Going hands-on with BlackBerry 10... My initial thoughts and lots of sexy photos

CrackBerry plays with BlackBerry 10
By James Richardson on 14 Jun 2012 04:26 pm EDT

CrackBerry's James Richardson went hands-on with BlackBerry 10 today and brought back some hot photos and initial reactions!

I had the pleasure of attending BlackBerry 10 Jam in London earlier today. The keynote sessions were not too disimilar to what we saw at BlackBerry World in Orlando, however that wasn't the main reason I was there. I was on a mission to find BlackBerry 10 running on the dev alpha device and luckily for me this had been arranged in advance.

So thanks to Vivek Bardwaj, of Research In Motion, I had a one to one session with his device. I wasn't expecting to see anything that had not already been shown off, however seeing a new OS on a big screen and getting hands on are two totally different things. To say I was excited would be an understatement.

Fortunately my high expectations of what I was allowed to play with on the device were lived up to. BlackBerry 10 is awesome!

The seamless integration of the apps all running live, coupled with the screen gestures to allow for seeing other features/apps is glorious. It's all about the flow. And that wasn't even on final hardware.

BlackBerry 10 Flow
Flowing between inbox, message and .pdf. Gotta love it!

As you can see from the pictures in this post, the new operating system looks beautiful. I was a little unsure in advance if I would like the touch screen keyboard but after a little practice it all flows very naturally. The 'flicking' of the predicted words upwards works well as do the other keyboard gestures such as swiping left across the keyboard to delete a word, and swiping downwards to switch to the further screens that contain numbers and symbols.

BlackBerry 10 Typing
I think even physical keyboard guys will love the BB10 touchscreen keyboard

BlackBerry 10 Keyboard
Flicking up predicted words on the BlackBerry 10 keyboard

I'm very much a hardware QWERTY keyboard guy but I can see myself using this device for sure, as soon as possible.

Prior to today I was under the impression that RIM *could* reclaim some market share lost to Android and iOS with BlackBerry 10. Now I am 100% sure that will happen. The developers present today were also super excited but CrackBerry's DJ Reyes will cover that in another post later.

I hope you find the picture gallery encouraging. I know each time a re-look at the photos I get a warm feeling somewhere inside.

BlackBerry 10 Homescreen
The BlackBerry 10 Homescreen

I need Q4 to arrive quickly! I'm not sure how I can handle the waiting now I have spent some time with just a few features on the device. And according to Vivek there is plenty of amazing stuff yet to be announced.

I shall dream of BlackBerry 10 tonight. And tomorrow, and the day after.........

More BlackBerry 10 OS Preview Photos on the Dev Alpha Device

BlackBerry 10
CrackBerry and BlackBerry 10.... We Want it!

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10 Icon Tray (looking a little redundant with some icons?!)

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10 notifications and the quick swipe into messages

BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10 Message Accounts

BlackBerry 10
The BlackBerry 10 Unified Inbox - emails, calls, bbms, all right there

BlackBerry 10
Previewing notifications from within the Calendar

BlackBerry 10
Music on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10
Gesturing between music and notifications

BlackBerry 10
Checking out a picture on BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10
And flowing out of pictures

BlackBerry 10 really is all about the flow experience. I can't wait!

Reader comments

Going hands-on with BlackBerry 10... My initial thoughts and lots of sexy photos



Any indication of motion-based gestures at this point? I've been suspicious that there's been some effort to try gestures based on wrist-flicks and such.

so is the alpha device devs got from BB10 Jam tours exactly like this? I'm assuming this particular version has more functionality.

No, the alpha device is running the playbook OS so it doesn't have any of this stuff. You can load and run BB10 apps on it though (for development purposes of course).

great point...hope its going to be at least quad core 2.0Ghz, 2GB RAM and minimum 4.5" screen.

anything less will be so 2000 and late

Honestly, you are hoping in vain. Asking for the hardware to be more powerful than every other device this year is dangerously unrealistic, and hanging your hopes on the hardware to make your choice is probably a bad idea.

For a start, we have no frame of reference for how specs will effect performance of BB10. It's fine to say that you want x number of cores or y GHZ on a droid phone, because we know what the baseline is for good performance, and we know that faster than that means smoother experience and more multitasking. Not so for an OS we have never used before.

As for those specs in a vacuum, I don't know of a chip that even has those specs, and even if there was I don't think RIM would use it. And here's why...

Every BB aims to give a power-user a full days battery life. Now, they will be moving to a 4"(ish) fullscreen display, which burns an huge amount of battery to begin with. The next most draining thing in a phone is decided by what CPU you put in it. That has ALWAYS been why high end android phones major problem. You get amazing performance, but battery life was and is a constant problem, and thats because they have pushed again and again for yearly massive spec improvements, never slowing down for long enough to turn last years cutting edge chip into a more mature and less power hungry system.

In the past BB has always prioritized battery life over top end specs. And it has served them well. Mainly, because everything that runs on a blackberry runs well on a blackberry, and because of that I have never felt like I'm missing anything from having lower specs. And the upside is that at 10PM on the train ride back, I'm still writing and browsing and listening to whatever. My colleagues on iOS and android are either tethered to the wall or stuck with only emergency battery life.

