BlackBerry App Roundup - 25 copies of Weather Plus by MMMOOO to give away!

App Roundup
By Michelle Haag on 17 Sep 2011 11:48 pm EDT

25 copies of Weather Plus by MMMOOO to give away! Read on for details!

Welcome to this week's BlackBerry App Roundup! This week we have 25 copies of Weather Plus by MMMOOO to give away! We have searched high and low and found some neat apps to share with you this week, so head on past the break to check them out and enter the contest! If you have an app you want to see featured in the roundup be sure to check the end of the post for information on submitting it to us.

GPS Trackdown for BlackBerry
GPS Trackdown for BlackBerry by: Rainium Research
GPS Trackdown is a social networking application that makes it easy to find and share your location.  It's a great tool to have In Case of Emergency. The Remote Trackdown feature can help you locate a lost phone or a missing person.  The Panic Trackdown feature can help you send your location history to a trusted emergency contact.  Share your location on FaceBook, Twitter, by Text or by Email.  The Remember Location feature can be used to help find your car at the mall.  Because GPS Trackdown uses local search you can get Weather, Movies, Maps and more.  Also, because GPS Trackdown can utilize GPS coordinates you can get directions to locations that don’t have a registered street address.

Most importantly, GPS Trackdown fully respects your privacy.  Your personal and location information is never sent to their website.  This application was not designed to replace an in-car GPS System and it does not support voice turn by turn directions. GPS Trackdown is FREE with versions for BlackBerry 7 devices as well as those on OS 5-6.
More information/screenshots and to download GPS Trackdown for BB7 devices
More information/screenshots and to download GPS Trackdown for OS 5-6
Email Remote
BlackBerry EMail Remote by MagMedia jSoft
Create tasks and memos and share them with other BlackBerry users that have this app installed. Create the memo or task, and BlackBerry EMail Remote will send it via email to those you specify, automatically creating the same memo or task on the recipients' device. You can even have the email marked as read automatically so your inbox doesn't get cluttered. BlackBerry EMail Remote is available on sale for $1.49 (reg. $2.99) for most BlackBerry smartphones.
More information/screenshots and to purchase BlackBerry EMail Remote
3D Draw
3D Draw by Robert McAuley
A unique drawing program for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Draw a picture, then spin it, rotating around the center point. Inertia mode allows you to continue drawing as the picture rotates, and ribbon mode keeps the drawing line a fixed length. A great drawing app that is both easy to use and fun. You can purchase 3D Draw for your BlackBerry PlayBook for $1.99.
More information/screenshots and to purchase 3D Draw
Orb It!
Orb It! and Orb It! Lite by Rotten Ogre
Tap and link orbs to destroy them before they collide. Three different endless game modes (Classic, Arcade and Waves) provide variations on the gameplay, including special orbs and power-ups. You'll have to be quick with your fingers to get a high score! The lite version of Orb It! is free and lets you play the Classic game mode and submit high scores of up to 50,000. To play the other game modes and to submit high scores of any amount, please buy the full version for just $.99.
More information/screenshots and to download Orb It! Lite
More information/screenshots and to purchase Orb It!

What You Might Have Missed

eBuddy XMS

eBuddy XMS now available for BlackBerry and hoping to win you over
We know what you are thinking -- cross platform messaging clients are like a dime a dozen now a days, and with so many options, what makes this one any better? With clients like Kik, LiveProfile and WhatsApp available already, the folks at eBuddy XMS knew they had to step it up a level beyond the others and they feel they have done so very well. Features of eBuddy XMS include:

  • eBuddy is a pioneer in the mobile messaging landscape, with its instant messaging apps having seen more than 100 million unique downloads to date
  • eBuddy has the experience and know how to deliver a reliable messaging service, exemplified by the more than 17 billion messages it processes every month
  • Since its launch (late May), eBuddy XMS has seen a great reception, currently being in the top 20 in 27 countries (social networking category - iOS)
  • eBuddy has also developed Web XMS, an exclusive web-based companion app that allows you to manage all your XMS messages through the comfort of your computer.

Knowing that not everyone can be tied to their mobile device at all times, or folks at the computer don't always want to pick up their device to respond to a message, having a web-based companion is a huge help that definitely sets it apart. Unfortunately eBuddy XMS is not available through AppWorld, but it is available through their site for download. More images after the break.

