BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.7.3312 now available for download

BlackBerry Tablet OS
By Bla1ze on 6 Oct 2011 10:00 am EDT

*UPDATE* - Security fix for Flash - A new version of the BlackBerry® Tablet OS is now available to all BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet users. BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.07.3312 contains an updated version of Adobe® Flash® Player. This free update can be downloaded over-the-air from your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. 

While we're still not at v2.0 level as of yet, a new BlackBerry Tablet OS update, v1.0.7.3312 is now rolling out to BlackBerry PlayBook owners. The update comes in weighing around 29MB and at this time, we can't be certain what, exactly has changed as we're just getting it loaded up now but by all means, hit that software update button and grab the download. If you spot anything new, let us know in the comments. As soon as we know more, we'll update this post. Thanks, Craig!

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BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.0.7.3312 now available for download


I wonder if this should be a bad sign? If OS V2.0 was going to be released very soon, would they release this version or just wait a week or two for V2.0? I think this shows how far out V2.0 will be.

Security fix.
Can you imagine how the trolls would scream if they found out RIM had a security fix, but they kept it from PB owners because they didn't want to release it too soon before version 2.0?

This is the type of small fix capable of being patched through the "incremental" type update, and so that is why it was done this way. Also, keep in mind, this is the first real "small" update. Maybe they were testing the method because maybe os2.0 will come with a series of small updates...

my 2 cents

Ya was just a flash update.

The "Power Off" app still got its bugs.

The power off powers the pb off
Restart restarts the pb
But standby still restarts the pb


when I press the StandBy, mines goes into DeadSpace

...Don't ask me how! I just all of a sudden find myself killing Necromorphs!

Not sure why yours does that, I have never had an issue with standby restarting my PB. This update has sorted a number of issues though, I used to get a BBM info icon on the top left and it wouldn't go away despite the message having been read. Well now it disappears after reading the bbm. Also my bluetooth keyboard would often reconnect the whole time i was using it, and that seems to be fixed now. Angry birds had a serious lag when playing, now the flash seems to be a lot faster and smoother. All in all I must say that I am grateful for the update, but still desperately wanting v2.0!

I'm glad to read these comments since I'm having the same trouble and was going to post a question in the forums.

I've noticed, though, that it only incorrectly restarts when I use the swipe-down menu to try to put it into Standby. If I tap the battery icon and then choose standby it seems to work correctly.

BB Blog:

A new version of the BlackBerry® Tablet OS is now available to all BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet users. BlackBerry Tablet OS v1.07.3312 contains an updated version of Adobe® Flash® Player.

For users who are already running BlackBerry PlayBook v1.0.7.2942 or higher, the update to this new version (v1.07.3312) will include only the Adobe Flash update and is expected to take only a few minutes to install.

actually rim made it pretty clear 2.0 wasnt coming until after dev con ..... but if the grass is greener for you on the other side.. go right ahead.. nobody here cares what u do... just make sure youre ready to shell out for the next ipad 3 since the 2 will be outdated by february

1) The iPad 2 won't be outdated any quicker than the PlayBook, and 2) he wasn't suggesting that he was going to an iPad, but rather commenting on the inevitable complaining that others will bring to this thread.

But kudos to you for failing to understand a two line post.

actually i understood perfectly what it meant i was just adding that for those who want to complain go ahead.. the word you was plural no specific to him.... but anyways on another note the ipad 2 was well under built so they have a reason to get the next one... everybody knows this.. thats what makes it date so quickly... the playbook was not.. sooo there for it just need software updates to refresh it... not new hardware..

I had to read it 5 times before I got it...

We know it was well intentioned... Signs of a true CrackBerry Addict...

Go easy fellas...

we're all on the same team..... we just like talking trash to each othe... call it practice for the real haters..... ha ha

What's that gonna say about the PB when the iPad 2 is outdated and you can STILL do more with it than you can with a PB??

Mail client, anyone? No, no. I mean a Professional quality one. One that at least has support for an Exchange ActiveSync interface, so you can use it to sync mail, contacts and calendar with any of the zillions of mail services that support that interface.

And, of course, that's just one (glaring) example out of MANY of the things you can do with an iPad or Android (or even a TouchPad, for that matter) tablet that you can't do with a PB - and still won't be able to do with BBTOS 2.0.

yea youre right.. bblackery products canrt do what apple products do... like send information to 3rd party vendors without my permission... or send my messages and emails unencrypted.. or be hacked. but on the other hand can any apple product access 100% of the internet, multitask, upload and download from the internet.. operate without the use of a computer, create open and edit zip files, operate as an external harddrive, hook directly up to a tv or monitor withou an addition product adaptor from apple, use the iphone for data when wifi isnt available, access the iphones data on the ipad, upload entire photo albums on facebook with the facebook uploader... um shall i continue or wait for apple to release 5more incremental HARDWARE updates which require u to drop an additional 700 dollars just to have a conversation with your phone.... oh ok ... shut up and get off of BLACKBERRY's fan site and go play on APPLES site.. u dont find us over there cause we have BETTER things to do than troll on apples fan site

I'm not sure how much of this is true since i don't own either but duuuude... sounds like you just effing owned him.

Imma buy a PB in the States in 2 months (if i can find a 32GB one somewhere). Exciting.

I respond to emails on my PB all the time. Add appointments - add contacts. It does have an email client - its just not native - it requires your BB.

