RIM applies for more mobile device fuel cell patents

RIM Fuel Cell Patent
By Adam Zeis on 11 May 2012 09:35 am EDT

A few weeks back RIM received a patent for a fuel cell on a mobile device. It looks like their pursuit carries on as they have applied for more patents regarding fuel cells. The new patents are for the frame of the device and the "tank" itself, showing off a different design than we've seen before. Some pretty cool stuff here should it ever find its wat to market devices. We're not expecting these to show up in BlackBerry 10, but it is definitely something RIM looks interested in for the future.

Source: USPTO Via: Engadget

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RIM applies for more mobile device fuel cell patents


It would be interesting to find out how many patented designs actually make it to an end product. It is interesting too that we are starting to see more of RIM's patent applications. Are there more patents being filed or are we simply more interested in what may lay ahead of us?


You know the Prius has an engine, not a fuel cell? Mind you, it is a lovely engine - 4 valve, slipper piston, reduced friction materials, variable valve timing, and with electric motor integrated into the structure. I would like my next BB to be as well engineered as my Prius.

I'm still missing the usefulness of this. . .it sounds like it's just another kind of battery just more likely to explode. . .LOL

Definitely an idea for the future.

If a bit of hydrogen or methanol will power a device for days/weeks I'm all for it. I think batteries will rule for the forseeable future.

/Device agnosticism or bust!

Not joking!!, I come home to just see for, i dont remember the number, time Back To the Future. :D

Sorry for the off-topic

Live Long and Prosper!

Interesting news. It seems that RIM is looking at the future. From BB10 to this. It looks like they're trying to regain the title of the one who shaped the smart phone market. Innovation.

Man I love the Crackberry community just look at these comments, any other site the comments would be a bunch of arguing and fighting. Where here you can tell the excitement and no one putting other people down for there post. Loved the Prius comments and the replies to it. Everyone here is enjoying each other comments and workign off of it. I hope this end up in our hands down the road. Screw induction charging I have a fuel cell in my phone hahahaha.

With all the new things going on @ RIM, it looks like RIM has developed the attitude of: " Our stock sucks, and that's ok. We have $ in the bank and we're in this to win it. So pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, time to get sh*t done and rock and roll this!"

I love it. Go RIM. Innovate to hell and back because we know you can do it. :)

Soooooo, I guess there will be a new section on "Who survived dropping there phone?!". No more complaints on scratches and cracks...it will be more like, anyome else dropped their phone and blew their leg off? Or hey, my boss wanted to borrow my phone so I threw it to him and blew him and his desk out his window!

Fun times.

Some names:

BlackBerry Soul - because "soul" sounds like "sol"... NO.
BlackBerry Stride - sounds a bit like "estrella", and UV rays take a long stride towards Earth... maybe, but I don't like it.
BlackBerry Wave - NO NO NO.
BlackBerry Sun/BlackBerry Solar/BlackBerry Star - NO. Too easy
BlackBerry Ra - Heck NO.
BlackBerry Bright - See last one
BlackBerry Helio - We'll get sued, so NO.
BlackBerry Fusion - It has a chance, but that's setting expectations too high... it's quite risky.
BlackBerry Green - LOL, just call it a GreenBerry, then!
BlackBerry Discover - since you can go anywhere without charging it... good in theory, but NO.
BlackBerry Aspire - maybe.
BlackBerry Azimuth - It's bad when the majority needs a dictionary to understand it... NO.
BlackBerry Freedom - Too American-y. Not universally agreeable. NO.
BlackBerry Viva - Just NO.
BlackBerry... Rubicon? - This could be it. Cross the Rubicon = point of no return. But with this, at least you don't need a socket

I'm out of ideas, and I used a thesaurus. I like BlackBerry Fusion the best, but it better be top-of-the-line! Aspire and Rubicon are also decent choices, but Fusion just gives that essence of such power, without being too showy. Besides, the sun operates through a process of fusion, so it makes sense.