Smartphone Round Robin: An iPhone User’s Final Thoughts and a Treo User’s First Impressions of the BlackBerry Curve

BlackBerry Treo iPhone Side by Side

We are well into Week #2 of the Round Robin, with everyone now onto their second smartphone of the month. I survived a week with the AT&T Tilt and am now using a Palm Treo 680. I don’t have my initial impressions up yet as I ran into a small snag – the unlocked Treo I received didn’t like my Rogers SIM card so I haven’t been able to get fully intimate with it just yet. I’ve still managed to play with the 680 and get to know it, but without a SIM card inserted it’s just not the same. I received another unlocked Treo 680 today (SIM card is working and the battery is charging as I type this) so look for my initial impressions tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought it would make sense to check in on how the BlackBerry Using Editors in the Round Robin have fared so far. Mike at PhoneDifferent spent a whole week with the BlackBerry Curve 8310 and has now moved onto the AT&T Tilt I was using, while Jennifer over at TreoCentral has passed the iPhone she was using onto WMExpert's Dieter Bohn and is now using the BlackBerry Curve 8310. Confusing I know, but THAT’s why it’s called a Round Robin! The best way to stay on top of who has what is by checking out the Latest Updates section on the official Round Robin website. Read My take on Mike and Jennifer’s BlackBerry Curve take after the jump!

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BlackBerry Treo iPhone Side by Side
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Nov 2007 03:50 pm EST
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