Exclusive: Research In Motion set to announce BlackBerry X (BBX) Platform at Developer Conference this month?!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Oct 2011 06:11 pm EDT

Research In Motion Co-CEO Jim Balsillie already confirmed that the company is working on a major update to the QNX-based operating system on the BlackBerry PlayBook, which we're likely to get a look at in two weeks at this year's BlackBerry DevCon. RIM's other Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis promised we'll also get a look at developer QNX BlackBerry SuperPhones at DevCon. What hasn't been made clear yet is exactly how RIM would approach the operating system branding now that we'll be looking at both a PlayBook OS and a QNX-based phone OS, which we're guessing will look mainly the same. We've been talking about the expected tablet update to date as BlackBerry Tablet OS v2.0 so far and well, we haven't really had a name yet for the phone version of that operating system. Until now.

We've now confirmed with multiple sources that RIM is set to unveil a new name for their QNX-based BlackBerry platform at BlackBerry DevCon this month. And the name is...BlackBerry X or BBX for short. 

No, this is not BlackBerry TEN, but rather B B EX representing the coming together of BlackBerry and QNX. Developers have been waiting for the official release of the NDK for QNX, which to date has been targeted for the PlayBook, but I'm thinking with QNX phones on the horizon it only makes logical sense that RIM re-brand the QNX development platform and come up with a name that will work for both both tablets and phones. Beyond developing for the BBX platform, I think it really works as the consumer-facing brand of the OS as well. Apple has iOS... RIM can have BBX.

When QNX-based BlackBerry Smartphones hit the market RIM is going to need a way to clearly differentiate to consumers that these BlackBerry SuperPhones are unlike any BlackBerry Smartphones made to date, and being able to market them as running on the all-new BBX OS sounds good to me.

I'm sure we'll see the next week or two get dominated with iPhone news following Apple's event on Tuesday, but I'm thinking with this news that BlackBerry DevCon is starting to shape to be a good one. If you haven't registered yet, it might the time to do so. And of course the CrackBerry Team will be on hand reporting back with all the news.

So what do you think... BBX... love it? like it? something else? Sound off in the comments!

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Exclusive: Research In Motion set to announce BlackBerry X (BBX) Platform at Developer Conference this month?!!


Sounds like a pretty cool name.

I hope this doesn't follow in there current track record or we might not see this until 2013 or beyond!


BB + 1 letter from QNX (they took the X)

But... how about taking the Q instead.

So we have


True...I remember when Apple Computers were just 'the other os'. Almost everyone owned PCs. While that is still true today, alot more people have macs

It's most likely a 30/70 distribution in the consumer market, but the business area does not share that and Mac is still low.

Not sure I like it. Unix, Xenix, QNX, Posix, Linux, Bebix?

Also, too close to "OS X"? Or is it just the bad font choices in the accompanying image that makes it look that way?

Still, I can roll with it... I don't actually care what they call it, provided they SHIP IT!

I would have went with QNX it sounds better especially when you say cuenix rather than Q N X.

I think there is already some buzz about Blackberry Super Phones running QNX.

But still BBX is fine and WAY better than Blackberry Tablet OS.

It sounds cool and I do like it, but I also see it being a little too close to OSX, especially since it isn't BB10. I'm torn.

I'm not a fan of the 'X'. I'm tired of marketers adding X or Extreme (or even worse: X-treme) to re-brand their product.

I do however think it's a good idea to re-brand these new devices. I'm sure the average person would not be able to tell the difference between OS 7.0 and QNX OS at first glance.

Its a great idea to differentiate the QNX devices from the OS 5 - OS 7 devices which many people associate with the spinning clock, 10 minute restarts and poor app marketplace.

Think how easy it'll be to tell a Newbie "No, this phone has BBX on it, it's brand new." or "Make sure to tell the salesperson that you want a BBX phone".

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Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.

(PS: I don't care what they call it, as long as it works)

^ did Bla1ze just troll.... :O LOL
Sounds good. OSX was Apple's mac come back hopefully BBX will do the same for RIM... As long as its not iBBX I don't think people will start thinking of BBX and OSX as being relatable lol.

