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Contest: Win 1 of 250 BlackBerry unlock codes from Horizon Wireless!

By Bla1ze on 1 Aug 2011 12:45 pm EDT
Horizon Wireless

It's been quite some time since we ran an unlock contest here on the blogs but our friends from Horizon Wireless have just opened up their new website and to celebrate the occasion they've let us know they'd like to give away 250 unlock codes to some lucky readers out there in addition to the sale they're currently having -- only $5 for an unlock code.

Entering is easy, just go ahead and leave a comment below letting us know which new BlackBerry device you're waiting for and that's it -- we'll pick 250 of you all to win one free unlock code for your current BlackBerry. If you're impatient and need an unlock now -- go check out Horizon Wireless' new website and get yourself an unlock code for $5.

Reader comments

Contest: Win 1 of 250 BlackBerry unlock codes from Horizon Wireless!


An unlock code for my 9700 would be quite useful once I get the 9900 I have my eye on... I'm so looking forward to the day that phone is available... as usual RIM giving me everything I need in a phone, plus everything I want in a phone, plus more!

the 9900 looked awesome when it was codenamed magnum, but now i'm waiting for a super secret, yet to be seen QNX powered device!. I'd still like to unlock my torch...

I'm thinking an unlock code would make my Torchie all smily inside :) Poor babe's locked to Rogers :( Though a nice Bold Touch would be a nice replacement too...don't tell my Torch or he'll have a fit...again.

Definatly can't wait to get my hands on the 9900!

Currently usuing a 9700/ on Telus.

Good luck everyone!!

Since I'm going to purchase a new phone off of eBay when the new blackberry's hit the street an unlock code would be very useful.

3 reasons you should choose me and my 9800,
1.You're awesome, I'm awesome, we are alike.
2. Blackberry is awesome.
3. I have a blackberry.

If u still need to know more look at #3 then back at #2.

I'd love to get a new version of the torch coming out...more power. In the meantime an unlock code for my Torch 9800 would be great.

I can't decide whether I want to get the new Bold 9900 or the new Torch 2 but I would love to win an unlock code either way!

I would like one for the Bold 9930, I'm still with Alltel so I'm sure they will be slow to release this one.

I can use this for my new 9860 when it comes out so sing it y'all, Wolfgang GolfWang, Triple 6 is the crew

250 codes for 140 comments, I like those odds! Anyway I'll be getting a 9930 if Verizon carries it. My current phone is a 9650, which I dont have any complaint with.

I'm waiting anxiously for the 9900!! with the unlock code I won't have any trouble if it comes first to another carrier :) Thanks CrackBerry and Horizon Wireless!!!

I am SOOOOO looking forward to the Torch2, love the original Torch, and the specs on the new one are just that much better. Hey, I'm also up for renewal too, so perfect timing! I'll need my unlock code once I get it.

I take my torch to the extreme but I'd like to rock a 9900 like a vandal
Light up the keyboard and wax a chump like a candle....DANCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I travel overseas regularly and had an unlocked Bold 9000 for some time. I have recently changed phones to a 9780 and would really like to get it unlocked so that I can use local service providers and long distance sceams.

Yes. I work all days with my Bold 9780...and i am a CB fan...so for enjoy maximum the next generation 9900 the inlock code will be fine.

Would love a Torch 2 or 9900, having a hard time making up my mind. Which ever one that T-Mo will get. This 9700 is starting to get old.:(

I am thinking and thinking and I am still thorn between new bold and new torch: will have to check them out to decide :)

Plan on getting myself a Bold 9900 the second it comes out, no matter the price! A free unlock code sure would help soften the blow, haha.