Dream Sounds for BlackBerry will help help you get your Z's

Dream Sounds
By ObiGeorge on 18 Feb 2012 04:46 pm EST

Do you have trouble falling asleep? I sure do. And the old sleep therapy sound machines are just too low-tech, and outdated for me. But I need something, so I gave Dream Sounds a shot on my BlackBerry. The app is quite simple. Choose a sound, set the volume, add a timer if you wish, and drift away. The different sounds available include:

  • Babbling Stream
  • City Noise
  • Crickets
  • Rain
  • Thunderstorm (my favorite)
  • Tropical Rainforest
  • Waterfall
  • Waves
  • White Noise
  • Wind Chimes

I did have a few hiccups with the app shutting down on me, but after the last update I have no problems. Dream Sounds will set you back $3.99, which may sound steep to some, but I think it is definitely worth it. All devices running OS 5 and up are supported. Hit the break for a couple screenshots.

More information and purchase of Dream Sounds

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Bought this app a couple of months ago......great investment!


Sold. Works great, timer function is a good idea, no point going all night.


So only two persons have had luck with this app?


Not bad. I will try it out tonight. I like the rain and the thunderstorm sounds the best.


I've seen many applications which are on sale in the USA and they all seem to be more expensive for the UK. This is $3.99 while in the UK it's £4.00, around $6.35 according to the current exchange rate. Not that this isn't a good application, I love it. Still a great buy.


Got this app. Like it a lot.


I have the Stressless app on my Playbook and use it all the time. It's great and free!


No offense, but this is why we can't gain any traction on IOS and Android. Why does it seem like BB apps are always at least $2 more than they would be on any other platform.


AppWorld has the highest prices between the 3.
Posted from my 9900 on Robbers (Rogers).


They need to add fan to the list of sounds. My friend's electricity went out causing all four of them to lose their fans which they all sleep to. She was the only one to go back to sleep because her iPhone app had a fan.


This sounds like a gr8 app for 1 of ur contests! (Hint,hint) & yes the fan noise sounds like a gr8 addition.