Looking at it realistically, we will probably get a dual core at 1.4 or a quad at 1.0. Given that BB10 will share an app platform with QNX, and that the playbook gives sweet ass performance when multitasking fairly demanding things (app player and high def video in showcase mode) that there isn't a major need to push the specs up for BB10. They will be higher on BB10 devices, simply as future proofing, but not alarmingly higher.

Finally, and I realize that I have made this point already, but I feel it needs restating, there is no such thing as a 2ghz quad core in the SoC space at the moment. Not snapdragon, not OMAP, not Tegra, not NOTHING has that performance. Nothing released this year will have that performance, and certainly nothing being developed now could even faintly plausibly be using a chip with that spec.

People asking for unrealistic specs (from RIM of all people) are setting themselves up for a huge disappointment and need to think realistically both in terms of what hardware could be used, and what hardware is needed. Remember that only Android is pushing for specs for specs sake, and honestly is the only platform where that could happen because of its fragmentary nature. Every other platform has rationalized that there is only a certain amount of performance needed, and that beyond that it is simply inflating price and having no tangible performance increase, because things can only run so fast. Even inside the android world, it is pretty hard to tell the difference between my old Galaxy S, my GFs galaxy nexus and my neighbours Galaxy Y for most tasks. They are all lag free and nice to use. The nexus can make use of prettier 3d games, but if im not doing that, all of them are doing what i want in a good way.

Absolutely true what you mention. In my opinion, the hardware of the new devices with OS 10 should be higher than the blackberry playbook

Your friends have obviously not used any of the more recent Androids like the HTC EVO LTE or Sammy SG3. The battery life on those is pretty stellar - I know. I'm using the EVO for several weeks now and it's ridiculous how much better it is than prior/typical Androids. Not to mention the Razr Maxx, but I'm not a Moto fan.

I'm just saying, I think there is a new crop of Androids running Ice Cream Sandwich that is a major step up in battery life while continuing to push the performance envelope. The new EVO is impressive is so many ways.

I wish RIM well, but I'm not expecting the world to shift back to BB with BB10. As much as I did like the Bold keyboard after using a Tour for some time back in the day.

I prefer physical keyboard but i will buy bb10 at launch to support the company and then sell it once bb10 with physical keyboard comes out.

Im all bout physical keyboards too but this looks promising. This touch keyboard looks like it would be pretty easy to use!

Now i dont know If want to get an all-touch BB10 or wait for a physical keyboard!! Decisions!! decisions!!

hmmmm... If they were coming out in july or august i might just wait.. But i don't think it will happen.

s3 for me for now

My primary line will be waiting for a BB10 device. Who knows, if I personally am that impressed with it (and if certain apps like Skype get their act together and put together a QNX app or at the very least a web version with the same functionality as one of the desktop apps, since the Playbook officially does web apps better than other platforms), I may drop my android from my second line altogether and have my torch on my secondary line. You know, for when I go roaming.... just in case the NOC doesn't minimize data for BB10 users the way it does for OS7.1 and down.

Me too, if for no other reason than keeping my Verizon unlimited data plan. Funny, I've never owned a Blackberry device until I got my Playbook, but after upgrading to 2.0 and more recently 2.1 beta, I have nothing but good things to say about this OS. And, if BB10 is yet another improvement, Blackberry might still be in this thing.


An early look into BB10. Whatever device this is, I doubt it's running what BB10 will actually look like. I believe what we're seeing is more an explanation of the BB10 concept less the final result. Obviously they are dev alphas, but we've seen deeper sneak peaks than this before

Why is it nothing just because there are other internal versions... That doesn't even make sense.

Hmm, double negatives = positive? Sorry, just had to with this causing a flashback to grade school. Lol. Reminds me of the billy goat story with the troll saying, "Nobody better not cross my bridge!"

It's unfortunate that the former RIM management dallied for so long before handing over the reins although the acquisitions of QNX and TAT were masterstrokes. But introducing BB10 following the successive launches by Samsung and Apple, they run the risk of getting lost in the noise
It's going to take a massive media blitz to get some meaningful face time with the marketplace. But I'm rooting for Blackberry.


I too am so rooting for Rim and WILL buy a BB10 phone when it comes out, but the mountain that RIM has to climb is indeed formidable when you consider the staggering Android numbers.

900,000 Android devices are activated every day!. Yes the 900K number is correct.

It's not going to be a sprint, it's going to be a marathon.

nope not wrong...nothing new here. Still exciting to see more photos.

I hope this is an early demo unit with early software on it. The concepts of flow and the UI are awesome but the app tray needs work.

"I hope this is an early demo unit with early software on it."

 It's a Dev Alpha with a higher revision software.

This homescreen is definitely different from what we have seen out by other systems, but I think it will function perfectly for what RIM is aiming this device at. They have made it clear it is for people who get sh*t done, and it is not supposed to compete directly towards Apple's media market. It is for business use, but also has amazing media capabilities but they will market it to their strengths. The homescreen is different and I can't wait to get my hands on and decide for myself if it works how I would want it to.

But for business use, the 3 icons at the bottom are the most commonly used ones, you use your phone (seeing at this will be a phone, not a computer), you use search function to find documents within the device, and take pictures, the only one I would like to see changed possibly is pictures and they should allow users to customize what is put on the bottom if the phone, but ultimately the camera app would be the only one I may change for a browser or something...but then again the homescreen will probably have the browser as a minimized app for me always so thats not a big deal.

