Organize your life with Many Notes for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Many Notes for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Zach Gilbert on 21 Apr 2012 05:16 pm EDT

If the absence of a note taking application on your BlackBerry PlayBook has you searching though App World for an alternative, you may want to take a look at Many Notes from developer Many Notes combines your typical note taking application with the organization of a bulletin board, allowing you to create notes and move them around on the screen and put them into groups, or just go all crazy and scatter them every which way. It’s truly up to you.


  • Auto-save & Fast Entry
  • Drag & Drop organization
  • Copy & Paste  
  • Predictive-text & Spellcheck  
  • Portait & Landscape  
  • Expansive canvas  
  • Add & Delete notes  
  • Make notes wider and longer  
  • No titles, tagging, manual saving, or anything else to slow you down!

One of the cool features of Many Notes is that you never need to save a note; it’s all done in the background automatically. Many Notes is available in BlackBerry App World and retails for $2.99. It's a great alternative to the Bridge note taking application that requires you to have a BlackBerry connected.

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Reader comments

Organize your life with Many Notes for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Seems decent enough, so i took a chance on it. Reminds me of the original InfoSelect, or the Basket application for KDE. But it's mighty thin as to documentation -- is there, for instance, a search function? Kinda useless without one and all but useless if only the author knows where the search function is hidden.

And of course we need to learn if it would work with the RIM mini keyboard, should one ever come to exist.


Really? I know where they can be ordered in the event they get manufactured, and there are said to be some in Canada, but basically they exist only in photographs. Though it has been claimed many times they would become available RSN. All the dates associated with the RSN claims have come and gone.

Why, do you know of a place they can be purchased (as opposed to purchase a promise to send one when and if they ever get made)?


The Source in Canada has had then at a supposed discount of $99, and they have been reviewed here. There have also been threads in the forums by people who have one. What - if they are not available in the USA they don't exist? Typical. Yes, they are hard to come by, but don't say 'they are not been made' or 'don't exist'!

One chain in Canada does not availability make. The Blackberry store says they are no longer available for sale. ShopBlackberry has the ability to, um, "preorder," and has sent notes in late March saying they would be available the first week in April and, hilariously, on April 16 saying they would be in stock mid-April. Snide remarks notwithstanding, it is a fact that if RIM considers Canada to be its primary market, it is even more troubled than the gloomiest analyst has suggested.

That RIM has again promised a product that a month after the announced release date does not exist suggests that its freefall has taught it nothing.


Again with the 'does not exist' - that would mean it's NOWHERE in physical form - which is certainly not the case. Read the post below.

No, it means that it does not exist in a form in which persons wishing to acquire it may, per the announcements of it. Its existence hinges not on there having been a few built but on the full criteria of the BlackBerry announcement: that it would be made readily available to BlackBerry PlayBook users on or about March 23, 2012. Which did not happen. Nor has it happened since then. Nor is there cause to believe it will happen while there's still the slightest interest in it. Which is sadly typical for RIM. There's a certain degree of excitement at the time of announcement, and some of that excitement translates into sales, and if you have nothing to sell then you lose those sales. RIM has not seemed to have grasped this and is all the time announcing -- and even demonstrating, ie. native email -- stuff it does not have for sale, then announcing release dates, then ignoring the release dates and making excuses.

The original announcement did not say that it would be made available only to a few hundred customers of one chain store in Canada. Which would have been true. And based on its own website, there seem to be no more on the horizon. Yet people wonder why RIM is sinking into the briny deep.

Lord, even HP managed to ship the bluetooth dedicated keyboard for the TouchPad, and they were in the TouchPad business for what, 60 days.


Alot of us have them including me. Picked it up from a Source store. That's in Canada. Don't know where to get one in the USA, but I think there are Source stores there as well. It might still be called Radio Shack there.

How does it compare to Evernote?

Gotta love that app .... it's an everyday item for me because I keep ideas on stuff as well as books and music etc that I come across that I'm not going to buy right yet - but want to at some later point.

Evernote have given up on the PlayBook app - it's been broken for 2 months now and they don't really seem to care.

If it could automatically synch with a cloud drive of my choosing, I would be interested. I use Evernote but the PB app is pathetic.

Evernote have given up on the PlayBook app - it's been broken for 2 months now and they don't really seem to care.

I purchased Many Notes a bit back and have been using it a lot. I really like that you can view and work on multiple notes simultaneously. It helps me get organized and well worth the 2.99.

I ordered and got my Blackberry mini keyboard on march 23rd. Works great. Saw the local Source had them in stock for the same price.