It's Official: First BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Won't Be Available Until Late 2012!

BlackBerry 10
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Dec 2011 05:24 pm EST

Yep, so RIM's Co-CEO's Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis just dropped a big bombshell on tonight's RIM Earnings Call that CrackBerry Nation did not want to hear.

The official word is that RIM wants to put a chipset into the USA-bound LTE BlackBerry 10 phones that will not be available until mid-2012. This pushes the rollout of the first BlackBerry 10 phones into the latter part of 2012. Mike Lazaridis followed up with clarification, adding they need this chipset in order to deliver the efficiency and battery life that customers expect from a BlackBerry.

It's a bitter sweet. It's awesome to think about the fact that our next generation of BlackBerry 10 phones will really be cutting edge when they hit the market. It just sucks to think that we're going to have to wait that long....

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It's Official: First BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Won't Be Available Until Late 2012!



Ya know- I really don't care how long it takes. I love my 9850 and I NEVER want to switch away from BlackBerry. I love their phones. If that makes me a fanboy (woman) I don't care- so be it. RIM- take your time and get it right and all those whining here will be saying " I knew it- I knew they could do it and show everyone what a phone should be"! lol
We here in the US are kinda spoiled and whiney. Just saying.......

RIM has the financial strength to overcome the delay. First thing first release PB OS2 in February, if you listened to the call they must have mentioned February five or six times, Playbook apps will grow exponentially so when BBX phones are launched it will have the apps at the get go.

The most positive information was the acknowledgment that they need to do a better job marketing the brand especially in the US, there's a lot of crap emanating from that cesspool aka the US that needs to be refuted and communicate a better awareness of the Blackberry.

hey hey i live in this so called fecal pool!! but yes, i agree with you, this place is full of people that are full of themselves. spoiled, whiney and arrogant.

Android and iOS 10s will be out by the time BB10 is released. I was an avid supporter of RIM but these delays and excuses are 100% typical of this company. They need a CEO with a vision as opposed to 2 guys who have their heads up each others' asses and are STILL patting each others' backsides as they sink this once proud Canadian company. F U RIM.

Why can't 3G plus phones be worked on first for Tmobile and international markets earlier. LTE can be released later. RIM boast about how strong their international markets are. Most of these markets will not have LTE for a few years. Not buying the excuse.

And those markets are buying OS7 Phones at a rapid why stop that. What they need to do is capture the US market, & they are all talking LTE & Faux G

Makes perfect sense to me. They have a plan and know precisely what kind of hardware they want. Why release something earlier with hardware that isn't good. They learned their lesson from the PB - when you release something new - make it good. Plain and simple.

I love my keyboard. I mean, I really love it. I can touch type on it fast and accurately. Takes my wife 2x longer to type a text that looks like it was composed by a monkey on her HTC. Well, maybe RIM will be gone in 2 years, but NO regrets on the 9900. Its a nice, capable device and I will never see my texts on

Wow I can't believe all the hate thats going on here. I guess I will be the last one on earth using a blackberry. I don't understand why everyone says BB7 is outdated. How? iOS still looks the same from 4 years ago with an update here and there. We can only wish RIM for the best and to expect the worst. The only fret I have is if RIM goes down I'm going to be forced to use an iPhone or Android. Sigh.

So this means that Balsille meant "we will skip 2012" when he said "leapfrog" talking about new releases...

I guess they missed the success that Samsung had with the Galaxy S II. If the US carriers are demanding a LTE device, tell them that's fine but you'll just release the Blackberry 10 devices in Europe and Asia first with HSPA+. Then wait six months, update the processor and LTE chip for a US launch. At least you could make the argument that BB10 isn't some bs platform, get developers going prior to a US launch and bring a couple devices to the US at the same time while adding to the European and Asia device catalog.

However, at this point they will be competing with the Iphone 5 that will probably utilize the same LTE chipset and have significant more marketing backing. I don't see why they didn't just go with a slightly thicker design with bigger battery for a faster launch. They keep modifying designs at the last minute to incorporate newer tech and end up releasing something late that isn't impressive. There is no way they were considering that chipset for the original Colt, so I don't see the point of waiting when you can just update the hardware for the new chipset in 6-9 months.

Great news. It looks like we'll have the phones in July.

Current BB phones are great and OS2 for the pb is coming in February. A good OS2 roll-out will give some proof that the new BB10 phones will be great.

All the games and apps that we need to satisfy our hunger until the new phones arrive will come from the pb.

Doesn't matter, as long as 2 things happen:
1. Keep improving OS7 with speed/battery life, and upgrades in core applications... The upgrades that somehow borrow the characteristics of the core apps in BBX

2. Give us PB OS2 on time, in no less than perfect shape

I hate to say it, but my Torch 9850 will be my last BB. I love this phone and I'll miss BBM(even though most of my contacts have switched to android), but unless something major happens...I'm out. It doesn't look like we'll be getting any decent app support anytime soon and BBs are falling behind even more everyday. Androids are getting better with every new release. I never thought I'd ever post anything like this, but its time to face the truth...maybe something big will happen to change my mind...

Forget about QNX, I'm just looking for the freakin Themebuilder 7 to come out so we can get some themes for 9930's!

The hardware is more than enough. It's the software that lags. Evidence? Where's themebuilder!!! for os7 that came out a long time ago.

This makes me feel better about having just bought a BB7 phone in September. I'll at least get a year out of it before it becomes obsolete. :P

A late 2012 might not be all bad, especially when even most of the hardcore BB fans on this site were quite unhappy with Milan/London. This may give RIM sometime to catch the market trend and understand what the users really want and what competitions they are really facing so they can stop their grossly delusional underestimation of their competitors.