It is an interesting layout thats forsure, and I am soooo excited to get my hands on a BB10 phone when they release! and I think I will love it no matter what they decide to throw on that homepage! GO RIM!

Even though the pictures don't really show anything new, it is encouraging to hear how someone outside of RIM's company experiences the new OS, even though it is a hardcore Blackberry fan!

I took the Bold 9900 over a month ago, with a contract until May 2014 for the reason that I wanted a device with hardware keyboard.. but this makes me doubt my decision! Damn!

Oh my dear jesus....I don't think I've ever wanted a company to take my money as bad as I do now. $700 waiting for u RIM. I want BB10, LTE, and all of it off contract....and I needed it yesterday :)

Release the hounds!! Very much want a BB10 device. James all of us here are pretty d@mn envious!

James how does it run in landscape mode a la playbook? Has anyone seen BB10 in landscape mode? Just wondering how all this will trickle down to PB tablets.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Really looking forward to BB10. I need an upgrade now, but. I guess I will just have to be patient and wait it out.

I hope RIM releases a BB 10 slider to get the best of both worlds.. Let it be october already, i can't wait any longer!!!

The difference is that this was not demoed in the hands of a RIM guy, he actually tried these out for himself. That is excellent. However we seem to be seeing the same apps, the same parts of the OS, even the same icons. In other words yes it's cool but these are carefully controlled previews and rightly so.
There is no point in spoiling BB10's thunder by giving away too much details, if anything RIM should be talking about stuff like device code names (or proper, final ones even) if they really want to show BB10 is coming.

Yes, but how's the battery life??? JK, the screen looks amazing and the few morsels we've enjoyed with Cascades (Scrapbook and now Pacemaker) make me drool all over these pics.


Any word on when the Dev devices will be getting their first update?

It would be interesting if they allowed it so the keyboard is always showing...

Obviously not but I love the ease of use of just tapping (I own a 9800) and not going all over the screen, I have huge hands and I find 3.2" screen a hassle and iphone 3.5" LOL; Im lazy so imagine a 4.2" display

I have been waiting to bb10 to make a desicion on what to upgrade. Like 2 months ago my aunt wants my iphone4 so I decide to give her my iphone in exchange for a bb bold 9900. Now my upgrade is coming very soon I believe for this holidays. And that bb10 looks like something that's going to be too good to bypass. Just have to wait for apps and quality of apps.


Hmmm looks like I found my first full touch qwerty, won't be able to wait till 2013 for the physical, this is just too juicy! Sold, bring it on!

No, it's definitely a webOS cards/stacks UI look and feel. And that's a good thing. Microsoft looked at iOS, copied the foundation and implemented it with a fresh UI. RIM looked at webOS, copied the UI and implemented it with a fresh foundation. Given that even WP, iOS5 and ICS haven't caught up with webOS on the UI level, what RIM has done here is very good.

I already like the UI and behaviour of my PlayBook better than what I've seen from the Windows 8 CP, so I know BB10 will be even further along. WP8 will barely even be playing catch up to BB10, more just playing leapfrog with Android until Google comes out with the next major overhaul (that's likely going to be in response to BB10, just like ICS was largely in response to WP7)

BB10 will be my first venture into touch qwerty...fell in love with those swipe gestures on the keyboard that I just have to try it out!

Thanks James for the awesome up-close and personal!

Wow! After seeing these pictures of BB10, I cannot wait any longer. My heart is pounding and my blood pressure way up high. My Iphone 4S doesn't mean anything to me anymore. I must have it now! I'll have my Iphone 4S listed on Ebay so that I can get BB10. BB10, here I come... I am in love with you...

Drooling over these new pictures. The design and usability of the notifications mechanism and how everything is real time has me sold! I am sure there is more in store.

Love my Bold 9930, but BlackBerry 10 is next generation. Gimme gimme.

Was going to defect to Android a few weeks ago after the contract on my 9800 expired, but looking at this and the other BB10 stuff has convinced me to enter a holding pattern and just get a 90 day SIM-only contract using my current BB which to be honest, is one of the best handsets I've ever had.

I'm looking forward to owning a BB10 handset, but for the love of god RIM, if it's not ready then don't release it! ( From a customer of the original 9500 Storm on .65 ).


Given that 2 years in, WP still doesn't have transit directions in Bing Maps (while ironically Bing Maps on the PlayBook does!), I've decided my Lumia 710 won't get replaced by another WP. I was eyeing the Meizu MX as a suitable next phone (ICS really brought in some huge improvements to Android), but BB10 has replaced that. My 710 will serve me fine for the next year. Kind of funny, I've bounced back and forth between Nokia and BlackBerry for a while now. E62->Pearl 8100->N95 8GB->5230->Curve 9300->Lumia 710->Bold 10000???

Why does this post say Q4 for BB10...I know we all suspect October which is in Q4 but so far the line from RIM is latter (not later!) 2012. Which is Q3 or Q4...could come September (or earlier...I can dream....)

Probably will be announced in August with a delivery date in October. I like Kevin's idea of a 10/10 for 10 launch.

Financial Q4 would be December 2012 - February 2013...I think not. Their roadmap is based on the calendar year and is not reliable as they've already missed deadlines on it - eg 4G PB.

Maybe now we can get past the "it's just a rip-off of WebOS" comments. This is one slick operating system.

