Setting up and using Print To Go for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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By Alicia Erlich on 6 Mar 2012 12:04 pm EST

Since upgrading to the new PlayBook OS 2.0, one of my new favorite features has to be Print To Go.  Previously previewed at CES 2012, Print To Go is a new feature in OS 2.0 that allows you to print your documents to your PlayBook instead of a traditional printer.

This convenient utility app converts your files into an encrypted PDF and wirelessly delivers them to your tablet via a secure wireless connection. With all the boarding passes, receipts, train tickets, and other paper I accumulate this is a great way to organize of my files without killing trees in the process. Click on the jump to learn more.

Setting up and using Print To Go for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Download the Print To Go PC Software

First, you'll need to download and install the desktop driver on your computer. Essentially, you're turning your PlayBook into another printer option on your PC. This means that when you click Print or Ctrl-P within any program (i.e. Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Photo Shop, etc.) you'll be selecting Print to Go as the printer. Unfortunately, it's only compatible with Windows XP or higher (sorry MAC users) and is available for download at this link.

There's just one thing you need to know first before you proceed. In order for Print to Go to work on both your computer and PlayBook they must be connected to the same wireless network.

Print a file to your PlayBook 

As mentioned earlier, printing your files is as simple as clicking print from within any application. Pictures, websites, documents and even Photo Shop files are all compatible and easily converted and delivered to the PlayBook. 

Print Screen

  1. From your laptop or PC, open up the file or document you want to print to your PlayBook
  2. Click on File, and select  Print (shortcut is Ctrl-P)
  3. In the drop-down list under Printer, scroll to and select Print To Go
  4. Click on Print

BlackBerry ID

A popup box will appear prompting you to sign in using your BlackBerry ID. If you'd like to ignore this box in the future just check off the Remember me box. Now, here's the difficult part. You'll need to pair your PlayBook with your computer using a secure pairing password only accessible from the PlayBook application. Simply swipe down from the top bezel and click on Settings. Under the Desktop PC Pairing Password will be the eight digit code to enter on your PC. This offers a quick and secure way for your computer to locate your tablet and send the file.

Pairing PasswordEnter the pairing password

Note: If you own more than one PlayBook and they are linked to the same BBID, please skip to the next section. Otherwise, proceed to the next step. 

Document Settings

Finally, type in a name for your document, or keep the original and click on Print to send. Once the operation completes, a notification appears within the application on your PlayBook that the file has been received. From here you can move, classify, search for and organize all of your printed files directly from within the app. Your files are also accessible using the File Manager browser introduced in OS 2.0.

Printing File

Printing files to more than one PlayBook

For those of you that own more than one PlayBook in your household (and who wouldn't) and they are associated with the same BBID, don't panic. It may add an extra step or two, but you'll be on your way to printing on whichever tablet you own by following these extra steps.

Print multiple tablets

Print To Go distinguishes between the two tablets using a unique identifier which just happens to be the BlackBerry PlayBook PIN #. Do not, and I repeat, do not confuse your PIN # with your pairing code or vice versa. Thanks goes out to forums member peter9477 for this tip.

Follow the same steps to print as shown above but when you get to the pairing screen make sure to perform the following actions:

  1. Check off the box next to Check here if you have more than one tablet
  2. Click Next
  3. Enter in the PIN # of the PlayBook tablet you wish to print to
  4. Click Next to print

Entering pin number

Quick Tip
: With Print To Go you don't need to go into settings or connect your PlayBook to Desktop Manager to locate your PIN. As a matter of fact you don't even have to exit out of the application. You may not have noticed but it displays your tablet's PIN right in the bottom left hand corner of the box that shows your Desktop Pairing Password.

PlayBook PIN Number

Resetting your pairing password

Reset password

Print To Go includes the option of resetting your printing permissions and changing the pairing password. Considering I just posted mine for all to see, its something I needed to learn quick!

  1. From the application swipe down from the top bezel and click on Settings
  2. In the bottom right of the screen tap the silver circle with the i in the middle
  3. Click on Reset to generate a new eight digit pairing key and clear your saved settings

Print To Go does away with all the messy paperwork and manila folders and lets you organize your data files (i.e. websites, presentations, documents, pictures, boarding passes, itineraries, etc.) without the nasty paper cuts. You can filter your results, search for a particular file, delete files or folders, or group documents together in their own folder. Using Print To Go is quick and easy and, because its wireless, eliminates the need to mess around with wires whether you're in the office or on the go. Be sure to hit up our BlackBerry Help page or check out the BlackBerry PlayBook forums for more help with your OS 2.0 questions.

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Setting up and using Print To Go for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Good How Too post!, I actually used this yesterday to print out my Math Quiz and help study for my Test. The Quiz was online and the only option I had was to print.. I do not have a printer so I used Print To Go and it worked flawlessly.. I really love the interface of this app.. I hope we see more like this from RIM and TAT soon.. I use my PB for studying and doing HW all the time.. It really is a fantastic multitasker!.

