CrackBerry Asks: What are you most looking forward to in BlackBerry 10?

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Jun 2012 01:37 pm EDT

A lot of things became much more clear about BlackBerry 10 thanks to the preview at BlackBerry World last month, and I'm really happy about the direction RIM is taking with it. It's not losing focus of being a communication tool and productivity tool first, which is what has made BlackBerry so useful over the years (but of course it'll rock at media and games too).

I'm super excited for a touchscreen experience that features a user interface optimized for one-handed ease of use. I'm loving the BlackBerry "flow" experience that will allow me to seamlessly traverse between applications. And as much as I love physical keyboards, I'm digging the innovation in the new touchscreen keyboard, which looks like it will be both easy and addictive to use.

And of course I'm loving that BlackBery 10 is based on the rock solid QNX platform. It's easy to forget that with 78 million BlackBerry Smartphone owners in the world but only a couple mllion (I'm estimating...) PlayBook tablet owners, that the vast majority of BlackBerry users (and most people in the world for that matter) haven't experienced just how much different this new platform is. All of the little BlackBerry annoyances of the past (hour glassing, running low on app memory, etc.) are history. The QNX platform is POWERFUL.

Question of the Week: So on that note, CrackBerry Nation, I want to know... what are you looking forward to most in BlackBerry 10? Sound off in the comments to this post!

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CrackBerry Asks: What are you most looking forward to in BlackBerry 10?




I am looking forward to the phone being RELEASED ON TIME.

And by on time, I mean sometime between now and the end of October.

So we know about the new keyboard, the camera, flow experience, and tom tom integration. Now still waiting for all those tat teaser aps and At&ts watson.

Big Man Thor telling me to "Rock and Roll this" on as the boot image. (boot image? lol)

Seriously, I just want the BlackBerry/RIM image to have changed respectively across the media. They're NOT BAD phones.

The BB10 phone has to be the ultimate communications device. Long battery life, fluid menus and applications. Video chat, wifi hotspot, durable and reliable. And dam it make the droids look like kids toys.

Actually I am still in love with my BB for the plasticky tactile keyboard and "All of the little BlackBerry annoyances of the past (hour glassing, running low on app memory, etc.)"

If it is only for virtual keyboard and no more of "All of the little BlackBerry annoyances of the past (hour glassing, running low on app memory, etc.)" because "The QNX platform is POWERFUL.", why I do not migrate to other OS such as iOS, Android, WinPhone and even webOS since long time ago?

And I do not understand why applications will be matters for BB since 78 millions people use it as a communication tool such as email and BBM? Remember our BB is a tool and not a toy.

I would love to see a version of BBM Video Chat. and i have to have a keyboard not a touch keypad.I am on my 3rd BB upgrade and have had great luck with all the devices. My 9900 is outstanding. I just want the company to succeed.
"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure"

A keyboard and for it not to look like an Iphone. Ive had a BB for 5 years because its productive/efficient, has a keyboard, and isnt an Iphone. Dont fall into the iphone look a like trap.

RIM not being able to sell this product. Im looking forward for RIM to fail. They release their products way too late. By the time they release it, the new iphone is already out. THEY DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MARKETING.

Bb10 will be the first full touch I buy. I thought I would wait for a bold style device but you can count me in on giving that new keyboard a go. If I can hit 40 wpm on it ill stay forever. I'm definitely looking foward to more gesture controls. I feel the playbook was huge first step in a wonderful new UI.


What I would really like to see, maybe a little bit of a stretch but pretty realistic:

Handset: 1.5ghz dual or quad core with 2gigs of ram an 8mp cam with front facing. I don't really care about onboard but sd card is necessary.

I think that a playbook 2 release is important. While I realize the pb hasn't sold all that well there is a pretty serious following among blackberry loyalists and there is amazing crossover between the two devices. Owning an ipad and an iphone or a gs2 and a tab is redundant but my pb is an extension of my bb.

We need to see a serious tablet, I'm talking quad core with 4gb ram (why not! Windows 8 tabs will easily hit these specs int the next 8 months) and rediculous connectivity, bt 4.0, 802.11ac, lte, dlna and bridge functionality that includes full media playback over both devices. With a 64gb pb a 16 onboard device with a 32gb sd card offers enough local storage for most people. Don't get me wrong usb host would be great but its not necessary for me.