God I can't wait, and I am so with you on the keyboard. I didn't know how I was going to do a full touch unless rim got swype, but to me this is even better. I am so trying to be patient, but it is def getting hard. I would rather wait for a complete os but I want it now!!! Lol

The OS looks a lot like the Nokia N9 with Maemo Harmatten (MeeGo). I'm very curious about it! :)

Yeah, like any of that stuff is new...because apple invented the world..and nokia hung the moon...
Jealousy, boys...it'll eat you alive...

Personally, I've buckled down for the 4 month wait, I have my BB 9900, check, my PB with OS 2.1 on it, check, and this just happens to be the mating season for us so I have things to do that will keep me occupied until they release the darn thing!

I really hope they wrap it in something really expensive looking so everyone needs to buy it so as not to look like an iPhone with a case( that makes it look like every other iPhone), or a cheap plastic breakable case like all of the others. No, this one needs to look awesome!!! Can't wait! Oh, I said that already.

Thanks God I can upgrade when it comes out in Mexico!!! I really enjoyed with my 9900 but definitely BB10 its a must have device...

The only things I don't like are the hideous grey bar with the three icons at the bottom of the page. Please at least make it translucent in the final version or get rid of it entirely and just leave the icons or have a swipe up gesture to access it or something. It's to much like the first version of nokia belle and it is ugly. The other thing is the labels under the apps when minimized. They don't really need to be there but if they must same thing, at least make them translucent. Thanks. Otherwise it looks awesome and I can't wait to give RIM my money for it on day 1.

I'm curios what you have in common with my 60 year old mother? A love of knitting? Menopause? Or a 62 year old guy's c*ck in your wrinkled vag? My guess is all 3...

Sorry man. You got served. Say things like that in these forums and this is what happens. People call you out. Just saying :)

Hi, must say I am sold to. I had already decided to hold off on a tablet until PB LTE/HSDPA comes out (cant be arsed teethering). I had 3GS, now on Galaxy II and wife had iPhone 4 and iPad II. Here are some reasons why I will defect to Blackberry and take the wife across to:
- As a shareholder I have a vested interest in the company succeedding so I should disclose that first.
- I hate anything to do with Apple - when I use my wifes devices for something It reminds me how bad IOS acutally is. IOS is like Windows 3.11 compared to XP is to Android.
- I dont like any other Doid device out there except Galaxy and the battery life is the pain of my existance. I love the phone and ICE but I cant stand the batterly life!
- Believe RIM will now move to leader in the quadrant in terms of innovation - the rest are well and truly behind now. Galaxy III is still sitting on the same OS, sure the phone looks a little more sleeker now but thing new really.

I can live with my Galaxy until BB10 but I really want a PB NOW!!! Anyone have any idea when LTE/HSDPA/3G will be on the shelves?

I laugh that he thinks RIM copied from Apple...considering Apple is the king of cloning others ideas/features, but it is okay..and "soo innovative" when crApple does it.

G'way little troll. Are you referring to iClone OS 6 just now having built in a bedside mode copied from BlackBerry where it has been available for years? (a decade?) Sometimes good ideas are just good ideas that everybody builds into their devices.
Sent from my BlackBerry Neutrino powered Playbook soon to be upgraded to BB10!

Answer the question you dumb fag! Whats RIM stock looking like today? Apple is a success, and will still sell. BB 10 will be dead on arrival. FACT!

Take another d**k in the ass/and or mouth just like whoever's mother up there you were talking about.

I laugh at you weak minded iBot idiots. "Ooh, look at the stock price, look at Apple's sales, blah blah blah". Stock price is only an INDICATOR, it isn't the end all-be all measurement of a company's success/health/etc. And Apple will still sell because of mindless drones like you that think Apple is almighty.

Ps. Shouldn't you be waiting in line for the new iPhoney and the new new iFad?

Only because Steve Jobs died and had the good sense to whore for his biography because he had Narcissistic Personality Disorder. 10 (as in BB 10)years ago apple was worth sh!t (as in "getting sh!t done).

I,m a BlackBerry addict and nothing would harm me more than to see RIM disappearing from market, but sadly I have to agree... BB10 arrives too late- and we could pray as much as we want to, but its like it is...

Come on guys. He's clearly "hanicapped". He has time to troll because the short yellow bus didn't wait for him. Give him props for not drooling onto his bib. When he was born the doctor didn't slap him, the doctor slapped his mom. Not his fault.

Really? I could not stand my useless iphone4s. That was all hype and totally useless for everyday life. Many people are getting sick of apple hype and many people are switching back to Blackberries. People now laugh at those who own iphones as one would have to be gullible to swallow the apple koolaid. Sorry trolls no need to reply but you guys do have a living to make. Apple sucks and that is a spreading known fact.

You mad at the success? You upset BB 10 is 2 years old and still have yet to be released? You genetically recessive fag.

Get mouthfucked by Steve Jobs dead d**k you stupid, stupid c*nt.

I'm so mad that I have to use *'s but I sincerely don't want to lose my account. Either way, you're a dick-taking in-the-ass faggot, princess.

You mad that this "2 year old operating system" will blow the doors off that "vanilla" OS you use you iMoron.

Ps. When is iOS finally going to get profiles?


I loved reading this entire argument, it made my day...

p.s. I cannot wait for BB10 so I can finally start recommending Blackberrys to my friends/family again without feeling guilty.

