BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.1.25 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Bla1ze on 23 Sep 2011 12:03 pm EDT

BlackBerry Messenger

*UPDATE* - BBM has been pulled from BlackBerry Beta Zone for all BB7 devices, only OS5 & 6 are supported for now.

A new BlackBerry Messenger beta build is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. With this release, you'll be bumped up to v6.0.1.25 but the change log for it is rather slim, as noted:

What's new

In this latest upgrade, we've focused on bug fixes in platform such as avatar changes in Bridge and enabled a 'Third Party Application' discovery system message.

Issues: When scrolling up to view message history in group chat focus jumps down and makes it hard to scroll

If you're a BlackBerry Beta Zone member you should see the download available now. RIM hasn't sent emails out as of yet but it is showing up for most as being available for download. Thanks, @ABoldGuy!

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BlackBerry Messenger v6.0.1.25 now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


Do you have some constructive to say about the release of a beta BBM?

Didn't think so, take your "1st" post and run along now

Hey im on this new BBM, but i had a few issues i got an error after reboot ! something with java.lan...., could be my phone or could be something from BBM, but i pull the battery again and after restore i didn't get the error....Hmmm strange.
ill install again to see if the error comes UP again.

I have th version that was leaked from the newer os 7 devices. Works like a charm! I have the 9810.

Good job posting this! Went and downloaded,Now my bbm is gone,my bbm music doesn't work,blackberry takes 6 minutes to reboot and never even got a keycode (not that I have bbm anymore anyway).so now my blackberry keep getn hourglass and for that I will be leavin that stupid bbm music. I want my bbm back. My 9930 now feels like a 9650 cause of lag. Fuck you RIM

This isn't RIM's fault! It is a beta and to be used with a discretion that it may not function properly!

Just sayin...

How is it not RIM's fault. It is their phone, their software. I know Beta software isn't guaranteed to work. Really, how can you claim that buggy software is not the fault of the company/people who programmed the software? Who's fault is it then? I'm not saying I'm going to sue them, but it is most definitely their fault.

I am having a similar issue. It is installed per application manager, but there is no icon and no way to launch the application. This is most definitely RIM's fault. I am downloading again, but if it doesn't work I will need to reload the app from appworld. Pain in the @ss.

Well they are just saying you can blame RIM. It's their software yes. But they say it might not work. So if it screws stuff up, oh well. It's not their fault cz they didn't force you to download and install it. And you were warned.

Using BBM MUsic beta, I can now send pictures in BBM. BBM Music is working ok. 9700 with hybrid OS6.

Hmmm...thinking that works fine for me for now. Gonna hold off and see how more people fare.

Well never again I say. A 3 min download turned into a 3 hour recovery effort. I can't find bbm anywhere and app world just says "uninstalled" with no DAMN option to re download. What a waste! Don't download this bs unless you wanna spend the rest of your friday working on ur phone. PS: I had bbm music and I now deleted that since it won't work without bbm. I want original bbm and no involvment with bbm betas anymore

Looks nice this new messages but it would be better that this messages get udated over the time with some news

Downloaded and now Icon is gone. Reboot, download again, reboot again and nothing. It is showing in my application list but is listed as "uninstalled" in app world without a "reinstall" option. Help!


It is in the BETA zone, you agreed the not very small print that clearly stated that this is test software! RIM do this to real world test products before rollout. Everyone's configurations are different so this helps get things right.

RIM didn't cause you issues - you did. Read what you agree next time.

OK - I will concede that this is the reason that they do beta releases (at least I would hope installation problems would prevent a beta release). I know what the fine print says. But it isn't like they said, if you download this then your BBM will not work. The intention was not to disable BBM. The intention was to make it better. It did not make it better. At least not for me.


There is no reason to defend them. I'm not going to sue them over this. But they broke BBM with their software upgrade.

wow .. this is not a GA release, it's a BETA release .. so don't expect to have it flawlessly working on your device .. BETA, download at your own risk ..

I got an email a bit ago with the notification but I think I'll just wait. Hope all of you with issues get your BBM back up and running!

No issues on 9810 running .353. Just took a long time to download and longer then usual reboot time. I don't use any apps that use the bbm intergration anyway.

Don't listen to him. You may have agreed to the risk, but that does not absolve RIM from being criticized for releasing a version that doesn't properly install.

Even as a beta, it should probably load for the majority, the majority of the time. I've never had a significant issue with any other beta app. This one had difficulty loading, errored 1st time, then seemed to be going along 2nd time but then just spinning clock, and by then I was reading all the problems here so i pulled battery. Once rebooted no BBM, but it did show in App Mgt. So I deleted, rebooted, check appworld (3.x) from BB, but it still showed as installed, so i connected BB to PC and sync'd with appworld. it was still buggy so then 'installed' BBM, and it was back (non-beta). Not worth the effort just for a 0.0.10 upgrade, don't know why I even did bother.

For any others with issues re-downloading, hit up in your browser. It is the easiest way to get the current AppWorld version. For some reason my BB ID is not functioning. Might be related to the BBM issues.

Anyone using a OS 7 device can't use v6.0.1.25 because of the missing icon.
go back to

updated on beta zone.

Hey all you people bitching. THANK YOU! Now go report it back to the beta zone. So RIM can make it better and release a stable version for everyone. If a beta version sucks I tell them like I should. If it works I tell them too. If you fallow their guidelines it's no big deal. Back up (back up, and back up people) install. If it works good. If not restore. It's that easy. Just quit the bitching about glitchy beta software.

Yes dunno how this bbm is working but dunno if I wanna download the beta updated version if the official is not giving me problem at all

Hey, please be aware that this will not work on OS7. If you have an OS7 device, try to download this at your own peril. Well, it is not quite that bad, but you will not have a BBM icon after you try to download this on your OS7 device. Check the Beta Zone for further details. It is all right there.

9850 Os Verizon & this works exceptionally perfect on my phone I'm glad I got it when it was available :)

I got Torch 9810 OS 7 got a email from beta tell me new update. So I did it deleted my BBM or the icon so went to app world to download BBM it tell me that it installed on my phone so I cant download BBM. This update left a bad taste in my mouth 3 HOURS to get my phone back to normal that i wasted.