish I am sure they dont want me to become like the sheep we often claim others to be.

Like i said a great app if your in marketing and if you are able to limit the logo to specific countries it would make a fun logo bingo on long journeys.… but is it for me, no thanks.

I agree that if you don't like the game then don't download it! I personally think the game is fun and super addicting. I do use my hints up very quickly, and have searched everywhere for help, and I actually found a new website with ALL the answers!!! So save your money on hints, and go here for the answers:

The Logo Game Answers Blackberry Playbook:

I'd still buy the theme packs though. ;)