What would you name RIM's first BlackBerry QNX SuperPhone?

How would you brand RIM's first BlackBerry SuperPhone?
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Sep 2011 12:33 pm EDT

With BlackBerry 7 Smartphones now available and/or soon rolling out from carriers around the world, in true CrackBerry fashion it's time to start thinking ahead.... to RIM's first QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone coming in 2012! We've already heard quite a few details on the rumored full-touchscreen, QNX-based phone that currently goes by the codename "Colt." With a 4.1" touchscreen it will be a mini-PlayBook of sorts - which means this will be one AWESOMELY POWERFUL phone.

An awesomely-powerful phone deserves an equally awesome name, and with it being so different from previous BlackBerry phones before it we can only assume RIM will not choose to put it into one of the existing product families iike the Bold, Torch or Curve. Already in our CrackBerry forums a couple of threads have popped up brainstorming around how Research In Motion may choose to officially name the first of this new generation and line of BlackBerry SuperPhones. Could it be the BlackBerry Kraken (so Liam Neeson can dramatically announce it to the world)? Or maybe the BlackBerry Bolt or Slate? What about the BlackBerry Stealth? Or heck, just call it the BlackBerry SuperPhone.

Personally I haven't given it too much thought yet, but for some reason kind of feel like the original codename of the Pearl Flip could be fitting here... the BlackBerry KickStart. Afterall, the "colt" will be kickstarting a whole new generation of phones for BlackBerry and hopefully mark a big resurgence for BlackBerry up the smartphone food chain.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Let's get the brainstorming and discussion going here folks.... What would YOU name the first QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone? Drop a comment to this post with your suggestions and ideas. Wouldn't it be cool if we could look back in a few months and see that a CrackBerry member nailed the name?!

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What would you name RIM's first BlackBerry QNX SuperPhone?



Its a shame we all have to scroll past this section of the comments, so i'll go ahead an make it worth everyone's time by saying :

BlackBerry Ace

I should call it: 'Nuevo' wich means 'new' in latin or,'Renate' wich means 'reborn' in latin.

Blackberry Nuevo sonds good to me ;)

name won't matter a whole lot.. i just hope they get the battery life right.. that's the only thing holding me back on the 9900 over my 9780 currently.

The superphone will most likely be a dual-core, full touchscreen. If you think that it will have the battery life of a 9780, I think you'll be disappointed.

There will be a 9790 model that will have the internals of the 9900 but the body of the 9780. So basically an OS7 compatible 9780.

My guess is that it'll have a gigantic battery in it for the many people (like you) who use their device heavily all day.

Actually it will be single core....

BlackBerry Ballzak! J/K (but how cool would that be? "Hey i just picked up a new Ballzak!) lol

how about BB Typhoon?
BB Task?
Taser? lol

How about BlackBerry BringItRightNowBecauseWeCantWait!

agree with you SUPER PHONE does sound ridiculous.....just keep it simple in projection and should be powerful in performance.

Colt is an awesome name! How could it get any better? Maybe if they called it the Blackberry Peyton? Go Colts!

How about the "Hope and Pray" or the "Hail Mary" or even the "Now with Email!"

Seriously though, how about the "BlackBerry Q"

I like the "Blackberry Q" as an actual, realistic name.

But like I've said before in a jokingly fashion, it should be called the Blackberry STFU (Dual cam, flash, html5, NFC, usb 3.0, wifi hotspot, dart gun equiped to silence the trolls, etc...)

Nah, Motorola would get angry then since they had the Motorola Q line of smartphones which actually used the BlackBerry form factor.

Motorola already had a phone called the Q. I had one because the reps convinced me it was better than a BB... most unstable POS I have ever dealt with.

Call it The One. Start the numbering system all over again. Plus calling it the one has the whole savior thing going for it.

Had this in mind as well... Pheonix, Firebird, Phnix. Because we're going down burning hard... We need to rise from the ashes.

