Sneak Peek: OS 5.0 Running on a BlackBerry Curve 8900!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Apr 2009 02:54 pm EDT
Sneak Peek: OS 5.0 on the BlackBerry Curve 8900

Last week when I posted our follow-up BlackBerry 9630 Review and took a look at OS 4.7.1, I made note that from what I had been hearing it appeared 4.7.1 in its current form on the 9630 would essentially be the same as OS 5.0 running on the Bold and Curve 8900 once updated (essentially, 4.7.1 will get re-labeled and become 5.0 at some point, as will 4.6).

Well we can wonder no more to similarity of 4.7.1 and 5.0 as the proof is in the pudding.. or.. err...  more like the video after the jump. A fan of CrackBerry's got us some footage of OS version running on a BlackBerry Curve 8900 that I've pieced together and uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

BlackBerry OS 5.0 Running on a BlackBerry Curve 8900

** note: at the end of the video is a msg to 'click video for more info'...
just ignore that. clicking just plays vid again. my bad! **

Like the 9630's 4.7.1 operating system, OS 5.0 on the Curve 8900 shows off all the same new improvements - trackball 'flicking' through photos, media memory statistics screen, Storm-like menu buttons, and more. We're hearing the web browser is still making incremental steps forward (it's apparently better at allowing you to scroll down the page even before things are fully loaded) and I think the coolest part of 5.0 is the new start-up screen. It still takes a while for the BlackBerry to load up, but gone is the 'white screen of death' in favor of a black screen with a BlackBerry logo and an actual indicator which shows the boot progress. BlackBerry Messenger also gets some tweaks.

For those not familiar with 5.0, you'll want to check out the BES 5.0 article Craig put together back in February after the RIM Enterprise briefing we attended in NYC. In the enterprise space, when RIM rolls out BES 5.0 (Argon), RIM devices will also get an update to 5.0 software just to keep things simple and in alignment. We've previously looked at some of the improved end-user functions coming in 5.0 like better mailbox and folder management and follow -up flags... now it's nice to see some of these other new tweaks will be included as well. Good on RIM for keeping the lineup current - it's nothing revolutionary, but it's yet another nice evolutionary step. RIM has been gearing-up for a BES 5.0 roll-out for WES this year (gotta love these acronyms!) so it won't be long before we're hearing a lot more 5.0 news.

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Sneak Peek: OS 5.0 Running on a BlackBerry Curve 8900!


Doesn't seem THAT much different than the 4.6 OS but I like some of the added features. Hopefully it's a lot faster.

I'm more concerned with the Storm's 5.0 though. I'm really curious as to how that'll be improved. I'm hoping it'll be released for all Blackberrys at WES.

I have to agree, that looks and feels like an incremental upgrade that should just be a 4.6.2 or a 4.7.1 kinda thing, versus a full blow 5.0, which by its very name sets up expectation of a more complete makeover. So far all we've seen are some cosmetic changes, a few new functions to give you more control over your data, and that's about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm very exited about these updates, but I think RIM might be shooting themselves in the foot by calling this "5.0".

What exactly do you guys mean by threaded sms. The blackberry already shows you the last sms messages you sent and received in a neat list.

I am not even sure it is possible to do threaded SMS messages properly. Do SMS messages contain an identifier for the message they are in reply to? If not, your phone would have to guess which thread the message is related to when you get a new message.

Someone please explain this for me.

That explains it. Threaded SMS (although that may be what everyone calls it) is not terribly descriptive... Are you guys seriously up in arms about a minor feature like this? Really? Put some of that energy to convincing your friends to get blackberries and then you can just use blackberry messenger. Threaded SMS would make things a little easier though... To each his own I guess...

That's not threaded SMS. Threaded is when you go over the 160 character limit and the phone automatically "threads" it into a new message. Every phone I've had for the past 5 years can do that, save the Blackberries.