More information / download of eBuddy XMS


Weather Plus by MMMOOO
Weather Plus by MMMOOO
Weather Plus is an advanced weather application which adds push weather info to your BlackBerry's home screen and the app icon. If you don't have a theme with a "weather slot" but you still want to see your current conditions, this is a great app for you. Recently updated to include BlackBerry 7 devices, Weather Plus now features more polished icons, deluxe home screen badges and layout, improved connection and lots more! Weather Plus is available for $6.99 and is compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones running OS 5.0 and greater.
  • The founder of 'Push weather to homescreen' and 'DIY homescreen display mode'
  • The creator of 'Voice Forecast'
  • Accurate weather info with multi-city support.
  • Search city by ZIP (US only).
  • Auto updates weather info.
  • Friendly UI design.
  • Life time free update.
Contest: MMMOOO has given us 25 free copies of Weather Plus to pass on to you guys this week! To enter, leave a comment below. One entry per person, and the contest ends Sunday at midnight PST.
More information/screenshots and to purchase Weather Plus

Until Next Week..

Well there you have it folks! Be sure to check out New BlackBerry Apps, Updated BlackBerry Apps and Free BlackBerry Apps available at If you are a developer and want to have your app shown in the roundup or you're interested in having us host a contest for you, drop me an email at cbmichelle[@] See you all next week!

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Me, me me!!!!!!!!!!!

mememme i use weather plus right now - however i would love if it was weather plus paid version!

Me too!

I need this app! I love weather!

I'd love a copy

Count me in too!

I always wanna know about the weather!
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and MMMOOO!

Oh how I would love to have a reputable weather app for my phone. I hope they choose me! We shall wait & see!

For me too!

The pusj to homescreen option is great

A copy will be nice. For some reason my current weather app's push to homescreen stopped working recently

I would love a copy of this for sure!!!

It will be good to have for sure.

WOW, i'd love a copy

Cant pass up a free upgrade weather app. Count me in.

Weather Plus wou,d be a great addition to my OS 7 woohoo :)

Hello CB, I just Love this app. I am using a FREE version, please give it to me the PRO version. I have purchsed many app CB store. Waiting to see an email from you guys with link to download this pro app. ;-)

BB Pin: 23B0B58F
Mumbai, India.

Nice app, I would love a copy. Go Crackberry.

me i would like to win something

add me to drawing, thanks

Add me please.

i would like a ccpy of weather

I hope I can win one!!This would come in handy on my upcoming trip! Please please please!

Would love to get a copy of this app have been looking for a good weather app for my new BB7 Torch 9850!

Would love to have a good weather app on my Torch 2! Glad to be back on the BB platform!

This would be a great addition for my Bold 9900

There are few choices of weather app for 9810/ so this is wonderful.

Really would like a new weather app :)

count me in for this................

Yaaaaa! MMMOOO it up! I'd love a copy!

I would like to win this one...count me in on this contest :)

I would like to win a copy of this program, please include me. Thanks.

Nice app, I would love a copy. Go Crackberry.

Death would enjoy this.

Weather Plus!

Been trying out a few weather apps, and I think this one might be the best of all. Hope I can win it.

I would love to have this app.

I like this app.

Weather app? Yes please!

Wanna win this

I would like to win a copy. Thanks CB!

DC weather is the worst. This app would save me!

Just love weather apps and still haven't found the one I want to use.

Thanks for the contest

Sounds awesome

I hope I win the weather app otherwise I won't know what to wear every morning!

I've been looking for a new weather app

This is one thing I miss coming back to BlackBerry from Android. HTC really loves weather and their device software shows that. I woild love sporting this on my new Blackberry.

Mmmooo have been best when it comes to BB apps. Definitely want it.

I've been looking for a new weather app too

i want weather plus! please......

I would be happy to win a copy of this :).

yes please!!

Yep! Count me in!


Weather Plus looks great! Count me in!

Currently using the free version, but would LOVE to win a copy of the paid version!! Thanks for the contest, CrackBerry!!!

I want that.. hope i win..

Love to win this one...I'm without an app, sure do miss having a weather app to check my weather each morning lol...Gr8 giveaway! :)

Weather plus awesome!

Count me in.

finally first contest of the week!

I'd love it, because BeWeather guys are so slow on the uptake to upgrade their app to OS7 for some reason. And I just can't live without it. Hope, it'll be a decent substitute!

I would like a copy of this great app

I am already using weather pluss (free) and would love a full copy!!


COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!

Pick me baby! didnt get my copy last time ;(

Looking for a good weather app for my 9900!

Can i please HAZ Weather? I swear the only people who win are crackberry elite's. Why not share the love? I passed out 15 BBM Music Invites! That has to be worth a look at. I support CB Nation all the way. I even gave ATT Shit for not having the 9900. Whats up?

I'd love a copy. Thanks CB!

i'd like one =)

I would love the app. I miss good weather for this phone, and this app seems to do what exactly I want. If I get it, I'll definitely spread the word to all my BBM contacts.