Sorry. I thought the "" made it clear enough that it wasn't my words. I'll make it more clear next time.

It is posts like the following one that I was referring to:

"Here's an update - YAY - What ever..

Am I the only one not caring ...

I've only V2.0 to look forward too...

Seriously., the iPad 2 is looking better and better every day :S"

You'll find the quoted post a few posts down.

Post before reading and understanding much?

You missed the ""'s eh?

Also missed the:

In before

remark eh?

I've never owned an apple product and never will.

Still working on mine although it does seem to be a bit slower loading apps like Facebook & opening the PlayBook browser than before.

I'll be asking this question with every future update as well. Tethering is the best feature of the Playbook.

I'm not sure why a flash upgrade would require a tablet restart, but OK... If this update gives flash performance improvements then I'm happy.

At least RIM doesn't make you restart after installing an application like they do with the phones. Ugh.

Well looks like I know what I'll be doing once I get home. Every little bit helps but like everyone else, I can't wait until we get that BIG update that brings all the goodies (well at least a good amount of goodies LOL).

Here's an update - YAY - What ever..

Am I the only one not caring anymore? RIM needs to start an open blog about what they're currently working on and when they'd like to release it.. keeping secrets only work for Apple >_>

I've only V2.0 to look forward too with my PB.. the only info I got is from 3rd party web sites with leaked pics.. WTF?! Seriously open up RIM, show us what's up..

Secrets are for the new shiny things you're releasing, not the updates that are coming that should have been out with the initial release of a product.

Seriously., the iPad 2 is looking better and better every day :S

Adobe sucks. Patching for their software will be a nightmare.

I hope version 2.0 offers a quick patching method for Adobe Flash instead of making users update the "whole os" everytime a security flaw is uncovered with it.

How about RIM fix the damn Wifi "N" connectivity problems for starters. 90% of the people using N routers can only connect at G= 11mbps... you think they would have made this a priority over stupid Flash updates?????

Can any one comment on what actual changes of fixes the update has brought? I saw 40 comments and got excited for a minute that there were some relevent posts =(

the Security Fix for Flash has been noted.
...also, seems to "flick" a little quicker when scrolling left n right thru panels as well as up n down thru the icons of apps...snappier, so I'm happier!

I would imagine they will release the Dev build or Beta X at DevCon, don't think it will be avilable to general public until december at the earliest. RIM not smart enough to get it out fast. COuple months before iPad 3.

No AppWorld through tethering? First time seeing this. Everything else works thou. Strange...

P.S. New languages were added. And nothing obvious. At least at first look.

Quick? I'm 45 minutes into it now I'm supposed to be in class. Quick???? Come on RIM, get this thing moving!

What the hell RIM, why can't I do an update using bridge? Keep getting the same error when opening App World "We cannot connect you to BlackBerry App World. Please ensure that your device is connected to the wireless network and try again." Bunch of crap. I should have the same capablilities in both wi-fi and bridge. C'mon man!

This is annoying, isn't it? Everything else works over Bridge or Tether, excepting AppWorld.

Another minor update *yawn*. Sorry guys, but OS2 is not going to be the game changer for PB. Android functionality is going to be limited and I doubt developers are going to work on native/android PB apps for a tablet that is percieved by the media as DOA. I'm not a troll, I read these posts all the time, but like every fan, your patience runs out. I just shipped my PB off to Best Buy trade in center.. if anyones interested you can get $250 for it right now.

I already shipped it! But, no worries you can pick one up from Craigslist for the same price, or you might just see my playbook on Best Buy's trade in site, . Then there's always another option, maybe fire sale down the road.. black friday, perhaps?!

Is everyone here sarcastically excited?? They already said it’s just a Flash update…

Or do you also get like that when running Windows update or updating the virus definitions?

Definition Update for Microsoft Security Essentials - KB2310138 (Definition 1.113.1075.0) was released today !!! drive safely home.

Just downloaded the everlasting light wallpaper. I do believe the open file button when a download completes is new to the browser as of this build.
BTW The wallpaper is kick ass!

If it's not V2.. It just feels like a slap in the face. Really RIM? Throw a friggin' bone above and beyond your "promises". I for one, would like to be captivated as a (fading) loyalist..

i am sure v2.0 will be out next couple of weeks for christmas season.

Playbook is way closer to a full computer than a ipad. I can download and play movies from sites that iPad cannot. Now with the great price point will be getting my kids each one for Christmass

this minor updates although important…makes me think version 2.0 is going to be a long someone said before…at least can't they do an update for auto-capitalization…isn' tht basic?…its frustrating!

I have been trying all night to get this update loaded on my 64GB BlackBerry PlayingWithFire!
Seriously nothing works. I always get an error.

I have been trying all night to load the latest tablet os:
1) Through my home wi-fi connection, through a wi-fi hotspot in case there was an issue with my router
2) Through my Tethered blackberry
3)Through Blackberry Desktop

Methods 1 & 2 downloaded very quickly, the screen on playbook shows the install for a moment then I get the error
"Software Update Interrupted"

Method 3 Through BB Desktop the download takes a lot longer. You can actually see the file names of what is being downloaded so this is more than just a flash update. Long story short, after the download the first install fails, after the second attempt, I get "The loading operation was cancelled"

Anyone else having a hair pulling adventure with their Tablet