Lastly RIM whatever you do do not call it a torch okay? If you want to release a slider and call it a torch I guess its okay with me(although really you should let the name die), but not for full touch. Idk what you should call it, but its gotta be good. We need to see real marketing in the shape of both a good name and showing the unbeleivable functionality that comes with owning a blackberry handset and tablet. I really take it for granted but I don't use my computer anymore. It just sits there gathering dust, my kid pulled up one of the keys on a quad i7 with 8gigs of ram and I really don't even care. My playbbok and my blackberry, my hope is that with bb10 they will be the only 2 devices I need to cover rverything.

I can't wait waterloo, blow us away!

I want to be able to go about a better life without the necessity to be a sleuth, half programmer or puzzle genius to load and use common apps on my smartphone (i.e. no special sideloading and following recipies). I want it to...
--make everyday things easier/seamless; intuitive
--bring me new capabilities that I want to use (e.g. let me do video chat with family and friends across different platforms)
--some features where we say "wow, I wish I had developed that".
--work with the Playbook for a great 1-2 punch when I need a bigger screen.

Keyboard: A touch screen with bigger buttons than the Torch so that I make fewer errors when going fast. Keys like the old Palm buttons that were easiest to use (even without looking). If I had to choose only one, it would be touch.

* Battery life comparable to the Razor MAXX 3300mah or greater

* USB Storage

* Fully developed document editor integrated with BB10 with support of 2003 - 201* word, excel powerpoint documents

* Easy navigation controls to access menu options of BB10 and other applications

* TRUE BB10 applications not android converted apps running in a android sandbox emulator.

* Revisit the storm 1 & 2 sure press touchscreen

* Microsoft SharePoint support

* VPN / Cisco Anyconnect support

* Corporate BES/BIS support like in OS 7.0

* Better Gmail support

* AF camera w/ flash

* Good speaker and voice hardware

* Touchscreen and Physical keyboard model

* Dropbox supports

* RDP support

* Flash support

* Robust audio codex support

* Robust video codex support

The UI experience and just to see how Blackberry 10 does plus ill be the first at my school to own one :D

1) bigger screen
2) smoother faster web experience
3) no reboot after installing/deleting app
4) no battery pulls
5) more iphone like

Personally,my bold 9790 is perfect to for me. Not looking forward to the possibility that bb10 might be fully touchscreen.

Same kick a** keyboard
Some new looks
The return of classic BB battery life(I mean pull off the charger 8am for work, get home and have 50% battery life left over after 8hrs of power use.)

These are all wants/dreams by the way.

I simply want my BB10 device to operate like a computer. I need to be able to open my instant messenger and chat, get onto the internet and surf, and read my emails, in full, without having to manipulate my fingers in such a way that I quit and hit the end key -- saving the reading for my computer. I don't need fancy tools, battery analyzers, memory usage meters, or 3D wallpapers.

My 9930 with BB10 should operate just like my Mac. I never have to reboot it to fix a problem, and I rarely have to update applications just to keep them running smooth. I use iChat, Safari, and iTunes, and when I'm done I click the red X and shut my computer. I never pull the battery, and it usually lasts me a full day.

If BB10 operates like a Windows 98 machine, or a Mac, eliminating the daily task of updating or restarting, it will succeed. If BB10 is designed like ProTools and I constantly have to update or reboot, I will most likely switch right back to my 7.1 device.

My 9930 has been the best phone that I've ever had, and I cannot commit to a BB10 device in October only because my contract isn't due for an upgrade until a year from now -- at which point I'll be shooting myself in the foot thinking about Verizon taking away my unlimited data.

Without trying to sound over confident or naive, I expect the Blackberry 10 platform to meet or surpass our expectations, otherwise why even have the discussion. But what i am really looking forward to is a killer looking piece of hardware, where just on looks alone makes the competition question their own design.

Oh and it goes without saying, the BB10 devices should do everything that a OS7.1 9900 does, so DLNA, wifi hotspot etc. There should not be features in the OS7.1 9900 that dissapear in the BB10 devices.

Some Apps that should be available, or functionality baked in:

- A QR code reader
- SSH / SCP client
- BeBuzz (or baked-in functionality)
- Google news reader
- Weather app
- Podcast app
- Documents to go
- remote desktop
- sharepoint
- faccebook
- twitter
- Files and Folders (I've heard they're building for BB10)
- number blocking / redirect to Voicemail (or baked in?)
- visual Voicemail
- lastpass and xmarks (and integrate into browser!)
- maps / navigation
- toysoft profile changer (or similar, or baked in)
- tapatalk

I want OS6 replicated! Give me ALL the functionality of OS6 and my 9780 in a new phone running BB10 and I will be pleased. Let me run the same on my PB and I will be double pleased.

/Device agnosticism or bust!


Tim Cook : "How desperate are you? You call on such immature OS to save you.