Threaded SMS is what iPhone has. That is what threaded SMS is. It would be amazing for BlackBerry to get. Makes it very clean.

can not agree more! I like current BB's SMS interface, but I would say the iPhone's SMS interface is just awesome

I think they want to keep the OS to look like they always have. That's fine with me, as long as they make it perform much better.

I agree, I have no problem with them leaving the look/interface the same but I would hope that the underpinnings of the OS would be improved. I.E. more speed, added functionality.

Looks good. Great as always Kevin. I'm a big fan of consistency so I'm glad to hear there is going to be greater level of it across devices. I plan on buying a 9630 so I'm psyched that it will be keeping up. Are Storm users going to be left out in the rain though so to speak?

Oh please let a build be leaked for the Bold soon. I know a lot of these improvements are incremental but I'll take an upgrade where I can get one. I'm running right now and it is pretty damn fast, so I'm eager to see what kind of impact 5.0 will have.

I don't mind the OS, but seriously, where the hell is threaded messaging? I completely agree with whoever else said it. All of the other 'smartphones' have it. It can't be that hard to write.

Please. Let's get it? :(

i want threaded SMS. it really isnt hard because BBm does it so i dont understand why they just can do it with SMS. it is really annoying!

This os has gotten my motor running so to speak. I want this now. Is this something that is going to be on just an update to all of the bb that are out now. If so how long do I have to wait.

Does anybody know if the BlackBerry App World will com pre-installed on future versions of the OS?

This os looks great, im hoping for the same thing as the above poster....better battery life. I love the new bootup screen, and scrolling through the pictures.

Is there any word whatsoever as to a release or beta leak of this os?

I'm with UrbanGlow on that one, I want to see how much the Storms OS has improved, I've been playing with a few iPhones and G1's lately and I REALLY want flick scrolling on my storm! It would make things so much easier and faster. The start up screen is nice it makes it look more elegant then some ugly blank white screen. Let's cross our fingers Storm owners!

If you'd ever used a later Palm Treo/Centro or an iPhone (sorry, it was the one messaging feature they got right) you'd know exactly what it was. It's a little thing but it makes SMS so much more useable. In threaded SMS you have a conversation, just like MSN or BBM.

Appears on the phone display something like:

You said:

Your contact says:

You said:

etc. etc...

...but I don't understand how that is very different from what is currently offered. I mean, I'm sure it's slightly different, but where's the real benefit? After clicking on a message, I already see the last X messages between me and the selected contact, with who sent the message.

I dunno I just cannot stand that theme...they need new RIM built themes. I will likely stick with the T-mobile theme I like even though I use ATT.

I'm a storm user, but seeing how well 5.0 is working on this curve really helps to keep me optimistic. I have seen how well and how fast the OS works on other BBs and I know that our phone will catch up soon. 5.0 looks great and I can't wait to see it rolled out for the entire BB line.

I have a Verizon Storm, May I have a unlock Code for that?
I called verizon and told me they could unlock it because the phone was just activated last February, they will just unlock my phone after 6 months. =(

I cant wait for that... Please help. I have my IMEI number

pleaseeee =)
thanx a lot

Really? No one wants to hear your whinning because no one can help you... go buy an unlock code.

Personally, I think you should be stuck with an locked phone just for being annoying and stupid.


Where's the good stuff ? You can open pictures faster ? Is that it ? And they made a whole new OS version for it.

1st off, viemataray, go buy an unlock code if you want one so bad, no one here can/will help you with that for free.

2nd The storm already has flick scrolling!! Go to your pictures and give it a try!

Lastly, the OS looks sadly familiar to be such a huge jump in builds! Compared from 4.2 to 4.5/4.6, the 5.0 is disappointing in my opinion! Dont get me wrong, the added features are nice, but it looks just like my Bold and Storms OS at the moment with a couple added options and features. Nothing that big to me. I want a copy to see for myself!!

Unfortunately I don't know how the 8900 usually runs to compare. Wanna impress us? Show us a Storm running this!