Hi @mkye86,
Ty from RIM here. Glad the new Print To Go app is helping you maximize your study time. I’m a big fan of the app, as well. Having the ability to easily view, sort and manage my digital files as though they were physical sheets of paper has really helped me clear off my desk and stay better organized.
For more tips on making the most of your PlayBook, you may also want to check out our Inside BlackBerry Help Blog:
Ty, RIM Social Media Team

As soon as I want to sign in with my BB ID it crashes :S
Already uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing.
Any ideas?

I would start by disabling any anti-virus you may be using. I had to disable AVG for mine to connect the first time

And therein is the actual problem behind Print to Go - it has to be on the same wireless network thus making it utterly useless for individuals whose workplaces, for example, do not allow personal devices to connect the wireless network.

At home, Print to Go works perfectly and I have no complaints, but the fact that I can not print to go severely limits this software.

It should never have been tied to the same wireless network.

+1...I had thought that going over Bridge would have helped somewhat, but i retracted that belief since it would completely bypass security measures in place that prevents employees, etc. from printing sensitive documents.

That's what BB Balance is for...if the PB is not set up as a work tablet then they should let you print to PB, regardless of where that PB is.

This is nice, but since it is using your BlackBerry ID they need to update it so you can Print to Go from any location as long as both the PC and the BlackBerry PlayBook have internet access.

Seems kind of foolish that they both need to be on the same LAN. Should utilize some of the NOC servers to allow this feature.

Not sure I see the point. Doesn't the PB have wireless file sharing anyway? Why not just use Explorer to transfer files? A lot quicker. Or am I missing something?

I think you are missing the point here. For example,
iIf I check in for a flight, I can "print" my PDF of the boarding pass/confirmation to the PB and off I go. Otherwise, I would still need to save as a PDF, PB connected to the network, copy (if the connection is still alive), THEN I'm off. More steps.

In short, if a PDF is all that is needed, this is pretty ideal.

The problem with that is that I usually want backups of anything I feel is important enough to print, meaning that I'll be transferring those files anyway. Or having to print twice.

I don't see the big deal here. Print to a PDF on your desktop then drag and drop to the PB.

Is there anyway to print from the playbook browse (or email or docs to go) and have it go to your print to go documents? I love the UI of that App and would use it a ton to read web pages later etc.

Anyway to do this and if not why not it would be a killer App. Maybe you can and I just don't know Please inform me. Thanks!!

I too, would love to have this capability!

I currently have a "Work" and "Personal" option for Print to Go (I'm using MS Exchange for email, calendar and contacts) and it would be great to send attachments there (work folder) for work meetings etc. Everything is filed nicely there.

Anyway, being able to print docs to go articles using print to go would also be great!

I am not able to pair the two devices because after attempting to enter my BBID, the popup window to enter the pairing code never appears. It remains stuck on my BBID signin screen. If I keep pressing sign-in it then will tell me my session expired and prompt me to sign-in again. What am I doing wrong? I tried disabling AVG but that didn't help...

anyone else having an issue installing on vista? i am getting error 2732. directory manager not initialized when i try to install and just says i need xp or higher.

I was sooo skeptical about this application when I heard about it - what not an application to print but rather just to store it???!!

In fact I am starting to use it all the time. I had a meeting this evening and wanted access to a couple of articles from online in easy access for talking to and so I used print to go!

Great app!!! Good article

I am LOVING this Print to Go!!! Has made my life so much easier at work, not to mention lowered my cost for printer paper!!!!

It's a good application but I wish it would queue the documents until playbook joined the network. Say someone wants to print documents to my playbook but I am not in the office (not on the same network yet) would be nice if that person could just print and I would get them once I joined the network.

Print a file to your blackberry....WAIT Whaat......thats lame and retarded.
let me know whem we can on a freakin printer.

Print To Go worked great for me but it set itself as default printer and hosed my HP wireless printer drivers. My printer wasn't even visible on my home network. I reinstalled the HP drivers, but the software should not do that.

For some reason, when I enter the BBID associated with my PB I get an error message saying it timed out and asks me to try it again. I enter the ID once more and takes me to the BBC website where the only options are to log off or to edit my profile.

I am using Windows 7 Pro x64. I double checked that the PB and the computer are on the same network (I can transfer files wirelessly without a problem, but cannot use the Print To Go feature. Any thoughts on what to do?

Great guide! I didn't even know about this function until now. I might end up using this quite often since my printer ran out of ink and I don't feel like buying another one. Is there a way to wirelessly print from the PlayBook? That would be a killer feature! Because then I could just use Print to Go and then print it out wherever I want.