-Thorsten Heins : "How desperate am I ?! You have fooled my world with iBots and mocked their IQ, you pretend to give freedom, yet you lock my people in a walled Garden...You have made me very desperate !! You might not be glad that you did.

Tim Cook : "Ouhh...It burns you to have come so close,to have BB10, have power, QNX power ! And for what? The satisfaction of a couple more users.... and then to be reminded how the stock market is.

-Thorsten : Well let me know if the stock market wants a magazine or something.

Gestures, the innovative keyboard, a multitasking experience as good as or better than the PlayBook has and the damn straight sexiness of the outer hardware.

1) Quad Core, 4G & LTE that will encourage developers to bring there apps.
2) Sprint & Verizon CDMA must also have GSM for international use.
3) SlingBox
4) Skype
5) Instagram
6) Front Facing Camera with Front Facing FLASH.
7) Keep it the look like a mini playbook which will be easier for the accessory makers that will bring a lot more to both PlayBook and Phones.
With those will bring back alot or people to BB abd those that have Iphone and BB just for BBM will make them get rid of there Iphone and Driod and only have BB10.

I'm nervous that the BB10 devices will automatically close apps like the Playbook does when it gets low on memory. It's such bullsh*t and I'm so sick of it. Please fix it RIM.

The touch screen keyboard!! I currently only use the touch screen keyboard on my 9810 and I love it. However, after seeing the on on BB10, my jaw dropped! =-0

Games. QNX. Physical keyboard. Sleeker styling that'll make iPhone users jealous. Better display. Faster processor. Less hourglassing. Less lag. More space for apps. But improved BlackBerry experience.

RIM already did the best job just coming up with the original BB OS. With BB10 i am expecting an experience that is improved tenfold.

Its funny, most of my friends have iphones or andriod phones and every time they see me they say dude when r u gonna get rid of ur stone age blackberry and move on and i reply. u just wait and see what rim is coming oout with this year it will put all ur phones to shame and i will never join the apple cult or the andriod market haha!!! I AM BLACKBERRY!!!!!! It is part of my life and i need it to keep me organized and on top of my game not to play games and download usless apps blackberry for life!!! p.s. just bought a playbook and i currently own the bold 9930 and the only phone ill get as my next one will be a blackberry.

I want the best bb10 can bring forward with all the bells and whistles!! Rock solid, stable, secure, fast and great! Smooth and fluid too!

I don't have too high expectations for any company. I just want to see them succeed and make great products, that being blackberry from research in motion!!

A Bold full qwerty keyboard that not only rivals iphone 5 or Galaxy III, but takes at LEAST a half step up from them. Yes I know that would be a huge challange for RIM...But if they don't, and I mean this, have a "WOW" OS10 BlackBerry, then it's going to be a hard road to hold for RIM in the retail North American market in the next two years.

I don't care much for apps but would love to have a cool cloud service. What ever is on my PB should also be on my BB10 and vice versa. This the most important feature for me along with the BlackBerry flow that Thor showed us.
2. Front cam and video call facility to BBM and PB
3. Outlook sync if possible
4. Better PDF app
5. Qwerty keyboard or slider
6. Better battery compared to OS 7

What's of most importance to me is that BB10, is available, right away, on T-Mobile.

That's it. I'm actually considering dropping cellular service all together. Two things have kept me on cellular, one is Blackberry and the other is my plan at T-Mobile. (Cellular service at T-Mobile has been flawless for me.)

I'm out of contract now and the only reason I'm not dropping cellular all together is I'm waiting to find out if BB10 will be made available immediately upon release to T-Mobile.

I was so PO'd when Torch was released only on ATT, and after an extended wait, finally made it to T-Moble as 9810, of which I own.


Personally, I'm just looking for RIM to stay in business, and to survive. I can't imagine life if the BB device, as we know it, disappears. So let's hope and pray that BB10 blows the roof off of every analyst, critic, tech reporter, and the end consumer, because without all of that, we're done.

It is so easy. RIM should make 3 type of bb10 phones. A storm (full touch), a bold (9900 shape, maybe without yes,no,bb,return keys) and a budget curve full touch.

I will wait for a bold factor phone before getting bb10 tho, since blackberry keyboard is even quicker then computer keyboard, I could not sacrifice that advantage.

Seamless Touch as good as SAMOLED SCREEN. New application and games for young generations like Crazy TOM, Angry bird, Temple run etc. Good Battery backup and beautiful and rich look like 9900.