I read on CB that 5.0 OS will also support apps loaded from SDcard. This is what will shuttle in stronger, more memory intensive apps since the onboard is so tiny, it shud be fully dedicated for RAM.

Can't wait to install infinite apps!

I use Aerize Card Loader to store, install and run apps from my media card. Its really nice cause I don't have to ever worry about filling up the device memory. You can get it at

I highly recommend this app to anyone with a BB.

I love the new flicker on the pictures.

I just discovered that the menu hold brings up the app switch on my bold already (running .247).

Overall though, i'm a bit disappointed. I really thought that when 5.0 came out it would be a big change and maybe something revolutional. It's just some minor tweaks...I still love you Blackberry!!

It should be Illegal for RIM and Verizon to release a phone like the Storm and its sh!tty software and them release the storm2 in september 09. Im gonna be sooooo pissed if they do. Havent even fixed the initial device and their already working on another?!? mother effers!

Who the heck gave any official word on a Storm 2??? I wouldn't believe that nonsense. There's no way they're gonna release a Storm 2 in September. Stop believing every thing you hear!

is everyone complainging about threaded sms? my storm supports it. at least i think it does it has the entire conversation with the contact. all in a row is that not threaded? i can hover over the message and do it with email to huh?!!!?

Looks great. Although OS allows the menu hold--> application switcher.

Looking forward to even slicker OS in 5.0. It would be cool if there were a few breakthroughs though. Kind of expected when its a fresh start at X.0.

Any word on when this might be leaked?

Just because it is labeled 5.0 doesn't mean it needs to be a HUGE overhaul. If anyone has used a Storm for more than a week and then went to a Bold/8900 then you can see HUGE differences and want them now. I could care less what they call it, I just want to get personalized SMS/MMS ringtones for each contact, I like to have a different SMS tone for my GF than everyone else and I had that on my Storm. I should probably just stop reading comments on posts since nobody can be happy about getting a new OS, everyone must complain about something, do us all a favor and quit BB and join all the Tweens that have an iPhone. Seriously, it is an UNFINISHED OS and nobody knows 100% if it will not have more added features by the time of release. The reason why it doesn't look like a complete overhaul is because its using the DEFAULT theme. They obviously didn't add a new theme yet and why should they. Most of you have a BB just for a status symbol, not because it's actually useful, so again I say, you want a complete overhaul with each and every new OS, go buy an iPhone. RIM doesn't have 800000000 programmers to be working on 1000 new features all at once and it will come in time. It's a matter of making money, RIM is on a schedule set by the carrier and if they cant keep their end of the deal to finish by that time then they lose money. Sorry that RIM is out to make money and not make you babies stop crying.

I go to school here in Waterloo and benefit directly from RIM making money, and I promise its nice. It sounds a lot like you must be very important using your blackberry, important enough to complain about other people. I expect your girlfriend is really depressed you can't tell her sms's from the "800000000" other people who text you.

Please, oh please let this be released for the 83xx devices...

I know a lot of you guys (and gals) with fancy 89xx, Storm and Bold devices don't see this release as a big deal, but I suspect that RIM is just trying to get everyone on the same OS, and I hope they won't forget the original Curve users.
We've been stuck back in the dark ages of 4.5 for so long...

Huh? I just got into the "Dark Ages" with my 8830. OS 4.5 combined with a new 2 GB microSD card makes me feel like I got a completely new phone! I don't have my hopes up for 5.0 on the 8830 though, but the 9630 will be here soon enough.

So this pile of happy horse shit is RIM's next gen OS? Well, I'll be leaving BB when the time comes to get a new phone. Get with the freaking times people! Palm released the same OS over and over again with a new icon set for a decade! Look where they are now! RIM is doing the same damned thing. I predict by 2015, we will view Blackberry the same as we look back on Palm Pilots now. What a waste...