Blackberry Star!

represents the new shining star that RIM and devices will become (or endeavour to be) with their new OS and completion of their internal "reorganization"

If its boss enough I would just call it the BlackBerry QNX Mark I, simple and it reflects the phone as a step forward into something new.

Or something like BlackBerry Arc (Ark).

Okay I had to throw it in especially since this was the clOsest to my idea the BBX and the next one would square it, like the BBX' (that's supposed to be a two) so on and so forth as long as the QNX platform stands. Also, is this the producer Moe Beats? If so man I gotta holler at u I'm in the DMV area....

I like the BlackBerry Stallion, as it brings images to mind of something strong, beautiful and fast.

I can actually imagine the ad for it... Imagine Rocky Balboa screaming 'Adrian!' Into his BlackBerry Stallion.

RIM, you're welcome. :)

Wow, you really like Ford.

(On a related note, my wife just sold her Contour, and bought an Edge; go figure)

The "Kraken" sounds way too wicked. Would totally switch back to BB just for the name.. And QNX.

the merchandising would be cool

"Release the Kraken!!" Shout by a RIM rep in a pirate ship. The from the water comes the new QNX phone. Just wish RIM one day would be good at doing this kind of stuff to create hype over the brand

If it's going to be like a mini PlayBook maybe they will call it the BlackBerry PlayPhone. That way it could bring people's attention to RIM's tablet.

the blackberry 'better be worth the 6 bills I'm going to spend on it because I used my upgrade for the 9900'

BlackBerry TARDY : Because it's going to arrive late and there will be promise of features and then be absolutely no news also going on record saying they never promised any features. And any updates that arrive will be too late because people already given up and switched to a more polished Smartphone.

How about BlackBerry SuperNova?

Life began from a supernova so with QNX breathing new life into BlackBerry, I find its a good association.

I like Spark, and Phoenix as stated above. Was also thinking "BlackBerry Flash", since the commercials focus on running Adobe Flash for the PlayBook, and I'm sure the QNX phones will be able too as well. Or the "BlackBerry Flow", in hopes it will have liquid smooth 'flowing' transitions between the animations and applications on the device.

So long as they stop using 1 name to describe 2 form factors I'm happy. This whole "Torch" debacle was a mistake.
I'd rock a BlackBerry Kev 1100 if it was the new Bold line though ;D

BlackBerry Quick
BlackBerry X

I like BlackBerry X. The X is for QNX but also shows a new number scheme after the "9900". It shows that BlackBerry i sin for a new generation of devices with a pretty bold name.

They could even name a Qwerty QNX phone the BlackBerry Bold X or something like that.

Sorry I'm on my phone didn't see yours,lol but that was mine too! Quantum Leap snips would be awesome too. O, I loved that show!

Kevin, the last Mobile Nations podcast (or maybe two episodes ago) I thought you said it was going to be a 4.3" screen. Either way, I think the name should be dependent on if they plan on keeping with their plan of releasing different models for different people or just one model a year like the iPhone. If they're going to with one model per year, I think they should adopt Apple's naming and just go with BlackBerry One, then go with BB 2, 3, 4 etc.
If they're throwing out options of screen sizes and keyboard/no keyboard etc...I like the BlackBerry Phoenix name. A rebirth of the platform.

yeah, i just remembered wrong on that podcast.. go back to the post i did on the colt (linked to in this post) and i said it was 4.1", which was correct.

How about the BlackBerry Voyager (to continue the naming scheme from above) :) (yes, I'm a Star Trek fan). Seriously tho..Voyager would be a cool name

I think RIM will continue to use current names (Bold, Torch) for the QNX devices. They have already invested in the branding behind those devices and don't want to throw that away. "The new Blackberry Bold Superphone, powered by the totally redesigned Blackberry OS 8".

I agree that they will probably continue with the same names, but I think it will be a mistake. If this is supposed to be the "evolution" of BlackBerry devices, then RIM needs to make an effort to differeniate the devices/OS. I understand the branding behind those device names, but if you want to attract new users to the devices, then they need to change up the name.

