App World Logo Gets Inked!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Apr 2009 12:50 pm EDT
BlackBerry App World Logo Tattoo

There's no denying that the new BlackBerry logo RIM has been using with App World is pretty hot. I've even been rocking it as a wallpaper on my Curve 8900. But a wallpaper is one thing... running out to get a tattoo of it puts you into a whole other plane of CrackBerry existence.

And that's exactly what CrackBerry member ivanmor has done. This isn't Ivan's first tech tattoo (you can click the photo above for more images), but because it's BlackBerry I'll argue that it's definitely his best. Now that's hardcore. 

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App World Logo Gets Inked!!


least it doesnt say blackberry or anything so in 10 years time you can just say its a weirdo logo design!

thats some dedication

Wow this guy is really into tech. Good tats, but not my cup of tea to be branded with. To each his own, they do look good at least freaking way that's real. I mean, come on...they're just products. Nobody in their right mind would turn themselves into a human billboard - especially for free.

While his dedication to all things BlackBerry is admirable, couldn't he wait to have a photo taken that wasn't still red, irritated, and sweaty?? Yuck...

Ivan needs to get in the sun more, cancer be damned. That's about sallowest piece of flesh I have ever seen! :p

I guess this makes him a winner to the who wants the blackberry storm 2 the most contest?

Someone can literally push his buttons now!

Does this make him slow and laggy like my storm?

I guess this makes him a winner to the who wants the blackberry storm 2 the most contest?

Someone can literally push his buttons now!

Does this make him slow and laggy like my storm?

Man - maybe just maybe if there was a contest. Because I am a guy and no one would award me a prize for mud wrestling.

Is that on his chest? Well at least it's not that big and he can get it covered.

But yeah, LOSER.

what a moron, we are blackberry addicts yes but this is taking it to the extreme, this guy should be found asap and put to jail, what a jerk lol

get a decent tattoo artist to do the job. as far as quality goes = fail. i dont really care about context, i am covered in tattoos with no meaning. i actually make fun of people who have to assign some deep meaning to a tattoo in order to validate their decision.

If you click through the photo, you'll see it's on his right chest, balancing out the MS Office logo over his heart.

No kidding.

That's crazy. I mean, personally I don't them on my body, but its cool to whoever likes the pain lol.

Hey Kevin, I've been looking for that BlackBerry wallpaper for my 8900 since I first saw it on the App World site. It's an awesome logo.

Do you know if its under the wallpaper section for the 8900?? Or you can post a link to it so I can download it. I'd love to have a copy of it.


It's really worth blasting someone in a public forum to this degree over a silly little tattoo? Really?! If you don't like it or don't agree with the subject matter, then all you have to do is make sure you yourself never end up with a tattoo. Simple. To go ahead and call someone a loser and an asshole for a little tattoo you won't even be able to see on a day to day basis is just terrible. Are your real balls as big as your e-balls? I really, really, really hope so.

Just be happy it's not on your body and move on.

Application Error 763: get a tan before getting a tattoo you snowflake f*ck!

....seriously that has to be one of the dumbest tattoos I've ever seen. Why waste money on a tattoo based off the logo of blackberry app-world? That's soooo stupid.... Now your gunna have the blackberry app-world logo on you the rest of your life....which is gunna look way stupid. Lol I mean not only does it look stupid, who ever did it did a HORRiBLE JOB. I'd love to know how much money you wasted on this ridiculously stupid tattoo?

Ill give you some advice....."think clearly before doing or saying" that quote right there should help you out a lot idiot.

Back in 1986, the day Apple released the Apple IIgs, I directed satellite TV news interviews with Steve Wozniak and John Scully. There was a huge press party and rollout event, and I can still the theme song, recorded for the occasion, that played throughout the day:

"Apple two forever...."

Apple discontinued the II series more than fifteen years ago.

would there be a lawsuit because he used copyrighted logo in his tats. I think so but hes crazy for getting those tats

If that happened, don't you think Hardley-Davidson would be going after all the bikers with HD tats?

That is too my friend, have brass ball$...not happy with that windows logo, but i like the "igoogle" and "BB tat". You should get an add-on to the windows logo, maybe one of the many generic system errors that windows xp and vista provides. Example, right underneath put.

"Error creating error log for failed event, please view error log for details"

I love tattoos, but I gotta agree with the rest of the posters on this one....DUMB. You are not even getting paid for that. Great marketing though, for Blackberry. However, I would hope Blackberry would be hesitant with the quality of that work combined with their logo.

LOL at all you idiots bashing someone for what they did to THEIR body. I guess online flaming is the only way some of you people can feel good about yourselves.

If ever I have even a passing thought of putting a BB logo on my body I hope someone will have the decency to punch a 230gr .45ACP hollowpoint through my brain stem.

Just frakkin ridiculous.

It was referred to as hardcore on the homepage...

What would have been hardcore is if he got the current tattoo on one nipple and the crackberry logo on the other.

lol, sorry couldnt resist. It looked about the right size for it. :)