Did you really just quote an entire verse by vanilla ice?! Lmao awesome haha :) true, BBX does sound a bit generic and sounds a bit like they're jumping on the X bandwagon. Maybe they need to have the team that came up with the tag 'liquid graphics', which was a good idea and sounds far more pleasing and attractive to the ear of the general public than 'capacitive touch screen' (which kinda makes me feel like I need a computer engineering degree just to use it haha), come up with a catchy name for the new OS. Maybe something along the lines of revolution like BBos: Revol. I dunno. We live in the digital age. make it sound new, not re-furbished. K, rant is over. :)

They can call it mariah Carey for all I care,as long as it exceeds expectations. RIM has had trouble meeting expectations, let alone exceeding them. Too much focus on branding and not enough on capability. Google sold millions of phones with android 2.2 and I still don't know what the hell a froyo is.

Like em all including BBX ... A NO though for the X-wife .... ha ...

"All is for the best in the best of possible worlds." ... Love Playbook.... and Storm2 (sorry). Getting a 9860 ... or will wait for QNX?

I like it.

What I'm not excited about is all the hate blogs' clever large-X-over-BB graphics heading their articles of doom.

old devices reaching numbers up to 7000, 8000, 9000...where to go from there?? not 10000(thank goodness for Roman Numerals), but with QNX onboard the new phones will ofcourse have BBX OS...and ofcourse there is the official name for the new 2.0 OS for PlayBook!

They could name the new devices, Bold X, Torch X, or go X1, X2, or play X into the device names as well. Its nice that the transition point will allow them to move on.

Personally I like BBX running a a Bold X, Torch X or Curve X. Then you could go Bold X-2 etc... but after two version you'd need another naming system because we'd tire of Bold X-3, 4, 5 etc. Which will give them the perfect chance to renew with a ground breaking new device tech and change the names to other catchy things. $0.02

I am glad we can move away from 4 digit and not go to 5 digit names, It was confusing talking to anyone who wasn't on CB most of the time.

BBx is the name for a defunct programming language called business basic. Not sure how many people know of the language, but I would be queasy about RIM naming their new flagship OS after an ancient programming language. ;-)

Not really defunct. Basis International still uses it and I encounter a LOT of SCO Unix systems still running it for accounting, shipping, inventory and warehousing systems. They just keep running and running and running....

Their new (use loosely) version is called BBj, as it's Java based but BBx is still a core product and BBj was based on that. I'm quite certain RIM would hear from them if they started using the term BBx.

I can still write BBx code in my sleep, and programs that I wrote in the late 80s and 90s are still running on systems out there.

Cool! That's exactly the environment that I worked in in the (you guessed it!) late 80s. And it's still around. Who woulda thunk it? As for them going after RIM if RIM started using the name BBx...maybe yes, maybe no. Cisco has called their OS for their router and (now) their switch platform "IOS" since the late 80s and therefore long befor Apple's iOS. They're best buddies, aren't they? By the way, who had the name "iPhone" first? Cisco-Linksys!

Maybe so, but Apple goes after anybody and everybody. I'm waiting for them to start going after optometrists!

Now this is whaht I wanna hear.. OS7 is not much of a difference from OS6 and been holding off since I still have my torch.. But to hewar about qnx blackberry and new superphones coming out next year I can't wait.. I wanna get my hands on one of those

lol cant believe it, i registered www.blackberry-x.com a while ago as a part of a student project :))

x as if "eXchange" of BB-themes :)

well, if they want to buy it, i will sell it :))) love the name :)

Really? Because I remember when Howard Stern was getting offers from a guy who had registered all the Howard Stern websites, the guy had pretty much registered all the variations you could think of & told Howard he could have any one for a price. Just because "Blackberry" is their trademark, does it really give them claims to blackberry-x.com? I guess if they've already trademarked "blackberryx" "blackberry-x" then maybe.

That's only if someone is squatting on the name for the sole purpose of trying to extort money. If it is a legitimate site then the name can't be taken from them.

Microsoft or Google would have named it BBQ. They like to name their OS after food. I think that's ridiculous. I think BBX is much more suitable for an OS.