I vote they name it the BlackBerry Jam.

Think about it, it's going to usher in a new era for BlackBerry devices, where more media will be at our fingertips than ever before. That and it's a bit funny too lol.

Even 007 had to answer to "Q" . I know that's corny but Q reminds me of that power and control but can get out there and "shake it up a bit" if needed.

I'm gonna with some others & say Phoenix, if it really NEEDS a name. The commercials would be pretty sweet, at least one set of them. Start off by showing the original Blackberry, it burns, then the next one pops up, it burns, etc, (a timeline effect) until the Phoenix rises up off the table & turning on & showing everyone what the QNX-based OS is all about. RIM you can totally use that commercial idea IF you send me one of these phones for free :-) Even if they don't use the name Phoenix, you have to admit, it would be a great commercial!

My naming choices would be:

The Blackbery "Summer"
The Blackberry "60 Days"
The Blackbery "Broken Promises"
The Blackberry "Patience"

The Blackberry Duped: Cause we all get duped into thinking its the next best Blackberry but still ends up lacking features of other current phones. =P

BlackBerry Lazaridis
BlackBerry Moon
BlackBerry Sun
BlackBerry One / Uno
BlackBerry Venom
BlackBerry Jakarta
BlackBerry Bomb
BlackBerry Sweet
BlackBerry Crucifix
BlackBerry Horn
BlackBerry Prime
BlackBerry Qiu
BlackBerry Rhino
BlackBerry Crack
BlackBerry Silverstone
BlackBerry Jet
BlackBerry Isle
BlackBerry Frost
BlackBerry Groove
BlackBerry Truth
BlackBerry Earth
BlackBerry Torque
BlackBerry Carbon
BlackBerry Live
BlackBerry Sword
BlackBerry Dagger
BlackBerry Legacy

I'm liking Pheonix, personally, great name!
I'm not carrying a BBQ in my pocket, lol

How about the BlackBerry 10x (x should be superscript) exponentially improved upon and won't stop anytime soon.

The BlackBerry Pinnacle
The BlackBerry Flash
The BlackBerry 10K
The BlackBerry 100
The Blackberry One
The BlackBerry Grand

I prefer the Blackberry One, and then move to Blackberry Two with the 2013 model year. This would simplify it for outsiders that "One" is the one to own. And when "Two" comes out, it's the top end device.

You guys are picking a lot of names that have already been taken or don't make sense.

-Blackberry Evolution or revolution won't work because there's already the EVO android phone, and there has to be a million other trademarks for products with 'revolution' in it.

-Blackberry Genesis is the name of a car by Hyundai and a video game

-Blackberry future? Blackberry rebound? Hehe, I get it, you were just kidding... Right?

-Blackberry Blaze? I like because it fits with their naming convention: One syllable words! Bold, Curve, Torch, Storm, Colt (allegedly).

How about the Blackberry Saber? Or The Blackberry Parsec (as in the distance it has traveled to get her..not time LOL).

Blackberry Hurricane or Blackberry Quake - Since we got something that uses fire (torch) and sort of the water (storm). A trend towards elements would be cool

Blackberry Grand - Well this one needs no explanation, right?

Blackberry Tease - Because that's what RIM has been doing to us lately >.>

Blackberry Omega or Blackberry Delta - Thought it would be cool to use a Greek letter in the name

Considering Omega has connotations of the "end" or "death", I don't think that one would be a smart move...

i think the blackberry phoenix (rising from the ashes) or cheetah (fastest animal on land) would b cool too

BlackBerry Titan xD
BlackBerry Thor
BlackBerry Batman !
BlackBerry DarthVader !

i could go on with this all day long : P

I am surprised that no one said
Blackberry touch
Its obvious that that's the name since they didn't use it for the torch 9850/9860 they are saving ot for the new superphones
Say it
It sounds perfect

How about BlackBerry Pride.

