Welcome! CrackBerry.com is Open for Business!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Feb 2007 04:00 am EST

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Welcome to CrackBerry.com! We actually put the site up live just over a week ago so we could make sure everything was running smooth prior to our official launch, and in that time the site has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from the BlackBerry Users and Abusers who have managed to find their way here.

We're still working to add a few finishing touches to the site, but since things were over 98.6% there we simply could not keep quiet any longer.  The time to start spreading the word about CrackBerry.com is Now!

Here are a few links to get you started on your way:

1.  Our Official Welcome - explains what we're about!

2.  The Crack Team Story - explains how this site came into existence.

3.  The CrackBerry Store - downloads galore, plus any accessory you could ever want to buy for your Berry. If you need anything BlackBerry, think CrackBerry.com.

4.  CrackBerry Forums - this is where registered members hang out and converse on all things CrackBerry.  Rumors, News, Help, and more.

5. The CrackBerry WAP Site - Check it out now on your PC.  This is the site you will get when you visit CrackBerry.com on your BlackBerry.  It's basically your portal to the mobile web - all the best sites that are viewable on your berry, plus lots of games, downloads and more. Download the desktop launcher (works on Pearl & 8700s) and you're never more than one click away from CrackBerry.com. You will LOVE this site when it comes to killing time at the airport.

6.  Register Now -  Registering is free, and it gives you full access to all content areas of the site, full access to the forums, and allows you to create your FREE @ CrackBerry.com email address.  If you're a true BlackBerry User & Abuser, getting an @CrackBerry.com is a must!  You simply choose any Name@CrackBerry.com you wish, and then specify an address and any emails sent to your @CrackBerry.com email will automatically redirect to the final destination you have chosen. Easy, Painless, and FUN.  The good names are going quick, so hurry!

There are nearly 10 Million BlackBerry Users out there.  We'd like to see 1 Million of them admit their addiction and become members of CrackBerry.com.  We want to make this the biggest community of BlackBerry Users ever!  Register Now!  

Enjoy the Site! 

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Welcome! CrackBerry.com is Open for Business!


And oh yeah, today is my wife's birthday! Mine is on the 7th. A blackberry as a gift would be fitting! :)