Brace Yourself: RIM Reports Earnings Tonight (Tune in for our Live blog)

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2012 11:55 am EDT

RIM reports its Q1 2013 earnings tonight. Given the Business Update provided by RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins on May 29th, we know they're not going to be good, with the company to report an operating loss. Just how bad that they'll be... we'll find out soon.

Until BlackBerry 10 phones hit the market later this year, the odds of things picking up in the meantime are pretty low, so we're expecting some tough questions to get thrown at Heins during the Q&A tonight. Tune into CrackBerry for 5pm ET. We'll be liveblogging the Earnings Call and you'll want to listen in on the webcast.

And remember folks, as we pointed out in this editorial, the numbers you're seeing and the headlines you'll read are largely a reflection of the past. Right now it's all about RIM going forward and bringing an amazing BlackBerry 10 experience to the market. So keep the faith! 

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Brace Yourself: RIM Reports Earnings Tonight (Tune in for our Live blog)


FUD! Take a look at Apple's quarterly reports back in 1996 and 1997. They were way worse than RIM is now. They had almost as much loss as they did sales and lots of debt. Analysts reports on Apple back in 1997 told people to stay away from Apple stock as they didn't see any way that Apple could recover. This is how much analysts know..

Are you really that dumb? You want to compare economies of 16 years ago to today? lemme know how that works out for you...

Name callers always lose the discussions. Unless business balance sheets have changed, which they haven't business works the same as always. Sales, costs, revenue, cash and debt importance hasn't changed.

If what we're hearing from developers turns out to be true, then BlackBerry 10 will be a success. Plain and simple. I'm rooting for RIM.

I'm with you, buddy! What I have been seeing lately from RIM is all good -- they're on the right path:

* Some nice ingenuity, especially with new one-handed keyboard concept with a new predictive text method that really works! It appears to be well thought out :)

* Apps for PlayBook/BB10 on BlackBerry App World are growing exponentially, and RIM is actively seeking to get the top 100 apps out there running on BB10 at or near launch.

* Developer interest and feedback from Jam sessions look hot!

* RIM appears to be restructuring and focusing on the really important things: active ecosystem, great hardware, great software. Some layoffs are necessary but they're still hiring developers too!

The future looks bright, but we have to hold our horses and wait till then. If I was seeing nothing really new or the upcoming devices looked below par, then I'd be singing the same song as the trolls on CB. That is not the case.

why don't we, the crackberry nation, start buying up shares of RIM? wouldn't that increase the value, if millions of people "rally" together to buy shares. rim makes money and in the long run so do we....I've picked up 10 shares since i purchased my PB and I buy one or two every two weeks now. when they bounce back and they will, I will make loot. just sayn'...

i like your idea but i think it's hard to do. maybe someone with the stock market knowledge can break it down why it's a hard thing to do at least for now.

Hey everyone look.. it is that moron Scroat from iBGR. Where is that annoying "RIM will be dead in 2 years... True Story" bullsh_t that you spouted off on every RIM article starting about 3+ years ago?

I got another idea other than buy shares....

Buy a BlackBerry Day...but Im out, my new BB comes to be this Tuesday I will leave it to the other 79,999,999 to buy one.

The shares would be purchased in the secondary market which has zero effect on RIM. You'd only affect RIM's share price and even then a few thousand purchases from retail investors is unlikely to make an impact, if at all.

Are you serious? Looking at a company in the same field in a similar or even worse situation that recovered and is now ridiculously successful is not dumb. It shows that if you have fortitude and a vision you can snap back. It gives you hope for the future and a purpose to strive towards.

the question is if RIM can do something like this.

on the other hand, Apple '97 is not the Apple of today.

In '97 it was a computer producing/selling company, which it still is, but ~2000 they got itunes and ipods, in 2007 phones. (ipad 2009?)

They had three extrem successfully new product lines, even created each time new markets and lead them over years and or still do.

I'm really not a customers of Apple products as it's philosophy does not work with mine ;)

But with 50%+ gross profit I have to bow down to Apple.

(and questioning the buyers...)

I personally can't see that RIM has this creativity/potential like Apple.