I would not be surprised and am quite prepared for additional delays, especially when they're telling us that the chip they want to use doesn't exist yet. What's worse though is that they seem to give no indication that they would revise their specs; from now to late 2012 is a very long time, any specs that they have included in their prototype will be very outdated by late 2012/later.

We should be prepared to not see a BB phone released in 2012, but hope that BB will actually be more open-minded and launch something that looks nothing like the bastard children shown in the rendering.

Come on, see this as a rebirth for RIM. Despite the BB10 naming, it is the death of the BBos and a new era of QNX, give RIM some time to launch a real new product like any company trying to develop a new line or major project.

Well, ive decided that ive had enough myself. Ive made the switch to Windows Phone. I can't say I would never come back, but the lack of progess in terms of products has remained constant. Microsoft really has something here. Side note, Outlook and ActiveSync integration is stellar.

sad group of babies you are. how many phones does a company have to release before everyones satisfied for a week?...if every company made the same phone where would the choices be? RIM isnt going anywhere, and theyre not in the past either. they created a structure and stuck with it. funny how everyone that complains will be the first to support them when bbx phones are released. as an owner of apple, android and bb products i can most deffinitly say im going to stick with every purchase ive made and continue to put my faith in more solid products from RIM.

Well whatever the reason, my upgrade is due mid Jan/13 and I'll be using my 9700 workhorse until then. Maybe even after, so attached to it.

I have a feeling that even with a powerful system like QNX, RIM will still not be able to maintain the hype.

Pretty sure they are waiting for OMAP5430 and OMAP5432 to be released, both dual-core procs clocked at 2GHz. It's gonna be legen(wait for it...)dary!

When was the last time anyone heard of apple doing what RIM just did and hold off their new phones for a newer chip. They suck. What happens if this new chip is delayed. Anyone who thinks it was smart to do this needs to stop drinking the cool-aid and realize how bad of a situation Rim is in. Iphone was released in 2007 and it takes almost 6 years to come up with a comparable product?? To all fellow stockholders.....enjoy!!

No Problem. My Contract is running out in the End of 2012. :-)
New Contract and a new BB10 Berry. Yeah... :-)

RIM is not a leading cutting edge technology company and i dont think they will ever be..what i do know is that they put out a solid product that does things well(at least in my experience).
Its just too bad that they fell asleep at the wheel awhile ago and are trying to catch up .

I have to say that i am greatly disappointed to say the least! I've been waiting for a new phone since August. I have a storm 2 and a playbook. Although they have been serving my purpose, I have been holding out for a QNX phone and figured that I would get one in March or April. Now that i have to wait until the end of the year I don't think I will give RIM another chance, As soon as the iPhone 5 is released I will probably switch over and get an iPad 3 as well. My entire family switched to the iPhone and they couldn't be happier. I am the only one still on blackberry. Although my kids use it as a phone and play games my wife runs her business with her macbook, iPhone and iPad. iCloud is an incredible app. Her calendar, contacts, photos, emails and other files stay synced between all of her devices. Everything works flawlessly! Even when RIM releases QNX devices there is going to be a learning curve. I am sick of having issues with new devices from RIM. I want to stay loyal but with all of the broken promises, RIM doesn't deserve my loyalty any more.

It's amazing the capability from some people to screw up an excellent product and business; I'm quite sad with the last new from BB... that's the last push that I need to move to another platform, I - as a lot of people - was patiently waiting for the next QNX (or Blackberry 10) smartphones generation. So ... friends it's time to move to another place.

hmmm.... cynically, Im glad as I bought my 9900 this summer assuming the next gen phones would be delayed past the announced date. Now i can squeeze 6-12 more months out of this one. (I can imagine all the people who were waiting feel pretty screwed around right now, though)

Is anybody on here ever going to wake up? RIM is finished. How stupid are these people? Releasing a product 12 months from now with todays technology! That is fucking ridiculous!

Those assholes running the company have to go down in history as the biggest jerk offs in CEO history!

Then developers may start getting some apps sorted. The new phones may be almost as good as a 2008 iPhone by 2015. Great news!

TROLLOLO LOLOLO LOLA TROLLLO LOLOLOLOLO LOOO :)) atop trolling guys - RIMpire will strike back - better late than never

When I left my iPhone 4 for a BB bold I was super pumped!! Then I used my BB bold for about a month and saw how truly behind I was in technology. I felt like I went from using a super computer, to using a typewriter. IT WAS A JOKE.
I was pumped for the new roll out of BB's this past quarter, those really sucked...I then was optimistic about the QNX rollout of phones, then those get delayed..... A BIG TIME JOKE lost a FAN. :(
iphone 5......see you next summer
BB bold user

RIM isn't going anywhere. Buy stock now while it's a steal and watch it rise come next year. I'll venture to guess you can double your money.

How is this a surprise to anyone here? It's the exact trend that they have set since they started in the phone market. What did you learn? BTW, since they made another great "RIM prediction" of late 2012, anyone care to connect the dots on this trend and figure on when a REALISTIC date might be for release? How about 2013? Anyone think it's a good idea to run out and lock in a 2-year contract with a craptastic, obsolete BB7 device now? Probably the same group that will sit and cry about how it was their carrier's fault they made a crappy choice so "they should give out NEW phones" to make up for it. Same mentality as the "occupy" retards that believe they were born into entitlement.