AT&T To Enable Wireless Upgrades!

OTA Updates Arriving Soon On AT&T!
By Bla1ze on 5 Mar 2009 09:08 pm EST

We have been hearing about the Wireless Upgrade options since we showed you the hands on with a leaked OS 4.3.1 many, many moons ago and video being enabled on the 8300 series was the hottest thing since sliced bread. Since then the only devices to ever officially implement the usage of it has been the BlackBerry Storm, but that is about to soon change folks!

From the screenshot above it appears as though AT&T and RIM are about to flip the switch for AT&T subscribers to be able to upgrade their handhelds OTA as well. The funny thing about this though is that only devices with 4.5 and higher will have the ability to do so, even though we know devices with lower OS' have the ability to do so. It would make much more sense if those people out there still running lower OS were able to run the updates but then again. OS 4.3 was pretty much nothing more then a fiasco anyways, a building block so to speak which led to 4.5+ considering the the original leak of 4.3 was on an 8300 and it never saw an official release other then a few scattered 8120's and 8x30 devices.

This also could mean a great deal of things that may be waiting in the wings... a new official update by AT&T for the Bolds maybe? It would be nice! On a final note here, the information we have recieved at this point indicates that AT&T and RIM will be enabling the OTA updates on March 12th and it seems as though AT&T has been getting around to sending PIN messages to customers advising them to update to the 4.5 OS which is now available for all AT&T BlackBerry smartphones.

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AT&T To Enable Wireless Upgrades!


other carriers will follow up? uh Verizon Wireless has done this on the Curve, Chocolate 3, enV2, and Blackberry Storm. So like always Big Red is ALWAYS first.

Way to not read. Last I recall, the Chocolate 3 and enV2 are not Blackberries. Second, just because the Curve has the wireless update menu item, does not mean Verizon actually implements wireless updates. If you read, it says only the Storm currently implements wireless updates.

I sure hope the official OS is or higher... Otherwise I'd have to stick with the betas just for the speed.

My Curve 8330 on Verizon has had wireless update since I upgraded to 4.5. What's odd is that two of my friends have the same device with the same OS also on Verizon, and the option doesn't show up for them.

Perhaps this will also have Visual Voicemail coming for us AT&T users? Since we've seen it in betas?

It supposedly will support both minor updates as well as complete operating systems, however I can’t see AT&T ever pushing out an entire BlackBerry operating system (80mb+) wirelessly to update every BlackBerry user on their network. I see this being more beneficial to those who suffer potentially from a camera flash issue or ringtone issue where performing a wireless update can fix something like that in a short amount of time.
Also from what I’ve seen in the power point is an icon will be pushed to your device from either AT&T or RIM (most likely a joint effort) however if you manually go to options… etc and check for your own update and there is one available if you continue through the update and something happens and bricks your device, your phone will no longer be eligible for a warranty replacement.

Also before I forget ... if you're running 4.5.101 and there is 4.5.250 out... you first will have to update to anything in between first before you can get to the latest version as I've heard.

Meaning... Running 4.5.101... you need to update to 4.5.200 then finally you can run it again and update to 4.5.250

I just hope this means the visual VM is coming up really soon. I probably wouldn't trust OTA upgrades anyway.

Great idea but the question remains how current AT&T will be. As of right now, AT&T offers Desktop Manager 4.6 and OS (for Pearl 8100). Other places offer Desktop Manager 4.7 and OS (for Pearl 8100).

What the frack??!! This is a great idea and about time for sure but why is it only with AT&T? It's way past time for RIM to provide this service directly to all it's users independently of the wireless provider.

will you believe everything you read? look at my reply to the comment above...RIM has been doing this for Verizon for over a year now. enV2 has it, Curve 8330, Storm, and Chocolate 3. Let's get real here. AT&T is second to Big Red when it comes to ANYTHING! Especially when it comes to 4G.

OK ColdplayStorm89, just to make it completely clear for you perhaps I should have said:

"What the frack??!! This is a great idea and about time for sure but why is it only with AT&T AND Verizon? It's way past time for RIM to provide this service directly to all it's users independently of the wireless provider."

My point is that this shouldn't be something that is only available through certain providers and only on certain devices (last time I checked the enV2 and the Chocolate 3 aren't RIM devices) but that it should be a standard feature that is available OTA directly from RIM for any current device on any network.

How would we know when it's available? Me Thinks It will be when AT&T and RIM launch BIS 2.6 around March 21st. Can't wait to get the official AT&T update!!!!