- Being able to kill a process without having to battery-pull or reboot the phone... go QNX!
- Multi-tasking, switching smoothly between apps without losing data, just coming back to where you left off.
- A Media experience that's on par or better to what's currently out there (high quality, camera, recording, speakers, display, etc... you know what I mean)

I'm looking forward to seeing what The Astonishing Tribe come up with in terms of the UX... Some of the most talented people in the UX game in my opinion. I think this is their first shot at a complete phone UI basically from the ground up.

The biggest thing I expect/want to see in BB10 is completeness. Under no circumstances do I want maintain BB10. A lot of emphasis in recent articles on CB has made it clear the OS must be that much more out of the gate. The people "who do" mantra cannot in anyway mean let me dig into the OS to fix thing or wait on RIM for updates. This has clearly not worked for the PlayBook

Another recent article on CB is whether the launch of the iPhone5 will affect the success of BB10, short answer - yes. It is a major competitor to RIM and has been so since it was launched, it will be no different now. Yes RIM and everyone including myself (I'm on my third BB phone & also the PlayBook) can take the optimistic road, nothing wrong there but superior competition is just that and very hard to catch up to when the bar has been set so high. RIM has catered too long to the "business suits" of the consumer market, leaving the "real-sumers" to simply make due. RIM must put out a product that is on par or close to the current competition. They cannot simply make due with putting out the best BlackBerry to date, but instead should aim for making it the top 4th or 5th phone available on the market - PERIOD!

Yes RIM has massive following but how many are ready, willing to move to BB10? Personally, if the new OS is that great and if I am happy with the progress RIM has made I will purchase the phone outright due to contractual obligations. Another big selling point for me is the PlayBook, how soon will we see BB10 available there and again, will it be of any significance for me to stay.

RIM has a long hard road ahead to make their way to being close to the top tier again but everything has to be on point. I wish them the best of luck for a number of reasons: exceptional competition is always good. They offer a great product. And its Canadian.

Don’t forget your classic BB customers.
How about a bit of change from consumer devices to industrial BB.
Think of people working in labs, very cold weather, need big fat battery life. Total IT Control, Some crisps of cloud storage.

Most important to me is the basics. Everything else is eye candy. If it doesnt do the things its supposed to really good it makes the entire experience bad. Email, web browsing, phone call quality,,,,etc. These are all the things that have aggitated me to the point of almost leaving BB. I hate that I have to pull my battery every other day to keep things working efficiently. Make the battery internal so that I cant pull it and dont even have to worry about pulling it. The OS has to run on day 150 like it did on day 1 without having to restart everytime i use the internet or download a new app.

I want to b able to customize my device.... I would like to b able to install old ringtones as well as the Blackberry font... I just dont want it to b simple like the Iphone. I jus was a good customizable theme phone with a good playlist and address book. Im looking for the details inside the details

I would like bb10 to have 1. physical Keyboard with all keyboard shortcuts (no long wait ) 2. Great Web browsing experience 3. Shorter booting time 4. FM. Radio

What I'm looking forward to BB10 having is an actual keyboard (no touch screen), available in at least 2 different colors on the release date and having about the same amount of apps as android and iphone. I really like using instagram, netflix and draw something on my itouch and its very annoying that I have to wait to find an internet connection in order to use it.

My contract with awful at&t is up next year in June, so I will have a few months to see if BB10 comes out with any of the apps that I like to use on itouch. If not, I'm going to have to get a phone from one of their competitors and I really don't want to do that. I've had 6 different BBs since 2008 and I wanted to continue to do that. I love BB very much and even though my family is no longer using BB anymore I still want to stick with it. Please RIM and BB app makers, don't let me and other longtime BB fans down by not coming up with more apps and a non-touch screen keyboard.

Honestly BB10 needs to work from the start no problems or waiting for a OS to fix issues RIM needs to get this right the first time and not 5 OS's later.

I work for a very conservative large privately owned US corp. our IT department keeps very tight control over all security. We (users) in the field aren't allowed to download apps to our pc or bb devices. I can't even beg or bribe anyone to get needed productivity apps. I've been following news of QNX powered BB10 along with everyone else. I was shocked yesterday when I heard that our IT department informed me that they are currently evaluating which device/OS to switch to for current planned device upgrades. I assumed that my company would be excited to move toward BB10. Is it possible that a lot of large scale customers (10,000 units) would not understand that rim is positioning itself for future? Or would you say that because of the negative press large scale customers are being scared to switch? I think that rim MUST start a large scale marketing effort to keep large users informed and excited about new OS. It seems that they have realized the importance of Devolpers but sadly missed the real customers. Personally i will be sad if we switch to crapping droids as rim releases awesome new OS. If the new marketing vp is reading here is a little advice. Get off your ass and get out and meet your clients and give them your message along with a little taste of what's to come. I've spent my career in sales and Ive learned a few basic principles don't take your clients for granted! If rim wants to regain market share and become relevant they must not loose my company or others like us. Oh one last thing that has bugged me. I learned that upper management within my company was provided iPads. I was surprised that they didn't get play books. I believe if rim is to succeed they must put a sales team on the ground a cement their market share within the corp environment. Remember carriers are not the client - it departments of companies are. Hopefully the QNX system is so cool that rim will be able to compete for everyday consumers but if they start loosing unit sales by the 1-5,000 at a time they will be dead before they know what hits them. If anyone of rim is reading - I would gladly submit my resume. I believe they must get in front of decision makers of all the large potential user user in north America and eu sooner rather than later!