Who else but an insecure,pusilanimous little kcuf would spend time p!ssing into someone else's tent?
You think any of us speed time over on android or iphone?
No. We couldn't be arsed.
We know we're coming out in front.

Well, this was another good teaser, and it was the first hands-on for a BlackBerry fan. Still unfinished so we're still a few months away; but, this build is at least a couple months old now. If RIM does manage to port all the goodies from BlackBerry 7 to BB10 plus a little more magic, then they'll be ahead of Apple and Android with a new next gen OS and a flashy looking UI. I'm not impressed with the homescreen or the icon tray -- yuck. Too plain and not enough info on the screen. BB7's homescreen has the following available or one touch away:

* battery status
* time, month & date
* notifications
* notification details (one touch away)
* network name
* network status & strength
* network type
* manage connections (one touch away)
* profiles (one touch away)
* universal search (one touch away)
* customizable icon tray: 0-5 rows
* tray tabs; 3 tabs visible

I really love the way it all works together -- lots of info in a simple to use & uncluttered UI. Yeah, when the screen is locked, it could show more info that you could customize. However, this BB7 UI rocks! In comparision, thus far, BB10 looks too plain. It suggests that some of those essential elements may be too far away. Of course, I am speculating, but this is based on what I've seen of BB10 so far. I hope development has gone beyond the bare bones.

We keep talking about the flow. I can dig that, but I hope app integration (i.e., superapps concept) is even stronger in BB10.

Anyway, you can also expect RIM will be keeping some secrets for launch. If all goes on schedule, RIM will have a long and wide 32 lane highway ahead paved for BlackBerry to excel! Hmmm, if so, my RIM shares will not only bounce back, they'll rocket right to outta space!! :)

BTW, as I write this, an Apple iPhone 4S commercial demonstrates what the iPhone can do without any words. This ad shows how easy it is the use the iPhone by just showing what it can do. I wish RIM's commercials were so compelling! I don't mind the personalized stories of BlackBerry users but you've got to show people actually using the device! Talk is cheap! Gee, just watching the IPhone commercial makes me think I can easily use the iPhone. Do you guys remember the teaser BB6 video? It was slick and sexy because it actually showed how BB6 worked! RIM needs more of the same.

That is just a pile of...Awesomeness!!! @James, great coverage! I would have been so giddy like a school girl. Clearly not the official, but even so there are some UI icons especially on the bar that could be slicker and refreshed altogether. Those icons seem final for the most part. Anyhow, I can't wait to for BlackBerry 10, I'm getting this no matter what. This wait is starting to give me insomniac nights.

I forgot to add in my previous post:
I investigated what blackberry was doing about applications which has put people off buying BB. Here is what I found:

- Android runtime allows simpe and quick porting (and free) of Droid apps to QNX
- Applications can be developed in HTML5. Applications for the smartphone can be distributed via a website, BlackBerry Desktop Manager or the BlackBerry App World storefront.
- BB has BlackBerry 10 SDK for Adobe AIR
- Develop feature rich UI's using Cascades
- BlackBerry 10 Native C\C++ SDK supports many open source libraries

I then checked all the top apps I use on daily basis available now in storefront and I found 100% of the all there! In fact the trading apps I have are full featured on Blackberry where on Android they are cut back die to security concerns.

Sorry but I have been in the technology game for 20 yrs and I will keep on buys RIM shares while the "pro's" are selling. My only fear now is they get bought out or go private before BB10 smashes the smartphone market.

RIM, stop teasing me so much and fast forward the release date! :-P

James, I'm jealous that you had a chance with the Alpha Device.

I thought I was going to wait for the first BB10 device with a keyboard, but that isn't happening. I began hating my DROID X mainly because it was all touch, but lately I've been missing the big screen. Hopefully typing really is a better experience on this phone. The day this is released I will have it in my possession.

I'm having trouble getting excited over this, though I appeciate Mr. Richardson's contribution here. I've just seen too much sunshine being blown up RIM's backside here; let's face it...this is a fanboy site (I say this not to be critical, but rather truthful). Negative feedback is not welcome, positive feedback is too often over the top. So it's hard for me to read this write-up and get excited that this is the actual goods. Perhaps BB10 is, or will be, amazing; sadly this isn't the site to communicate that. It's too biased.

I say this kindly, but when you visit a site that is all about BlackBerry would you really expect us "fan boys" to really bash our beloved BlackBerry's? The same holds true for the imore sister site. iPhone users will flock and praise the news whatever it may be. I say this for no debate, but maybe you should seek out sites like BGR or ZDNet that give reviews as is rather than to leave a comment like yours.

I specifically stated that, as expected, there would be no criticism...of course it's a fan boy site. And I say that without judgment. The point I was making is that this site is seemingly unable to convey an unbiased opinion, and for that reason, a "hands-on" is of little use, though I do appreciate the effort the writer went to.

But here's a thought; your suggestion that I have no business leaving a comment that expresses my opinion is precisely the problem that I'm trying to communicate.

Whats wrong with a little excitement over something we love Apple releases something and theres media coverage and fantastical news stories about how little jimmy was trapped in a well..but luckily he had his iPhone with him and was able to call for help....contrary to popular belief not everyone likes iOS or Android ....and you can post negitive stuff all you want just be prepared to defend that comment is all

Wow...fly off the handle much? First, to address your last sentence, precisely where did I post something negative? And to be clear, I don't have an iPhone, or an Android device. I have a 9900, and a Playbook.

