Manage your Google Docs with the GDocs app for BlackBerry smartphones

By James Richardson on 19 Jul 2012 02:00 pm EDT

If you tend to use Google Docs on a regular basis you may well be interested in GDocs which has arrived in BlackBerry App World. The application allows you to manage, access and upload documents straight from your BlackBerry, which will come in handy for many users. There are three versions of the app available in App World: a free version, GDocs Pro and GDocs Premium. I am slightly confused to what the differences are to be honest as all three application descriptions are identical, making it hard to tell what the benefits of the paid editions are. I am currently playing around with the free version and not only does it seem to be a great app but the UI is beautiful and very user friendly.

Features in GDocs include:

  • Search and filter your document list
  • Star, share and filter your document list
  • View docs in offline mode
  • Download documents to your device
  • Move unwanted documents to the trash and restore if required
  • Upload files from your device to Google Docs
  • Create new documents and edit them without using the browser
  • Take a photo and convert the image to a text document
  • Full screen view of documents for easy reading
  • Send documents via email or Bluetooth
  • Update the documents online

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Manage your Google Docs with the GDocs app for BlackBerry smartphones



Always wondered what benefits the Google apps offer. Now I have more of a reason to try it out.

There are 3 GDocs by the same developer in App World; GDocs (Free), GDocs Pro $4.99 and GDocs Premium Edition $5.99?? But, they all have the same description.

James, you should try out ExSafe4Docs2Go, it integrates seamlessly with Documents to Go which is free on all devices. It also has a Microsoft Office addin on the Desktop with all files stored in a secure cloud. Available on App World here


The free version isn't recognizing my University gmail account unfortunately...any suggestions? Nevermind, I got it to work. Very slick.

Presumably it can leverage collaboration features of Google docs and have multi users in a business environment, Dropbox is great for individual use, all your stuff in one place. However it does create problems for IT security guys when there is no administrative control over individual files. It depends on your intended use.


I'm pretty sure it's because google docs is merged with google drive and the fee charged reflects drive storage - free comes with 5 gigs storage. I'm not sure how much storage space is included for each respective pricing structure

I love my BB 9900 and I love Google Apps. This app makes them both that much better. Thanks for the app. Purchased the Premium version and it seems to work great.


This is GREAT news... just about to download now. Would HAPPILY pay for the premium version if there were some clarity on what you get for that price.
If Docs2Go would offer the ability to download/upload and edit seamlessly to GoogleDocs, we'd be in serious business.
Docs2Go already works like this with DropBox.
But great news for Google Docs

Installed on my 9780, initialization is a bit long and tedious for my phone's calculating power, but afterwards it's great to be able to view and edit googledocs. Great stuff.

this is online storage right?not effective, even if sometimes we need data very quick,we must download it and how if our phone does not has a signal

Welcome to the world of Cloud Computing! However, usually these type apps. Will have an offline/favorite mode that you could use for some or even all of your files in the app.

I'm somewhat surprised that this app isn't producing more comments here. Now that I have used it for a few moments, it appears to offer the same functionality as DropBox... that is, you can open your google document.... and it opens in Word-to-Go and when you close, it saves it ... automatically... back up to google docs.
-edit: hmmm, now that I've checked google drive on my PC, I'm not seeing the changes I saved... but when I open the doc on my blackberry, I am seeing the changes.... so it saves it locally (on the phone) only?

@kelton make sure you are editing the online copy. If you downloaded the file first to your bb then you are only editing the local copy when you open it. you'll either have to uploaded the edited copy now or you can just edit the one online.


I installed this yesterday (seemed to work well) and this morning got a popup over my home screen that was promoting another app from the same company.

Hitting the escape key did nothing... there was a button on the popup to download the promoted app (i believe) but no other way to get rid of it...
eventually after say 20-30 seconds it went away (as i was getting ready to reboot the phone to get rid of it)

I can accept ads in a free app but not an ad on top of my homescreen when i am not using the app so I deleted it.

Same thing happened to me this morning. That is so not cool on so many levels and even though I use gdocs a lot that's isn't happening on my phone. I would buy it it if I could guarntee that I wouldn't get more popups but it doesn't mention anything of the sort in the details of any of them which is wrong.

This seems to be pretty cool so far, wish it was from Google or RIM and wish I could get something like this on my PlayBook

This seems to be pretty cool so far, wish it was from Google or RIM and wish I could get something like this on my PlayBook

I have a Blackberry Bold 9930 and the app download fine and everything. However, when I try to open a document, it says that it is unable to open it because it is no in the right format. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this??


I purchased the premium version and it still pushes adware on to my phone. Every day there is an ad for various downloads from the blackberry store