(25% of it would be plenty enough though ;) )

FYI, in October, compared to BlackBerry and Android, Apple's iOS will be the oldest and least flexible in the business. When RIM does transition to BB10, this OS will be the most powerful of all the major platforms.

Under Cook, Apple will have to continue being innovative. They cannot sit on their laurels with incremental updates like retina displays alone.

This is actually a very important consideration, and the industry press doesn't seem to much care.

iOS has an outdated UI, and is in need of a genuine architectural review instead of the relatively minor feature upgrades we've seen in the last couple of "revisions" (iOS 5 & 6 are hardly full-version upgrades).

Is Windows 8 26 years old? Windows 1 came out 26 years ago, so Windows 8 ought to be pretty old by now.

I have seen this ridiculous argument a few times on this website... iOS 6 is in beta right now and is new. If you are not saying that new operating system versions are new, then have fun with your 30 year old QNX operating system - the oldest one ever to be released on a handset.

Someone who used, say Windows 3.1 and never saw subsequent versions wouldn't even recognize Windows 7. The UI has completely changed, the kernal has completely changed.

Unlike Apple, who is trying to claim its feature-enhancements are actually full-version upgrades, Windows actually HAS performed several full-version upgrades over the years, some (Win NT -> 2000) better than others (XP -> Vista).

You're trying to claim a branding distinction, nothing to do with the actual underlying platform.

You're an idiot for calling someone dumb. The same basic principles apply now that existed at that time in the past. And if you failed to get the point of his post, which is pretty much saying that analysts have been catastrophically wrong in the past, then you're a bigger idiot than I thought.

Okay couple of things, I don't know if the OP who spoke about what Apple WAS was directly comparing the two companies, or is they were more making an argument that just because things are bad now it doesn't mean a company cant come back from it.

That being said, the market is COMPLETELY different than it was 16 years ago. A "smartphone" wasn't even thought of, most people didn't even have cell phones, so Apple at time was trying to sell their computers over a much more cost effective Windows OS. So their business hurt because of that, not to mention even the internet was a relative baby to what it is now. The whole enviroment changed. So in that respect they cannot even be close to being compared.

Where they can be compared is in the fact that Apple once was on the brink, they had to reivent themselves, they went from a computer company to a technology company, they were at the forefront of all the "hot" items (ipod/mp3, iPad, Iphone) they made products that appealed to the masses. Not unlike what RIM is attempting to do themselves, so in that respect they are similar...well for RIMs sake I hope so anyways.

um.. apple came out with something innovative with the ipod and their desktops at the time... RIM is coming out with something that's on par with the industry... a huge difference!
Rims only hope is retention and trying to steal back their enterprise clients who've ported to Aapl

Gee, I didn't know that the iPod came out back in 1997 or 1998? Can you please provide some details? I thought it came out in 2001, silly me. Nothing that they came out with in 1997 was innovative. They released the iMac, but it wasn't really innovative.

Thanks for the constructive question, that is what's on my mind as well. Along with the expected or potential bad news what might we here in terms of new developments that brighten things going forward, does it make sense to roll out the forward looking statements as part of the financial message about the past?

It would be really exciting if we also heard news along the lines of, a strategic partner announcement, firm date for BB10 release or some other such news that will take the focus off the past and put it into the future where it belongs!!

FUD! Take a look at Apple's quarterly reports back in 1996 and 1997. They were way worse than RIM is now. They had almost as much loss as they did sales and lots of debt. Analysts reports on Apple back in 1997 told people to stay away from Apple stock as they didn't see any way that Apple could recover. This is how much analysts know..

Still waiting on Gates to come in on a white horse and drop a couple mill in RIM's lap as well??? LOL (maybe Amazon might be out Micosoft??) LOL

...the difference is that Apple had dept back then, RIM doesn' in essence the lack of dept is like having someone give you cash...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 1.xx.xxxx

I agree that the '97 Apple comparison is a bit off. . .but with no debt, cash in the bank,a fairly sizable subscriber base, and key positions in emerging markets prime for growth? This is just a rough spot for RIM as far as I'm concerned. . .I don't see huge a leap but slow and steady growth after BB10 drops. . .Here's hoping they can weather the storm until then.