My point was that this site has no consistency. In one article, the virtues of the physical keyboard are extolled, but in the next, that BB10 doesn't need it because the virtual keyboard is good enough. On the one hand, BB's are better than iPhones, because the latter are nothing more than toys, but a day later, an article about how great it is that more games are being released for BB's and Playbook. The common theme is that everything RIM touches is gold. I firmly believe that RIM could put a turd in a box, and it would be written up as the finest turd that ever there was. And that's the problem. If RIM can do no wrong, and if no criticisms can be levelled, then if I was the guy doing the hands-on, why would I write about it? I would know that, by a segment of the readership (including myself), the comments would be taken with a huge grain of salt.

It's not quite like the boy who cried wolf, but it's close.

And for the record, I hope RIM does well, but blind faith won't save them. The people at this site won't save them. Although the readers here might be prepared to buy a turd in a box, theres not enough such buyers to turn things around. They better make sure it's no turd.

Oh RIM does plenty wrong as does everyone else and after reading the post again forgive me I think I was manstrating.....lol

I can now say, with full confidence, that I will pre-order BB10 as soon as pre-order processes are put in place!!!

Yes it is tough not to become worried sometimes with all the negative news surrouning RIM and as Kevin stated before, almost any news until BB10 launches will be bad. But I am confident and I am excited to the extreme! Maybe what we saw in these photos was nothing new but the way it was presented just made me really happy. Sure I am one who lives by the 9900/9930 keyboard but I will not have a problem using full touchscreen BB10 when it is made available and if all else fails, I will still have my 9930.

But I am excited! Very excited! Excited for RIM, excited for CrackBerry Nation and the entire smartphone eco system!

2012 is destined to bring greatness and RIM looks like they have something cooking for us and I am proud to be a part of this amazing community of supporters regardless of the BlackBerry bashing that is constantly surrounding us!

RIMpire Strikes Back!!!


The tiles are very nice, did they say if they can be customized? The tile that is labeled pictures, did they say anything about if your own picture that you have taken would be shown on the home screen like the windows phones? I would like that, it shows attention to detail and that's what I like most about BlackBerry. I can't wait for BB10!!!

RIM for the win

Joe is bold

You forgot something very important: when you hold the "alt" key and drag to a number/symbol and release, does it switch back to qwerty or do you have to press the key again? As nice as the play book's keyboard is, that little omission is rather frustrating. Also, what about app switching from within an app? Was there a gesture for that or do you have to go back to the home screen every time?

I love how it all looks, and I am excited about having the device. I am wondering if you can have a clean screen where there is nothing on it, no icons, no widgets, just the wallpaper and the status far with the time and network info.

Thank you for bringing some insight into this conversation!

Up until this point I thought RIM bought several companies and were creating a brand new operating system, tailored to the power user, but I'm glad you cam along and cleared the air on their intention to support only one "swipe into message" killer feature.

RIM does not need saving, never has. When BB10 hits the market, it is the competition that will need saving.

Don't get me wrong. I am as excited as anyone about the new BB10 phones. BUT I am trying to keep an open mind and am wondering how will this compare to the iPhone. From the little I know and I am no tech person it looks like the new BB10 phone might be just getting RIM caught up to Apple.
What will this phone be able to do and not do that the iPhone currently do?
Please don't flame me I am a long time BB user just trying to understand.

Maybe it would be best to save that question and ask it again in a couple months when we know more about the OS.

I think we have only seen the tip of the TAT-berg. I am sure RIM's best kept secret here is TAT's influence....we haven't seen much yet

What do you think?

I agree there being awfully secretive of other features on the OS and it makes me wonder what other goodies are coming and when will they be announced

i'm liking it... looks very clean. kinda windows phone-esque on the homescreen. i dont think i'm leaving Blackberry yet at all.. i'm a lil smitten with this!

I like RIM's version of Swipe UI better than Nokia's Meego/Harmattan. Hopefully they can get developers on the BB10 ship and make a comeback. RIM has a chance now with Apple's iOS 6 not really coming up with anything ground breaking and Windows Metro UI is unimpressive.

Can't wait to get a BB10 phone as a complement to my Galaxy Nexus....

""""" Flowing between inbox, message and .pdf. Gotta love it! """""

This IS AN Orgasmic statement for us on webos that miss a reliable PDF viewer!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait to try ! Will they cause me to sell touch version for the keyboard version is the only question ?:)

After seeing this I am now a little stuck on what to do, either come back to BB or pick up WP 8. I currently have a Nokia Lumia 900 (still have my 9900 as well) and have made plans to buy the next WP release later this year but I'm not so sure any more. I'm loving the look of everything now I guess its a wait and see moment.

I already have the money for 3 BB10 devices ready to go just need them to be released I really am excited for these phones

Looks nice but personally I need a physical keyboard. I have a 4th generation ipod touch and use imessage to yack to my mom and make so many typing mistakes. I don't have large hands and it doesn't seem to get any easier.

