How to change the default search engine in BlackBerry 7

BlackBerry OS 7 Default Search Engine
By Adam Zeis on 17 Aug 2011 12:44 pm EDT
BlackBerry OS 7 Default Search Engine

If you just picked up a new BlackBerry Bold 9930, you may be upset when you see that Verizon has made Bing the default search engine once again. Well don't fret -- unlike previous OS versions you can now easily make any search you want the default in the BlackBerry browser. To do so, follow these few simple steps.

  1. In the Browser, press the Menu key then choose Options
  2. Select Manage Search Engines
  3. Select New Search Engine
  4. In the Name field enter Google (or your search name of choice)
  5. In the Address field enter
  6. Save

Now click the new search to set it as the default and you're done. When you enter a search term in the navigation bar it will use Google (or whatever search you specified as the default) and you're all set! Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

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Reader comments

How to change the default search engine in BlackBerry 7


Do you really have to go through all of that? What I did was start typing what I wanted to search for in the address bar, and then on the right hand side, there's a dropdown where you can choose Bing, Google, Wikipedia, etc. I just chose google from there and was done with it. You do that once and it's set as the default.

I think that method is easier than filling in things yourself.

No, i have a Rogers 9900, but the first time I searched for something, it went to Bing as default. As soon as that happened I went and searched for the exact same thing, but changed the search engine on the right hand side to Google and I haven't had to change anything since then.

I originally thought the same thing and it worked, until I wiped my Rogers 9900. Then all the search options where gone ... I only noticed when trying to search for something and found that this was gone.

thus if you wipe your BB900, at least on Rogers, then you'll need to re-enter them.

I thought the same thing, but i just followed these steps, google is now my default search engine on my Verizon 9930. THANK GOD

defualt google search engine is .com which is fine for the US but as a UK user i want which isnt pre-defined. So this has helped a great deal.

haha! I just stumbled across this in options and was too lazy to look up google's search string so i just left it. Now I have it.


No one is trying to make things difficult. You can choose any engine you want with OS7. Its an added feature which wasn't available before. Not only can you add google as 'one of your' search engines if not already there, but just about any site with a search function. I added a thesaurus search and may even add Crackberry :)

We OS6 users are SOL. :( But why not just use universal search, there's an app out there that adds more options when using universal search... Do people really do that many searches while they're in their browser?