Sign me up !
Thanks for the giveaway CB !

Nice to win this!

I have to check weather everyday since I work outdoor mostly...Can I have a copy?

Great app! Would really love this!



Please let me win for once on "The Best BlackBerry" site of all times

Count me in! Thanks!

thats a nice looking app

Sure, sign me up!

Perfect timing. I havn't put a weather app on my 9900 yet : )

i want weather plus! give it to me plz.

The weather plus app would fill the void of not having a push weather app on my 9900.

want this soo mouch!!!!!

Want one please! ;)

I'll give it a shot... ....Thank you and MMMOOO for this great contest.

Good luck everyone. =)

Pick me please! I already make use of the free version and would love to get my hands on this! :D Thanks CB!

yeah,why not? thx for the giveaway BTW :)

Pretty plz with a cherry on top! Weather app would taste great!!! Thanx

I want!

Still haven't found a weather app I like. Would love to give this a go! Thanks MMMOOO and CB!

I have tried so many weather apps. Now more than ever 'cause I'm not working and don't have TV access to see the weather. =^.^=
This weather app appears to be the best so far. Just like watching my fave meteorologist on TV!! =^.^= =^.^=

please pick this guy <----------!!!!

pick me, pick me, pick me

I'd like a copy of the weather app.

Great roundup review!

weather app please...

Really hope that it doesnt rain for me, my new Bold 9900 desperately needs to see the sunshine. Thumbs up to Crackberry for offering this awesome looking weather app for the Blackberry. Fingers crossed that I might win a copy!


me please!!

I'd love a copy I use weather bug I'd love to try out something new

weather pluss pleaseeeeee pleaseeeee

i want copy MMMOOO!

great weather application, the interface looks good :D

I would love this app! Especially the home screen push functionality :)


I would love to win a copy of this one! Push weather to homescreen should be just great! Thanks for the contest.

In my line of work a good weather app is essential! Weather Plus by MMMOOO would be a great app to have.

This would be pretty damned nice to have.

I m in for sure, this is a very great app to have on my BB.

Awesome weather app :)

Chose me Please... :)

nice apps list

I want this!! now I use some other not really working weather app :)

Me please

I'd love a copy too - need a good app to replace my old, non-updated weather info!

I'd love a copy too - need a good app to replace my old, non-updated weather info!

I want it!!!

Count me in! Thanks~

New BB owner 1st contest I've ever enter on this site. I would love to get a FREE copy of Weather Plus by MMMOOO. Please pick me! Thanks

I would like to win a copy.....

I love this app!

I would love a copy of this weather app. Thanks.

me please

They sometimes only give you temps but others will alert to storms and gives highs, lows and a lot more.pick me and I will use it daily!

Its been since Nov. 2010 since I won...might as well give it a shot...what the heck

How about a free copy of the Skeletel Theme? I keep trying to buy it from BB App World but the Purchase button won't work for me. I have an 8520 curve with OS 5 and used it on another phone (same model & OS).

Would like to try this weather app. thanks!

count me in man its cool ^^

Looks great, might replace this app over my beweather :)
Count me in guys if possible :)


I never been convinced to download a weather app, but this one looks great.

sweeeeet,i'd love one. thanks

This would be great to have, looks good.

Pretty cool app. I want it!

Hook me up with weather plus!

Hook me up!

Could always use another FREE weather app! Thanks!

I use the free version of this app, and it is great. Would be nice to have the full version. Thanks! :)

me too :)

Cool app!

Count me in please!

I'd LOVE this app... Pick me!!

i've been looking for a good weather app for my 9900. This will be perfect if i win it....

give the z's a chance... me! :)

I would looooove this!

Cool perhaps I can win a non-theme contest!

Cool perhaps I can win a non-theme contest!

Cool perhaps I can win a non-theme contest!

would be great to try paid version of weather...

i would like

it would be real nice to finally use a weather app that doesn't kill my phone. This one looks like a winner!

I really want this oine!

weather +

I would be happy to win a copy of this apps for my BB Bold 9939 please!!
Thank You Very Much Crackberry!!!

Im a weather nerd!!! Please pick me!

I never win anything. Could this be my first one?

omg i need this!!

Would love to get a great weather app like this one.

Would love to win a copy :)


Very nice app! Love it!

Thank you and yes please!

BEver since the weather network changed its app I've been running my 9900 without any weather app...I think its time MMMOOO filled in that void in my life :)

Can NEVER find my car. Hit me up with GPS Trackdown please. or I could always use the weather guide.

I'd love to win a copy! *fingers crossed*

Im a weather nut and would love to have this :)

yes please

I would love to win a weather plus app!!!