Like many others have said, I am all about the physical keyboard, but looking at this phone and also owning a playbook, i can easily see myself adapting to this phone. Can't wait for the fall! :)

BB needs to stick to it's "roots" by elevating and perfecting the Keyboard experience. Like it or not, people still operate their phone while driving and a physical keyboard makes it that much easier. ***statistics prove that ALL texting related vehicle accidents that have taken place involved a touchscreen. No devices with a physical keyboard were involved.*** So, alright, I made that up but my texting and basic operation of my BB has been perfected because of buttons and the keyboard. WE DON't NEED NO STINKING TOYS and I believe that's where BB went wrong. They had the "biz" niche "locke & loaded" so it's time to reclaim their place in that regard by making that the 1st device available with BB10. Good luck RIM. You have legions of fans who simply love their devices. Stay and fight. The Business arena is all yours if you simply take it back.

Too bad that there are no pictures of the lock screen, that we've seen mock ups of (with the cinnamon toast notifications). Perhaps that hasn't been implemented yet though in the build they are demoing.

BlackBerry fans are awesome. I know it is a self serving comment but it is true.

Sure, we love our Bold/Torch/Curve devices but we have taken a beating in the U.S. Despite the relentless media and just uninformed people attacking BlackBerry every day. We are still here and we are still fans of the great BlackBerry brand.

I will get a BB10 the day it comes out but I will still keep my Bold 9900 at the ready. I love the physical keyboard and I'm open to the BB10 keyboard being awesome enough to actually make me like it but my trusty Bold will not be sold.

We can see a light at the end of the tunnel and we stayed true to our brand. My hats off to all BlackBerry fans. We are almost there.

Although RIM was too late for me (switched to a Galaxy Nexus in January and am loving it), it is nice to see that they are finally turning a corner and producing something worth talking about. Hopefully it will bring some more innovation to the smartphone market.

Exfactor besides being a troll... If you want to talk about rim ripping off apple, clearly that's been apples m.o for decades. But like the blind sheep apple users are they are gullible for the same old same old.

RIM is building bb10 from the ground up. If you enjoy the outdated ios be my guest. Ios is past it's prime with the same boring look every new model. How is that siri working in Canada for you. Wait it's practically useless.

Can't wait for bb10. Will show all the trolls who is innovative once and for all.

Sent from my playbook with Flash and the highest ratings for tablets in the html 5 test. BB 10 it will smoke all tablets even higher in the points.

Don't bother talking logic to the iMoron (aka exfactor, aka douchefactor). He is blinded by sheer stupidity and the sun (while he waits in line for his new iProducts to come out).

Did anyone else notice the 1337 ? I think this was already seen in some demos with this device. It seems the clock doesn't change. lol.


I notice this as well, this demo device obviously doesn't have a running clock, and appears to be exactly the same as previewed at blackberry world.

RIM is likely not willing to throw a current build on the device: with the number of updates to the build they probably don't want to take the chance of letting someone preview buggy (beta) software.

I think this is all fake. Mails in the screenshots are from April. I think we allways see the same old screenshots. So nothing new for me at the moment.

Everybody is dreaming of a bright future for BB10 but we have to be a little realistic. It's still at least 5 months before the release. What about Apps ? Do not get too excited yet, you might be very disappointed.

In RIM's defense they are doing everything right regarding apps. Holding the BB10 Jam around the world, giving devs on other platforms the chance to see how easy it can be to port to BB10/QNX.
I think the number of attendees at these events speak for itself.

Caught on the fence between the full touch screen or keypad, but to help me out is my Trustee PlayBook, will up grade it to BB10 and if the touch experience wins me over, would buy the first BB10 device as soon as its released.
Great post James!

I can't wait till BB10 come out. I'm now with Android (S3) and i'm very please with it. My PlayBook begging for new BB10 :)

Great post James, lm still a bit unsure about a touchscreen only device. We will have to wait and see.

James, give us an idea on how BIG, SMALL and THIN is this new BB10 phone?

From the side by side comparison photo with a white Bold(?) or Curve(?), it looks like it's smaller than a Bold 9900?

Looking good! Hope the apps will keep up with OS innovation!

Patience my young padawans..... for the Force is with us. BB10 will be in our hands soon and we will conquer the Dark Side. The Emperor of the Apple empire will learn humility in time. But we must not rush the release.... no, we must wait for the time to be right. The Force will guide us to the BB10 launch and all will be revealed.

As for Blackberry, the company has announced the delay of their Blackberry 10. Instead of releasing Blackberry 10 this year, the target release date for Blackberry 10 was pushed to next year. Despite this setback, Thorsten Heins, the CEO for Blackberry remarked that they are working "around the clock" in order to release Blackberry 10 by the first quarter of 2013.

The good, that screen looks tremendous, as crisp and clear as any I have seen and that's the dev device - not the final product - so I really look forward to the hardware if the screens are going to look like that - thats gonna catch a lot of eyes!

The bad as I see it - not having played with it - the "homescreen" looks like 4 widgets and I am not at all a fan of widgets I much prefer my home screen clear with one button access to applications ala Android. One negative I have found playing with touch screens is casual touches have unexpected consequences some not so good.

I echo the questions about battery life if all programs run live in the widgets especially. I have read some who believe that QNX will have a leg up in the power management area - and that will be a key IMHO and where BB10 has a chance to shine if it's true.

Seeing this raises as many questions as it answers - not sure how flow is going to work in every day life. I promise to stay tuned to further updates!

Maybe this was said earlier. . .but it looks like a combo of the new Windows system and some Android thrown in which when I consider the attempt to cross platform RIMS stuff with Android apps makes me wonder if they are trying as a fallback to make themselves an attractive takeover target to Google.