I don't think a partnership with Samsung is completely out of the question, though I don't know if that would be announced today or later on.

Samsung is looking for another operating system that would reduce its reliance on Android. If they decided to launch BB10 phones, perhaps take a minority equity stake in RIM, it would change the game considerably.

For Sammy, it's a relatively low-risk move, too, with RIM shares as low as they are now; even if the company failed, as a shareholder Samsung could step in and buy up the rest of the company and get all RIM's IP.

This makes NO sense. Samsung (who appears to be the only manufacturer making real money using Android) doesn't pay for Android will all of the sudden add an UNPROVEN OS that they would have to PAY for to their portfolio. I don't buy it. All they would have to do is create a keyboard model (like the Blade) with a SE Android port and cheap management tools and RIM will be done. No need to partner with them and pay money. The writing is on the wall and it's becoming clearer and clearer.

Samsung has publicly stated that they are frustrated with Android and are seeking alternatives.

There would be tons of benefits to Samsung becoming an equity partner in RIM. For one thing, it would be insanely cheap at the current stock price and by just taking a stake in the firm (instead of buying it outright), the concern that the Canadian Government might object is no longer an issue.

BB10 isn't exactly "unproven"; the Playbook OS has been in production over a year now and has generally been well-received. BB10 builds on this with beautiful UI elements baked right in. It also provides some compatibility/portability with Android.

Samsung would also get access to RIM's corporate base. There's tons of reasons why Samsung might find such a deal attractive.

if you missed the news, earlier this month Samsung is launching a variation of Galaxy S III (which has a new feature called SAFE: Samsung Approved For Enterprise).

"The SAFE Galaxy S III includes business-friendly features such as IT policy support, AES-256 bit encryption, expanded business features of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and support for virtual private networks and mobile device management tools.

In addition to the SAFE-branded Galaxy S III, Samsung is also offering potential business customers a trade-up program called SAFE2SWITCH, which provides "competitive pricing" for devices that are traded in and/or recycled when purchasing a SAFE Galaxy S III."

Do you think Samsung need RIM? Well perhaps, if they can strip BB's technology for their own handset. But what can RIM benefit from it?
You can googled it with keywords like "Samsung to Offer Secure Galaxy S III to Businesses".

Analyst does not have crystal ball to see the future but back then Apple was basically bankrupted without the investment of Bill Gates it would have been out of business no wonder analysts said to stay away.

Right now they say to stay away from rim because rim is a gamble and it could go either way. Buying its stock would be like tossing a coin.

I'm sure not even RIM's CEO knows exactly what's the strategy going forward and if they fail to deliver on both BB OS10 and BB10 hardware, they're basically doomed and they will be forced to sell their assets and basically liquidate.

Think about it - if an analyst would know exactly how things turns out he/she borrow everything they possibly could and invest in that direction.

An annalist dig up the current info and issue a guidance but surely they cannot predict if BB10 have a battery life that sucks or if there will be hour glass thing when installing an app or if skype will release an app for BB10.

Sorry for the double post. Won't allow me to edit for some reason.

I tried to change the post to this.

I love to see all the doom, gloom and FUD from people who don't know what they are talking about. Especially the article from an analyst from Morgan Stanley who said that RIM would have to dump 90% of it's workforce. You know Morgan Stanley, the company who had to get the largest bail out in business history to stay afloat.

I saw the same article re-posted by Canadian Press. Therein lies one of the biggest issues. A company issues a press release but withouth the press doing their actual research they pick up garbage and re-sling it. It's downright shameful and irresponsible.

The problem is that there are too many so called tech expert sites such as cnet that quote companies like Morgan Stanley even when something good is announced such as having a better screen than the iphone (albeit unconfirmed). The rampant Apple fanboism on that website is ridiculous. Why mix a perfectly good announcement with a counterbalancing dump on RIM?! What ever happened to fact checking? Or how about a sanity check? 90% dump of the workforce?! Really?! Are they retarded? I don't understand why people want RIM to fail. So RIM can have some sort of weird life lesson for not keeping pace with consumer trends? For not delivering a product as promised? This sort of logic is completely irrational. RIM is a company with people's livelihoods that hang in the balance. The incessant fear mongering is RIM's largest problem. People will be too afraid to buy a phone from a company that they see as dying. Remove the fear out of the equation and let people decide with their dollars. Personally I will be supporting BB10. The biggest decision will be whether I support early with the all touch device or wait for the keyboard based model.

