First Look: Deploying Enterprise Apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook via App World

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jan 2012 01:00 pm EST

Following up our first look at native email, calendar and contacts on the BlackBerry PlayBook as well as going hands-on with the BlackBerry Remote, we found a cool feature in App World that was worth a quick video.

One of the questions that we've been pondering is exactly how companies would be able to easily get apps onto the BlackBerry PlayBook. With BlackBerry Smartphones this wasn't an issue as you could easily install apps by pointing your web browser via a .jad file, but with the PlayBook OS things are more locked down so you have to go through App World to install apps on the PlayBook (sideloading aside). In the video above we see how RIM is accomplishing this on the PlayBook OS 2.0 and BlackBerry 10 moving ahead.

For companies that have a BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Fusion installed for managing BlackBerry PlayBooks, apps can be distributed through App World directly to the PlayBooks of employees. Within the App World application a new menu option appears along the top of the screen called Work, and within this tab are only apps that a company wants to make available to employees. The apps are actually hosted by the company. For the end user, it's a really clean and simple implemenation, and easy way to get at work apps.

Combine this with BlackBerry Balance features on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and the World's First Professional Grade Tablet finally feels like it's starting to get some professional grade features. Great stuff! 

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First Look: Deploying Enterprise Apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook via App World


He nailed "Alex's" social contact 5x and Kev never thought to re-shoot the video. As a Pre-Sales person I would have been embarrassed with a live demo (whilst gone on) BUT with a VIDEO I would have insisted on re-shooting. (Err.. and Jeff could dress a little smarter i.e. unlike a tramp) Jeff (from RIM) and Kev you both could have done a lot better.

Hey this looks exactly what mu company needs for us to start using the tablets for us sales guys!! I am currently using mine, and get access to some of the secure servers, but we still don't have the one we really need. This will drive the interest for us and others!! Looking great so far!!

Um, dosen't the "C" in "CES" stand for Consumer? This product, fusion and balance are all great, but poor place to hype them. Honestly seeing angry birds on a playbook would generate more buzz! RIM's marketing department continues it's "swing and a miss" ways.