I'm always looking for a new weather app.

my win

Hope to win on this one.

Tenía tiempo que no participaba. Pero en esta me anoto. Saludos amigos.

Oh, pick me !

I'll take it! Thanx!

Now, why do all the apps this week have such dated, ugly UIs?

I would love a copy of this for sure!!!

Oooohhhh this is a good one to be giving away!! Pick me please!!!

wow would love one!

Ya got to pick me! I've been using the trial Weather Plus forever! (got to have that push to home screen feature!!!!)

Yes please :)

Today the weather is more of a minus

Just came back to blackberry after a year and I've been looking for a good weather app. This could be it!

Count me in!!!

I need Weather Plus!!

ive been looking for a weather app and i did win snappy a few weeks ago from you guys but i never got it :( this weather app would make everything soooooo much better between us lol please hook me up!! thx crackberry rocks!!!

Weather Plus is awesome. I've been using it for a while and haven't found a better app. Great contest, CB!

WEATHER PLUS would help my Torch 9850 keep me safe this winter. I would GREATLY appreciate it as I don't want to drive into a blizzard like I did last winter! Thank you!

This would be GREAT to WIN!

i'll take one please!

I'm in...

Son's a meteorologist and says that I need to update my weather app. I would love this one. Thanks Crackberry :)

I ride a motorcycle and I have to keep up with the weather. I definitely need Weather Plus.

would LOVE to have a copy please :)

love to have weather app please

Count me in! I JUST switched from Windows Mobile this week to my first Blackberry and I can ALWAYS use a great app!!!

Pick me, PICK ME!

Weather app looks pretty good..

I could always use 1

Gees its raining here, I had to look outside, my phone needs a app like this. I wouldnt have to get out of bed! Hee Hee!

Just picked up the 9900 Bold. It would be nice to have a shiny new Weather Plus widget app installed. It looks slick.

I'm a weather app junkie and would LOVE to add this one to my collection! Thanks!

I would absolutely love it if I can get a copy of this amazing app, I use my blackberry day and night and I'm always looking for a great app to check the weather, I cannot tell you how much I would appreciate it if u can give me a copy. Thank you crackberry for all your help over the years. -Jonathan

Please enter me in the MMMOOO Weather Plus contest! thanks :)

I've yet to experience winning something! Aside from that, perfect timing for this contest as I need a great weather app!


me too.
and by way I'm no long imcurved. I'm imbold now. yeah.


My wife needs this app!

I want a copy!!

Hate my current weather app. Love to try this

I could use a good weather app, weather eye does not seem to cut it.

looks like a pretty cool app!

like this and want this weather app!! count me in...

Its useful to know the weather. I'd rather have this app than look up! Please me!

9780 ftw

It would be a great help to me. I am in ham radio and a storm spotter and assist the National Weather Service. Any tool I can get gives me an additional advantage

I'd like one!

Can I please have a copy? I'm new here so getting this free will motivate me to shop here.
Thanks in advance

Cool app I would love one ! Weather plus !!!


Me would love MMMOOO....especially since PocketDay Pro no longer has this as a working function...

I would love this app.

Would love to have this app.. Thanks crackberry!

Please consider me for a copy of this weather app! I have been looking for a good weather app for my Torch 9800 and the ones I have tried so far have not been satisfactory. Thank you!

I'm in for the weather app.

im in need of a weather app

Yay! How cool! I love this app that I won!
Well, lets test it, mmmm, yesterday it was a sunny day... WOW! It's right!
Let's see todayy... Mmmm 100% probabilty of... FLOODD!!?? Nah, it must be wron~
*glub*glub*glub* x_x ♒♒♒♒

...because I use it several times daily. I've used the lite version before & would like to have this one. Thanks

Now I can tell what the weather looks like w/o ever stepping outside!

I need a new weather app, and I've been trying really hard to not purchase berryweather, this would save me!

I wanna win : )

awesome app!

ye me

"Weather" or not I win, it is good to have another contest.....

I want this app!

I love weather :)

With the quick change in weather this time of year this would work great on my Bold. Have yet to find one that I like and this sounds like the one to have.
Thanks for the Contest !!!!


I dive regularly, and this weather app can help me plan my trip.

With this I'm never going to be unprepared for the weather.

The push to home screen wheater seems to awesome!!

I could use good weather app. Thanks!

Me please.

Crackberry + free app = Nirvana

Looks like a great weather app. Count me in, could save me $$

Please pick me!

Thanks for this!

Weather app FTW!

Hahaha, may I win a copy? Thank you!

count me in for a copy!

Need a great weather app and this one surly seems to fit the bill! The price of free is even better!!

Would love to win a copy for my 9900!