I'm assuming you are referring to smartphones_dont_make_jackasses_smart's wife/girlfriend... so you should be using past tense, not future tense.

BB10 arrival isn't going to change things for RIM overnight. It will be a start, but RIM's new ecosystem is going to need a lot of help (unless RIM has some HUGE secrets), and time before it is accepted by the mainstream again.

So we are going to see several more of these bad quarters before things get positive again.

We have a range for EPS of - $ .13/shr to + $ .11/shr !!!

We have a phone sales ranging from 4.500,000 to 9,900,000 handset!!! WOW!!!

We know subs went up about 1,000,000 to 78,000,000 so that's cool,

Everyone expects margins to drop and an inventory writedown of around $ 200 million.

The only thing we don't know is what's in store for the future. Heins can pop the stock with some good news or wait until the Annual General Meeting on July 10th to say what's up for BB 10 and the Playbook 2.

As for the stock, it will go wherever the big guns want it to be, with a 15% short position, that could be down. It is up to Heins to stop the bashing, will he do it this time?

...and I got the neighbours (and his brother) on Bold 9900's...:)

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Kevin reminds me of Linus waiting for the great pumpkin (BB10) to appear. It's almost delusional. If you think the minions who eat apples and play with little spacemen are going to just flock to RIM because of bb10, you need more powerful drugs...... This bb10 bullshit should have been developed years ago and OS 7 should never have happened. I want to see RIM fail and fall flat on it's face, because you don't reach the top again without falling hard. I'll be the first one in line to shake the Master's hand if BB10 succeeds, but I'll also be the first one shaking my head when it doesn't. I'm rooting for RIM, not because of the business because of the people behind it. Those are jobs, and people's livelihoods.

How stupid and idiotic can you be??!! If you know anything about business it boils down to supply and demand. From my understanding RIM still has a cult following that will allow them to make options (going private for one) to generate money. RIM still has a demand that's in the millions btw sure it may not be has high has a Google or apple but it’s still a profitable million providing that BB10 is everything that "cult" can expect and more. From that "cult following" you will have people promoting RIM's BB10 at the dinner table, sporting events and so on. And what will that do? Generate more demand for RIM and in turn all RIM will have to do is generate more supply (BB10 for the slow RangerFAN).

Next a two cell phone platform (apple and Google) is the death for consumer options!! Why? Innovation stops at that point because there’s not enough competitors in the game thus technology innovation becomes stagnate, because they are only fighting over a couple hundred instead of millions at that point. The winner corporate the loser the consumer... we’ve seen it take place in other industries case in point the cola wars.

Understand people here are not naive to the fact that RIM could fail but at the same time if it wasn’t for this "cult following" RIM itself would've sold out awhile ago prior to any mention of BB10. Does anyone remember Palm having a following like this?

Technologies changes and even though you cant compare the economic structure during the time Apple got bailed out to today's economy. You most surely can compare the technological philosophy btwn the two time periods. Because bottom line if Apple's technology hadn’t spoken for itself it would've crumble still amongst the bail out it receive from M.S.

Everyone here is rooting for that new technology to be introduce to the market and be a game changer it just so happen RIM is the one holder of that tech.

Blah, blah, blah. You just called 70 million BlackBerry users minions. You remind me of a crap I took last night... just ugly and stinky. I wish I could flush you and get rid of you just like that. Be gone, child.

The only optimism for BB10 is the false hope created by die-hard blackberry fans. There's no one in the business world who is counting down the days.... There are people in the business world counting down the days to take this thing off life support.

I can see that you don't understand how a balance sheet works. RIM has no debt and lots of cash. If they lose 150 million this quarter and have 2.6 billion in cash, how long will it take before they have to borrow money to keep going?

I don't think he has enough time to... considering he is busy posting flamebait articles about RIM while sucking his thumb because he didn't get a dev alpha device. In his spare time, I'm sure he spends most of his time drooling over his iProducts. He probably has his iBGR minions trolling CB for him.

