Take a peek at the upgraded camera coming to BlackBerry 10 smartphones

By Michelle Haag on 1 May 2012 08:17 pm EDT
One of the features I think a lot of people are super excited about with the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS is in the camera. Not only have they added face detection to the camera, they're also adding the ability to go back and forth in time. This means that if someone blinked when you were taking the picture, you can isolate that person and adjust the photo for the perfect look. Also, the screen is touch sensitive, allowing you to touch anywhere on the screen to snap the picture. I am personally looking forward to these features as I take a ton of pictures with my BlackBerry.I wonder what other features they may be adding to the camera or video camera in BlackBerry 10?
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Take a peek at the upgraded camera coming to BlackBerry 10 smartphones


no worries, this will be another feature in iOS6 on iPhone5, and its going to be released sooner than any BB10 device.

Hey apple fan boy.. get out of here. This is a site for BLACKBERRY FANS! Nobody said anything about iPhone. Atleast we have a test device for developers with it on pictures and videos. Blackberry is back! Alive and well. So excited!!


Holly smokes!!!

Goodbye 9900...hello bb 10.....

videos like this motivate me to start developing for BB 10 platform...

Hey Michelle, or anybody at the conference,

Please take this opportunity to ask RIM about the camera shutter sound! Is it still impossible to turn off in BB10? Will they continue to disable apps that silence it like QL?


Holy smoke Batman! This is crazy mad! I'm a photogrpaher,...and this capabiity in a digital camera is the hottest featuret since the release of Nikon's lord of darkness D3 DSLR!

Go RIM,...Go!

Have Torch and PB,...Will Travel!

I may have lost faith in Blackberry but my God this Blackberry10 is SUPER COOL! This camera app especially..... OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

this is probably a one shot deal. if you take another picture you probably can't go back to older photos and fix it.

Probably, which is also a good thing as your files will be huge. It look like the camera is actually recording video (probably less than 24fps) up to and including the point the picture is taken.

The whole point is that when you take the pic if the person eyes are closed or whatever, it can be immediately fixed without retaking the pic. Usually when you take a pic, the first thing you do is preview it to make sure it came out good.

This is a cellphone with a camera and you only wip it out to take a quick pic, not one you would use on a photo shoot taking a bunch of photos then going back to edit photos later. My goodness, you people just take everything BlackBerry and look for a fault. This is complete innovation and no mobile phone is doing it.

+1million for BlackBerry.

This is ALL RIM!!! No one else is going to have anything like this for a long time. GO RIM!! Every dog has its' day, and your turn is right around the corner with BB 10. If these are just a few of the things this phone will be capable of doing, I wonder what other tricks are up their sleeves?

Nice job

Looks Like Rim is really putting RESEARCH IN MOTION with this one!! I would pay full price for this one!

This is going to be awesome for celebrity BB sightings! Absolutely ahead of the competition. Usually the camera is a non selling point for me, but I would give up some megapixels for this feature any day.

nobody has mentioned anything about taking pictures in a sports situation, you can get the perfect shot on the puck crossing the goal line or a great moment during a game. When I take a picture during Game or some other active scenerio I would always love to be able to rewind or adjust.

So great !!! awesome Job RIM

This feature is cool, but useless unless the camera itself is very, very good. iPhone 4S (and even Nokia N8) is at the point where you could realistically replace most point 'n shoots. The N8 especially. The PureView will be / is even better.

I don't expect the new BB10 device to be PureView equivalent or even N8 with the xenon flash, but it will have to be at least comparable to the 4S, given that it's late to the game and competitors have caught up and the iPhone 5 is likely to be out around the same time frame as well.

Where did you read that the iPhone had a zoom lens, like just about all modern cameras? It doesn't, and no, it cannot replace even quite a basic one except in a few specific cases. Apart from the people who have to boast that their phone has more pixels than someone else's, the laws of optics mean that there are no real performance improvements to be had in a camera that will fit in a phone, so all the improvements have to be in speed of focus or software.

The simple ruthless real-world fact is that, in terms of picture quality, there is absolutely no substitute for the size of the lens aperture, and the depth available to put in more correcting elements. As phones get thinner and lighter, there is simply no point in adding more pixels. Indoors, the only improvement that can be made is a brighter flash to get more light through the tiny lens and reduce noise.

I frequently see people talk about the 4S camera like its something other than a spectacular piece of crap. This is foreign to me.

My wife has a 4S... I have a 9810.

I have a whole folder on my facebook page of pictures she could not take with her crappy iphone that came out beautifully on my 9810.

Its the 1st time in a long time that I have been totally in awe of something new. I cant wait for the new phones and hope that RIM come out all guns blazing with these and get back up to where they rightly belong.

Great stuff, would like to know if individual faces can be adjusted separately i.e we saw the woman's face getting the time adjustment but could the guy's face be also adjusted separately with out affecting the previous change?? That would be so awesome!

This is definitely a great feature. What it's really interesting to me is that whatever resolution the photo is being shot at,the "video" being captured along with it is at the same size. Most cameras don't record video at the same resolution as still images.

In my photography business, I would love to have this ability in my pro equipment. The fact that it is coming to a phone is very intriguing.

I am new to phone technology, but love my Torch and Playbook. There is only one other thing in the world I want and that is BB10! Just some of the videos I have seen feel like i'm living in the age of robots


Awesome. Now this feature will be useless for companies who want to keep things secure and opt for phones without a camera.

I really hope RIM has STRICT patents on all their cool new innovations, we know how people like to copy and steal ideas.

Exciting. The camera is one aspect of the BB phones that is still decidedly lacking compared to other similar phones.

It's been awhile since anyone posted here, but I was just thinking how much I loved the places feature on the iPhone's photo app. I would love to see a feature like this a part of BB10. I travel a lot and think it's awesome to show someone where the photo was taken on a map.