That being said, I guess for a touch screen device it seems nice. I am not that jazzed as I got my 9900 specifically for the keys. If there was a device with the screen length and physical keyboard (as I posited in a General discussion) I would be more "excited." Oh, and no damn little black clock!!!

I guess since I can give a care less about the zillions of apps and music ability of these touch phones and use my 9900 as a phone, email communicator my reaction is probably expected.

I'll wait and see obviously and hope that this proves well so I don't get an email from ATT telling my that my device being phased out and to get some other touch screen. . .

This is very impressive. So far this device or Windows Phone are neck and neck as an upgrade to my 9900. The one thing blackberry has to do is make sure the environment is perfect. My Playbook and this should be partners.

So what have we actually seen here? Looks like ios crossed with android on a lower resolution screen atm.

Actually I do believe Android has a "flow". Swipe down the notification bar and all notifications are accessible, as well as settings and ongoing apps. It's maybe not as polished as what I have seen initially from BB10 but it's there.

Lower resolution screen? The Dev Alpha device has a resolution of 1280x768. In other words, it is better than the "retina display" and slightly better than many of the Android devices which run at 1280x720.

The only thing that looks like iOS is the grid of apps. As others have said, it looks more like a cross between Windows Phone and Android. And its not a bad thing if RIM borrows UI ideas and conventions from others. Good ideas are good ideas, regardless of who comes up with them. This will be a good mix, with some additional UI features that are unique to BB10. And there is more we haven't been told about too...

Take the best ideas from everybody else and make something awesome. Nothing wrong with that. I like that it has borrowed UI characteristics from all kinds of devices. I can see WebOS in there, even old Nokia. And then they add the "peek" swipe gesture, which I think is the coolest part. The easier and slicker the multitasking is, and the easier it is to jump to notifications list, the better.

Lower resolution? This has a higher DPI than any of them, and that's the DEV Alpha, not even the finished product.

Also, you say IOS and Android crossed? Why? Because there are icons? Because BlackBerry did that on phones first, so if anything, it's PURE BlackBerry.

Have a wonderful day.

Sigh.... The retards are always in full force to bash everything that is RIM. I dont know what so hard in giving credit where credit is due. Low Resolution? How did dales arrive to that conclusion? That screen looks rather crisp to me ... FYI its the highest dpi on any phone ATM for that matter! So stop hating dude and enjoy the "sneak peek"

I thought the alpha device had 1280 x 720 resolution..meaning more pixels then most average android devices..and ios

What are the spec will be when it launch?? Anything close to S3 (4.8" Display, 2,200mAh, Quad-Core, 2GB RAM) ?? UI looks better than OS7.. I don't worry of to much apps as long they have those essential (fb, twitter, skype, whatsapp, bbm).. We always have option for the time being just wait till it launch.. and get a better taste of it soon!!

One thing concerns me a little. I love being able to hold and use only one hand on my 9930. This all because of the keyboard, dedicated menu and scroll buttons. Now the new BB10 will all be touchscreen and using gestures. Will it still be possible to use only one hand easily? I am not talking about laying it down using one hand. I don't think so. :( Or am I wrong?

Does anyone know if on the homescreen the 4 minimized apps can be thrown away like on the PlayBook? I am assuming you throw them away to close, but I have not seen this anywhere and I am wondering how they close the apps there


Feature for BB10 Homescreen (if its not already in there but we havent seen it)...

PlayBook allows buttons on the top to be functional, unlike other OS' where the top displays information about bluetooth being on, time, service, wifi...etc. What BB10 should do to distinguish from the competition is to have the top bar trigger a drop down menu of sorts (not similar to Android or Apple because those show Notifications)...BB10 swiping from the right will bring up notifications, this will be a tap on the status bar at the top to drop down toggle functions for bluetooth, wifi, airplane mode, landscape orientation, etc. Android has that in the dropdown menu within certain phones like SG3 will have it, not sure which else does. But RIM is all about business and business is about saving time and working efficiently, so what is more efficient than having all of your main settings one touch away...OR make it a gesture based movement, like swiping down from the top, although if it is like PlayBook swiping down from top will open App Menus...

Just an idea, and hopefully someone here on CrackBerry...KEVIN! can write an article about potential features we would like to see within BB10 on release...and pass this along to RIM!

I believe you can make feature requests for BB10 by filing it in the Issue Tracker.

Sucroid.com - Sweet apps for the fans

The OS looks great, but that's only part of the entire process of choosing a device.

As it stands, if it's anything like the playbook, I will have to pass. For starters, for the BB10's to be on par with Android it MUST have the following:

1. Support for consumer grade VPN (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN) - android has this.
2. Support for Netflix and skype - android has this.
3. USB host capabilities - at least for the BB10 tablets (I think Android has this).
4. Some sort of native Teamviewer support not via browser - android has this.

These are the limiting factors that my playbook has. As it stands, I gave it to my wife and she just uses it to surf the web. If it could do all that though, it would have replaced my laptop - like my Asus transformer prime has.

Why hasn't anyone asked the really important question yet? Or maybe they have and I just don't know it. Anyways:

When you say the BB10, are meaning that BB10 is the name of the phone or the OS? If it's not the OS, what OS will this new phone be operating? Will it be OS 2.0? If it is a new OS, what does that mean for those of us who currently own the Playbook? Will the Playbook get an OS update? If not, what should we expect in terms of bridge capabilities between this phone and the playbook?