Mobile Nations + TCPJ Special: CES 2012 Kickoff

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Mobile Nations
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jan 2012 11:55 am EST

Mobile Nations teams up with The Cell Phone Junkie to talk CES 2012 -- all the pre-show news from BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad, and Windows Phone including Playbook OS 2.0, 18 new Android devices -- today! -- Apple's non-presence, and the Titan 2 and Nokia Lumia 900. Listen in!



Got something to say? Agree or disagree with something we said? Have something you want us to discuss on a future show? Don't just sit there yelling at the screen, dammit, let us know!


Our music is pROgraM vs. Us3R by by morgantj. Introduction by Joseph Holder.

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Reader comments

Mobile Nations + TCPJ Special: CES 2012 Kickoff


Since CES is about OS 2.0 wheres the leak. If its almost ready, give us a chance to try out a consumer beta.

Kevin... I'm kind of disappointed in your segment... While the CB Nation already knew much of what was discussed, listening with the perspective of a "new user" in mind, you kind of sounded disappointed in what is to be coming for RIM. Granted the last few months/year hasn't been exactly the best time for RIM and BB fans, I just think that you could have talked everything "up" a bit more rather then the "oh yeah..." response I felt was given. Just my opinion. I am excited for the PB and what lies ahead for RIM and BBs in the coming months.

Nah man, it was 1am and I was exhausted. Watch the coverage today and the excitement is there.

Obviously ppl want new hardware, but i'm super stoked for playbook os 2. the more i'm using it the more i'm liking it. getting real excited for bb 10