RIM needed to discern the new QNX core from the current BBOS platform. BB8 wouldn't have done it. BBX will! Love it!

Personally i like using the Q
Try this on for size...... The all new Blackberry Q

Step up to the Q & Xperience the future of mobile communication

I like the Q. Almost as much as the vanilla ice reference.

Rag top down so my hair can blow. Girlies on standby. Waitin just to say hi..... Well you know the rest.

May the new Qnx open the Quantum Singularity that will reveal the Q Continuum to us all! Now that's a superphone, or tricorder that wont make calls. But this one will! Ok sorry I went way too far with that.

Sent from my flippin' CrackBerry Style

"Blackberry Q" sounds too much like the hardware branded "Motorola Q".

Why can't it just be known as the "Blackberry Colt Superphone running the new QNX 1.0 OS"?

I don't... Sounds like they added a chemical to make it bug-proof (pun not intended... :)

I personally think they should stick with "QNX"... The name "QNX Blackberry" is appropriate, since the QNX brand isn't that present in the consumer/business-phone market. It sounds new enough to differentiate the new phones from the BBOS ones...

RIM has a good plan on the long term right now... The details is what's lacking... They still need to execute the plan... I don't think "BBX", the name, should be part of that plan...

EDIT: I love Drentz's idea though... Witty... :)

Let's get some steam behind the Q
its edgey its hip and it just sounds cool!

"No one knows what it means, but its provocative...it gets the people going"

No - Not the BBX name that "makes sense" if we are all in a techno meeting, or works fine as an internal code name.
For the MARKET - pick something with attaractiveness, memory, coolness - that captures the market. Something that people will talk about. (and yes, it must work and be timely - but be careful with those "I don't care what its called as long as it works" comments)
Think about the Mustang - sound better than the B289X ?

Our patience will be rewarded! Who needs the new Bold, I'm holding out for BBX (and my bank account thanks me). That whole Kindle Fire thing got me a lot of comments about how I overpaid for my Playbook (bought it at the end of May) but I'm glad to be an early adopter. I'm looking forward to a QNX phone AND tablet. Bring on the BBX :) As for a name, sure why the hell not?

Im sure this is Jim and Mike's brainchild so they could've mixed their surnames and come up with BB Laziballs hehe. Troll! But honestly, I CANT WAIT FOR THIS! BBX will kick ass and kick hard! I love BB and I will continue my support. I am even converting my friends one by one into BB! They're beginning to be crack addicts er crackberry addicts like me! More power to the RIMPIRE!

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(X) Won't even say your own name when I come around
(X) Stay on top but remain from the underground
(X) to the Z and we all in the family

... :)

Kevin-is this a signal that new Playbook hardware is on the way with a BBX operating system? I know, I know what about 800,000 units sitting somewhere. One fire sale and some overseas sales and we're ready to go. I really do believe that the whole halt of production thing is a foolish smokescreen. Cagey marketing is one thing, screwing with the investment community is not. Not sure what RIM is up to but something's not right. Got a feeling my $249 Playbook from Staples last week is obsolete in a month.


A step forward was said about the storm....torch...playbook

They all failed as RIM continues to BLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


So what about those of us that just bought the new Bold 9900/9930 because it was so "spectacular"? Will there be a software update for those of us now using OS7 to bring us along and up to the BBX software or will we just have to wait until our carrier contracts expire and remain loyal to RIM and spend another $500 for something that'll still have kinks to work out thus making us always a step behind other systems like iOS? Maybe I'll just wait another year and do the unthinkable and by an iPhone....

I thought it was already made clear by RIM that the 9900/9930 will not be receiving the upgrade to the new OS.

I haven't heard that at all. Thank you for the info. Now to ease my pain and make me feel less ripped off by RIM, do you know of any Flash Player that CAN be installed on the 9930? That's my only issue with these phones. You can only see videos that are youtube....If I had that, I would be content....

As far as I know, there's nothing out there to help u play flash. Qnx will... Getting an iphone now or in the future won't help u play adobe flash either...