Hey Rangrfan... if you have such a dislike for RIM or their direction, why are you here? You think it is cool to talk sh_t about them..or troll CrackBerry to start drama? And if people in the business world think RIM is on life support, why is the company I work for upgrading all of its old 9700/9780 handsets to 9900/9930s? The only people in the "business world" that are counting down the days of RIM are the ANALysts and their minions in the media.

Even though we expect negative, worsening earnings calls leading up to BB10, each time there is one we are reminded of just how much closer we're getting to the do or die moment, and we are remoinded just how bad they're doing at the moment, even if we know it already. Its like a constant jab and it hurts more and more everytime even though we expect it already. BB10 is going to have to be so critical in every way. At this rate, they are looking at releasing it at ground 0. I really hope its available in the Fall.

I want to hear about how the new curves were recepted in emerging markets. As far as BB10. I dont think you will hear much more then we have heard already, but the biggest news will be an update on carrier testing. I think you will see an official statement stating that BB10 will be entering carrier testing within the next 30- 60 days. Also hopefully an update on mobile fusion take up in the enterprise. Dont be surprised if they beat the $0.03 lose per share. Cash growth to 2.5-3 billion would be nice to see.

I still see people in the firm with 8700 devices and we went BYOD over a year ago. I'm asking these cheapskapes to upgrade to the new 99XX series and showing them the awesome capability of my 9850. They will not need to wait for BB10, so buy now while the current phones are a bargain.
Wish we saw ANY advertising from RIM. that would help.

I think they are going to give a bad report as it relates to previous performance but it should be better than many expect. Why?

BlackBerry is doing quite well overseas and as the market has shrunk in the U.S., the impact of the loss quarter over quarter is smaller.

I know that the carriers are not pushing Blackberry and that hurts but again the reason I'm optimistic is that many need BlackBerry in the U.S. and overseas should be positive.

In the final analysis, things will be bad relative to past performance but I'm going to guess the operating loss is due to write downs of U.S. inventory (possibly including the Alpha device cost) and no new phone to bring in revenue yet. So, things will be better than expected.

I'm also hoping they mention that the PB2 is going on sale next month and that they are ahead of schedule for release of a fully baked BB10. Hey, T. Heins is a German, so not to stereo type but he does strike me as someone that meets his deadliness.


It's too soon to see any major improvement in RIM's quarterly reports, so don't be too surprised if they don't show improvement.

WARNING! Friday Will Bring BAD NEWS for RIM Trolls

no job, no money and no life. At least your microwave may get an workout from your 800lb gorilla wife heating up some nachos and Whitecastle sliders.

I think when Kevin said brace yourselves, he was not just speaking of just the news itself.

The #$%!storm is coming from the 1st posters, usual detractors, and paid/unpaid troll/haters.

I just hope Mods have their "Ban" huntin' caps ready.

Lord, people, we're talking a company that can't even deliver a bluetooth keyboard. Future, indeed.


Are you still going on about that cunted fucking keyboard?! It has been at least TWO goddamn months of this shit. Fuck your bluetooth keyboard, and fuck shoe-horning every goddamn blog post into something even remotely relevant enough for you to re-introduce the stupid keyboard issue only YOU seem to be having.

LOL! Glad I'm not the only one who is tired of this one's inane ramblings!

P.s. Please mods, don't remove this post too soon, at least leave it with some asterisks :)

It's nothing stressful for me to come up with a verbal cocktail - it's what I do! :)

What I AM hoping out of my crude post is for that guy to realize, for everyone else's sake, that he can quit with the bluetooth keyboard nonsense.

That guy isn't the only annoying moron out here today. 19CBB and Smartphone Jackass are also trolling hard. It seems like every time there is an earnings release, these idiots come out of the woodwork to start sh_t.

Kevin, Mr. Heins only said "likely", that's not the same as "they're ... to report an operating loss". Here is the quote from the business update: "...we expect our Q1 results to reflect this, and likely result in an operating loss for the quarter."