A nice slap in the face to the industry and analysts that the company is confident in its product and also that it understands the sentiment of its fan base. Pride in where theyve been and where they are going. Its almost a name that can transcend the physical device itself.

blackberry oxford - adds a touch of sophistication and elegance that the brand is associated with. also is a notable educational institution, a style of business shoe and white collar business shirt. also nods to the neighboring county of waterloo, sure many employees live in that area.

oxford dictionary - "the worlds most trusted dictionary"
blackberry oxford - "the worlds most trusted smartphone"
the blackberry oxford, defining our language.

It's take 2 for me. How about calling it the BlackBerry Pulsar..that sounds kind of futuristic...

I got a crossword puzzle book dictionary ill pick a random word ready .......ok ,"The BlackBerry Snazzy" There you go its decided lol

maybe the blackBerry 3 series, 5 series and 7 series, to replace curve, torch and bold. named after prestigious bmw automobiles.

i think a good name would be.....BLACKBERRY QUANTUM. as one of the definitions of the word in the english dictionary means spectacular,or nothing less.

I see at least one other person has had this idea, but I would say call it the Blackberry One. The current blackberry numbering scheme is out of control and does not resonate with consumers. RIM should use this opportunity to restart the numbering scheme and signal to consumers that this is a significant departure from previous devices.

The Blackberry Bax

Because it would be prenouched as Back, and this phone puts Blackberry back in the market !! Also the x in the name could stand for qnX :)

The BlackBerry Phantom

The BlackBerry Carbon

The BlackBerry Aura

The BlackBerry Monarch

Too sleepy to think anymore...

BlackBerry Krypt
BlackBerry Shock
BlackBerry Entourage
BlackBerry Valor
BlackBerry Surge
BlackBerry Fierce
BlackBerry Anarchy

The first one I though of, which has been mentioned a few times, was the BlackBerry Phoenix. I also like the BlackBerry Genesis.

If you want to stay with the "Q" theme.... the BlackBerry Quest.

Or you could make it Q without actually being Q.... the BlackBerry Queue.

If I had to make some guesses:
Blackberry Torch 8,
Blackberry 8
Blackberry Torch NX (because Q sounds stupid),
Blackberry Prime
Blackberry Elite

I would name it the Blackberry Boss.

Simple, baller and just pure boss. Everyone wants to be the boss.

Edit: Thanks to all who posted with some great ideas before me!

I also vote for the BlackBerry Phoenix name. Thought that's what the 9850/60 all-touchscreen devices should have been named instead of sharing the Torch name with the 9800/10 sliders.

I didn't even think of Matrix. Could be cool with a green "technology" theme. I considered Nova but then remembered my mothers old car.

Blackberry Phoenix.

Why? Cause its rising from the ashes of OS 4/5/6, and represents a rebirth by RIM.

The naming conventions get tiring / confusing... I would line up with what premium car brands are doing: Mercedez S-Class, E-Class, etc... or BMW 3 series, 5 series, 7 series...

Works well for Apple (marketed as a premium brand, despite the fact that I think its a middle of the road smart phone, at least for what i need a SP for).

Not to sure if this has already been said but I would call it the Q100 i know it sounds a little plain but Blackberry has a fetish for number models and to be honest Blackberry Q sounds fitting

Blackberry" Achiliis"!
how about it.......coz even if something small goes wrong...we can blame it to the "heel of achillis"

The BlackBerry One
The BlackBerry Alpha
The BlackBerry Apex
The BlackBerry Prime
The BlackBerry King

I like blaze and phoenix like many others, for a sense of rebirth. Quantum sounds good as well.
Blackberry Brio
Blackberry Dash
Blackberry Spirit give a sense of feeling and energy.

Blackberry Charge
Backberry Circuit sound "techy"

Blackberry Synergy sounds like it describes what it does, but it may have too many syllables. Can't get too complicated, otherwise people get confused. I wish I had a dollar for the amount of times I heard someone mispronounce "Panache".