Anyways, if they continue to support os6/os7 in the future with updates, os8 and 9 etc, expect some confusion when it hits os10

I'm okay with bbx, it makes sense. I'm not sure what else I'd call it but hey, get xmen to carry around these phones ;)

not to put a damper over everyone feeling the BBX excitement, but i think this is the same sort of concern people with the blackberry OS versions are having - are developers going to continue developing for OS7, 6 and even 5, or is everyone going to jump ship to QNX and/or BBX instead, thereby leaving those who just got their OS7 phones out in the woods in the cold? some comment to address these concerns by RIM will be nice.

This is one of the reasons they bought QNX.

It sounds cool and they can justify rebranding and back up the new OS

I'm sure that's why they made the purchase... not to better the brand but to rename the OS without being questioned about it.

Sounds about right...

I don't give a rats ass what they call it, just get it out! I'm sick of waiting for RIM to deliver this OS. Better make me Xstatic!

I'm just wondering how long I will have to baby my 9000 till I can get the 9900 or BBX from AT&T. The name is fine, but I need the phone!! The keyboard on the 9000 & 9900 are the best I have ever tried. I would go crazy with a purely virtual keyboard!! Will the BBX have a real qwerty keyboard?
BTW, the BlackBerry is already named after a food. Have we gotten so used to the name it doesn't sound edible any more?

Maybe a little while longer, the news so far is that the first BBX phones will be touch only.

But here's hoping I'm wrong when they unveil more at devcon

Yup... put a new name on it... that'll make it better! ZZZzzz! Let me know when the wait is over and there is actual functioning products that have the software we've been talking about forever. Speculation on this site is beyond played out and producing nothing more than impatience.

The name has a pretty nice ring to it. If RIM can pull of a 3 to 4 week release after the unveil it will make the company much more viable. I can still remember passing on the Tour because the Bold 9650 was already spoken about with accuracy before the Tour was released (and it was released a year later).

Get that part together and we might have ourselves a winner..

OK now this is another OS for us beside QNX, uhhuu i like the idea and i hope this will not collect dust and we will see it soon ;).

BTW, will it work on my Pearl 3G ??....

Patient w8ing for DEVCON 18October !

oh i forget this was the 99 post!

BBX.. i love the name, it's the new spirit, yeah.. let's hail BBX, welcome to the new generation, the Generation BBX!

I dont care about the name... Its all right as long as it works... but I cant help- BBX sounds similar to BMX...and assoziates child´s toys.... I wonder how the different versions will be named: BBX1?Or BBXI? And the 10th upgrade will be BBXX? Or would it be X-rated? :-)

I don't really care what it's called. I was over the "BlackBerry6" and "OS7" as soon as I got the actual device. And I'm not even in a hurry to get some crazy, weird, new operating system. I love my 9900 and love my PlayBook. They're like siblings. You can tell they're related, but aren't necessarily identical. I'd love to be able to swipe from one side to another on my Bold and have it move apps, like the PlayBook does, just as I'd like some of the customizable options from the Bold to be available on the PlayBook (and for the LED indicator to light up when I have a new message on the PlayBook).

hope it comes out in 2012 and we dont hear the popular phrased coing by the blackberry team .ITS COMING SOON!!!!!!! really hope we dont have a replay of the PLAYBOOK again but with those Co-CEO's anything is possible . Sad though come to think of it blackberry ever release anything on time ??


BBX? What the hell is that?
So far RIMM has done no wrong in naming things.
Bold, Javelin, Curve, Torch, Storm, Pearl and the PlayBook. Such cool devices and a LAME OS name? I really liked the QNX logo and expected them to stick to it.

i dont like it
make BlackBerry sound obsolete or they dont know what version it is.
never been a fan of having X in a product version.

I thought everything was new and better and everthing with the 9900. Does it need a new platform/OS/whatever every few months or so? This could also be interpreted in a way that each and every of these "upgrades" were crap and needed replacement. Crap replaced by crap. Is there any indication that BBX would improve anything, and if so what? Do I have to reboot my BB 10 time per day or do I need the latest games on my BB? Most of the crap written about this is apparently from some guys who are better of with a Playstation or Wii? Reliability and Security of email exchange, qualities of BB that have never been achieved by any other mobile manufacturer does apparently not matter to those folks.