Some nice charts, but that's kind of irrelevant here. My point is just that RIM never said they were going to report an operating loss, though it's very likely they are. Or almost all anal-ysts think so. But that's not a fact, at least not until around 5pm today. They might manage to make a few cents...

Just making an observation: when the Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, CNN, or any other technology site post's an article that features the phrase "Brace Yourself" and then followed by a story about BlackBerry, the fan-boys cry foul and shout to the high-heavens that it is biased journalism; a media conspiracy exists with the aim to seek out and destroy RIM.

When Crackberry does it, nary a word is said.

Well sweetheart, my heart dropped a bit when I read it on CrackBerry. The difference with all the others though is--for the most part--they're completely full of s**t. The media hates RIM right now, and whether or not you're a BlackBerry user (which it sounds like you are not), you take what non-credible media outlets (pretty much all of them) release with a grain of salt.

That's a good observation. And your probably right. Oh, to answer your question - I am most definitely a BlackBerry user. It will be a cold dark day in hell before I give it up.

It goes way beyond BlackBerry though - the media produces BS about pretty much everything. The core story is typically somewhat true, then it spins out from there. My apologies for assuming you weren't a BlackBerry user, I just sensed some cynicism in your original post is all!

True story. In London, the metro is a popular free 'newspaper'. They've ran a story on bb10 and got almost all of it wrong.

And in case anyone doubts that they're full of $#!+, they ran a frontpage headline yesterday; "zombie epidemic", with the subheading "tranquilliser abuse among women soars". Same story. Smh

I also think it’s saying, “Brace Yourself” because a lot of articles are going to be posted this evening about how RIM posted a loss and then exaggerated talking about them likely going out of business soon. People will read these articles and believe everything.

If you all are anything like me, all of my friends and co-workers know I am huge BB fan and I expect them to come up to me tomorrow saying, “Hey, did you hear about BlackBerry? They’re done… going out of business…” blah blah blah. Been hearing it for a while now, but I’ll be ready for some mini debates tomorrow.

Keep working hard though RIM. I know a lot of us are excited for the future and BB10. I’ll be there in line on launch day.

I would love to see RIM come in above estimates and continue to add cash to their Balance Sheet ..even if it was just for this quarter... so idiots like 19CBB, depscribe, smartphones_dont_make_jackasses_smart, and all of the other RIM trolls get the chance to eat a giant helping of crow!!!

There was a high level (sr mgr) meeting called for 9am this morning. Not one person showed up for the meeting (all were "working from home"). Says something about the company.

Sure he's an idiot. In today technolgy there is such a think as VPN, Video, and Voice conf. Who goes into the office these days anyways? In @poodwahr's case, someone had to go in an pull the rickshaw

Exactly, my friend. With all the choices not one person either showed up or dialed in. You make my case so beautifully neteng1000.

I wish it were so martinwhatever. But I can tell you are very wise and very intelligent. Have a great day.

Whats is there to report on? You don't need to be a mind reader to know that RIM's earnings report has fail written all over it.

As I read Cnet and other Blogs I sometimes wonder what world I live in. My friend at DOT uses a Blackberry. There is no other option for the IT guys running these agencies. My best friend - a former constant contact buddy on BBM - several times a day - went Apple. I now hear from him once a week if that. I guess that IOS platform really encourages communication - or I've lost a 40 year friend which I doubt. I did my part and bought my fiance a new Curve and myself a second Playbook (32GB - she gets the 16GB). And I still wonder why over half the business "doers" I see at the Sports Club and in restaurants are carrying Blackberries. I thought they were dead. For me BB10 will be a Plus - NOT a requirement. I still get more done on my 9930 before I get out of bed than most of my IOS friends do by lunch. Socialscope, BBM Music, BB Travel, BB Traffic, Bible, Call Notes, Trillian, BBM, Evernote, Dropbox -can I live w/out Instagram and Skype. Yes quite nicely thank you.

Thank god the mobile world doesn't revolve around YOUR needs or we would all like you be rocking a legacy device with a legacy OS.

Just took the opportunity to emote a bit. Certainly didn't want to offend anyone and absolutely do want to see the needs of others met. Not sure what I said wrong but I do apologize.

RIM stock has been halted trading. Some major news afoot...what is it going to be, Kevin any idea?

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