Oh wow, these posts are more like demands. I just want to say that I understand RIM is behind and there is huge pressure on RIM to make the new BB 10 devices stand out. In an increasingly competitive market, I just hope the new BB 10 devices conform to what the average consumer wants and not what a particular niche market wants. With that said, I wish the best of luck to the continued success of BlackBerry and looking forward to purchasing a BB 10 phone.

I'm looking forward to a hardware keyboard like the 9930, preferably in a slider form factor to allow for a large screen (not larger that 4 inches).

I am looking forward to having a "real" smartphone again. I currently have a sanding s2 and while its a cool phone its more like a cool toy. I cant wait to have a cool blackberry again. One that does stuff I need not useless crap. Cant wait.

I'd like to see a capability to perform a true and complete backup. I'm tired of installing a new OS and then spending hours trying to rebuild my app environment. My 9810 bricked the other day and I still don't think I'm back the way I was pre-crash. This is really the only reason why I don't upgrade the OS unless I absolutely have to - it's just way too much of a hassle.

I can't wait for the media up date!! Anything to do with web browsing especially zoom and the constant checker boarding , especially watching videos is much of a hassle i'd rather just wait to search it on my Pc or Playbook.

Also touch typing is not good so I'm deciding on going full touch screen BB10 device because of the rumours that Rim may make a Bold like BB10 device. Also just the fluidness in general like the Playbook does now.

Torch 9810 , Playbook 64GB Wifi experiences.

No more spinning little black clock; no more battery pulls; a battery that lasts ala the 9700 length; a screen not jostled into touch screen frenzy; an auto focus camera; a front facing camera (with possible x-ray, cat scan device); a death ray; and a feeling of light euphoria as I lord my superiority over all below me with their other phones as mine . is. . superior (wait. . .that's Joachin from ST 2 . .so bad quote) . .but functional AND NO DAMN BLACK CLOCKS!! Unless it's a Movado and it comes free with purchase. . .or something like that.

I'm looking forward to the unique ability of QNX devices to communicate with each other. Not just phone to tablet but also phone or tablet to vehicle systems including stereo and engine diagnostics. I can see how beneficial it would be in the medical field. Direct links to heart monitors, glucose reader, blood presure monitors and an array of other devices. I think RIM with QNX is taking the mobile world past the smartphone era and into a true mobile computing one.

The physical keyboard model is just fine with me. I don't need a phone to watch movies or tell everyone where and what I'm doing. How about sharing the computing power of each phone to volunteer to use their phones for community applications. Create a way using the security of Blackberry to vote in elections. Keep the Blackberry identity with its features it has now like Bedside mode. Give me more Blackberry accessories like bluetooth dual headsets. More battery more battery more battery. It's ok not being the thinnest phone on the market, it's all about power. If the competition can put in a 3300 mAH battery why cant RIM? The current 9930 battery won't really cut the mustard. RIM is going backwards by cutting the size of battery to cut dimensions. Give us an advanced OS that will leapfrog us to the current standards. Blackberry identity is also a big thing for me.

BB10 OS is becoming most awaited thing in my life. I want to see the following things in it
1) It should be available both in physical keyboard & 4" or higher touchscreen.
2) It should support skype, Adobe flash, adobe reader.
3) Front camera for video calling, BBM should support Video Chat / videocalling (if skype not there)
4) Can select multiple messages with Shift key or addition of the control key will be great which will allow, CNTRL+C,CNTRL+P, closing programme
5) physical key for swaping between web tabs.
6) Custom equalizer in audio player
5) for Hardware 8 or 12MP great camera, with AUTO FOCUS with 1080P video recording. (with great quality) , more than 300PPI resolution
8) Indian maps

I want to copy all of my contacts (400) to SIM at once, not one by one. Even my old Sony Ericsson from 2008 could do that..