The real major upgrades are in the BES system which is being updaed to 5.0....the ONLY reason they are releasing this as 5.0 and not 4.8 is to keep things consistant...its not hard to understand. So no, there are no major upgrades to the OS but there are major upgrades to BES so TOGETHER it is a big upgrade.

Yes. Everyone please realize that if they called this 6.0, it would still be an incremental upgrade. 5.0 is JUST A VERSION NUMBER! That's all it is. It's like when you turn 45. The day before you were 44, and today the only thing different is your version number :).

In other news, incremental upgrades are often better than huge jumps because the more features you add to some software, the more bugs you add. Take the storm vs bold for example. Over time all of the little steps add up and you realize that you have come a long way.

Thanks for the video!! Now the big question is.. When will it be out?? T-Mobile to release an OS usually takes forever. Let alone RIM. Can't waittttt!!! lolz.

I noticed when he brought up the memory statistics in the media app it only showed 12.7MB of device memory free.
Sorry, but if that is all that remains after installing the 5.0 OS forget it. Either he's loaded up with tons of 3rd party apps & emails or the OS is taking up all that space.

My 8900 shows around 123MB free memory with about 20 3rd party apps, emails etc. with the 4.6 OS.

Performance would start to suffer with only 12.7MB of device memory left, at least it did when I had my 8320.

I'll pass on 5.0 if that's the case.

In response to jaybrad's post....maybe not as much device memory is needed since the external memory can be used now for applications now. I still don't know why the device memory would be that low though. Shouldn't it be higher? Weird....

What I want?

A. Improved battery life. As it is my battery lasts about 3/4 of a day using Viigo, TwitterBerry, MySpace, FaceBook, BeeJive, and iSkoot on a regular basis.

B. Faster loading times. Both on battery pull and loading of applications.

C. Faster GPS. Apps like Google Maps takes forever on the "Waiting for GPS" screen. When GPS is found it's about half a minute behind.

D. Faster push of corporate e-mail on BIS. As it stands I get my GMail before my computer does. But MS Exchange takes it's good time.

Basically everything else is unessential. Sure threaded SMS would be cool. And flipping through pics would be soo much easier. But they are not a make or break of a phone.

Of course I am judging based on an 8900 running

So once OS 5.0 lands on 83xx devices, will we be updated with the new Precision themes found on all the recent devices? Or will we be stuck with the ugly old Dimension theme?

i think im most excited about the flicking through photos. that is something that should be on old ones to begin with. i even spent a regretful 5 bucks on swooshphoto to get this similiar effect.

This is hopelessly outdated. Get an Android, a Palm Pre, or at least an Iphone... I don't understand why people still get these things...

what is wrong with that pic. i cant believe you all are not up in arms. with the storm we have a gap but that's because the screen moves and folks complain. why is there a gap on that phone are you 8900 complaining about dust or pocket lint? also SMS should be dropped since it seems like every wants to send a long boring text message which is what sms is not for its for short messenger system. we should have mms and email screw sms then you all would be happy goats.

Does everyone need to cry over an improved system. The upgrades are gonna keep comeing and we will keep DL'ing them and slapping that shi% on our phones til we or the phones die. Shut up if ur complaining. Otherwise rejoyce in flick scrolling on ur pics "nice" and somehow file sharing through a new "Files" feature in your downloads folder if u can figure out the latter congrats! Seriously though folks without all the numbers its just another system upgrade, just take that stuff and impatiently wait for the next one to come out. Just cause it is 5.0 dont mean ur berry is all the suden a mustang V8. If everything was fixed at the same time all that shi% would be screwed up! Ill take small fixes over none at all. Oh yah, QUIT CRYING. p.s. if this message in no way applies to you please make some kind of attempt at not being offended.

so i guess i just read the first page of cry babies and before i responded only to find after i posted that a couple other guys have the same openions as myself, so sorry bout the plagerism next time ill start by reading the last page before responding. oh yah QUIT BITCHIN